WHERE’S AOC? Democrat Hypocrites Slient as Photos Show Kids in Cages at the Border

A fight between Ted Cruz and AOC simply is not a fair one given the wide gulf in intellect between the two. This all came into view Tuesday.

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Before their little spat, a liberal “political scientist” named Norm Ornstein smeared Cruz by saying the Texas senator would have been “first in line” to filibuster the Civil Rights Act and Jim Crow.

Cruz, who is the exact opposite of a racist, pointed out the obvious: Ornstein’s Democratic Party filibustered the Civil Rights Act while Republicans supported it in overwhelming numbers.

AOC for no particular reason thought she could own Cruz and educate arguably America’s smartest senator on American history.

Not surprisingly, this proved to be a poor choice. Cruz ended up taking AOC to school (h/t Twitchy for first discovering the tweets).

He detailed how the Democrats were the party of Jim Crow and support trapping kids in failing schools along with abolishing the police. Moreover, he issues a brutal reminder to AOC that the Democrat governor of Virginia posted a photo of a man in a KKK outfit and Joe Biden once exalted a former Klansman.

Cruz also reminded AOC of the GOP’s incredible civil rights record and President Trump’s successful economic policies which redounded to the black community’s benefit.

Here is his Twitter thread (h/t Twitchy for first discovering the tweets).

Other Twitter users piled on AOC’s ignorance:

Finally, Twitter CEO Elon Musk chimed in and loved what he saw:

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