Image: Former Green Beret confronts Rochelle Walensky before hearing: “I really look forward to you testifying about your involvement in murdering 38,000 Americans due to the jab”

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United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky is finally facing the music for lying to the American people about Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) grilled Walensky this week over false statements she made again and again throughout the “pandemic,” one of the most offensive being the lie that “fully vaccinated” people cannot spread COVID.

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“Why did you and the Biden administration mislead the American people?” Jordan asked Walensky directly.

After a long pause, unsure of what to say, Walensky responded with: “Um … you’d have to say more. I’m unclear …”

Jordan then interrupted Walensky by providing more details about the things she apparently forgot she did that misled the country into believing that COVID jabs are “safe and effective” and help “stop the spread.”

“March 29, 2021: ‘Vaccinated people do not carry the virus. Vaccinated people don’t get sick. We got that information from clinical trials but also real-world data.’ It seems to me there are a number of statements you make in there that aren’t accurate,” Jordan said, quoting statements Walensky had previously made.

“Um,” Walensky responded.

“Do vaccinated people carry the virus?” Jordan then asked Walensky again point blank.

“In March of 2021, um, the vast majority of data demonstrated that the vast majority of people were not getting infected if they were vaccinated,” Walensky responded in snide arrogance.


“That’s not what you said. You didn’t say ‘the vast majority of people;’ you said ‘vaccinated people do not carry the virus.’ Was that accurate?” Jordan shot back.

“Uh, it was generally accurate,” Walensky responded.

“Generally accurate. Why not just be accurate? Why not just tell the American people the truth? Why didn’t you say to the American people what you just said to me? We’re big boys and girls. We pay your salary. The government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, for the people – why not just tell us the truth?” Jordan said.

(Related: Back in the spring, Walensky finally conceded that the “fully vaccinated” can and are spreading COVID to others after previously denying this was possible.)

Everyone knows you’re a liar, Rochelle Walensky

It was around this time in the proceeding that Walensky, angrily but with a pride-filled grimace plastered across her face, responded back with: “Uh, I was speaking …”

“Six weeks later when you said ‘if you were to get infected during post-vaccination, you can’t give it to anyone else’ is what you said. Was that accurate?” Jordan asked again.

“Uh, what was the date of that?” Walensky said.

“May 19, 2021,” Jordan responded.

“Uhm, at the time we had the Wuhan strain and then the Alpha strain and that was the Alpha strain that was circulating that was generally true, yes,” Walensky answered.

“Generally true again? Why not tell the American people this is generally true?” Jordan asked again.

“Um, I couldn’t tell you the exact data on the vaccine effectiveness of symptomatic disease and severe disease at the time. What I can tell you is that we generally saw that if you were to get infected after you had been vaccinated that you were not carrying the virus by transmitting it to somebody else. You could not transmit it to others,” Walensky said.

“But we know that’s not accurate,” Jordan retorted.

“It was at the time. Now what happened …” Walensky proceeded.

“Really?” Jordan shot back.

“Yes, in May of 2021, it what, that was hap, that was true for the Alpha variant, now what happened …” Walensky proceeded.

Watch a clip of the proceedings below:

Rochelle Walensky and every other “authority” figure at the CDC who participated in COVID fascism and crimes against humanity belongs behind bars. To learn more, visit

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