Report – Bush family CIA “oil intelligence mafia” wants to kill MAGA, stop Trump –

Report – Bush family CIA “oil intelligence mafia” wants to kill MAGA, stop Trump

The world’s largest oil reserves, believe it or not, exist in a large swath of land covering West Texas and a small portion of New Mexico. And the Bush family dynasty, which Foundation for Freedom Online executive director Mike Benz calls a CIA “oil intelligence mafia,” remains in full control of this geopolitical “liquid gold” mine.

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Both major political parties, Benz explains in a lengthy series of X (formerly known as Twitter) posts, have been working hand in hand for many decades to keep this oil intelligence mafia in full control of world affairs – that is until Donald Trump arrived.

Once Trump gained control of the White House, the “red” side of politics quickly joined the “blue” side. And now both sides are vehemently opposed to Trump and are doing everything possible to stop his Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda from coming to fruition.

“You can basically think of D.C. politics, pre-2016, as being the Yale wing of the CIA vs. the Texas A&M wing of the CIA,” Benz says, explaining that the right wing and the left wing both belong to the same bird: the CIA.

“When Trump took over the GOP, the Texas A&M wing jumped over to the Yale side,” he adds, noting that the purpose of the left wing and the right wing joining sides was to save themselves politically, and to save their financial investments.

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Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the oil intelligence mafia control the world – but not for too much longer

According to Benz, it is impossible to understand the current civil war taking place within the Grand Old Party, i.e., the Republican Party, unless you understand the geopolitics of West Texas and the vast oil reserves that exist there.

Right now, West Texas produces more oil and gas than both Russia and Saudi Arabia. And yet, gas prices in the United States remain higher than ever – and are still climbing with incredible volatility.

Were the U.S. not run by elitist thugs tied to the Bush family dynasty, perhaps some of that oil would, you know, make it into our gas pumps, thus lowering the price of gas for everyone. Instead, it is being exported elsewhere to pad the pockets of the oil intelligence mafia.

If the corrupt Department of Defense (DoD), the State Department, and the Central Intelligence Agency can create captive oil and gas markets abroad, then all that liquid gold will get dredged up with even more haste.

“This is the Bush / Cheney wing of the GOP’s vision,” Benz says about the oil politics of West Texas.

“You can’t fully understand the GOP civil war, the Ukraine-Russia war, or even the contemporary culture wars without understanding the geopolitics of West Texas.”

Benz further describes the false left wing vs. right wing political show as the “Yankee – Cowboy War concept,” a video of which you can watch below:

“Again, relevance is that Trump / RFK (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) style populism is currently toothless against the state-backed mafia power wielded by the Yankees (Soros-bred democrats) & Cowboys (McCain-bred republicans),” Benz writes.

There is so much more to the story, including the Houston GOP’s “moneymakers in Ukraine,” as Benz calls it, as well as its “collision course [with] Trumpian populist foreign policy” – learn more here.

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