Lawless Maricopa County STALLS with Release of Primary Election Results for 14 Hours! — Tweets Out “Why Aren’t 100% of Ballots Counted Yet? – Because We Follow the Law”

Thousands of ballots remain uncounted in Pinal County’s Primary Election that occurred on Tuesday.

Maricopa County is also still counting its ballots. The Gateway Pundit reported that they stopped counting on election night after Kari Lake took the lead statewide.

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They resumed the next day, leaving voters wondering what the hell is going on and why the State and its Leftwing media refuse to call the race for Kari.

As we reported, Maricopa is now hiding the counting procedure with fences covered in tarps.

Pinal County still has roughly 50,000 ballots remaining, according to a spokesperson for the County.


This is the same County that ran out of ballots on election day and literally turned some voters away.

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This is also the same County where 63,000 incorrectly printed main-in ballots were sent to voters by unscrupulous election officials weeks before the election.

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AZ Central reported,

Roughly 50,000 early ballots remain to be counted in Pinal County, spokesperson James Daniels said.

Approximately 26,000 early ballots containing federal, congressional and state contests have yet to be tallied, as well as 14,000 supplementary ballots. Those were cast by voters living in municipalities impacted by last month’s error that caused Pinal to send out nearly 63,000 erroneous ballots. They contain only city and town contests.

About 10,000 early ballots still are awaiting signature verification.

All of the outstanding early ballots arrived at the county’s Elections Department or were dropped off by voters in the days leading up to election day, Daniels said.

Daniels expects more results to drop later Thursday, but could not give an exact time or details on how many of the outstanding ballots may be included.

It was also reported that multiple counties still have thousands of outstanding ballots.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Pinal County elections director has resigned after this bullsh*t election he supervised. It is unclear if he was pushed out of the role or coerced.

BREAKING: Pinal County Elections Director Resigns After Primary Election Debacle – County Recorder To Fill Role

The Gateway Pundit also reported on the statewide fraud concerns and massive voting irregularities that occurred in Arizona.

What the hell is going on in Arizona?

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