May 5, 2021

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Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Overwatch Intel Drop, Evergreen Update

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Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Overwatch Intel Drop, Evergreen Update

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We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government. Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security. A world is waking up and this is the tipping point ladies and gentlemen patriot street fighters it

is the eighth of April Welcome to the Knights post selection update number 72 man we who ever thought that this was going to go like this go this long go past the second one we ever did. Here we are. Yes, the most important question that needs answered right now the general is in the house. Calm down the generals here. Was that one hell of a show last night with Bishop Larry gators is a fork in powerhouse.

I’m telling you you guys have the worst language in the world the Patriots street fighters. I see nothing but fork bombs everywhere I had. Its I was going through a bunch of letters last night and I was pastor Daniel Jones or who it was but you know when you have one of the pastors send you some information and thumbs up everything you’re doing. We’re holding the fork in line. I’m like I’m telling you man, patriots street fighters is a broad demographic. It doesn’t matter. If you’re Republican, if you’re Democrat, if you’re liberal, if you’re conservative, if you’re you know, agnostic, Christian non Christian, it doesn’t make a difference in this country because patriots three fighters cross all borders, all boundaries, all ethnicities, that’s what I’m learning. It doesn’t. In fact, it’s all they’re also global to because we have people from all over the world that are part of your gang man. I mean, you guys are just, you know you’re doing you’re doing what needs to be done and that you’re standing up for the country and I can’t tell you how proud I am. Once again stuff. Yes, I open these packages last night. You just can’t believe what comes in crocheted blankets and gun cases and The God DVD is so many things. I mean, I just there’s stuff laying around me everywhere I can’t, I hesitate even pointing this stuff out because I don’t wanna leave anybody out. But just, you know, stuff like this comes. I have nowhere to put this stuff anymore. But, you know, when people take the time to make stuff like this, hold the fork in line. You know, this took some time to make this thing right. Nice letters and I got tons of beautiful stuff. I said, I need to house something over here. This was a great picture. Somebody took the time to create this picture. It got broken frame and glass. Unfortunately, really cool cup here. Massive tumbler, you know, we the people, you know, save the kids on the bottom. Scott fork and McKay says this thing’s a monster I was gonna drink out tonight. But I’m like, I need about you know, down on the water to stick in there. But anyway, so all you wonderful, beautiful people out there in America. My hope is certainly been restored. You know, the America that that I thought might have left us hasn’t it’s still here. Oh yeah, the shirt tonight. This just came today. The other one of Ron’s designs Coronavirus is, it is mutating. So you can see it is mutating into the hammer and sickle. It is it’s mutating. It really is into full blown communism. Oh, I deal with this every day, folks. I’m just still seeing these people walking around with little kids with masks on there’s no frog has no threat. The governor’s dropped the mandate here. And still people are running around like a punch if I don’t get it. But let me see what else I wanted to give you a kind of an update on on the tour update. Still looking at the rat that’s been designed by Sasha stone, who’s an incredible creative guy. Hopefully have that wrapped up tomorrow. We’ve probably got I’d have to go look again. But there’s probably I’m guessing 55k roughly that have been raised for that tour so far. So we’ve got Yeah, we’re approaching having at least a third of that already paid for so that’s great. Hats off to RDS it gave us a big plug in a lot of you want to sevens out there certainly donated a lot. Folks, it’s one thing I want to cover with you, I’m going to give you some intel that’s coming in from Overwatch, there’s enough that that’s coming in. And I haven’t been doing a good enough job with this Intel source. And I’m going to spend more time on it. Because I’ve been I’ve been doing so many shows for other people and taking so much time away, to actually do some real digging and research on what I get. But I’m gonna read some of this stuff to you tonight. Because I found that interesting in one person it was brought up, here’s what you’re going to see. And I think you need to be real careful this, and I’m not going to get mired down in this at all. I think sometimes I I definitely want to pop somebody on the beat that desperately needs it out there in the truth or community. But here’s the thing, folks.

I’m seeing this right now. And I think you can expect a whole lot more of it. Because the truth or community is full of people that you know, whatever, if they have egos they what what are some good, some bad, whatever, it’s everywhere. It’s all over the place. It’s it’s, you know, I was in the most I think egotistical sport on the planet. And that’s competitive bodybuilding, believe me, when you’re on a national stage. It’s massive. I mean, I never fit in with that very well, I never fit in with it at all. It was just I was kind of an anomaly. I always stayed hidden, did my bit and my job, my business and I get off the stage. And that was it. So I’m used to being around those kind of very large egos, very large men, very large egos. But that’s everywhere. The danger of what you’re going to see coming up here right now in the immediate future is that I’m hearing about this infiltration in the truth or community. Look, I listened to people that aren’t when I get a chance to not as much time anymore, but I listened to people that are now being accused to be in ci hacks, you know, paid by the CIA, including me, which is, you know, talk about discrediting yourself. But you have one little boy out there that basically is kind of making these attacks. Here’s the thing, when and I’ve been told this by, you know, 107 told me there’s infiltration into the truth of community and all due respect to one but that, you know, anybody else says it’s been infiltrated. I’m like, okay, so. Alright, and like and, okay. And so what does that mean? because everything’s infiltrated by the Khazarian. mafia, everything, everything your school system, police departments, state legislatures. You know, government agencies, think tanks, go down through the list, you know, multinational corporations, the truth or movement. Everything’s infiltrated. Right? So what does that mean? Does that mean I’m not going to hang out with people who may quote unquote You know, CIA paid or whatever, that could fake me out. I don’t give a shit. I really don’t you know why? I have a message. Somebody wants me to come on their channel, he be accused of anything. I’m talking to their people, right? Here’s where I probably differ than a lot of people. I trust me, I trust where I’m getting my Intel until, until if something pops up where then I get one. That’s one thing nobody ever regains for me. Trust is gone. There’s, it’s never coming back. It just isn’t. And I treat my Intel sources the same way. And I respectfully look, you know, with my eyebrow up, you know, because I want to make sure what I bring to you is right, it’s real. To the best of my knowledge is true. If not, I’ll correct it. But I trust you, I trust you. I don’t care whose audience I’m speaking to why I’m not speaking to the person who who brings me on the show or I have on the show who may be compromised. They’re not my focus at all, like at all focused on the criminal empire right there. That’s where my aim is. That’s where the crosshairs always aren’t there right there. Now shields jump up in front of me, guess what the trigger doesn’t I don’t pull my finger off the trigger, some bonehead, whatever, somebody in the truth or community, you’re just gonna get hit, you know, call it friendly fire, I don’t really care. I’m focused on that. I’m focused on the people, right? The people, I’m focused on the army out there, I’m not focused on getting we got these people coming in. And they are the ones who are going to tell all of you who the who The truth is, are the real ones, or who are the CIA operatives, I guess somebody doesn’t have enough good information out there, that they can present to you because no good Intel source wants to come to them, because they don’t view them as anybody in particular special or capable to reach the people. So they got to find some of the reason to exist, I guess. And that is what it is, you know, that’s it’s, it’s not even to one person. It’s just what’s out there. So expect that. So when you start seeing things where you get again, truth is attacking somebody. Here’s what I couldn’t imagine being that guy. All I’m doing is that’s noise. That’s a distraction. There’s the enemy. Here’s the rabbit hole. This is where my head is the rabbit hole or the enemy, right? Because I got to do my job to help you to help us to help the country. The rest of it is noise. This business of digital warfare is in a business for babies or boys as a business for men. And I include women with balls, because there’s a lot of them out there. So just don’t get caught up in that stuff. Yes, I know, people are attacking me. I’m hearing about the videos made about me, folks. I learned this a long time ago in life, if somebody isn’t throwing something at you if you’re not being attacked, and this is the culture in the world we live in. This is how the Khazarian Mafia controllers, they brilliant psychological operations, they’ve run for 1000 years. This is the matrix part of the matrix they built to have this kind of somebody rises. Somebody does good. It’s not


I mean, that’s how I’ve been my whole life when I’m flat my ass, no money, no, nothing. Right? Nothing is 50 years old. And people are winning. I’m like, that’s freaking awesome. I got nothing. My friends are telling me about their wins. I’m like, that’s frickin awesome. Why am I like that? I have no fork in idea. I just don’t get look at it. You know anything else? Hey, they’re doing great. hammer home. professional athlete walks on your court from the opposing team. Let’s boo them boo them for you. It’s a game. I don’t get it. So, Mike, trying to think of my original point. But all I know is if somebody is rising, they’re gonna get something thrown at him. if nobody’s throwing anything at you, you got nothing going on? Right? That’s my that’s my barometer. Don’t get upset when he’s not going to attack me. Believe me. I need them. Why? Because I know we’re getting somewhere. When you have people trying to discredit you. Guess what? I know. We’re over the target, right? We’re getting somewhere. If you’re reaching too many people that people love you. They like you as a person. They love you. They send you all this stuff. It’s amazing. And these guys are popping up, guess what they’re saying to? We’re over the target on every level. So don’t let that stuff get you guys down. Because I know sometimes it does, doesn’t get me down. It’s data, its input. It’s Intel, for me to know what these guys are doing. Just don’t get caught up in it. And where I’m not telling the truth, or I don’t know if I think I have the truth and I don’t somebody is going to correct me. And if they do, guess what? This isn’t about any one person. It’s about focusing on the target and taking down that target. So enough of that. I just don’t want you to get bogged down in it. But I will read you a piece of Intel that I found quite interesting. addressing that kind of thing. So anyways, Let’s, as far as that Tori, I mean, we are probably 55 I’m guessing it’s an estimation 55 in there. So great job on that all you folks that have dug into that. Pretty amazing, better ways to go. But, you know, it’s very likely we may set sail on that before it’s completely done. And it just continues to do is along the way, too.


so here’s a couple pieces of Intel that I found quite interesting. I have to dig into a little bit deeper a couple audios that I wanted to play for you here, but I didn’t have time to edit out some information that can’t be, you know, put out their names and you know, for names of people involved in some of these operations. Because, yeah, it’s obviously operational security. Here’s something interesting. I talked about evergreen the other night, there’s more to this than actually I even thought and I wanted to, to show that to you. here’s here’s one before we get into some evergreen, Intel, this is specific why I wanted to share this with you. Because we’ve all heard. Here’s one, it always comes in official. Yeah, this one’s actually in English. That one thing the the subject is us DOJ update, clear link between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare neural hemorrhagic coagulopathy, which means there’s something bad going on in your bloodstream from AstraZeneca vaccine. Let’s see. And then number one man, sentenced to 12 years for attempting to purchase chemical weapon on the dark web. I’m going to sidestep that for a second. I’m gonna go Reason number two. Number two, okay. And I’m going to tell you to some degree, you know where this comes from, but a they’re watching this too, right? A Mr. Jordan Saylor has drawn attention in recent days. Do you know this individual, all information given you is credible. This disgruntled individual illustrates our point parentheses as points exactly, because they told me before 99% of the people out there have forked tongues and are not open to criticism. The world is capital letters not ready for the truth even close, not even close. The mask mandates being followed by the overwhelming majority of citizens should be warning enough of just how dangerous a situation the entire world is in and it’s what I’ve been saying. My greatest concern is that the sheep, the sheep are wearing this mask, even with mandates pulled down everywhere. And they have the world’s encyclopedia right here. They get to listen to Sherry tenpenny Judy Mike ovitz who we’ve had on here, Sherry’s coming up on our show next month, or this month, actually a couple of weeks. These are the experts, yet people are wearing that fork and mask Now again, let’s get back to your employment I got a I got a person in my family that’s dealing with an employment situation because of this mask issue. I get that okay. Gotta be smart. I can’t just you know, beat be rogue. Anyways, this is not our position. This is an unfortunate observation of facts and they’re saying it’s our position isn’t the world is in trouble because of this mindset of the sheet said it’s not their observation. It’s called facts. And then RDS are talking about Robert David Steel’s response to Mr. Say there and I don’t know what that response was in its entirety. But it says this is an unfortunate object says RDS respond to Mr. Say there couldn’t be more true. We hope people like this will in time either become non existent, which they will, or consciously mute and allow those like yourself, that are disclosing the facts to the masses, to educate, empower those toward interdependence, which leads to free thought, and in turn leads to freedom and how to articulate that to others who find themselves metaphysically trapped. And then hence the previous email forwarded to you have an up to date interview with Dr. Mike Eden on COVID-19, which I’d listened to one of these days, I was gonna play this stuff in the microphone, let’s hear at all. So then number four here says clear link between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots in the brain. And it’s an Epoch Times, this is an article here, and it’s what I’m telling you folks about this vaccine. Anyway, so that’s one one piece of information. Now getting to getting to evergreen, okay. Here’s what I got for immediate release. All right. A couple of names I’m going to leave out because it’s necessary to leave out the players. But and there. This is is pertaining to Bernard Sheltie ship management company, limited China by the way. I have I have to print in, I printed something to read it to you, but I can’t tell if I was supposed to print to you

the email itself or the actual article. Alright, so here’s what I have. The following three people are being now being investigated. This one, Chinese CCP, Managing Director of Bernard Sheltie ship management. gotta leave the name out. This person who is now under investigation is friends with Richard Branson. And Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates. Then we have another one who works for bsm. In Hong Kong, another one in Singapore, I got the the links, the LinkedIn links or profile links, like I don’t know what I can tell you. So as far as names or whatever, I’m gonna leave that out because that’s kind of clear to me. Now, this Managing Director of the shipping company, which is interesting. This Managing Director of this shipping company of evergreen attended Wuhan University of Technology. Imagine that graduating with a diploma in Marine Engineering, amongst many other degrees, studied degrees in the UK under the pilgrim society. We’ll talk about the pilgrim side in a minute. All those within the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers have maritime law degrees hence it is to know your enemies and who you’re dealing with. There are no coincidences with this particular individual. Two points, maritime law, Admiralty law versus common law which is what you are ordained, ordained to live under. But because they’ve twisted our Constitution, our legal system, and since 1871, likely earlier, we’ve been operating under Admiralty law, Law of the Sea, you are a dead vessel, you’re not a human being a person you’re a dead vessel. And interesting Lee enough that all the Rockefellers, the Khazarian Mafia, the Rothschilds, Khazarian Mafia, all have maritime law degrees. How do you think they can bury everybody, right? I want to tell you this, you do not want to miss tomorrow’s live stream, you do not want to miss tomorrow’s live stream. Bishop Larry gators was as powerful as anything we’ve seen. We’re going to get him back, obviously. And he’s revealing things right. This level of revelations that you’re going to hear tomorrow night on common law and how to use common law right now to defeat these people that have us over a barrel in the judicial branch. It’s working in Canada. And there’s I’m telling you, I’m proud of Canadians, because we’ve never really looked at you guys as real fighters. I’m just telling you the facts. We’ve never seen you that way. But right now, you are proven to Americans. That contrary to popular opinion, you guys are fighters and you guys are taken to them up there in Canada and not just Chris sky. I’m talking about a lot of people. But tomorrow when you listen to this, I spent time on the phone with Christopher yesterday, when I was done I was like you know what we’re gonna do we are going to Hawk the world there is a there isn’t an epic Faultline about to get hit tomorrow on the knowledge side of what you’re going to learn about common law and how we can defeat them at the courthouse. And he’s doing it so that’s going to be powerful. So they get degrees in maritime law so they know how they can back us humanity right into the holding pen of slavery. They’ve done it. Now, here’s what I’m told we’re not We cannot let go this story on the shipping company. Okay. We advise you to strongly you want to do your research, Bernhard, B, E, R n h, ar D I’ll put it in the in the in the description. We’re done. shulte sH LTE ship management, which operates worldwide and are directly involved with the facilitation of human trafficking. No matter what you hear from anyone else, including stupid websites claiming to be fact checkers and the like. This email alone should be proof enough on those directly involved in how embedded they all are with one another. Just their LinkedIn profiles, which I’ve looked at them, alone stands or sends flags. Once you see who they’re connected to. and fellow and follow across this media platform. They are all sworn members within the pilgrim society because they’re in mafia. That’s who they are. So I’m

also in this article That was sent to me this is a small Egypt is the topic location a skyscraper sized cargo ship wedged across Egypt Suez Canal, further imperiled global shipping yesterday with at least 150 other vessels and it goes down to talk about the ever given a Panama flag ship belonging to Taiwan based shipping company, evergreen Marine, carries cargo between Asia and Europe. Another thing it previously had been at ports in China, before heading towards Rotterdam in the Netherlands. talks about the company that manages ever given, which is Bernard Sheltie ship management. So, here’s what’s interesting. It’s a side note that was sent to me on this article, we forwarded you information on Operation evergreening 28, March 2021. And this article was published 26, March 2021. NATO didn’t publish their updates until 29, March 2021, which we forwarded to you also, which I have, by clicking these dates, with the email track you have from our group, you will see all information afforded us both accurate ahead of time and credible. NATO release their publication update on Russian military being intercepted six times, if we were not true insiders, we wouldn’t have the proof updates to disclose to you ahead of time, there have been many articles uploaded to the internet, since you disclosed our final pieces of information on three April 2021, which is both inaccurate there’s of course, and muddying the waters to discredit you, which is me, right? your information is both verifiable and credible. The article was published 26, March 2021. I’m going to leave the newspaper out of it because I don’t want to give geographic locations of these people. But let’s say somewhere down under, where do you think they get their information from now? You know, all right. So jumping over, the Taiwanese shipping based company was being set up as the fall guy to justify a military invasion of Taiwan, by China. That’s what that that’s what the operation from the other side that was underway. That’s what that was about. They were trying to justify a military invasion of Taiwan. By checked by the CCP, the Khazarian controlled, CCP. That’s what’s happening there. So where does that leave all of us right now? Well, if we now know from this information, that the managing director the shipping company that oversees ever given number one we already talked to you, I give you the numbers that I got from Overwatch, on how many were dead on arrival, like 13 166 were dead on arrival humans, children and adults, likely in cages. And there was I don’t remember, the number 16 or 1700, were alive human trafficking weapons as we know. And of course, it was that nuclear weapon. We had the space based technology from space force that has the ability I started reading, I started reading some some some information that I got, and I can’t even I can’t even recite the terms. This stuff is like you’re talking particle physics, and I’m reading and I’m intensely trying to understand this stuff. And I just kind of sort of gave up I thought I can tell these guys what this means. But I don’t really know. They’d be like, what the hell does that mean? I’m like, I don’t know, either. But it’s some serious technology that they’re using in space force space for satellites to detect these things. And before they’re even operational, where they actually go on the grid to be able to take them out. They have ways to detect this kind of these kinds of weapons and get to them and neutralize them before they can become a threat. So what we now know is evergreen and the shipping company promoted Sheltie is involved, or the relationship between the CEO, the managing director I should say, and Bill Gates, Epstein and company these people. What do you think’s happening there? So I believe from what I’m understanding as his shipping company is going to come up is a major red flag somewhere down the road. So keep an eye on this company because that is what I’m being told to not let go of. And I’m so I’m telling you this is that if some of you guys are diggers, and I’m not a great great digger, there’s a lot of digital soldiers out there that go down rabbit holes, and can tie a lot of stuff together. That’s fascinates me. I’m like, these guys are smart. I mean, really smart. So focus on that company and see where you can see what you come up with. See where that thing leads to.

There’s one other thing I think in here, let me see there’s some stuff some of the stuffs coming in fast and furious. What we’re supposed to be bi weekly sit reps have actually become like become very consistent. So I don’t know if I was to read the actual this article? I don’t think so. But it’s, I don’t see articles like this necessarily going to give us any real. You know, it’s all powered stuff anyways, I did get, let’s see what else is urgent came in here. Something from doctors about Dr. Steven Greer. I’ve talked about non terrestrial interaction on the planet, of course, I’m not sure what caught their attention to give me this kind Intel because I’m attacking the Khazarian banking elite, or is it because I’m talking about, you know, Secret Space Programs, but they’re showing evidence of all this stuff. And I’m like, wow. But anyways, there’s a there’s an I can drop this in the description to Dr. Steven Greer. His his information he’s about 23 hours ago talking about these weapons, they’re the new weapons that they’re building are not like human to human, they’re like, for non terrestrial, you know, conflict, which is absurd. There’s look, folks, the fact of the matter is, and again, I don’t care where you stand on this. You know, people that just have an opposition opposition viewpoint to what I’m talking about. You haven’t done any research you haven’t you haven’t looked or done study on what now is out there. Just look at the trends. NASA government officials, everybody’s coming forward saying, Oh, yeah, these aren’t the only planets in the solar system. We have all these you no more. Oh, by the way, we now think there’s about 35 million earth like planets that can inhabit life, etc, etc. There may be intelligent life, there may be not, I mean, it just keeps coming out. I mean, that’s their soft form of disclosure, because they don’t want you to get the full force of the truth because you’ll kill you find it out, you’ll use people behind down you’ll kill them, because of what life on this planet had become, and how it can be shifted switch very quickly. But although there’s still a battle, to fight to get to get them all. So I’m gonna plant that as well, I get another drop on the Rothschild plan to exterminate Jews in Israel. And here’s the thing. As I said before, these people are not Jewish, they call themselves Jews or Jew dates. They’re not they never were there ‘s area. Because area is basically today modern day Georgia, near near Russia. That was his area. And when these people scattered, I told you before they just simply adopted Judaism basically at the threat of a barrel of a gun which they weren’t really using back then. But from the the for Russian King and surrounding countries to to stop the sadistic ssra sacrifice, murder, identity theft, all that infiltration. So all these peoples they scattered call themselves Jews, they’re not. They’re Missourians, right? They, when they finally make their final move, they’re gonna kill all

the Jews

like the real juice. If you understand I’m saying the real juice, the ones are going to go after, you know, what we now know is 80% of the Palestinians have the ancient Hebrew DNA. So who’s the rose to the semi to the anti Semites you be like, Wow, what a question to now have to pose, let alone have the courage to answer answer for yourself. It’s pretty obvious. And this is provable. This is stuff that we don’t get to see. Because they’ve used the deception of everything they’ve done against us, for different reasons, called the sympathy vote, whatever, to make sure that they always were in a position that we can attack them, you know, because of their God’s chosen children or whatever, which, you know, I’ve called bullshit on that. And I don’t, I can’t possibly, you know, connect to a god that’s going to make a perfect product. Say all the rest of you guys are on the bench, your second base, you know, your second team, you’re the lesser human. I’m sorry. Again, I know who edited the Bible, translated it many times did all the shit they did. Nobody’s going to sell me on that not not my God’s not going to do that. My God’s going to create the greatest possible creation of every single human that there is. There is no I am going to downgrade a little bit. So just a side note. I’ve talked about that before. Let me see what else that’s pretty much all I have. We had Mike Jayco and Nino scheduled for roundtable tonight. So you get me Sorry. Two powerful guys ready to go? Yeah, Mike Jayco, probably called the alpha male soup.


he had a scheduling. We just messed up on the schedule and talk to Tracy Joe today. And so she’s she’s got him scheduled Mike to come in two weeks from tonight for Roundtable. Next Thursday, there will be no round table because we will be in Tulsa. Try to do something from there. But at the time we have a dinner or whatever else may or may not be able to do that. But I’ll get you you folks anything I can while I’m there. And then Nino had an issue with his pop. So he’s handling that So we’re here tonight. You guys have any questions? I’ll hang out here for a few minutes and look and see if you have something you want me to, you know? Yep. Because ariens absolutely are the sons of Cain. Yes. Yes, sir. Good call on that. Once you guys give me some questions you want to know about I’ll scan through here for somebody I can beat up and throw out a few. I know you guys always like that you got them in here like Scott, go get them. Anybody raised in hell in here where I need to dump some gasoline on them. So they burn themselves up? I don’t know.

So, how, how do I start a boycott? That’s a good question. I don’t know. What

stone, you know, people have asked me about about stone before. Why is Oliver Stone pop it in my head? the kind of guy that worked for Nixon. Roger, you know, folks? I don’t know. I don’t know. I know there are black hats in government. Decades ago were very black hats that are not white hats by pressure forced by they saw the light? I don’t know. I’ve heard the same thing about Roger. I don’t know. I think what he’s doing now is patriotic. So, you know, he could ask, they could ask him the same thing about me. He probably smart to say I don’t know what else you got in here. You know, folks, people ask me what email to reach me. It’s tough to reach me because I’m over 4000 again. All right. Scott, at TTP radio was a common one. Scott at TTP TTP stands for the tipping point radio that when you get out of office 2000 there. patriot street loaded, right. I send me what you need to I just when I get to it? How many get help here pretty quickly. There’s just vetting stuff that has to take place with that. I could, you know, quite frankly, the truth is, I could have anybody come in and take care of the emails. But guess what? I already had once where I help somebody do something. And they build a massive email list for themselves off the Patriot street fighters, right? So I’ve learned a lesson there. And I’m very careful and cautious on that kind of stuff now, because that’s the way it is out there. Somebody can get in your, you know, huge Rolodex of email addresses. What are they doing? It’s not It’s not the honorable business world today, folks just isn’t. I know, for a fact, somebody’s going to take that email address list and they’re going to market the hell out of it. They’re going to sell it they’re going to try to market your own products. You know, are there any products going to be marketed and the Patriot Street Fighter revolution it’ll come from here because of my career in the wellness industry. That’s why I’m working with Mike Adams. So there are things that I think this would be good for me you whatever, here it is, if you want to buy it buy it if you don’t don’t I’m big on CBD oil. I am very close to

a somebody I trust implicitly and this guy’s a high level world renowned surgeon and a businessman on the side that they have put together their their operation has the most potent the highest grade CBD oil in the market anywhere. So I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to I like to do my own research put this stuff in me as I am now. Let me see what this do I sleep better that this my inflammation go down pain change all these things that I’m I’m a walking target for anything right now. This guy’s a wreck. Let’s get it you know, give him something if it helps, guess what? I’ll be singing from the rooftops, which I do. So we’ll do we’ll offer you folks those things because you’re going to spend money somewhere, somewhere. You might as well spend it where you at least have you know you’re gonna get somebody who’s been in in that world their whole life and is invested on a different level and is only willing to deal with top level science. Lucky guys. No, I’m not. There’s so many things we could have done to make a shit ton of money here. Because and this is the way it works. It’s not a bad thing. People that have large followings. They offer products. There’s nothing wrong with that when I say I don’t monetize, and you clear this up. When I say don’t monetize. I’m not saying it’s not good to offer stuff for people. You’re spending money on cabal companies, cabal manufacturers, you know, you spent you’re giving your money to all these criminals. If you have people you love online and have a good product line, buy from them, why they’re your allies or your patriots buy their products if you you know you like them, they’re good products. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s better to shift your purchasing power from the criminal empire to the people who are helping you, you know, in whatever way shape or form and helping the movement and getting you off that that track and dependency of helping them kill you right So there’s nothing wrong with that when I talk about not monetizing my channel, I’m talking about advertising dollars getting YouTube to pay me a shit ton of money by leaving me up, not taken us down. If we hadn’t been taken down, we’d have a million followers. I’m convinced because I’ve seen what you guys have done. And and in the advertising revenue alone would be like, two 300,000 a month. I kid you not. That’s, that’s some people are doing that out there. And, and, but I like to have that hell yes. I’d like to have that. What would it mean? How would I get it shut my mouth, you know, become Johnny Appleseed with a Bible in my hand. Right? And it’s saying I love the world Kumbaya not attacking the criminals. We’d make a lot of money. I’d probably split it with you guys. But you know what? We’ll we’ll find a way to be able to conduct this war. Without that stuff, so don’t beat people up because they’re monetizing their channels of thing. If I get ad dollars, I would take every penny. That’s why I don’t mind folks. Have my videos being picked up by all these other YouTube channels. Like I said, I got channels I’ve seen get more views than mine. More than mine. You know what? Go, go. Spread the word. Make the money. Take it from YouTube. I can’t get in of it. don’t violate my trademark. And don’t pretend you’re me as the only rules. So no, no, I went down that rabbit hole, get some I’m reaching. I’m grabbing for things tonight to talk to you about. Let’s see anything else in here. Health Ranger top the line, Mike Adams. Top the line I visit his information. Anybody I’ll tell you in my world, I’ve been approached when you’re in the wellness industry that are very beautiful high end Pilates based physical therapy and elite fitness center in Summerlin in Nevada. The one I talked about Kevin when helping me see his daughter get get a foothold there. And so when you’re in that industry, you have all kinds of stuff coming through the door, you see everything you know, and from the competitive bodybuilding world, same thing, you’re always approached by everybody and everything. So I’m the guy that rarely you get through never, it’s not been easy to get through to me. It’s got to be something that really gets my attention. Mike Adams has my full attention because he’s a food scientist. His operation is unbelievable blew me away when I visited it. And he’s a man of high high integrity. And he, you know, he, he’s in it for the right reasons. And a lot of these guys are got a good friend of mine, Jason Dean, same thing. Jason Dean. Now their big truth or another wellness guy, you know, wellness practitioner, Dr. Dean, if you’re not following Dr. Jason Dean online, follow him brave TV. Let’s see what happened to de v. I don’t know. I don’t know. If people want to talk about in this era, I don’t know where we are as nisour I don’t know where we are as Qf s. I’m not gonna just say things that I don’t know. So everybody’s pumped up. My position never changes. I’m letting this thing play out.

Looking at the landscape, I’m just, again, these things that are happening in motion. I’m letting them continue. I believe these kinds of operations, like what we saw, there’s still a lot of bad guys out there they have to get to. That’s why I still think that it continues to ebb and flow. Scott, when do you think torrenting Oh, by the way, Tor tickets. The reason why we’re raising money to do the tour. There are no Tor tickets. It’s free. All right, it’s free. Somebody was hitting me. Yeah, Scott, and you have raised 450,000. So you could have to buy another Harley Davidson or some some dipshit. Stuff like that. You know, first of all, the tour is the raising the capital to do the tour is in lieu of charging tickets to everybody, right? Trust me, if I was going to finance me going, which I can’t obviously not on a tour bus, that’s expensive. But if I was just gonna go fly around the country, folks, and on a patriot Street Fighter tour, and charge money for tickets, believe me, I would again make a fortune. I’m telling you, I know what the numbers look like. I know what I get paid right now to fly and to speak somewhere. And I’m speaking for other people, but to have the arrangement of the tour myself and flying and selling tickets. Trust me. If I was a smart businessman, that’s what I’d be doing. I’m not here to be a smart businessman. I’m here to seize an opportunity because this nation is primed for the message. We got to get it out across the country get people to come out and help them understand. We have got the power. There’s my my advisors reaching out to me right now. I’m told him to call me later. got the wrong time. So so there’s it doesn’t cost anything for the tour. Show up wherever the tour is, you know, there’s no ticket prices, that part is free. That’s why raising money quantum financial system still Where I said it was. Okay. Let me hold on a second. I am on my show. So we know he’s not watching me. Alright, I told him before, here’s the time. Let’s see. I’ll see where is David Wilcock? Um, you know, I don’t even know if I should put this out here, folks. about David. Um, you know, people believe he’s been compromised


compromised against his will, without talking to the person who told me what happened there. And if it is happened to what I believe he was compromised against his own will. And the way it happened, I’m heartbroken. I’m absolutely shattered. If what I heard is true. I’m going to ask whoever told me, the person who told me that that what happened? It’s scary to me. If it’s okay to talk about or say it, but if you’re wondering where I went, it’s not because he’s not a good man. It’s not because he’s not a true patriot. I mean, what the guy’s done for 20 years to expose secret space programs is truly incredible. So whatever’s going on with him, I don’t think it’s of his own accord as you know him. So let me see. Fourth stimulus. something nice about that. I don’t know what goes on the stimulus. I don’t read that stuff anymore. I’ve never gotten a stimulus check, folks. Not one time. Not one. Why? Good question. think they’re gonna give me a thing. Let’s check. Seriously, I haven’t seen one damn penny. Let’s see. Check his Twitter. We’re talking about still David. Mike Adams health Ranger. Yeah, Mike Adams owns brighty on all my videos go up on brighty on Why that? Sorry. Susan’s not buying it. Oh, ask him how definitely ask him. But I don’t I don’t believe that at all. He knows what I’m fighting for. And that’s why he wants to do business with me because I’m fighting for that very reason. So I don’t believe that. Any intel on the UK? Yeah, the Queen’s gone. The British Crown the Nazi Windsor family which is not even it’s not their name Windsor. They’re all they’re all frauds they’re liars. Those people are you know they’re out so that I can tell you a call keeps coming.


helicopters in DC today haven’t haven’t heard anything. Yeah, you’ll need tickets for Gettysburg. I will be speaking for Fran and Allen in Gettysburg. I think it’s

the dates

20 sight between 24th 25th 26th I’ll be there for one of the one or two to three days on that weekend to get his bird speaking for them in the upfront in the prophetic I’m gonna have to fly out of probably Salt Lake or somewhere where the tour is to fly in to do that speaking event. So yeah, of course we’ll let you know here when all those tickets go on sale for that event but Gettysburg be a great place to be just because what is that what it represents? Um, people ask about Russell gold. You know, I the thing if you’re asking about Russell j gold, what’s going on? They’re coming right to that sensor realistic skincare. My husband is not awake. He always asked me for proof. When I tell him about human trafficking. For God’s sakes. Since Trump came to power there are human trafficking busts all over the place like 1000s and 1000s of stories everywhere. On the trafficking rings broken up. How can How can you not believe any of that? I mean, you don’t need to, you’re not going to show your kids folks is against the law. They’re not going to they’re going to put that stuff in front of you. It’s against the law, but you can see everything you know, in the news, all that rings have been busted up. Trump’s they’ve arrested like 15,000, human traffickers, pedophiles, etc. Since Trump came to power, I think the total the other three presidents prior to him combined was about four or 5000. AKA Trump traveled on what that means yet. So there are dates posted for the tour. I sent that out in telegram there there’s going to be a check. I think a couple of changes California because I noticed I was talking to RDS this morning. I see San Diego from San Diego to Fresno and Fresno modesta like we got to hit Los Angeles I got 15 years of history in Los Angeles. You know at least Orange County because Orange County’s here behind the orange wall and La be considered If you’re if you live in LA, and you’re on the southern end of LA or you’re, you know, over on the beach communities, you’re going to go to Orange County, you’re going to consider that la because it’s a 45 minute drive if that if your north side of LA and the valley, you’re thinking differently like, Man, that’s two hours plus why because the traffic. So that’s why Inland Empire somewhere in there because we know we got a lot of followers in California we’re not going to leave the Inland Empire out. If we get a detour to patriot Street Fighter bus. I’m coming to see you folks. We’re not going to jump from San Diego to Fresno. rdss totally cool byes. Okay, man, totally open whatever you think. generals back is doing good generals. You’re back. Okay. How’s it doing? How’s your back doing? They’re asking? real good. Yeah. Okay. Should I send them have some send? have them send some of those gifts and money your way? Should I have the folks send some of the money in the gifts are sending your way? How do I know? That’s exactly what he would always say. No, no question. No, I don’t need any. What else we got here? Tom Hanks is dead. Yeah. worm food. Apple Valley. Good place to go. I get a lot of Marines up in Apple Valley. Hell yeah. Apple Valley is a good place to go. A lot of Marines there. Charlie, freak Love, love his research. Don’t go Scot gay did not take your tour. To the west side of Washington. It’s a libtard shithole. Come to the east side Spokane. Rachel and I’m sure we will. I’m sure we will. Somebody asked about jesse ventura a couple times. I don’t know anything about Jesse right now. Get Russell j gold. Look folks when he captured a title for flag for the American people. Do you think the Cabal was gonna say Oh shit, you got the flag? You won. Right? It’s like flag football. You got the guy that got to tear the flag off and flag football. He’s gonna run for a touchdown. Anyways, that’s the Cabal. They’re not playing by the rules. You know? They’re not playing by the rules at all they never have. So we’ll see what happens you know with with that whole I’m sure there’s a strong element in there for Russell j gold and his moves to save the country. Anyways. I think we’re probably pretty, pretty close to the end tonight. I’m just looking for a shill. I just want to knock one out tonight. Just one. So Well, folks, I’ll tell you what, tomorrow as I do with the live stream, I will get I’ll get that link out you know, just go to the page go to a by the way. We got it. We got it. Yeah. We got another warning today on patriot Street Fighter six, we got our first warning. And that was from the fifth and I forget what show that was. Whatever the show was on the fifth. They just gave us a warning. Oh again, harassing cyber bullying. I

probably beat up a shill. Hey, ran downstairs screaming to Mom, you know, where’s my Cheerios and give me my phone. I got a call you do and tell him he hit me again. So we got a we got a warning. No time in the box. But I got to get in there the next day or two and get all those videos down. Now the guys have seen them in their own rumble brighting on bit shoot, got to get them out. Because now they’re getting easy shots at me. I’m getting I’m getting. I’m getting Bishop out tonight. Bishop you’re going down tonight, brother, sorry, we got you across all the other social media channels, we’re pumping those out, but can’t have them knock this channel off too quickly. We got a we got to build it up. There’s only 35,000 maybe on this channel. Make sure you guys populate this channel. Got to get those numbers back. Oh, here’s what it is. your content was removed for a violation. And here it is patriots. This was post election update number 71 RDS, resurrection tours now motion. How it’s talking about the tour. You see, folks, they don’t need a good reason. So it just not knocked it out. So it’s gone. And on that channel we’ve got let’s see how many we have in this channel. Now you guys build it back to 38,000. So I think when they put us in on a bench for patriot Street Fighter sevens, probably at about 80. You know, we’re approaching 100 don’t knock us off again. So that’s all I have for tonight. Sorry, I didn’t have anything exciting. I thought the Intel I gave you is good stuff. Because it’s a solid of information we’re going to find anywhere period. Because these guys are involved these operations that I just mentioned. And evergreen, I’m talking about the whole network of people that are involved in those activities, military and otherwise, that’s the information source that for me is is the stuff you’re not going to get anywhere else. So we’ll be here tomorrow, this thing will go live about five to 10 minutes before the six o’clock hour just get on get on the six channel and you are not going to want to miss tomorrow night.

So you guys have a great night and love y’all. Thanks for being you. And we’ll see you tomorrow night.