Image: RIDICULOUS: German Ethics Council chair says anyone who advocates review of COVID-19 policy is an enemy of democracy

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German Ethics Council (DE) Chair Alena Buyx said any plans to investigate the German government’s policy regarding the Wuhan coronavirus  (COVID-19) is “dangerous to democracy.” According to Buyx, anyone who advocates a fundamental review of COVID-19 policy and demands personal and legal consequences is an enemy of democracy.

“The search for the guilty is often sparked by concrete losses. This need is understandable, but insanely toxic,” she said. “It has a deep effect on polarizing society, and it is dangerous to democracy.”

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“Sometimes it seems more about feelings of revenge, about atonement. A search for guilty parties driven by revenge and anger is a dangerously simple one, so no solution, it does not help at all.” (Related: VP of German Parliament calls for full investigation into covid “vaccine” injuries and deaths.)

Buyx also touched on unrequited solidarity and lack of re-appraisal during her Die Zeit interview. She remarked that she has “no problem asking for an apology for not having enough focus on the boys” from the DE.

Buyx, who chairs the DE, serves to provide the needed “ethical reasons to justify the German government imposing lockdowns and vaccine mandates that infringe on people’s health freedoms. She was the staunchest advocate of draconian COVID-19 protocols and even wanted to gradually escalate them. Moreover, she nodded and said nothing when the topic turned to the “tyranny of the unvaccinated” during a prior interview.


The DE chair has also refused to apologize to those who chose not to get injected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Not only has the economic and mental health damage been immense, but so has the loss of life resulting from COVID-19 measures, especially the vaccines,” the Daily Expose pointed out. “Injuries have run into the tens of thousands. Excess mortality has skyrocketed.”

“Hence, it’s little wonder today those responsible for having promoted and enacted these damaging measures are now politically behaving like the reckless hit-and-run drunk driver who wakes up the next day, realizing something awful has happened and hopes no one will notice and it will just all go away.”

No forgiveness for COVID amnesty seekers

The Expose mentioned that Buyx’s remarks were similar to calls for “pandemic amnesty” made by Brown University professor Emily Oster.

In an Oct. 31 article published in the Atlantic magazine, Oster called for people to “put these fights aside and declare a pandemic amnesty.” She continued: “Dwelling on the mistakes of history can lead to a repetitive doom loop as well. Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward.”

Oster’s call was met with derision and disagreement.

“The article is about as pathetically transparent as it is self-serving,” wrote attorney and author Michael Senger in a Nov. 1 piece on his Substack.

“No, you don’t get to advocate policies that do extraordinary harm to others against their wishes, then say ‘We didn’t know any better at the time.’ Ignorance doesn’t work as an excuse when the policies involved abrogating your fellow citizens’ rights under an indefinite state of emergency while censoring and canceling those who weren’t as ignorant.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, meanwhile, penned a Nov. 8 reply to Oster that equally applied to Buyx.

“As the COVID-19 lies are now being exposed at exponential speed, some of those proven wrong are getting nervous. So nervous, in fact, they’re now pleading for amnesty and to just let bygones be bygones,” he wrote.

“There can be no amnesty for COVID-19 narrative pushers as people proven right are still being persecuted as ‘misinformation spreaders,’ and illegal government censorship continues without abatement. Granting amnesty to individuals who have been wrong from Day 1, without a single apology, is an untenable proposition. The price society has paid for their errors is far too great for that.” has more stories about Germany’s COVID-19 response.

Watch this video about the December 2021 anti-lockdown protests in the German state of Bavaria below.

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