EPIC! Popular MAGA Conservative Madison Cawthorn STANDS UP from Wheelchair at Selma, NC Trump Rally – Finishes His Speech (VIDEO)

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RINOs and Democrats are trying everything they can to smear Rep. Madison Cawthorn.  Their latest is releasing a picture of him having fun with his wife and friends.

The RINOs in the Republican Party hate Madison Cawthorn.  He stood with President Trump and knew that the President was making America great again.  Hawthorn gave an emotional speech at the 2020 RNC where he ended his speech standing for America.

The leadership of the Republican Party hate Cawthorn because he stood with President Trump and America. Cawthorn claimed that his injury was devastating but he moved forward.  In his emotional RNC speech, Cawthorn stood at the end showing his 6’3″ frame.

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This week the RINOs went after Cawthorn with some pictures from his past.  Cawthorn looks wasted and is dressed in women’s underwear.  It looks like he’s drinking shots.  One of the women with him is reportedly his wife.

Cawthorn responded to this with a tweet of his own.  He notes this was a goofy picture while on vacation, having a good time.

Last month Cawthorn reported on the seediness of the Washington DC swamp.

Cawthorn alleged in late March that lawmakers invited him to an orgy and snorted cocaine in front of him. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise met with the 26-year-old representative to discuss the allegations for roughly 30 minutes.

McCarthy later said Cawthorn lied about the allegations, calling his statements “unacceptable” and unbecoming of a congressman.

“There’s a lot of different things that can happen. But I just told him he’s lost my trust. He’s going to have to earn it back,” McCarthy told reporters, according to the Washington Post. “I mean, he’s got a lot of members very upset.”

It was uncovered this past week that McCarthy was working with Liz Cheney, another RINO, on trying to get President Trump to resign instead of focusing on the 2020 Election steal.  Also, McCarthy reportedly rooms with Frank Luntz in DC.

The real seediness lands with McCarthy, Cheney and other RINOs who pretend to be conservative but hide their true desires. 

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