Russian State News TV Anchor Warns of Nuclear Missile Strikes on West (VIDEO)

Back in December Russian state TV warned the US will be reduced to “radioactive ash” if it did not meet Russia’s demands regarding Ukraine.

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Via American Military News.

A Russian state television host threatened on Sunday that the U.S. could be “reduced to radioactive ash” if it does not meet the demands laid out by Russia for deescalating tensions around Ukraine.

Russia demanded that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should roll back military deployments in eastern Europe and bar Ukraine and other post-Soviet nations from joining the alliance. News of the Week state-TV host Dmitry Kiselyov went on a lengthy monologue about why the U.S. and NATO should meet Russia’s demands.

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“The U.S. and NATO must roll back from our borders, otherwise we will, figuratively speaking, ‘roll up’ to their borders and create symmetrical, unacceptable risks… If you put a gun to our head, we will respond in kind,” Kiselyov said.

This past weekend Russian state news warned of nuclear strikes on Great Britain, including underwater nuclear drone attacks.

And Russia warned Europe about how many seconds it would take to destroy their civilization.

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