REPLAY: from ‘The Pit’ , A Vital Strategy Session presented by True The Vote

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[DS] Took The Bait, The Stage Is Set, [DS] Power Implosion

8.14.22: Caught in a TRAP! Don’t you see what is happening! Do Not FEAR! The PIT is HERE! Celebration soon? PRAY!

Clif High Huge Intel 8.12.22 – Ecology

What Happened Right Before Trump Got Raided Is KEY To Everything! FBI Laid Bait!!


Trump Releases Warrant ReeEEeE Stream 08-12-22

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The Lone Raccoon Presents The 2022 Arizona Republican Governor Primary

After Raid On Mar-a-Lago Lefties Call For Trump’s Execution

Trump Receives His Highest Poll Numbers After Failed Raid

Who Trusts the Voting Machines Stand Up! Okay, Now Who DOESN’T Trust the Machines?

What is Abortion Anyway? Is Now a New Children’s Book!

Weapons Seized by Russia from Ukrainian Regime

We Do Not Advocate Killing Leaders Across the World…. :/

Ukrainian Position Near Donetsk Getting Hammered. Civilians in Donass Lived 8 Years in Such Conditions and Killed More Than 30,000 Innocent Civilians

Tusli Gabbard on Trump Raid

Toxic Ingredients in Your Kids Vitamins

This Is What They Are Doing with the Baby Formula

Polio Outbreak UK, 1961 was a HOAX

This Guy is a Former Assistant Director of Counterintelligence at the FBI

They Want to Destroy Trust in Institutions

The Neverending Excuses for Death by Vaccination – Chris Skye

The Most Dangerous Vaccine Created by Man to Date

The Great Reset Everyone Went Along with it Except Donald Trump

Smart Streetlights Are Similar to 5G Towers

Smart Phones Will Be In Your Body by 2030

Sleepy Joe Biden

Sharia Law

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Campaign Staffer Details the Need to Conceal Outside “Dark Money” on Ranked Choice Voting

Reporter Rips Karine Apart

Pelosi Exposed to Having Ties to Rocket Dyne Who is Selling Missiles to Ukraine

Over 500,000 Possible Deaths from Jabs When Calculated by VAERS Reporting

Not a Penny More in Taxes Biden Said While Campaigning… He Lied… Again!

No Autism in Vietnam Before Bill Gates

News is Made Up of Stories Produced by the Government — Imagine My Shock!

MK Ultra / Mocking Bird Media At It Again!

Messages Sex Traffickers Use to Signal Other Sex Traffickers About an Easy Target

McCullough: These Are The Riskiest Products Ever Conceived for Mass Administration

Lisa Murkowski Caught by Project Veritas on Secret Support of Ranked Choice Voting

Lauren Boebert Goes Off on Congress Floor Over Taxation Bill and IRS Agents Trained to Use Deadly Force

Kamala Harris and Senate Democrats Cheer As They Pass Bill to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Judge Reinhart Exposed by Fox

Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself… I’m Serious

IRS Agents Reveal There is NO Income Tax Law

International Currency is Essential for the Elites to Deliver Their NWO

“In Ten Years…”

In Gostomel the “Directors” of the Kyiv Regime are Filming a Stagged Video About the Alleged Atrocities of the Russian Troops Against Civilians

Five Doctors Dropping Dead in the Span of 14 Days is About the Likelihood of Finding a Unicorn

Dad Rips Pharmacy Apart for their Child Getting the Jab and Getting Sick

Brutally Honest

Australian TV Channel Drops Truth Bombs on Covid Deaths

Auntie Rips into Deepstate about Trump

All This Fear for Monkeypox – First Time WHO Director Declared Emergency on their Own!!

Absolute Legend for Calling This Out

Ex-trans Woman Exposes the Globalist Agenda of Transitioning Children


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