Return Policy

After learning about CBD-A being a spike protein (COVID) blocker, Acme Hemp Labs has vowed to find the highest quality CBD-A products available and be able to ship them properly to preserve the CBD-A content. I'll let you know when it's available or you can visit them below and contact them for more information.

You can read more about how CBD-A is benefitting those concerned about the spike proteins from (COVID) the vaccine and vaccinated:

Our Current Refund Policy – 1/10/2021 (For Hemp Products)

Because of the nature of this specific niche of industry we do not accept refunds, we are open to very specific situations. However if there is an issue with the product please contact us here ASAP. We do however do exchanges and replacements.

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If you do request a refund and we approve there is a 25% restocking fee (pays for labor to pack and to reimburse shipping)

We will do everything possible to make your order right and keep your trust in us!

Other Products:

Many of our products are able to be returned however because we work with these suppliers from their end, they could issue new terms of returning products at anytime. Although we feel that in most cases a refund can be guaranteed please know that there is always a possibility of not being able to offer you a full refund or any refund. But, with that legalese set, know we will always honor a valid return request when we can from the manufactures.


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