Remember the annoying dancing COVID-19 nurses on TikTok? They’ve moved on to dancing against yet another hoax: GLOBAL WARMING –

Remember the annoying dancing COVID-19 nurses on TikTok? They’ve moved on to dancing against yet another hoax: GLOBAL WARMING

Now that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is over, all those bored doctors and nurses who staged mimed dancing routines and other cringe-worthy performances on TikTok have switched to climate change.

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In the below video, watch and see for yourself what the world’s “front line responders” are doing with their time to promote a “green shift” in order to “save the environment” from the effects of “global warming.”

There are apparently so few people who are sick and dying, just like during COVID-19, that these “medical professionals” found ample time to choreograph this embarrassing, off-key routine to show that they are committed to ending the use of fossil fuels and stopping “carbon” so the planet does not die.

“Here’s our manifesto, Liz,” the group is heard singing and chanting out of tune to a retooled version of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, the Liz reference referring to British Prime Minister Liz Truss. “Prioritize the biggest risks: Fires, floods and extreme heat hurt more than just our dancing feet.”

“So, no more new fossil fuels. Save money with renewables. Don’t want kids to pay the price, ignoring scientists’ advice. Leaders should be yearnin’ to stop the planet burnin’ so we stay alive, stay alive.”

“Cutting down on carbon will stop our bodies droppin’ so we stay alive, stay alive. We all want to stay alive, stay alive. We all want to stay alive, stay alive,” they conclude as the song slows and they all drop to the ground like dead bodies.

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If the dancing nurses lied about COVID, why should we believe them about global warming?

It was these same frontline health care workers who insisted that everyone on the planet wear an oxygen-restricting mask for three years to “stop the spread” of an alleged virus that has still never been isolated and even proven to exist. Seeing as how that was a lie, why would we now believe these same folks about climate change?

Since when are medical employees qualified to be telling others to “cut down on carbon” and stop using “fossil fuels?” Once again, the medical industry is engaging in shock-tastic melodramatics to try to push a left-wing climate agenda, just like with COVID, they insist will cause us all to drop dead unless we obey.

There is profuse and ever-growing evidence to show that the planet is not warming, and in fact might be in a cooling phase right now. All those fake news reports about the European heat wave were fake, as were the ones about “record” temperatures here in some parts of the United States.

All these scare tactics might have worked better pre-COVID, but now that the world is wide awake to the globalist playbook for running psy-op scams, it is no longer as easy to scare people into obedience with threats of sudden death for disobeying.

Nothing they told us about COVID was correct, despite constant hounding to wear a mask and get “vaccinated.” COVID was about as threatening as an average flu season, after all.

Now they are attempting the same threats again with regard to climate change: stop using earth-based fuels and cut the carbon or else we will all drop dead – and if you don’t believe us, watch as they nurses pretend to fall to the ground and die because you refuse to listen to them.

“People stopped idolizing nurses after the pandemic scare,” reported ZeroHedge. “Dancing for the climate feels more like a desperate act to regain relevancy, rather than legitimate activism.”

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