Sacha Stone, Sean Stone and David Icke – ‘ALL YOU EVER NEEDED TO KNOW’

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

And we are live. Yes, indeed, the eyeball, the perennial II is looking at me, and the numbers are going to start jumping on any minute now, I am absolutely thrilled today, as many of you can imagine, to be about to introduce, in my, in my mind, the greatest hero in our times in our day, a man that very few people in this world need no introduction. And he’s certainly one of them. I’m going to begin by a quote from Mary, a friend of mine in the Himalayas, who sent a message earlier today thrilled, and looking forward to watching our guest on this show. And she sent the message through with a quote from Anton de Saint exupery, who many of you may know wrote some beautiful books, a French, a French writer, and his quote was as follows. If you want to build a boat, don’t drum up people to collect wood, and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the immensity of the sea. And I think that that pretty much sets the tone for our guests. I’m going to be introducing to you all in a fanfare, the one and only David. David, lovely to see you.

Yeah, Real pleasure, Sasha.

And I’m also introducing to our audience, Sean stone, Sean, good to see you.

I don’t get a poem too. Well,

I think I was I was right, that poem really is relevant to all of those of us. Some of us not as, as wises, David. But, David, honestly, just such a thrill. The first thing I’ve got to say, we’re 1000 people more about jumped online, we’re gonna have a lot more coming on in the minutes ahead. And as we just add the numbers up a little David, please, can you settle one score for me personally? Because I’ve had to tell about 12 and a half million people in the last few years that yes, David, I did actually come to my house for tea many years ago, please just qualify that point. So people don’t think I’m a complete liar.

I remember it. And I remember it was very posh. Oh, I’m one of them. It was very posh. Yes. In London, right? Yeah.

It was in London. And I remember, I remember, we sat on the sofa for four and a half hours. And I said he didn’t get up and just remember a big bear hug. At the end. It was just such a wonderful, wonderful time for me. And you know, the sad thing is, it was so long ago, David, we didn’t have the bloody cameras on telephones. So I’ve had no proof to show people all this is

and it definitely happened. And it’s, it’s amazing, you know, when you when you look back at how long this has been going and how many experiences and places that have been involved to, to put together the the strands in the web the the the pixels in the picture, which is now unfolding before our eyes, of course.


my first question for you was, how does it feel to be increasingly now drawn into the loving embrace of millions and millions of people around the world who acknowledge you for being the gold standard in in wisdom keeping and light bearing? And that’s not, that’s not like praise? I mean, you really are the rock guard of this truth and disclosure movement, but honestly, I often reflect how does it feel for you to finally be received in the way that you knew you’re walking in that Christ that light for many, many years, David? And for many of them on your own? How are you feeling about it in the 21st century?

Well, it’s mixed really, um, there’s a good side of it. And there’s an opposite good side of it, because not not good, too good. side of it, is what I’ve been writing in my books for 30 years is happening. It’s happening in people’s lives, it’s destroying people’s lives. And, you know, the idea was, was to try to head this off before it got to this stage, although it had to get bad before enough people would wake up to it. So on that side, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s not nice to see what’s happening to people. Not just, you know, in the Western world, but all over the world. But on another side, it’s it’s very young, which is kind of a strange thing to say, amid current events. But there’s a very positive side to it. Because like I said, a few seconds ago. In fact, I said years ago when people said, Wait, how do you think this is gonna go? I said, it’s gonna get really bad. Because while there’s a get out clause, well, where’s your evidence, it’s not happening now. And the numbers that need to cease to cooperate with our own enslavement are not going to be what they need to be. But what’s happened is that this global cult is I call it which has been operating under the radar and moving society in the direction that it’s it’s now blatantly arrived that it was under the radar, and therefore, people had a get out clause. Well, you know, I can’t see it. But now it’s entered the room. It’s entered the room, and, and we can see it. And it’s been incredibly encouraging. To me, I mean, when I started out 30 years ago, it was, it was ridiculous, I would walk down the street, and I’d be literally laughed at, by people passing by going into a bar or pub or anything like that was was just crazy. It was just ridicule. And when I started talking about where the world was being taken by this, this global cult, as I call it, and no one wanting to know, it was a very lonely journey. But now I look at it. And it’s not like that at all. And, you know, people who are relatively new to this, and I do understand it, say to me, oh, you know, it’s not happening quick enough. People aren’t waking up quick enough. And I say to them, you should have been with me for two years ago. Greenland made Greenland compared with then. Yeah, and you know, we have this, this gathering number of people, because of events they can’t ignore, who are seeing that the world is not like they thought it was, yeah. But there’s the next stage. Stage number one is, is is quite decently advanced now. of I can see it, I tell you what, this is not right. What they’re telling us is, it’s the nonsense, why are they doing that? Why do they contradict what what’s going on? Right? But the next stage is the one. And that’s when that awareness that we’re being lied to. And there’s a gigantic scam going on, expresses itself in non cooperation with the scan. Because Because it’s simple numbers. At the core of the core of this global cult, you get them in one room. Yeah. And yet, they’re manipulating. Getting on now for a billion people. Now, that is only possible, because the 8 billion people have allowed that to happen. And you know, as I’ve said, a number of times recently, fascist fascism is not introduced by fascists. It’s not influenced by fascist, there’s not enough at the fascist. ism is enforced by the population, acquiescing to fascism that allows it to happen. And that’s what, of course, what we’ve seen from large numbers of people since the turn of 2020.

Very good. And, Shawn, you’d be not doing a lot of nodding there any questions you want to jump in there with before I take over the reins again?

Ya know, just to reiterate a few things. A, David, I’ve really you know, I’ve been a fan of your work since you are a my gateway drug back in the 90s. I think it was 99 2011 that I actually even earlier that I saw your first book, my dad’s shelf, and he would not dare to read it, I’m sure. But it was sort of an eye opener for me when I read the biggest secret. And, you know, as you say, you’ve been doing this for 30 years, Sasha, around the same time, I got onto this really in the late 2000s 2010 12 time period. And then, you know, carrying that forth and you said we’re watching this unfold these theories, these conspiracies this agenda, we’re watching this unfold before our very eyes and all of a sudden, we’re realizing we, we are in that position of being able to lead because people are looking for insight and advice. What What the heck is happening, right? I mean, people are turning around, left and right going. I was a liberal yesterday, and now the liberals are all turning on each other. And they’re, they’re, you know, they’re, they’re basically betraying each other turning each other in for not wearing masks. And they’re, they’re sort of like, they’re horrible human beings. And you know, enforcers they’re fascists, I want to be with the kids. But I think what that’s allowing us to do, as you say, it’s like, we have to see the people have to see the boot in their face before they believe it. And what it allows them to do is start to ally themselves with those of a similar make, right? Those of quality of character have understood the orientation of understanding but this is not the reality that we wish to interface with. And I’m just curious, because I know Sasha is working within it with an intense Ultimately created an intentional community and sort of land based society. How do you see built? How do you see moving out of this new world order matrix, right, and being able to create our own society, our own way of relating and being in this world without having to be beholden to that? Mammon, Mammon, God, let’s say?

Well, there’s a number of directions, we could go with that. But if people look at my books over the years, I’ve gone into the names, dates, places, connections, organizations, secret networks, but in the in the books also is always the nature of reality and the nature of the true eye. And that’s not by coincidence, it’s because if you ignore one, then you’re in a situation of imbalance. I see. Over the years, I’ve seen the, if you like the spiritual movement, that a lot of it has been very averse to the fact that there’s a bricks and mortar names, dates, places conspiracy going on, and they’ve been in denial of it. And I don’t think that we come into this world to then ignore the fact that we’ve done so we need to, to face what’s going on if we’re going to change it. But then on the other side, if you’re only focusing on the, if, if you’re at the five cents level of the manipulation that I’m talking about, then there really are no big answers. So you fall for if you only see the five cents level of everything, you only see five cents answers to what appear to be five cents problems. So you’ll go down the road, for instance of we must stockpile weapons to to fight the enemy, which cause the enemy loves because it’s got all the state of the art weaponry at its fingertips. So if you my experience, when I look at the world, is if you look for five cents, answers to five cents problems, what you’re going to create is more five sentence problems in a cause and effect going on and on and on. So the, the understanding of the nature of the true AI, and the nature of reality, and how it, how we interact with it, how it affects us how we can affect it, for me is that is the gateway to the way out of here. Because when you when you break it down, our perceptions become our experience. And you have this sequence where you control information. And by controlling information, you’re dictating perception, that’s why all the censorship is going on now, of course, and from perception comes behavior, people behave because of their perceptions. And so what we are looking at, and you can go deeper into this much more deep, energetic level, but even on the on the on the surface level, what we call human society, is simply a collective projection of human perception. Now, if you look at 2020, it’s a classic. There were three and continue to be three very distinct perceptions, which have led to experience one. right at the start of this. In the spring of last year. There was the perception that there was a deadly virus. Yeah. And that perception led to fear of the deadly virus. And that fear perception led to vast numbers of people going under house arrest meekly and obediently. Because their perception was there was a deadly virus. There’s a classic example of how perception becomes behavior becomes consequence. The next group which was very much smaller, but he’s bigger now. And we’re those that looked at it and thought,

this doesn’t make sense to me. There’s something going on more than this, but their fear of the consequences of not obeying. lead them to also meekly, if not perceptually, but meekly obey and go under house arrest, then there was the third group, which at the start of 2020, was very small. It’s not now By comparison, and that’s those that saw that there was a scam going on here we were being lied to, and made the decision, I’m not cooperating with it. Yeah. And the third group that has to enormously increase, to grit to bring it into this. So the thing is, to come around to completing the answer to the question is that, if we change our perception, we change the projection of that perception, which we call human society. And because people are in fear, because people are kept in ignorance of their true and infinite nature, because they, we have a vast swathe of humanity that perceives itself is in terms of little me, you have a dynamic that comes from that in which the few are dictating to all the vast numbers of people that think their little me and I have no power, you start to change your self identity. For me, for me, as this is the key, changing self identity, what happens is, from the moment we are born, we are constantly encouraged and pressured to self identify with labels. With I’m a man, I’m a woman, I’m this sexuality and this race and this religious faith, I’m this income bracket, labels, labels, labels, and if you look at what’s happened in recent years, as that string of letters LBGT, and and on and on and on, it goes now, as got bigger and bigger and bigger. What that is actually an expression of is the constant subdividing of perceived identity labels. And so you go for a man woman, this that, and you go into smaller and smaller subdivisions of it. And people feel the need to self identify by projecting the main new tie of how they see themselves. And the point being, I would suggest is that list of letters, and these labels, they’re not who we are, they are what we are experiencing, right. And we’ve been manipulated to self identify the true eye, which is consciousness awareness, a state of awareness, being aware, to self identify the eye, with, with labels, this is what identity politics is all about. This is why the the elite the top, brought it all in. And the more you you self identify with the minute side of your, if you like human experience, which you identify as you, the more you are pulling out through your focus of attention on the labels, you are withdrawing from the influence of the greater self, and the greater self coming through the heart and expanded awareness, which is not some guy sitting on a on a on a mountain cross legged, you know, I’m the guru, anybody can do it. It’s a choice it’s unnatural state Never mind anyone can do it. And when we when we start to expand our self identity from I am my labels to I am all that is has been ever can be having an experience called those labels, then our our perceptions change, our emotional state changes, our energetic field changes. And as that gathers and becomes greater and greater a collective transformation. That

expansion and transformation of the sense of the eye becomes a transformation of perception collectively becomes a transformation of human society. So you know, it’s not like, Well, okay, we’re going to we’re going to build a new society. So we need an organization. Okay, yeah. And we need someone to take them in. It’s just going to take them in, it’s just going to be secretary, now that that sort of stuff plays out, you know, on one level, but it’s not what changes society, what changes society is what society is, which is the collective perceptions of humanity.

But David, what if I do identify with being a black lesbian, obese Majid, you know?

Well, that’s how I feel.

I’m feeling that within myself. Oh, and or I’m a middle aged man with a wig who wants to go and hang up? Girls toilets, Sasha feelings, David don’t hurt my feelings.

Everyone identifies as a doctor these days. They’re all wearing masks.

Yes. A lot of surgeons walking around less gone What you got arrested? Now you get arrested if you don’t, it’s crazy, man. It’s David, just starting

at the alpha point here. I mean, I love all of your kind of psychology slash for lots of spiritual philosophy, because that’s the stuff that’s really emboldening people’s own dis identification with false light and re identification with that quantum cosmic beingness. And, and that is that that that’s essential now that we do break down all of this kind of cult programming, but we are still suffering civilization Lee collectively and individually, invariably, from trauma, trauma seems to be the the source code of Alpha Omega. So looking at our cons is, are the Archons? The same thing as the egregore? And number one? And what how would you describe the arc calm? And what is its function? Where does it stem from? And how do we deal with it?

Well, I mean, this is this is a massive part of the picture. And again, there’s many directions we could go, I give you an overall view. When I started on this journey, in 1990, but consciously I realized, now my whole life has been this journey has to start you can conscious of it after 1990. It started out where with an incredible synchronicity, information experience, people would come into my, into my life, that were providing information, little pieces in the puzzle, like putting a jigsaw together. And it started out in the five sense world. It was about names, dates, places, as I’ve said, connections, family bloodlines, and what have you. And then as, as it moved on, it went, the information coming to me got deeper in the rabbit hole. And I realized anyway, pretty quickly, that I was looking at a an intergenerational conspiracy to move further and further down the road through what we call history, to a total 24, seven, artificial intelligence controlled human race. And these people coming in and out of the secret society networks, what I call the global cults and say, we’re coming in, they were making their contribution and they were going out, and then others would come in and the next generation which would carry on in the same direction. And it was obvious that there had to be some common force that was providing the overview of that manipulation outside the human world as became very clear to me. And then I started to realize as I traveled around the world, and I talked to shamans and carriers of ancient knowledge in the various cultures, that although they use different names, obviously, they would in the different cultures, and there was a common theme about a force, which was not human, and operated overwhelmingly in the unseen and almost the entirety of forever is unseen to humans. I mean, we operate on a visual frequency band that’s so tiny, it’s laughable, what we call visible light. So, what we can see is that is just a almost a joke in terms of the the the Infinity beyond it, oh, started to the inflammation started to move in that direction, I started to come across lots of people who were talking and and giving the information and in our personal experiences related to this, this other force. And one of the names you mentioned there, that one cultural belief system group called the Gnostics had for this non human force manipulating human society was Archons comes from a Greek word meaning rulers appropriately and they buried Some treasure trove of texts is estimated around 400 ad and an earthen jar which was founded in 1945, a place called Nag Hammadi, about 7580 miles north of Luxor in Egypt. And about a fifth of these writings were about the Archons, and the manipulation of human society. And now it was quite late in my uncovering of this other force that I came across them, I’ve got them all the books and the text over to the left now, um, and that was good, because I’ve come to conclusions about this course and how it worked up to that point, and then I read these texts, and it was just a mirror of the conclusions that I’ve come to. And that is this. And these,

these Nag Hammadi texts, talk about the fact that this our contact force, does take form. Interestingly, it talks about reptilian form and a form that pretty much describes what we call the greys. Yeah, its base form. It is simply consciousness, energy. And this is the way I said, we talked about these forms and these different names that different cultures have, but its basic form, is a very distorted, chaotic, inverted state of consciousness, state of awareness. And that word inverted, is very, very, very, very important. Because it’s inversion. I mean, what is evil is the word live written backwards for evil is an inversion of life. It’s an inversion of balance. And when you look at how this our context, consciousness plays out, because it plays out through this cult, and its operatives, and the whole cult structure of human societies based on inversion. And so this is why Satanists invert the pentagram, yes. Why the invert the cross. This is why their symbolism is based on inversion, because the whole thing is about inverting. And so and if you look at what we just talked about the labels as opposed to the true eye, which is consciousness, that’s an inversion. Right? Why is perceived to be the labels when the true eye is actually the consciousness, having the experience called the labels, everything is inverted, everything’s upside down. And it is, I would suggest, because that’s the nature of this consciousness. It’s upside down, it’s it’s inverted. And so this is what I’ve been saying to people over these decades. Don’t judge what this network this cult would do, on the basis of what you would do, right? You’re not the same state of awareness. And one of the things follows that comes out of this inversion is an inversion that leads to something called psychopathy. What is psychopathy? It is an inversion of of love, and harmony, and compassion, and empathy. If you look at what’s called the hair test, after the man who invented it, for psychopathy, and the list of traits, they say, if you have enough, then you are officially a psychopath, then the top two are the lack of empathy and lack of compassion. And that’s part of this inversion CSAC. What allows this cult to do what it does, what allows gates to do what he’s done in the last year, for instance, is there is no emotional consequence for whatever they do, right? empathy is the failsafe mechanism of human behavior, in my view, if you can put yourself in the feelings of those who affect bodies a big resistor of your behavior, but if you don’t have those, those consequences emotionally because you don’t have the ability to feel empathy. Then anything goes I mean, what level of empathy deletion does it need for this coach to play out in the last year A vast pandemic hoax, that they no indeed no wanted the outcome of destroying human livelihoods, human peace, human prosperity, your human psyche, human emotion, human human hope, all of it, just to get more and more power over them and to get inside them a fake not vaccine and alleged, in which not it’s a, it’s a, a synthetic manipulation of DNA, for which there’s another big story to tell about why they’re doing that. But imagine the lack of empathy it takes for someone like gates, and Fauci and all these people

just sit there and orchestrate this, to look at the human mayhem debray and catastrophe unfolding, and have no emotional consequence for it. That is the our contact consciousness. And that’s what’s been driving this all the way through human history to present day.

And the curious thing, David is, as you will know, is that when running, when running scalar, frequency diagnostics against these creatures, they are living out there, their purpose, they’re in 100% alignment with divine purpose and personal purpose, invariably, the foul cheese, the gates, that Hillary Clinton’s these sociopathic proxies of the draconian constellation, isn’t that a curiosity?

Well, I see that slightly different. You see, you know, when when when people talk about fulfilling their divine purpose? Well, maybe it’s, it’s fulfilling a purpose. Because there are there are people that enter this reality consciousness that enters this reality, to try to make a positive difference to to the manipulated system systematically imposed ignorance, which is what this whole conspiracy is based on keeping the public in ignorance of everything. And there are those that come in with the the goal of maintaining that ignorance, yes, relating that ignorance. Now, they’re both fulfilling a life purpose. But I’m not sure they both necessarily can be called divine, although if you take the picture to the next level, because everything’s multi level, you see it here, and it looks a certain way. You see it here, and it looks another way. Yes. Take the bigger picture. Well, you know, if you’re saying I’ve been using in the books over the years, life, tends to give you your greatest gifts brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare. Because I look at my life, and and the most extreme challenges and situations I’ve faced have given me the most. I can open my mouth now and say exactly what I think. And I have no thought of the what people will say about me because I say them, because I went through historic levels of ridicule 30 years ago, and broke through that concern with what other people thought of me, in the experiencing of that it was a challenge, when you’re walking down the street, and people are passing you that you live your life to distance and less than distant laughter. But then, you you see what it gives you the gift that it gave you and and I would, if I have my life again, I would do the same because of what it gave me. So this situation you see that we’re facing now is it’s a danger, but it’s also a gift. We talked earlier, and how many people are awake now to how the world is being manipulated. or so. So these these different levels, that they have a different perspective. And you know, one of the great, one of the great things, one of the great breakthroughs I think, is to encompass the paradox. Yeah. Because they’re not paradoxes. No, something horrible happening to you. But but but being a gift. They’re not paradoxes. Actually, they are different expressions of the same experience. You don’t like having it what he’s giving you, right? So you know, the world is so not like that we’re told it is and we told it’s not like it really is because that’s the way to control.

Yeah, very good. Shawn. We have about 6000 people in the in our cozy little theater with us. But Shawn, please up to you.

They’ve got masks on. I shouldn’t have masks in front of vacuums.

So just to unpack because there’s a lot, there’s a lot here. I love how you talk about the inversions. It’s something that’s come up to me very clearly, increasingly, from the media people now, I mean, up to the place where they’re, now they’re saying, Well, you know, we can do anal swabs instead of mouth, mouth swabs. It’s such an invert everything is such an inversion with media tells you it’s like, in the last few years, it’s just gotten to the absurd point, right? I mean, Trump said, the sun is good for you. Vitamin D is good for Coronavirus, you should get the sun the media turned around and shadowbanned sun. He said the sun is not good for you. I mean, it’s a complete inversion of life. And this gets a hold of version and

what is media? Shawn? It’s an inversion. The media journalism should be revealing the truth to the people. But what it does is promote the lie. The media itself is an inversion.

Precisely. But so what’s curious to me is talking about the iconic control structure and the initiation process up the ladder because you talk about the Fauci and the gates, and is it a process of losing one’s soul? Because intuitively, I feel like it’s beings, you know, that everyone talks about Hillary being a blood drinker now? Well, you know, was she born a Draco are entity attachments that occur through the course of one’s life compromising one’s soul, and in a quest for power? I mean, what is your investigation into these type of things? How does this actually go? I mean, I, I do believe Yes. Like you said, Some families are more alien in their origin in their bloodline. But are there those that are the servants that are the public servants or the, you know, the lawyers this? The Sophos, the Sophos media, the politicians that kind of sell their souls through the course of their life? How do you how do you see the initiation process?

Well, I think I think all of the above, I think the major players, the intergenerational families, are, are born, they, they come into this world specifically with that inverted consciousness, and they play out that in inhuman reality. But as you as you go down the pyramid, the hierarchy, you are then going to have situations where people are, are targeted on the basis of whether they seem suitable candidates to be absorbed into this. You know, I’ve seen former Satanists talk about the fact that these smaller levels of Satanism, I mean, there was, you know, Anton Levy’s operation, etc, that they were in a, in a sense, patrolling operation, they were looking for candidates and those that had no capacity for empathy. Were the ones that then went up up the hierarchy. And so there’s many different levels of it. But the key is attaching to these major players that have a very crucial role to play in advancing this agenda. It’s attaching that a cart, concert consciousness to them, so they it becomes them. And basically, they become vehicles, you talk about selling your soul. And we are connected to our greater self, by, by vibration by frequency. And our perceptions are expressed as certain frequencies every thought is a different frequency, every emotion is different frequency. And if you’ve got a high frequency, we’ll call it soul level of yourself. And you can be pulled at this experiential level into a low frequency state, or in terms of the eye contact consciousness into an incredibly distorted state, those two states of vibration frequency are not going to talk to each other. And so you can be isolated, not so much that you have no soul, but you have no connection to that higher level we call soul. And so your mission control is not your higher consciousness. It’s this our contact force, and it is driving your perceptions. It’s driving your lack of emotion, it’s driving your psychopathy. Because you know, the psychopaths are not just the inner core, the psychopaths come right down the hierarchy. That’s why they’re able to do what they do because they don’t have emotional consequence. And so the idea is to lock these players in to these different low levels of awareness. Now, this is one of the major reasons that they Draw their their candidates in there that the people that they thought, Well, you know, they might do a job they pull them into this by the various rituals they go through whether you’re talking about the rituals of the skull and bones, society etc where what are they what do they do with in the skull and bone society, they’re right next to yo University, they’re looking for student candidates. And then they they’re the very chosen few are invited into join the skull and bones society like the Bush’s etc. And some of its family orientated like with the Bush’s but but there’s also others that are, okay, well, they look like they could do a job. And they go through these rituals, and that the idea of the rituals is to lock this connection in contact force. So suddenly, they start becoming an expression of it. And I talked to so many people, families, wives, etc, of those that have gone into this secret society network. And and again, and again, you hear the same story. He weren’t like that before, his whole personalities change what cause there’s a new mission control. And let me just take this a little bit further. Because I think it’s very relevant to where this is supposed to go.

Like I say, at its at its bait in its base form this, our contact force that’s behind all this is, is consciousness, its awareness is energy. And this whole move that’s happening now, and people like Ray Kurzweil at Google are openly talking about it, to connect the human brain body to artificial intelligence, has massive, massive implications, because I hear people talking about AI all the time. But I don’t hear the question, what is AI? Now on one level, AI is algorithms, on another level AI is being fed, all the all the stuff that people post on the internet, you know, and your Facebook’s and your your Twitter’s, and all the rest, and people say about privacy, privacy has been lost. And there’s all this surveillance going on. And there is, but there’s another level of this, all that information is being fed into AI. And AI is learning, learning, learning minute by minute, more and more and more about the human psyche, how it works, how it can be manipulated, and how it can be controlled. So there’s that level of AI, learning AI. But I say there’s another level in this whole conspiracy to enslave humanity. And you can describe it another way as simulate human consciousness into this our contact force. And that is the level of what is will be called AI, which is actually this our contact consciousness, and through these various technological connections, in the so called Smart grading connections to the human brain mind. It’s a vehicle It’s a conduit for this contact consciousness to take over and assimilate the human mind. So when you listen to what Kurzweil said, openly, because the reason they’re telling you now is they really can’t avoid it, because they’re coming to the point where they’re going to do it. So they have to come go from hiding it, to selling it. And so Kurzweil saying you get connected to AI, you’ll be like, gods, you’ll be super human. The idea, of course, is to make as subhuman and post human. But what he says quite openly, is that once this connection is made, and he’s talking about is really getting underway by 2030, that human thinking will be less and less part of the human psyche and AI will do more and more of, quote, human thinking, until and these are his words, human thinking as we know it will be basically negligible. Now that is a situation where AI has a simulated human consciousness. And the idea is that this AI with a central controlling force does that every human being and therefore humans become a hive mind by their perceptions no longer have to be manipulated by control of information, their perceptions are coming direct through AI, and what I say is that that level of AI, Is this our contact consciousness? And it’s it’s being manipulated to infiltrate completely the human psyche, and basically to become the human psyche with full assimilation is assimilation. It’s a it’s a, it’s a massive story, yes. But without understanding this manipulative force, and the fact that in its base form, it is energy consciousness awareness. There, we really can’t understand the full magnitude of why this smart grid AI connection to human brains are, is, is being done. But I would strongly suggest that that’s where it’s leading.

So David, what’s beneath Antartica? In your view? And your very well researched view talking about invisible masters and grids? And so on the deep underground military bases, but principally Antarctica? What’s your takeaway on that?

Well, I think if I talk about the underground basis, and the hidden places, in general, I think there are, I think I actually live on one place called the Isle of whites off the south coast of England, there are certain places where the, the, the energetic frequency difference between this and other realities are much thinner. And there’s a lot more can cross over in these places of ritual, where they do their rituals, these rituals over a period of time are thinning out that that difference between the different realities so that there can be a crossover, talk to many people who’ve taken part in these major satanic rituals around the world that talk about entities coming into the ritual via these gateways, which these rituals create. And I think that around the world, there are many of these places, I think, Antartica, may well be one of them. But But this whole theme of underground bases, etc. Takes me on to what I’ve just talked about, because we are seeing this technology playing out. And there’s virtually no certainly now no situation where you’ve got people sitting around a table, strumming their fingers, waiting for the next level of technology to be invented to take this forward. It’s just rolling out fast. And the reason for that is that

it’s been there a very long time. In fact, I say that the technology that we’re now seeing, was known about by this our context force, when when humans were knocking rocks together. Yeah, if that’s the story of history, and what’s been happening is that humans have been developed, like, just brought along like cattle to develop intellectually. So that, that at least a broad number of people have the intellectual capability of building their own prison. But they’ve not been developed spiritually, to the point where they have the wisdom and the insight, although it’s challenging to see that they’re building their own prison. So if you were to given smartphones and computers to stone age, man wasted time, what are you gonna do with them. So you bring them along, you develop them intellectually to the point where they can work with that technology. And then you play it out, because when they were knocking rocks together, you had it, you just have to develop the mat, you human awareness, consciousness, to be able to use it and to interact with it, etc. So what what these underground bases are the major ones, and I, you know, I’ve talked to lots of people that have worked at some level of these underground bases. And the more you go down the higher security clearance you need, and they go down a long, long way. And this is the a point where there is out of public sight and interaction between this our contact force which that in this expression can take the form of reptilian entities, gray entities, etc, etc. And there is this technological transfer. And so all this stuff That’s playing out as if it’s, you know, coming out of nowhere, is actually coming out of the underground basis. And that’s why it’s happening so fast. And what they what they do to cover this is they have to invent cover stories. I watched a BBC documentary about Silicon Valley, it wasn’t very good, because it was the BBC. But there was a very interesting part of it, where they showed a sequence of garage doors in Silicon Valley. And as they each door came up, they were telling me what had been invented behind that door, you know, and I imagined someone watching this from the elite, saying, guys, too many garage doors, they’re going to assess it, change the cover story. And they have cover people to cover the fact that where this stuff’s coming from, and these cover people become very famous, they become very rich. And part of their deal and becoming very rich is that great chunks of that wealth generated in this way has to be spent on advancing the agenda. And thus they set up foundations to use that wealth to the agenda. So, you know, the idea, for instance, that Mark Zuckerberg is running Facebook, you know? I mean, it’s ridiculous. I mean, you see him on Capitol Hill, you know, like he’s caught in the headlights of an oncoming train. He’s not running Facebook. And jack Dorsey’s running Twitter. Have you seen him? Of course not. But their cover stories to hide the fact that this code is running at all. And and it’s playing this technology out to build this grid, which is why you don’t see any gaps in it in its unfolding.

Very good. Well, just a welcome to that of six and a half plus 1000. visitors who are watching this show on the next question for the maestro, is yours. But before we get to that question, sure. David, I have to just let you know that. I don’t know how many 1000 people are sending messages. We love David, that’s boring, folks. We all love David, we want questions for David. Oh, and somebody says they can see your house from where they live, David. I just hope they don’t have a telescopic thingy on their thinking.

house but I only have a little flat in the house. You know, I live life and I love it. I’ve lived here for since 2001. And it’s, it’s great. I live my life in a cupboard.

Shawn questions yours?

Yeah, just going forth. Because, David, it sounds like you know, you talk about the cults that controls the reality. And there’s a lot of truth to the to the cohesiveness of it. But I guess I kind of want to play upon the different perspectives here cuz I know, Sasha and I have been more hopeful and inspired in the last few years seeing Trump coming into office in America, and maybe you know, your perspective is little bit different. But how do you see someone like Trump, who is sort of a chaos agent who does seem who, who has sort of been a harbinger of the way the great awakening and the the process of people realizing that this thing is a rigged game? And sort of, you know, as you say, How can someone like him come in to the fold, right, if everything is so controlled at that level?

Well, because I think there’s another way of looking at it. I said in 2016, when Trump was coming through the presidential campaign, that he was going to be brought in to divide America and something else that I’m going to come to. Now, that’s not to say necessarily that Trump knew that. The question I have is, how much did he know? And how much did he not know? But there was a guy called Saul Alinsky, who was a ultra Zionist Marxist, operating out of Chicago, among his followers and advocates are being Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton. And he wrote a book called Rules for Radicals, in which it was a guidebook on how to transform a democratic society into a Marxist one. And I’ve gone into detail on my books, Karl Marx, man of the people, he was the bankers boy. And you know, it’s very, very important that we stay streetwise and never See things in black and white because it never is. It’s always a shade of gray and the trick is finding the shade of gray and Alinsky said in this book Rules for Radicals. One of the things he said is when you are seeking to do this transformation, don’t target faceless bureaucracies and faceless corporations. Basically, you know your your shots too wide. Pick one person and focus all hatred and all blame and all bad things upon that person. Because as the Nazis said, keep the propaganda simple, and more will believe it. So Trump’s been brought in, and what he represents something, nevermind if he genuine or he’s not. Either way, he represents something that he’s been brought through to represent something. And it’s what I call push backers. what has been happening now for several generations. And it’s all part of this, this Marxist creed that was promoted by Alinsky is that the left in politics that I grew up in, has been hijacked, that you mentioned it a bit earlier. It’s been hijacked. When I grew up on a council estate in Leicester, in the 1950s. And 60s, we were what would be called a left household, but it was a it was that genuine left that opposed corporations the the use of of wealth to suppress and control and crucially, the assault on freedom of speech, the left when I grew up with it stood for freedom of speech, and it stood against tyranny. What’s happened has been systematic and and this does relate to Trump I will come around to it in these recent generations, is that the school system and the the education system in general call education, a programming system has been focused on transforming the mentality of vast numbers of young people, which now reaching the age like Cassio Cortez where they’re becoming politicians. And it’s called the woke mentality. And the woke mentality wait for this is an inversion of what was the genuine left, because it no longer stands for

defending free speech, freedom of lifestyle, freedom of opinion. It stands for an inversion of that has been taken over. It’s an I would use this term. It’s an art context, manifestation. And as because it’s an art context manifestation. That’s why the people that are funding these woke organizations, including BLM, are billionaires and billionaire corporations that are expressions of this iconic cult. And so you have this irony on identity politics has brought this about where the old genuine left would oppose the billionaires and their abuse of people. What millionaires they were when I was a kid, and now they’re in bed with billionaires, this this woke fake left, the billionaires are funding it. Now, how does that come about? Because when I when I was growing up the genuine left, it looked at a situation of of privilege and of what was called class. It was it was an income bracket. And that was was was what the, if you like the divisions and the the the thing was all about. But now that’s been overtaken by identity politics, because now the focus of the fake left is not challenging wealth and power and abusive, both as the old left did. It’s about identity politics. So these billionaire manipulators talk the language of woke and fund the the organization’s pushing this woek agenda. Then there are mates. And so suddenly, you have this bizarre alliance between people that call themselves social justice warriors, and these multi billionaires and billionaire corporations, including George Soros who actually said publicly, I don’t concern myself with the social consequences of what I do. I’m just there to make money. What is he funding these people for Then, because what they’ve got is a whole mentality brought through recent generations, which is pushing everything in the cult agenda. They are they are warriors for the cult agenda. They want, for instance, the green New Deal, which is not about protecting the environment, it’s about centralization of power over the fine detail of people’s lives. They’re the ones that were supporting, staying in the European Union, for Britain, a European Union, which is a cult created and controlled, bureaucratic, centrally, structured dictatorship. And you, you have the another expression of this, and you mentioned it earlier, is that this same mentality is the one that’s basically demonizing anyone that’s pushing back on lockdown, and wearing masks and and the tyranny that’s unfolding here. So they’ve created this mentality, which is in every area, pushing what the cult wants society to be. And it was very clear that at some point, and we have it now, they were gonna manipulate into power, a full blown, woke government. Biden say Biden’s running it because he’s not, but he’s, he’s the frontman for it. And that’s what we have. Now we’re seeing the consequences of that in the first few weeks. Now, these push backers who are pushing back against this, they don’t want this stuff. They don’t want this, but this woke agenda, ie the cold ones. And so what they’ve done is they’ve gathered them around Trump. And so my question is always not what are people saying? what actually is the outcome of what they do, or the situation they’re involved in. And it’s no accident whatsoever. That in the run up to this, bringing in of this AI services, and we were seeing evidence of it already. This is going to be the most extreme American regime in American history, the Bible, it’s, it’s gonna be mind blowing in what it’s going to seek to impose. But just before they do it, we have this situation on Capitol Hill, which has given them all the excuses that they wanted to come in days later, and go big time. For that group. They’re called Trump supporters. But actually, what they are is pushed backers, and people who are pushed backers, and don’t support Trump, they’re also being included in this insurrection, white privilege, kind of nonsense to demonize them. And so if you look at the outcome of the four years of Trump, it’s a situation where you have massive polarity in American society, and they want full blown Civil War. And at the same time, they’ve isolated the push backers, and all guns and are pointing at them. And I don’t I don’t think that’s an accident. I think that was planned from the start. And I would just say this, whatever people say about Trump,

we have got to get out of this save me car complex. We’ve got to say, Stop slaying save me, God, me, Donald. They saved me that saved me the other we are that which we, quote, want to save us. For reasons I talked about our perceptions become our experience, our experience becomes human society. And the more that we are looking to other people, be they an organization, a political party, or a single human being, to do it for us. Because that’s the easiest way. That great, the more we are not using the power we have the power that is necessary to be expressed, that is going to turn this around, because we’re giving it away. And you know, if you give your power away to a religion, or you give it away to whatever, it’s no different to giving it away to Donald Trump or giving it away to Cuba and all that they’re all points where you can, you’re giving the power away. They’re good for me, you We have to do it. Look at the numbers. Look at the numbers. The answer is staring us in the face. Very good.

Very good. I’m sure and stay with us there. I just want to get on to a section of our show, which is going to be the Yes. no, maybe so rapid fire questions, David, because we have to get through three and a half 1000 questions. Yes, no, maybe so blue avians on the sphere Alliance?

Don’t get that one.

Blue avians? you’ve not heard of the blue avians?

No, not really,

the blue bird creatures, the big creatures that are all blue. And they’ve got the sphere alliance that all right. No,

Yes, no, maybe. So hence, Twitter. What the point, the point is about everything is that you we live within this tiny tiny band of frequency of visible frequency, which I said before, and look at the diversity of form and expression of life within within that tiny band of frequency and then think think the potential for for various forms and expressions of consciousness and life in the greater the greater picture. And I think that one of the one of the things that makes people reflex action kind of wave away as crazy is because one of the greatest forms of mind control is to limit the sense of the possible, you limit the sense of the possible, you’re going to dismiss things that are actually happening, because you don’t think they’re possible. So anything’s possible any form of life is possible and so on. Okay, well, I’m

not gonna let that one slide. This is a yes. No, maybe. So David, you have to behave yourself. Okay. Okay. Yes. no, maybe so that’s it. The Galactic Federation? Yes. no, maybe so?

Maybe so. But I think it’s, it’s consciousness that this was really all about and not not anything in the land of form.

Okay, on earth medicine, and we all know that you have, you’ve had an epiphany with Earth medicine, but is taking Ayahuasca today, in 2021, the same thing as taking it 20 or 30 years ago?

I don’t know. But I know that my experience gave me the chance to see reality from another perspective, and it was incredibly enlightening. Okay.

Would you leave your children alone with Joseph Biden? Now that’s a joke. is Joseph Biden a cyborg? And that’s not a joke?

Well, I mean, it’s very difficult. Yes, yes. No, maybe. So. I have written in the books. I do believe this, that a lot of these people. I look at Bill Gates, Sasha. And I see a cyborg. I look at I look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg and I see a cyborg. You it’s we got to appreciate that we’re not talking about people, or cyborgs on the level of technology that we’re aware of. Now, this is massive, Li advanced. The inner core, these bloodlines are cyborgs.

Okay, should we revisit our ideas of who Hitler and Stalin were, for example, as historical figures, or are we to continue believing Fabian, and Tavistock in agendas?

Well, I mean, if you look at all these different people that fronted up charity, in the end, they’re all they’re all, they’re all serving the coffee market. Because

if you look at what’s happening in, in the world, from the start of 2020, it’s a global version of Nazi Germany or a global version of Stalinism. And we have the blueprint for how the world is supposed to be in China. Behind them are revolution. Why? Well, one of the key reasons was that the plan was to use that closed society was the time to incubate the global system of control, not least using technology, which they always plan to play out across the entire world. And since the pandemic hoax was played, the world, the Western world has become more and more like China. And that’s all for this old process.

Right? Very good. And that ends our rapid fire questions, but someone’s asking here geometria does that have anything to do with what we’re living through right now? what’s the what’s your take on gematria and and the status quo

Well, you know, the energy you come up with all these words and all these, these concepts, but but I do keep coming back to try to keep it simple that the we live in the world we do because the human perception is of a certain states that manifest that world and we change human perception and the world changes it has to, because once a projection of the other, so, you know, I don’t go into these, you know, these names and concepts like that, I like to keep it real simple. But the whole foundation of the conspiracy is the control of human perception, because this cult knows that if it controls human perception, it dictates human society. Right? And, and therefore, the answer is to take back control of our perceptions, and therefore manifest a different society. It’s real simple, the way we got caught and the way we get out of here,

Sean, questions yours?

Well, let’s,

let’s let’s go a little deeper into what’s coming and how, you know, we’re organizing I mean, it just to follow up on where we left it with the Trump thing. I didn’t see it as a savior call call quality, although I guess some people miss I think there was more of a derision that was heaped on those that supported Trump was the idea that he’s messianic because there was a biblical quality. I think people feel especially in the crypt. There’s a large Christian community globally, right? That is waiting for this redemption, waiting for this Christ figure to emerge. And so I don’t necessarily believe that that’s going to come in one figure, I do believe in Christ consciousness. And I think that we are approaching or we are there actually. And it’s available to us. So to me, it’s really a question of organizing. And when you have someone like Trump that came through and actually showed those of us that were, as you say, we were the dissidents, we were the ones that were pushing back against this new world order, ideology. And realizing Wait a minute, there’s millions and millions and millions of other patriots like us, right within government, within our government, within British Government within other countries, also supporting what the Trump movement stood for, which was saying, going back to nationalism, and not as a as it’s been again derided nationalism is in in the woke culture, nationalism is Nazi ism. But in tradition, historical version of nationalism was epitomized by America saying, We the people, by our declaration of independence in our, in our Constitution, empower the government, which is unique in world history. Right. And I know that, yes, there’s all kinds of issues with the Masonic structuring of America, and its destiny. But at least there’s a conception here that people are starting to get back to, which is this idea that people empowering the government, the people having sovereignty, right, coming together, organizing. So I guess I want to follow up more on that I got this helicopter here. But more on on how essentially, this movement is in a way, Rhian inviting people to take power and organize and see each other, you know, as the millions that we are, and either come either if we can’t go into nation, if we can’t organize around nation states, maybe it’s independent societies, maybe it’s subcultures within, you know, within countries and across borders. But essentially, we we are, this has been a nice reprieve to those last four years, actually getting back to you could say away from business as usual, which now Biden, of course, as he said, He’s going to push the most extreme version of New World Order agenda. But now that people have reignited their realization of hate, we actually are not being steamrolled by the New World Order. There actually has been a reprieve. There are millions of others like us, and we actually, probably we are the majority, not the minority. I think the awakening is very real. And so I’d love to know your take on on what’s what’s coming here?

Well, I think I think the awakening is very real, for reasons I talked about earlier. I mean, it when I look back, you know, a few decades, I mean, what’s happening now is extraordinary. But I think it’s, um, we’re at a point where it can go one way or it can go the other. And what the, this cult is always doing is trying to take a genuine movement and take it away, diverted away from actually powerfully manifesting where it wants to go. And this is why you get a genre marketers have been, there would have been, how they were as marketers, etc. involved in in the momentum of going into the Capitol Building, for instance, because that played into the hands of, of the Colts. And so we are at a point where where does it go? And, you know, I do think that while we can respect individuals and applaud them for for what they do, we’ve got to stop giving power to them, and in the sense of giving it away from ourselves. And there are There’s other ways of doing this. For instance, 75 million people voted for Trump. Okay? Now how can they express what they want, they can wait for Trump to do it, they can wait for q1 on to do it, etc, they can have a protest, or 75 million people can say, we are not cooperating with our own enslavement. And and people can get together and organize together to say no to self enslavement and the enslavement of my kids, you’re wearing a mask, now, you’re going to close your business. Now, if one or two people do that, they can get picked off 75 million people did it. It’d be unenforceable. And for me this, this is the road that we need to go, we have the power.

Can I just explain how a few control the many it’s real simple. If you imagine a pyramid of hierarchy, hierarchical structure, and at the top of the pyramid, you’ve got the inner core of this cult, which is which is dictating the agenda for the world and imposes its will on the next level below which acquiesce is to that in position and impose it on the level below that. And very soon after you come down from that pyramid, peak your meeting levels in the hierarchy you have no idea there is a cult. But the same process goes on all the way down the pyramid, imposition, acquiescence, imposition, acquiescence, imposition, acquiescence, and then you get to the mass of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Now, if we acquiesce to those levels of the hierarchy that are imposing, imposing upon us, that’s governments and nor enforcement and so on, then what we do as a mass of the people, is we complete a circuit between the few at the top of the pyramid and the mass of humanity. And that circuit means that through imposition, acquiescence, imposition, acquiescence, that tiny few people at the core, you could get into a single room, have impose their will on the entirety of the human population as what we saw in the 2022 present day. Now. Okay, great individuals come in, and they said, This politician says, do this, and I stand for this, okay. But what’s going to change? It is not then it’s the massive people saying, we are not completing the circuit. You want us to do this, and you’re telling us to do this, because you want to enslave us. So therefore, we are not doing it. And if that happened, it’s over. It’s over. You imagine someone comes out of the White House or capitol hill or Downing Street, and says without a meeting, that is press conferences all the time now it is COVID. Nonsense. We’ve had a meeting, and we’ve decided this is going to happen. What happens if the people who want to tune it? We’re doing that? Where’s the power? Wait, oh, no, no, no, no, please, you got to do it, and the government knows I’m doing it, I’ll do it. We’ll do this to do it, then. I’m not doing it. It’s over. It doesn’t take an individual, you know, great individuals to come come forward and make the contribution. It doesn’t take an individual to do it for us, we do it for ourselves. And a few cannot control the many unless the many are compliant as a few.

So David, Shawn, you mentioned a little bit earlier about myself being connected to conscious community that’s actually not entirely true, kind of gave up on that idea of many years ago. But I am very much about obviously awakening consciousness planetary, but I believe foundationally that that what David is saying is correct, that it’s got to do with a complete absolute cessation of obedience to satanic and luciferic. Cult programming is going to be absolute, absolute dis identification with the luciferic aspects of this hologram. And my The, the bottom line for me is stop paying coin to Caesar. Caesar kills you sees that once your baby’s dead, stop offering your children up to the bathroom, it was exactly what’s happening. Especially when Public Health Administration and running MCC in the way that they have today. All you got to do to recognize that Government must now be bought into wholesale the solution globally, is to see what government has amounted to its amounted to a wholesale assault against the microbiome of every baby on the planet. That that’s extinction of species right there. Government has reached its zenith of witchery of evil in that sense, David, do you agree that not paying taxes should be a clarion call for every conscious human being?

I would like to see it. Because, you know, we give I mean, if someone works out, I’m sure someone must have done. How much of an income goes in taxation, not just income tax, but all the other taxes, it would be shocking, what the what this cult is doing is because it’s vampire, it’s vampire and human energy. You know, when Morpheus in the matrix movie, held up the battery and said, the machines or turn humans into one of these, and then you saw the machines feeding off the energy of babies in that, in that, in that movie, that’s what’s happening. Because this concept force because it is so distorted, does not have a energetic source, that that comes from balance, and love, and all these emotions and states of being, it’s so distorted, that it cannot make a connection to those frequencies. So it can’t feed off that energy. That’s why it wants no love in the world. That’s why we turn people against each other. That’s why it wants all the conflict, it wants all the depression, or the suicide or the anxiety, which of course, has gone into overdrive because of this pandemic hoax. That’s what it once because it’s distortion means that it operates on a very low band of frequency, and to feed to be empowered, it has to feed off energy within that, within that frequency band that it operates on. And that is basically low vibrational emotion, fear, depression, all these things. And, and like a war becomes a banquet, for instance. And so it’s it’s structured society, and it’s manipulating events in society, not least in 2020, to now to to generate maximum amounts of this energy, which is which which it uses to empower and feed itself. And so you will get, for instance, going into what you’ve just said, this is where human sacrifice comes from, you know, that this code has been sacrificing humans, not least children, for as long as it’s been in existence bouncing on and beyond. And when, in ancient times, they talked about sacrificing young virgins to the gods, or the gods is, is our contact course. And young virgins is code for children. And And what happened is, is when humanity reached a level of maturity, where it weren’t having that anymore, openly, these people went underground, and they’ve done it ever since. This is why I’ve uncovered in the book so these famous people involved in satanic ritual and and this these these horrors and the mind control operation and pedophilia that that go with it. This is their energy. And why Peter failure? Well, first of all, why sacrifice and why Peter failure? The sacrifice part of it, is that again,

if we appreciate that the the gods they’re actually sacrificing to are actually outside of our level of reality. It’s why we can’t see him. So in the rituals they are they are bringing the sacrifice person to a state of utter terror. Yeah. And what happens then, even on the level of the the satanic ritual within our reality is that that level of terror creates an adrenaline in the blood, which is a nectar to these, these deeply sick people. And that the when they drink the blood at the time of the sacrifice, that adrenaline is in the blood, and that gives them a high, but that terror that’s building up through the sacrifice is being generated from the person as frequencies. And what’s happening is these, at that level, take the form of entities outside of the human side or absorbing this energy and feeding of it. That’s the sacrifice to the gods. And so if you then take that too humanity in general, and we’re looking at energetic vampires. They’re feeding off low vibrational emotion all the time. And one of the expressions of the way they feed off humanity in our reality is money, which is what it’s an energy. And they set up a money system that’s basically sucking vampire during the population dry. And if you think about it, what’s freedom? Freedom is choice, the more choices you can make, the freer you are, the fewer choices, the less free you are. And in the society, the way it’s structured to pay money is a massive aid to making choices. So by controlling money, they’re controlling choice of the population. And what they’re doing now with this collapse of the economy systematically, coldly calculated Li done is that they’re destroying human choice. And in doing so, they’re destroying human freedom. The idea with this whole great reset, is that they now control the money, they control the means that people need to survive. in totality, that’s the idea. Because the crucial part of this panel, or one major, crucial part of this pandemic, there are others, but this is major, was to have the lockdowns purposely to destroy independent income and independent employment and livelihood. Because when that’s gone, then people become dependent on the state. This is where the guaranteed income comes in, which will be a pittance. And if you don’t do exactly what you’re told, you don’t get the guaranteed income. And by the way, how else you’re going to survive because all the jobs have gone this. So so we’re looking again, at every level of a vampire force, feeding off the energy and the the essence of humanity. So in any way that we can stop that happening, is going to be an aid to unraveling this and it has to stop. Right? On attention. Second,

money and attention, our attention and our coin.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. This is the whole idea. I was gonna say focus that was appropriate. It’s to focus attention all the time. And the more they can focus your attention, you lose peripheral vision, you lose peripheral vision, you use, you lose the bigger picture, and you only see the dots, that’s that that’s part of it. But the money side of it is controlling choice and thus controlling freedom. But I was just going to say, I mean, just, I mean, God, we have given power to this cult to create money that doesn’t exist pulled credit and charges interest on it. It’s It’s insane. The way that we’ve allowed this to happen, but how has it happened? Because again, the key foundation of everything, keep the people in ignorance of what they know. And as you say, to most people, how is money created? They’ll sit well, governments do it. And then when actually it’s it’s private banks making of credit. So the money situation is is crucial, because that’s the one of the foundation structures of human control, and never more so than now.

Right. And as I keep reminding people as well, David, you know, money is a 3d Totem of time and motion and life force. That’s what it is. And it’s all connected to attention to photons to how we project plasma into the field, and how we allow ourselves to become harvested resultantly, by abdicating our sovereign expression in any way, shape, or form is an absolute No, no, a very important question here. As coming in from Jessica from Arizona. Will you marry her, David?

Well, I haven’t got the time. And I’m sure I would love to, but I haven’t got the time. I’ve lived alone here now since about 2006. And I just work and never more so than now. It’s just

a very wealthy widow David. reconsider that? Well, here’s,

here’s here’s a real here’s a real question. Why don’t we do a documentary on this? I really think this would be an amazing, amazing documentary we could do about the biggest secret essentially the energy feeding of the planet, right on the different levels, you know, the blood, the energy, the the attention, the money. You know, if people just didn’t, we could do something that would really blow people away.

Getting you on the record.

I’m open to anything that gets this information circulating. It’s my life I get up in the morning I do it, I go to bed, I wake up the morning, I do it. Not because I’m a martyr that a I find it fascinating. And B, it needs to be done. And I’m coming up 69 now and you know, I’m going to be around for a long time yet but, you know, I want to give everything I can in the time I’m going to be in this world. And so I’ll do anything that’s effective in circulating this information, no problem at all. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah.

Next question.

We’ll talk about that later. But I got you on the record now at least to saying you’re open to it.

So, David, if you had to spend an eternity on a remote planet in the Draco constellation, with only one record album to listen to, which would it be? Queen Greg grant say Duran Duran that wouldn’t count.

Queen gracias debts. Freddie Mercury was a Freddie Mercury was a star. He was one of the great performers I used to love watching him in the in the concerts with Quinn.

He was remarkable. You know, Brian Mays, the loveliest man in the world, but he’s he supports the he supports the crown and all of that the status quo? Yeah,

I mean, you know, I tell you what it’s been it’s been quite interesting to see the progression from like rock stars and and you know, system challenges like the Rolling Stones and and Mick Jagger who end up taking honors off the off the Queen I just find that absolutely bizarre. It is. But but the the thing with with Freddie Mercury, I just thought he was he was an amazing performer a real one off a real you know, that they broke the mold I love I love people like that these unique, unique, unique people. I was at the I was actually bought a, because I love queen. I was bought a ticket by my sons, and my daughter two Christmases ago, to see to see queen in their present form last year. And of course I didn’t and it’s supposed to be this this summer now, but he won’t be either. So get to see him really.

Really, they’ll have virtual concerts going forth. It’s all virtual reality.

Well, I’m not interested in virtual stuff. I was a professional footballer. And, you know, I’ve always you know, like watching football but I’ve knocked all that on their head and got rid of watching watching the football cuz when I every time I turn you turn a football match on and you see these professional players in an empty stadium. Reminds me of the nonsense that’s going on. So I’m done with football at the moment as well. It’s not

your right it’s not the guts out of it hasn’t been written yet. So look, let’s just quickly talk about Morgellons. If you don’t mind AI, transhumanism and COVID-19 Morgellons AI transhumanism COVID-19. To my mind, they’re all the same goddamn thing. Can you speak on that, David?

Well, that they’re all connected. And it’s like, it’s funny, you know, you know, people say that, you know, in terms of awareness and infinity, everything’s connected. Well, yeah, it is. But but but it’s not just out there. everything down here is connected as well. And so, you know, I’ve looked at this Morgellons situation over the years talk to people who have suffered from it. And it’s, it’s definitely some form of, of nanobot technology that has has a form of of life and is self replicating. And that brings us to a number a number of things relating to COVID-19. And to the wider agenda, which kind of connects a lot of dots in the next few minutes. The plan, and it’s part of this whole Smart Grid connecting human the human mind to AI plan as well, is to transform the nature of the human form, from a biological states are synthetic biological state, which is why synthetic biology is now exploding as a discipline of science. Yeah. And the idea, I think one of one of the reasons for it, and there are many, many reasons, but one is that this smart grid to which the human mind is supposed to be connected with all the technology as well. To run it and to drive it is it’s going to be necessary. To generate phenomenal amounts of technologically generated radiation. I mean, when I look back I was born in 1952, the the jet the technological radiation in our atmosphere, which we’re interacting with, then compared with now, it’s like, it’s almost incomprehensible. and and the the human form as it is, I don’t think he’s going to be able to cope with that. And I think they know that. And that and that’s one reason they’re moving into a different a different form that can cope with that level of radiation, because, you know, they’re rolling out 5g now, but they’re also talking also already talking about 60 and 70. So the radiation field is going to be absolutely transformed, which has implications for people connected to the greater consciousness as well. And so you then look at the COVID-19 fake vaccine. It’s nothing to do with some bloody virus, it’s to do with changing the the genetic nature of the body using things that synthetic material. And so that’s moving the the body and I said this right back in the summer, I said, you know, that they’re not going to just have one COVID vaccine, when it comes around. They’re gonna say you need them every year now what I need every year, and this is the cumulative transformation to a synthetic biological state of the body. And and so then you look at the the transgender arena, is saying, if it comes out of nowhere, and he’s suddenly everywhere, it’s it’s the cult agenda, someone’s pressed a button on the next stage. And that’s what happened with the whole transgender thing. And what I would say to transgender people, is, this is not about you. You may think it’s about you, and they’ll tell you, it’s about you. But it’s not about you at all. You are not the end of this, you are the means to that end, reason. Huxley talked about in brave new world in the 1930s, about this world of web where parents were replaced by a no procreating, a human were technologically children would be in his his word decanted in world state hatcheries. Now, this new human I’ll call it human 2.0 is not meant to procreate. And thus it does not need gender of any kind. It’s non procreating human. And so you start then to see why suddenly, we’ve had this gathering war on men, the toxic masculinity, war on men, which is that the efforts to divide men from women divided rule. And now you just had this executive order from Biden, about

people in male bodies who say they identify as women can take part in women’s sport. That’s the end of women’s sport. You know, there are 300 nearly high school boys in America, who can sprint faster than the fastest woman sprinter in the world. So that’s the that’s the end of women’s sport. And I did say, you know, when this masculine attack on men was coming, I was was was was starting I said, they’re gonna they’re gonna move to women eventually. Because men and women are no longer necessary before the human 2.0 they want to go to in terms of procreation. And so what’s happening with a transgender which is why I say it’s not the end, it’s leads to an end is that they are starting to fuse the genders. So they’re now targeting young kids at the youngest age is disgusting beyond words. And young people in general to question their gender and redefine their gender tell them there’s 100 genders there aren’t and and so the idea is you confuse gender and you confuse gender especially in the young because they will be the adults when they want this really start to come in and you confuse gender and confuse gender on the road to fusing gender and that doesn’t mean a trends gender that’s just the stepping stone ladies, gentlemen. What’s appropriately done I suppose. It’s it’s your there’s a stepping stone to that the idea is the no gender human. And in many ways, you know, again, how appropriate is that is this woke mentality that’s that’s that’s pushing this transgender and it is tyranny because it’s, it’s overriding Other the rights of other people, in terms of men and women, not least, you know, women having the right not to have a male body going into their toilets in their locker room. And it’s being done, not for transgender people, but to advance this agenda to the no agenda human, the human 2.0, and CS, all these things connect? Absolutely.

Isn’t it more of a gray alien? Almost,

I feel like they’re creating the grey aliens amongst these humans that, as you say, are, you know, they’re transgender, they’re they’re, they’re neutered. They’re basically microchips bring, you know, mind controlled. It’s sort of a gray a gray future.

Yeah, I do think I’ve written this in the books that these so called grey aliens are a form of AI, Cyborg. And, in many ways, a blueprint of where they want to take humanity. I absolutely agree with that. Yeah.

And it just to follow on that, wouldn’t you say that? If we look at the hierarchy of the Cabal, right, we’ve talked about the iconic structure, or the iconic energy, which might be an AI, energy or force, but where did the Draco still really empower in your, in your worldview? And your in terms of how the Cabal is orchestrated? Or do you not get into the sort of galactic hierarchy of this?

Well, I I used to, but I’m focusing on these other things now. But that’s not to say that, I’m saying, Okay, I’ll forget about all that. No, no, it was just, it was just a level, I focused on a lot. And now I’m focusing on the levels. But yeah, I mean, this whole thing with the the reptilian side of things is very, very interesting. I didn’t go looking for it. What happened is that I had a phenomenal experience in the early 1990s, and was told by a psychic, that I was going to go out in the world stage and reveal great secrets. And I would be world famous, and I’ve faced enormous opposition, but quote, they would always be there to protect me. And it seemed very strange, because at the time, I was a sports presenter with the BBC. From the moment I left home, my life started to become a synchronistic journey of information coming to me in many in various ways. And one of the things I was told that, that time with the psychological Betty shine, was that I would be led to knowledge from this point. And other times knowledge would be put into my mind. And it used to be an advert on British television, which had the punch line, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Well, it did exactly what it said on the tin, because my life became that I would have just insights out of nowhere, and at other times, information would come to me in very many various ways. And scrawled on it, it put me on on this, this journey. And what would happen is that a subject would would come into my life. And suddenly information on that subject would come from all angles, and it was about 19 would have been about 1996 97, probably more like 97, I went to America and I was traveling around America talking to nobody but trying to and I was in a different place every night. But over a period of 15 days, I met 12 different people in different cities, who told me the story that they experienced, of seeing someone hearing human change into a non human reptilian form, and then one change back again. And, you know, the way I work is I don’t listen to that and say, Oh, this is what’s going on, then put it on the back burner. And I’ll see if other information comes to support it what it did it in large amounts. And there’s there’s no question that for me after all these years that there is a reptilian force. Now I talked to credo much work the Zulu Sharman, who’s died recently in his in his 90s. And he was coming from the Zulu nor legend point of view. He was a carrier of this knowledge. And he was the one that told me about what the zoo has called the cheetah huri which is a reptilian race manipulating human society. And he said to me, interestingly, he said, you want to understand the Illuminati to study the reptile. And I did and I remember being in a, a Crocodile Farm in Australia. went there a couple of times and I watched displays where the the guards In the pen with them was saying, when I do this, the crocodile will do that. And every time the crocodile did exactly what he was, he said in response to what he did, and basically, what credo was talking about, and what I saw was the, the almost computer software, like responses, where you press enter, and they do this, you press enter, and they do that. And, you know, I think that this whole

this whole reptilian phenomenon is a wonderful example and expression in form of this our context, consciousness. It’s very, very computer like, and very unemotional. I mean, when you look at Bill Gates, you know, apart from the odd little smile, where’s the emotion, these people have no emotion, look, you know, all these people. It’s very computer like, and I do think we are talking of a very advanced version of AI is not only these bloodlines, but also in many of these, these non human forms as well, not least the greys and I think it’s to a considerable extent these reptilians and, you know, I’ve talked to people who’ve been in the underground basis, like the China Lake Naval Weapons Station in the Mojave Desert in California are driven round that two or three times a day, there’s nothing to see above the ground. It’s all underground. And I’ve talked to people because the the main gate of the China Lake Naval Weapons center is playschool rich crest. Well, that’s like, that’s like what this is for our older viewers. That’s like Peyton Place. I mean, you know, it’s all Stepford Wives that the areas so many mind control people there, because that’s all part of how they they keep information. compartmentalized is they use the mind control people all the time. And I’ve talked to people who’ve moved from Ridgecrest and told me that they’ve been in the underground basis as part of their mind control, and how there’s reptilians under there and how they interact with humans, which is what I’m talking about these this technological transfer, but but also how they and this has come from other people who have interacted with reptilian entities, how absolutely unemotional, they are greys to absolutely unemotional. And I do think they’re a form of software. Because when you want to impose something, and this is very interesting to about the psychology of this code, therefore, the context psychology is that they are incredibly ill at ease with states of flux, with with situations that they can’t know or completely control the outcome. So the ideal to this consciousness of this code, is if you had a football match, you don’t just control one side, therefore you influence the result. But you control both sides and the referee. So you know what the score is going to be before the book, first ball is kicked, that they’re comfortable with that states of flux, they really don’t like humans can kind of cope with that, but they can’t. So this is why they’re trying to control everything all the time. And why they use mind control people, why they use AI entities is because they can, they can eliminate as much as possible, the chance that things will happen as in a way that they can’t call. And this is, of course, a massive expression of phenomenal levels of insecurity. And I think this this force is deeply insecure. Because it’s dependent on humanity,

or a good I think that’s so important that that aspect, and because a number of people are asking a simple question of us, you know, are we winning? Or are we losing, simply put, and what you’ve just said for me is very, very loaded. And that the insecurity we’re seeing the kind of vacillation in the ethers of the old draconian status quo being so fucking all powerful that we couldn’t even see it. Right now we see it now we have the texture against which we can define our own light, that sovereignty and that up swelling. So would you would you agree that we’re on the winning side to be incredibly reductive about it?

Well, I would like to be one of them. That’s for sure. Because they are completely dependent, and this is where so much of the insecurity comes from, they’re completely dependent on controlling the perceptions of humanity. They have to if they don’t the game’s over, and I tell you what I was told, I mentioned, you know, I went to see this, this psychic. And the reason I went to see the psychic in 1990 is from the the summer or early spring, really, of 1989, when I was a national spokesman for the Green Party in Britain, and I presented with the BBC. And suddenly, I felt that if I was in a room alone, I wasn’t alone. There was something there. And and I went all the way through 1989 into the spring of 1990, when I saw the psychic, and, and it got more and more and more tangible. That’s why I went to see the psychic. I didn’t tell her anything, I thought I’ll go and see Oh, sushi, pick up what the hell’s going on around me. And one of the things that came out in that dirty area, with a sidekick, and there’s a few others at that time as well. And is that something that actually led to the title of the first book I wrote, after this awakening, for me happens, called truth vibration, I call it truth vibrations, because what I was told through these psychics, and there was, it was a common theme through about two or three of them at the time, is that there was a vibrational change coming was kind of locked into what you’re talking about session, a vibrational change was coming, that was going to act like a spiritual alarm clock, and it was going to wake people up from their coma. And the ones that were more awake, were going to be affected first, and then eventually those that at that time was solid gold asleep, this is 1990, we’re going to be affected. And then we’re going to awaken to an understanding that that life was not like they thought it was and that it was going to have that effect. It was like a vibrational unraveling of the density, we will call it. But it also said something else. This is 1990. But this, this is why I call I use a coined the term for it truth vibrations. It said that what’s going to happen is that this vibrational infusion is going to bring to the surface or that’s been hidden, or that we hadn’t seen before he’s going to bring to the surface. Now in 1990, there was no evidence of that none. And for a few years after, but now look at it, look at what’s being brought to the surface that was previously hidden, that we now know, just phenomenal things that we never knew before. And more and more coming out all the time. And so I do think that we need to appreciate this. This is not just people in human bodies trying to turn this around. This is a massive energetic transformation, multi level multi dimensional is going on. And we are we are grounding it in this reality. But we are absolutely not alone. And there are forces at work that would make the make the code look like Mary Poppins in terms of power. And so I’m very, very optimistic. Because you know, there was that song in the 60s, which went freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. And I think this is so important

in Dallas Joplin, Janis Joplin.

Yeah. freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Well, what we’re what happens, psychologically, is when you think you’ve got something to lose, you will conform, and you will do what you’re told, and you do whatever you think you have to do, to not lose it. Yes, indeed, happening is people are losing, losing and losing, or so much, in many cases, everything as a result of what’s going on systematically. And there is a there is a shift in the human psyche. When you think, well, I’ve got nothing left to lose. How could it be any worse if I salutely stand my ground? You know, I’ve used this analogy of people trapped or being chased by an army. And while there’s a way to place to run, they’ll run and they’ll keep running. But they get trapped in a ravine and the army is coming and where the army is coming from is the only way out. Well, what do we do chaps nowhere to run. nothing left to lose. Let’s give it a go. Good, let’s stand up, because we nothing left to lose, and there’s nowhere to run. And, you know, vast numbers of people are going in to that situation now, because of this COVID hoax. And I think we’ve got to see a very different humanity emerging, the more and more that that that happens, a lot more people become aware that this is not a random event. This has been carefully calculated over a very long period of time.

Indeed, well, David, that’s beautifully stated and kids out there, the song Dave is referring to is, of course, Bobby McGee. Shawn, we’re coming to a close. before we sign off, I wanted you just to give your reflections in two minutes or less on this conversation we’ve had with David.

It’s far reaching. I mean, I think we’ve we’ve covered a lot of ground, I think it gives a great insight for people into what we’re up against, but the same time that we are coming into our own in this time period, this great awakening of humanity. I mean, David, you’ve been at the forefront of it for four decades, and Sasha as well, you know, both in research and experience and understanding it. So I think it sums it up when you say the I Am, you know, recognizing the I am this is where my own interests have led me in the last few years especially I did a documentary with Deepak Chopra called meta human, which was all about this, you know how our perceptions are really just, it’s our consciousness, our reality is our consciousness, our experience of consciousness. This is a great exploration of consciousness and a reality that’s full of duality at the moment and extreme dualities. But I believe, through that duality, we’re actually to come to a greater coherence and a greater recognition of our unity in our oneness, which is to say, not the oneness of the hive, but the oneness of being able to be both an individual at one and the many, right, being individual, and connected to God’s source, being in a greater attunement to our true selves, which is the glorious reflection of creation. And that beauty and love is, you know, is the root of it. And no matter how the service to self, our conic force, I feel, I feel I’ve known them in many lives, and I call somebody I called some of them friends in lifetimes. But at the end of the day, their service to self is like a black hole, that will ultimately destroy itself, they cannot feed indefinitely without ultimately being checked out of God’s universe. So that path of service to self leads nowhere. And we are now entering this awareness of service to others really, which is also service to self, because we are all each other we are reflections, you know, again, of the one. So if we, if we serve others, we serve God, we are ultimately serving ourselves, our destiny, our higher selves. So we are in a great, a great space here.

Beautiful, I’m

just just saying this, because you make a very, very important point there about the individual and the whole, this idea that you You are an individual, or you’re all that is, well, you are appointed potential within all it means that that’s what you call, we call the individual and it’s a unique point of attention. But at the same time, it’s an expression of all that is has been an ever can be. So to celebrate your uniqueness as an quote, individual, is actually to celebrate the fact that you’re part of a whole, because what is the whole? What is all there is has been and ever can be? How can How can that be brought together in one phrase, it’s all possibility. We are an expression of all possibility, and with all possibility all is possible. Thus, we celebrate uniqueness, the uniqueness of ourselves, because that’s an expression of celebrating all possibilities. And what happens is you when when when you open your consciousness to the greatest self, you don’t become a blob of the greater self, you become even more a unique expression of this vast, infinite, eternal, all possibility that soon we are and it’s people in that state of awareness are not going to be intimidated by a bloke in a in a uniform, or a bloke in a dark suit. They’re not just

a white coat that we’re worried about. It’s the one lunging at us with a vaccine. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Well, they can spit they can stick that they can stick their vaccine where they’re sticking their anus swab. That’s what I say.

Very good. So David, just just in closing, you know, was thinking about credo much when I know how important that blasted man was to you. But you know, his story for me was very important when I learned about it through you and and he was abducted. If you remember into the underground at the metropolis hills, which is where I grew up effectively in, in in Rhodesia at that time. And it was a very strange place, the metopes Hills, I went there very often as a kid. I mean, that was, you know, my life is embedded with the coding there. The curious thing is that sessile john Rhodes is his enshrine and his kind of his grave is there actually in the, in the hills. And, you know, there’s a certain geometry to the fact that sessile john Rhodes, that proxy of the Imperial hegemony of the draconian British Crown, who cleaved a path all the way through the dark mother through Africa, you know, in search of golden diamonds and all that blood, blood sports ends up being at the same point, that underground military base, you know, abducted credo mutwa hurling him into his shamanic prerogative in life, which had a tremendous impact on you. And I think through credo, he really helped to focus the African spirit into you, which I’ve always recognized in you, incidentally. And I just think that there’s beautiful geometry to all of it. And there’s beautiful geometry to having this conversation with you today. And I couldn’t be happier. And I thank you for all your service and love you very, very deeply. Thank you, David. I

was very, very kind, Sasha and Shawn, and it’s been a delight. And we just need to keep on keeping on because we’re going to get somewhere that’s for sure.

Quite so. And to the seven and a half 1000 people who stayed with us for two hours and three minutes. I try to keep it on the hour. But you got three minutes more than you bargained for. Thank you so much for staying with us. Sorry, we couldn’t get to all of these questions. But yes, we will absolutely be throwing a dragnet over the Ike to get him back on our screen when as soon as he can make it. Thank you, David. Thank you, Shawn. Much love to you all. Thank you all.

Thank you.


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