Image: Another “conspiracy theory” has been proven true, and it brings us even closer to nuclear war

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova and Russia’s United Nations Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia recently released statements that revealed President Joe Biden’s involvement in the Nord Stream pipeline bombing.

Nebenzia spoke at the Feb. 21 United Nations (UN) Security Council meeting, which was called following the bombshell report of investigative journalist Seymour Hersh that disclosed Biden ordered the attack on the pipelines. According to the diplomat, the said “sabotage” was an “act of international terrorism.”

“This journalist is telling the truth,” the envoy pointed out. “This is more than just a smoking gun that detectives love in Hollywood blockbusters. It’s a basic principle of justice; everything is in your hands, and we can resolve this today.”

He also cited previous comments by American politicians who threatened to destroy the pipeline if Russia disobeyed their wishes. Worth noting as well was the former Foreign Minister of Poland thanking the U.S. following the pipeline attack, and former head of the British Government Lizz Truss’ hinting that America was responsible for the operation.

Moreover, in a piece she wrote, Zakharova emphasized that the American government is simply lying and downplaying the attack to blindside the world. The Russian spokeswoman listed several instances of U.S. leaders lying from fibbing their way into the Iraq war to the pillaging of Haiti. She even gave a lengthy review of American politicians plundering the poor island nation.


She then questioned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s reason for putting Kyiv into a similar situation in Haiti, where the West could raid all of its resources.

“How much must one hate their own people to consider a prospect similar to that of long-suffering Haiti for themselves?” she asked. “So, to what extent is the U.S. ‘not responsible’ for sabotaging Nord Stream – as much as for the assassination of Haiti’s president? Or for the vial hoax of the invasion of Iraq?”

Meanwhile, Hersh denounced the mainstream media, especially the New York Times and Washington Post, for refusing to “run a word” on the pipeline incident and for ignoring Russia and China’s calls for an international investigation. (Related: More Nord Stream ‘bombshells’ to come – Seymour Hersh.)

According to him, both news outlets published his exposes on the U.S. military’s war crimes in Vietnam, but are now seemingly uninterested in “national security or matters of war and peace.”

Kremlin warns Kyiv not to trust the US after Biden’s visit

Following Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine earlier this week, Zakharova warned Zelensky against aligning too closely with Washington as this could mirror the fate of past leaders who did. She cited former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as an example.

Saakashvili was the pro-Western leader who sought membership in NATO and the European Union and was in power in 2008 when Russian forces invaded in support of separatist movements in the country. The ex-president is currently serving a prison sentence in Georgia after being convicted of abuse of power and assaulting a rival political figure.

She also noted the case of U.S.-backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has been ousted as head of the movement that has unsuccessfully pressed to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

As per, she also mentioned Biden not daring to go to Kyiv without informing Russia. The U.S. president even asked Putin’s side to respect his safety.

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Watch the video below that talks about UN Security Council voting on an inquiry into Biden’s pipeline sabotage.

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