Republican activist stabbed to death in his New Hampshire home under suspicious circumstances –

Republican activist stabbed to death in his New Hampshire home under suspicious circumstances

Authorities are trying to piece together what happened to a Republican activist who was found dead in his home in Durham, New Hampshire over the weekend.

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The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has announced that 41-year-old Alexander Talcott died of a fatal stab wound to his neck and ruled his death a homicide. The lawyer’s body was found early on Saturday, and no one has been arrested in the case. Authorities say they have identified those involved and claim that the stabber is not a threat to the public. However, the wording of their statement indicates more than one person may have been involved.

“Parties involved in the incident have been identified and based on the information known to investigators there is no danger to the public,” they stated.

According to some reports, the Attorney General’s office is investigating whether the person who stabbed Talcott in his home did so in self-defense. Investigators have not found any signs of forced entry at his home. He lived there with his wife, Kristin, who is a clinical social worker and therapist, and their three young children.

Under New Hampshire law, an individual can claim a killing was self-defense if their aggressor posed a deadly threat to them or another party. In cases where a killing in self-defense is found to be justified, the individual will not face any criminal charges.

Talcott was an Ivy League-educated father of three who was working as a private equity real estate lawyer. He also served as a Republican adviser and an adjunct professor at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics of the University of New Hampshire, where he taught classes in corporate finance and business law.

He launched an unsuccessful run for state representative last year.

On Talcott’s Facebook page, he can be seen photographed with well-known Republican politicians, including Senator Rand Paul and former governor of Ohio John Kasich. He can also be seen rubbing elbows with retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter during an event for the New Hampshire Bar Association.

His page also features photos of him spending time with his children, who he said in an interview were homeschooled.

Friends and colleagues describe Talcott as a selfless advocate

Talcott was named the Republican National Lawyers Association’s (RNLA) New Hampshire leader in 2021. He has been described by the organization’s current New Hampshire chapter director, William O’Brien, as “a staunch advocate for the core values of the Republican Party.” He remembered him for having an “unwavering belief in liberty, free markets and limited government.”

He stated: “Alex was an exceptionally skilled champion for the rule of law and the importance of fair and honest elections. We will forever honor Alex’s selfless dedication and profound contributions to our shared vision of liberty through legal processes. His legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations within the RNLA and the greater legal community.

A fellow attorney and instructor at the University of New Hampshire who worked with him for 15 years, Chris Ager, described him as being “passionate” about the work he did with the RNLA and characterized him as selfless, saying: “He always wanted to do more and he was very helpful. He wanted to help. He came to me many times just asking, ‘Hey Chris, how can I help?’ Never asking for anything in return. He was that kind of person.”

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