April 14, 2021

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Scott Mckay – Patriot Streetfighter – POWERFUL Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters

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Patriot Streetfighter – POWERFUL Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters

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We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the government, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness

will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for length and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are


When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably, the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

The world is waking up, and this

is the tipping point. Ladies and gentlemen, patriot street fighters, welcome to a powerful, powerful show tonight. I jumped in a little bit early because as you know, I get these live streams going. That way, I can grab the link, which I got to do right now. And, again, bear with me. It’s amateur hour stuff I’m telling you fits me very well. So I’m gonna go ahead and bang out this on Twitter. Here’s what I do. I pull up twitter and pull up Facebook, pull up telegram, and on all these social media platforms, and then I get to drop this actual live link in all of these cloud hubs next, then we’ve got gab and gab and coming out LinkedIn, these things pop up pretty easily because they’re populated Patreon. And you should go to Skype. So once I’m there, I just dropped in live now, you guys so you guys will see it now. Lincoln as is active now on YouTube.

And I

wish I had Larry Gators. I had the I had that flier handy. Want to put that in there too with everything because that definitely gets people’s attention, man. I’ll tell you what. You guys are in for one hell of a show tonight. See if I can pop that right there in there. Okay, I found it. I’ll get that up on YouTube. or on Twitter as well. visuals always do it people see a visual like Hey, man, that looks awesome. Let’s go ahead and see. Bishop Larry gators hope that’s the right one. Man,

let’s see what happens.

Yep. Okay. I got to tell you

guys something while we’re waiting for this. Larry to come on. You didn’t introduce him. And also I went to the went to pick up my packages again today. And I got to tell you folks, something is absolutely crazy. What came at me again, today just went back. This is three days in a row. And, folks it’s funny when I go there, all these packages and boxes and like today were some big big boxes. And so all you wonderful, beautiful people out there sending me unbelievable gifts. I it’s just overwhelmed. I wish it could be there when I go there because they’re like, Who are you? I’m like, I don’t want to be honest with you. I don’t know either. They’re carrying out all these boxes. And I just went there yesterday for the second day in a row to pick my pick up whatever packages or letters or what came and of course Boom, here’s a whole pile of boxes again, I’m gonna use my knee scooter that I’ve been tossing around on for a while. I still use it for hauling it up and down from parking. And that thing’s just loaded up like a pack meal with all this stuff and people see me rolling in with all this stuff all the time. They’re like thinking the same thing. Who are you? But I’m telling you the wonder I can’t even name them. I just wish I could get down through I can’t even name them but you guys sending me all all you beautiful people sending me all this stuff. And I’ll be a beautiful letters which I take time to read every one of my keep the envelopes. I have marked notes on the outside of them. And you know, some people always pack in some goodies in there. You know, I can’t even tell you how honored I am by all of that. It’s just truly astonishing to me, folks. It’s just this doesn’t get old for me. I mean, like I said, occasionally you know, my my eyes start to sweat a little bit because of what I see with all of you. And right now I am not seeing my little zoom like there we are, make sure we didn’t have Bishop Larry gators show up and I’m here talking away but so that to me, folks, it’s just truly unbelievable to see this stuff that comes in. And what you guys send, it’s just it’s it’s it’s it’s mind boggling. As I said, I need to have I need to you know, build a bigger place because I don’t have room for this stuff. But I think the right thing to do when people say you know, folks hold the packages, but are you kidding me? It would be that stupid. It’s like Christmas every day. It’s telling my sister, it’s talking to her my dad before I get on set, when I snap pictures and say look what showed up today, the whole back end of my SUV, the axes is full. And they’re like, This is crazy. It is it’s truly folks I we’re gonna be talking tonight about we’re gonna be focused on our conversation because Larry gators has unbelievable information. But I’m telling you, I had a call today right now talking to security type of people for the tour. I’m talking, you know, Israeli top level commando guys that are pretty, you know, training the protection detail for the president of Israel. these are these are real, these are the kind of guys you want, you know, anywhere around you. And so talking to these guys, I’m talking to a sheriff who believe it or not a sheriff in Minnesota or Missouri, he came out of retirement. Why? Because he heard my show, over six months at listen me taken on this law enforcement group. People that are doing what you’re doing to the citizens, and he’s like, you know what? He said, I think you’re right, he said, I can’t leave this, this grandkids with something like this. I’m going to get back in the game and I’m going to start protecting the citizens teaching people what to do. He’s on the firing line, we’re gonna talk about him, he’ll be on next Monday at a tipping point. I’m telling you, we’re making an impact. We’re making an impact. We’re gonna keep putting pressure in late on these people on this criminal cabal. You know, the people that are following these dictates mandates all this bullshit. And wait till you hear what we get on Friday, covering a common law early on. I’m telling you, after you listen to this, you’re gonna say we’ve got these people. The entire captured operation core system we got about the boss he’s winning is winning in Canada, and other major patriot in Canada. We’re going to unify and unite North northern North America. So I told him today after a long conversation, we’re going to unite northern North America, Canadians, United States citizens bring another 80 million into our fold. And we’re going to fight this together, we’re gonna win this, I’m telling you. People just need to know what the truth is on common law, constitutional law, you know, using what they’re the system that they use, which is unlawful and it’s not, it’s not applicable to us. restaurants that mess out. So that’ll be on Friday. We brought in I think, in the last few days, I mentioned this, you know, we have a total as of last night before we went to bed, we had total 50,000 race in a couple of days for the tour.

Working on a rap on on a rap right now. making some changes on that rap. And so we’ll see how it goes over the next you know, week or two. With donations. I said, I’m going to take this as far as I can. If we get told to work funded, you know, for me, what I’m looking at is going to a minimum of 450k which to me is an astonishing what what what the security detail once is a hell of a lot more. I’m like look, we can’t cover all basis and whatever it takes for it to get out there and explode this mission. We’re going to do it and take it as far as we can. But that appears to be what is necessary. Sending zoom link again to Bishop Larry gators, right now. He’s waiting for it. So my grab that again. invitation. I’m going to do this by if I can.

Text as well.

Thanks, guys for being patient here to see if I can find an email he had sent me make sure we’re getting the right one. So that way I just Are you

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if my email accounts offline Why the heck is account offline?


trying to get the email activated for whatever reason, who knows why these things just don’t seem to work right.

Here we go again. mismatch. Goodness gracious, I’m gonna make this work.

Okay, I’m doing a bit of an end run here folks to get this for some reason by email. All kinds of crazy stuff happens anymore seems like

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working on getting this email to Bishop Larry gators so we can connect with us. Thank you again.

Paste, and

let’s get the link for this show up to him so he can fire that out across social media. Copy that I got to put this in a text message to myself, folks, my laptop for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to want to log into my many email accounts.

So this is my end, Ryan. We do Copy that. Email that to the bishop

like to show

I know this is a lot of BS to have to listen to till we get this thing rockin not my apologies. So okay, we’ll tell him what happened when he comes on. So anyways, hopefully we can fund this whole thing to go the distance of for four months, we’ll see the neck in the coming weeks. You guys are I mean to raise that kind of money. I hate fundraising, I was never good at it for anything. I used to puke when I had to go door to door selling Christmas cards or seeds and shit like that. When I was a kid to make money to buy stuff for my bicycle. It just made me sick. even asking for somebody for a sale. I’m not that guy. Funny thing is I’ve been in that world for all of my business career yet, if you’re self, if you’re self employed in your own startup companies, whatever, your salesman always hated it, ask him for money. Same thing, it sucks for me. But we’re doing what we got to do. But I foresee on on a number of these legs and a tour coming into whatever town we’re going to come into. I see a ton a ton of bikers, patriots, Street Fighter bikers that are going to want to join in on that because Sasha stone and I apparently you’re going to be leading the way of the six tour buses coming into the area on our Harley Davidson so that’ll be kind of fun, they’re gonna have like a drone flying overhead. They’re gonna be filming a lot. This tour, it’s gonna be a lot, a lot of cool stuff happening. I think we’re gonna see a lot of other people out there, they’re gonna want to come in, you know, two parts of the tour. I’m hearing that already. It’s starting to pick some buzz up. So we’re gonna make it a lot of fun. I’m gonna meet a lot of people see the people I’m looking, I’m really looking forward to that not looking forward to four months on the road, folks, believe me, not at all. But this is something we have to do because we have an opportunity right now. Now, not next year, not in the fall. We have an opportunity right now, to get people to rise up and bring the heat and the pressure and the power we the people have against this ruling Empire. It’s not a governing Empire. It’s a ruling Empire here and around the world. We get the people to stand up put the pressure on these scumbags that are doing what they’re doing, believe me, believe me, it will come down. Many of these people will vacate under on the court and they’re going to get out of dodge because when they see the numbers they’re going to they’re going to be afraid and they’re going to buckle they’re going to bend they’re going to run because that’s how they are

LED. Let’s see. may try this.


We do this. I think Got the bishop whenever he needs

to do this again

we’ll get him focused as you know not only do I never give up easily I don’t give up at all till I have my way that’s just the way we’re going to make this 2k your link


still waiting sent twice training in twice somebody they nailed my email addresses I don’t know okay let me see if this stuff is getting out

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that we’re working to get him in here got to have him

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Okay, so the link that the link that I sent over to you right are I sent you the link for the for the show itself right for our show and then I send you the link for the YouTube link and so you’re not seeing either one of those



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that happens

okay all right.

Okay, and y’all just don’t reply to it Don’t worry. I mean, you know the Patriot street fighters know not only do I not give up easily I don’t give up at all until I get my way so we’re getting Bishop Larry gators on tonight. That’s for sure. Okay, brother, we’re good. We got all the time in the world man. Okay,

awesome. Next buddy.

Let’s see if this

see folks, man, amateur hour. We got a guy like Bishop Larry gators long, folks. That shit was never, never supposed to happen in my world ever. Here we are. Total forecast. Right? And you don’t have to. You don’t have to have things figured out. You don’t have to have to have a fancy operation. You just pick up a weapon and start firing you know the right people. So we’re doing it this way. And you it’s a that’s what’s fun about the way we do it here. It’s what I love about the way we do it. doesn’t send it one question sent from a different email address. Zoom. See if this does it. I don’t know if it’s on his end or if it’s on my end. But the point is, nothing ever has to be perfect. You know, you’ve heard me say this in the past when you come to a fork in the road. Take it which way it doesn’t matter. Take it I don’t care if even backup is still just just keep moving. Keep on moving back to the show. He wants to grab the show link itself which is now active and you guys are sitting here watching me do this. See, this is YouTube link


see if he gets in on that. Sounds to me like what’s going on? Nothing in the outbox. All right.

I’m sorry. Sorry. We’re 10 minutes into it. So we’re 25 minutes into this and I pretty much said nothing. I always get those guys that say that to me too. He’s instead of work. Okay, you got me today. I bow I can see. You’re right. Okay, it looks to me like we got Houston, we no longer have a problem we got How are you? Friend?

My friend? How are you?

I am fantastic, but I’ll get better.

Oh, no, no, no, you are also my friend. I tell you, my listeners, they absolutely love you. My staff loves you, man. I got you got some of my women’s staff members there. I asked me Is he single? I don’t know that man is single not they always ask me every time we I gone on a show and it’s hosted by a brother. So they’re always asked, I find out if he’s Massa. I’m not gonna ask him that. But anyway, it’s great. I’ll be live now.

We are live buddy. So I’m not gonna answer that question. How about if I say,

well, we’ll see.

It’s great to be with you, brother. Scott, thank you so much. And to all of the Patriots out there. Thank you, Jess for your steps fastness. And I’m really looking forward to a robust, powerful conversation tonight concerning this global declaration of war Parabellum. Absolutely.

I’m looking forward to that my listeners know who you are. And as I was telling him before he came on the fact that I actually get to do what I’m doing now. I mean, how do you go on a radio show? start calling all these criminals, scumbags. rapists, murderers, butchers, fsra criminals, and they’re your politicians, your international banking elite, blah, blah, blah. And then and still be here to be able to keep doing it and then have Bishop educators on your show. I’m like, I never saw this humming like holy mary mother God, but you know, but the funny thing is, is Bishop the way things work out. It has some really, you know, special moments in this whole reverence, patriot Street Fighter revolution, as people around the world emailed me, Hey, I’m a patriot Street Fighter, because I’m like, that’s what we are. And the citizens stand up. You are a patriot. And how do you fight this war street fighting you don’t get out there and go to different events and you know, get up there in front of podiums and talk and all that shit does nothing. It hasn’t done anything for decades. Donald Trump style, your fake news, your you know lyin, Ted, your Crooked Hillary,

lay it out,

lay it out people like, yeah, boom, blows up.

That’s it. Yeah. Because you know, President Trump is coming back in, it’s gonna, it’s not going to take four years. I did say four years on the Roseanne Barr show some weeks ago. But the mighty God spoke to me and said, No, President Trump has come back before, you know, before the four year period, but I want to discuss tonight, a very powerful and prolific topic that the mind of God gave me. That’s in title a, the global declaration of war, the global declaration of war, the term Parabellum. Now the term Parabellum, is a Latin vulgate expression, signifying in the time of peace, prepare for war. So then, knowing enough about this subject to think we’re right, but not enough about this subject to know we’re wrong. And so what you and I are men of God, or I witnessing today, is unlike anything that we have ever witnessed in our entire lives. But there is a three fold paradigm of manipulation that has taken place, not just in our country, but around the world. And that is my friend, the manipulation, what we call reality. That’s so kinesis, then the manipulation of time, that’s Chrono kinesis through the prism of the manipulation of probability that’s Tyco, kinesis or aect. So that term, EC T is the acronym for excetera which actually witches and warlocks us have been using since the time of the European Renaissance, going back 1000 to 1500 years. So this manipulation that you and I are seeing but as a side point, allow me to really dissect the origins of the Deep State to properly understand to properly understand this global luciferin deep state. Now the deep state did not began On after the assassination of john F. Kennedy. That’s a misnomer. The Deep State actually began during the fall of Lucifer in Genesis chapter one. So we have to lay a bit

of a spiritual foundation in order for us to understand what the heck is going on today, because this is not a political fight. You and I, are I witnessing not just the greatest global cover up in human history. But you and I, are I witnessing a present day auto immune deficient deficiency conspiracy, what do I mean by that? It means that we have 7.7 billion people who are told to separate six feet from each other. And so 7.7 billion people time six feet, that’s 46 billion to 100 million degrees of separation 46 chromosomes 23, from the mother 23 from the Father, the number 200. Now to your theological students, in Enoch, chapter six, Volume One, and I’m going to bring this out later on, because you know, concerning the term reset, as establishing said by Klaus Schwab, okay, that in my one of my books concerning comprehending the state of the human condition, it gives a catalogue of fallen angels, which I will bring out later on doing this teaching here tonight concerning this global declaration of war. So when the game is over with my brother, both the king in the pond will have to go back in the same box. So this manipulation, coming through the deep state, so the deep state, actually, from a spiritual paradigm began in the book of the Genesis, between verses one and two, when Lucifer fail, because in Genesis one and two and dark ness, so that term darkness comes from a twofold path of going in meaning. Dark means in depth or deep in ness means a state of thought, from whence we get the term deep state. So the word of the Lord says in Genesis one and two, and darkness, or the Deep State was upon the face of the D. Okay, so people may or may be asking themselves well, brother, Scott, and Bishop, why are Why is Bishop talking about the deep state from a biblical paradigm? You cannot understand my brother, what the heck is going on? Not just in Washington, DC, but what is going on around the world? through a political paradigm, you have to dissect this from a spiritual paradigm, because we’re not fighting against flesh and blood. We’re fighting against principalities and powers, right? So the deep state officially began with Lucifer. So when is the first letter of Lucifer L. The first letter of Satan as the first letter A Devo, D that your LSD and the nature of the Deep State, from a biblical paradigm brother Scott, is in Ezekiel chapter 28, verse 13, upon the breastplate of Lucifer, there was nine stones, but the first three stones represents not just the nature of the serpent, who is Lucifer, Satan and the devil. But it also represents the nature of the system that you and I are fighting against, well, Sardis s, Topaz t diamond D, STD. So when I asked you, what is STD, the first thing that comes to your mind, at least mine is sexually transmitted diseases. This is the system that you’re NIH are battling against. We’re battling against demons. So the manipulation of reality now from a spiritual paradigm before you and I can declare war, on the deep state through the plan of Parabellum. In the time of peace, prepare for war. You have to know the psychology of your enemy. But in this country, our reality, our time, our probability, is being manipulated by a few power brokers whose sole intent is to make the United States of America a shadow government. So I’ve got two contacts in the federal government whose names I would never reveal why because I’m not going to be Pushing Daisies Six Feet Under I’m not stupid. So the deep state from a spiritual paradigm began in Genesis chapter one. But from a political paradigm, the deep state took off during the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, can I take my time brother Scott, so them, you see, I’m a teacher by nature. My objective I am a biblical john wick. I am.


I am an episodic assassin in the Pentecostal mercenary, I don’t have a lot of friends, because I have a low tolerance for foolishness. So my objective here tonight, before we declare war on them, this global Luciferian, hexagon, deep state, we have to organize ourselves. Not there you go. Ah, so then the axes laid on the to the root of the tree. So the manipulation of reality, time and probability Now, why is it that the deep state wants to replicate your DNA? Okay. Again, let’s look at the deep state when it began in Genesis with the serpent it took off during the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Now newsflash, let me teach my white brothers and sisters, you had nothing to do with the creation of the clan. Oh, boy, I got everyone’s attention. Now White people had nothing to do with the creation of the Ku Klux Klan. There was a rock challenge attorney, an agent by the name of Judith Philip Benjamin, who was the secretary of state in war for the Confederacy, okay, who then after the Civil War, that began on the 12th of April 1861, and ended on the ninth of April in 1865. Now, subsequently, a year brother Scott McKay, before the outbreak of the Civil War, on the first of April in 1860, a group of 25 Northern generals created the Q movement. Oh my goodness. So q didn’t start four years ago, when President Trump was nominated as our great president. So because the 17th letter in the western alphabet, and the number 17, is a number of spirit in order. So the letter Q means enlightenment, it means lumination to shine the light of truth on darkness, in order to detoxify the nation’s. So the term cue means enlightenment, not illumination, that’s Illuminati. It’s called illumination. So we have to stop saying I’m going to illuminate the deep state No, God has called us not to illuminate the deep state with a counterfeit light that they are your nine ordained by God to illuminate the deep state by exposing its mess. Now, I don’t know about you. I’m only 58 years old God willing, I’ll be 59 next February. I have never seen this level of darkness in my life. And I believe that God ordained President Donald J. Trump to expose it. So q was born on the first of April in 1860, a year before the outbreak of the Civil War by 25 Northern generals whose sole intent was not to create a secure society, but whose objective was to design a Christian constitutional movement to protect the first Constitution of the United States. Yes, because we did have a second constitution. Through the act of 1871, because that Deep State President Ulysses S Grant, who tried to destroy Q, a year before the outbreak of the Civil War, so Ulysses S Grant in 1871, was paid off, not just by the Vatican order through Pope Pius the ninth in 1871. But the rock child British arm of the Rothschild dynasty also paid off this Deep State President. Okay, who today that we call Joe Blow Biden, okay, who was actually executed two years ago, I’ll come back to that. Thank you. So we can declare war on the deep state food Parabellum. Which means and Latin to in the time of peace prepare for war. When you take the term war, and write it, rabbinic Lee from right to left, you get the term rah rah represents truth. So then, concerning the deep state, it took off when President Lincoln was assassinated. Well, getting back to my beautiful white brothers and sisters of America, you had been lied to. And we, as black America had been lied to. We were told by the Scot that white people created the Klan. You did not it rose with rock challenge money through Judith, Philip Benjamin, who then in October of 1865, a few months after the Civil War, and plascon, Tennessee, on had created a secret society called the Ku Klux Klan. So your Bishop, you’re saying Jews created I’m saying, Can Syrian Jews.

That’s the critical variable. It’s the kazarian Jews who are kids who are kazarian. They’re khazars. They’re not even Jewish.

They’re not even Jewish brother Scott. And I’m glad that you made that. Point 99.9% of the Jewish people are beautiful people, I have no problem with them. But they are only Jews by religion. But they’re not Hebrew by birth. So the term khazar or Khazarian. That’s why in the Turkish language, the term khazar it means June ish, I sh which means they are a kind of the original Jews, but they are not the original Jews. Who are the original Jews, America. Oh, I didn’t I did not tongue tie. Let me say this, again, are the original black America and the black diaspora. Now I’m not teaching the black victimhood doctrine. But let’s just let’s get down to brass tacks. So before we can declare war on the deep state, I have to dismantle section by section, department by department, the structure of the lie that we’ve been taught. For the past two to 300 years, white people had nothing to do with the Klan. It was cancerian Jews, through the anti defamation League of the neighbor read through a man by the name of Simon Wolf, who was lead counsel for B’nai brith. And it was Simon Wolf, who had hired not just Judah Phillip Benjamin, to create the Klan in order to set up white America as a white America was behind it. But Simon Wolf, a lead counsel or Attorney for the neighbor red, which is a cancerian sicker society today. Simon was also recruited on young sharp hearty considering concerened you are a man by the name of john Wilkes Booth, whose real name is john Wilkes both capital A B o t h a. Now the both of bloodline came out of Spain, okay. Amongst the Basque people Kappa b A, S, qu e It is the best bloodline that has the highest rate of Rh positive and RH negative blood that we call resuits. That goes back to the blood of the Fallen Angels of Genesis six in Acts six ju 6666. So john Wilkes both up, had changed his name from both to booth, who then was paid by B’nai brith, to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Why? Because President Lincoln, a patriot president did not want the Rothschilds or any international banking family to overtake the money supply of these United States for America. So it was Judah, Philip Benjamin, along with Simon Wolf, had created the Klan in Pulaski, Tennessee in October of 1865. And, but recruited to white faces to be the face of the Klan. And that was our Pike, and Nathan Bedford forests. Now the line that you’ve been told white American, and the line that we, as black Americans have been told that it was Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Albert Pike who created the Klan. That was a lie. cancerian Jews, brother Scott McKay created the Klan. Now, white people were told that you were responsible for the transatlantic slave trade. That’s a lie. that’s responsible, because

sane people have been doing it for 14 to 1600 years non stop,

non stop. You see, so it was through the East India Company, in the West India Company, out of India and out of eastern and central in Western Europe, which was owned by the Rothschilds. They established the global slave trade as early as 1401. That lasted for 430 to 60, some years to 1865. So the raw child can this can zerion Global mafia, created not just the Klan out of the Annals of the Knights of the Golden Circle, but created the global transatlantic slave trade. 95% of the slave owners in the south were kazarian Jews. Let me say this again. 95% of the slave owners in the south were not white man, white man was just the Foreman’s on the field. So white people you’ve been lied to. And you’re still being my job, as a biblical john with it is to decapitate the system, section by section. If you’re going to declare war on this global system, you’ve got to teach the people the origins of this manipulation of thought through the manipulation of reality, time, and probability. Now, as a quick side note, Lehman Brothers controlled the cotton trade in the south can Syrian Jews created the cotton trade and sustained it in the south. So after the Civil War, these concerning I’m not talking about Jewish I’m talking the 1% who call themselves Jews, and are not but they are the synagogue of Satan. as Christ said, this is a global declaration of war called Parabellum. We got to prepare for war in the time of peace. So white people you had nothing to do with the creation of the Klan. You had nothing to do with the global transatlantic slave trade, okay. And another lie, and I’m not teaching a black and white victimhood dogma. I am a black conservative. I am a supporter of our great president, President Donald J. Trump, who I believe pound for pound is the greatest president not just in my lifetime. But Donald J. Trump is the greatest president and US presidential history. Why do I say that? As great as President Reagan was, but only President Trump kept his Promises, promises made in promises cap. So to understand this war, it is a war of manipulation. Can I keep teaching? While I feel the urge now? So go get 1953 because I get stoned. I’m like a machine.

This is your show, brother. It’s your show tonight. Give

Oh, thank you so much, my brother. All right, this global declaration of war called Parabellum. In the time, that peace prepare for war, in a 1953 54 document, and title a ratio program for the 20th century, written by a kazarian devil, a member of the Fabian Society of Great Britain is recalling that’s going to be people that’s going to say, well, it was the news in the crack news network with Don sweet tea lemon and Christopher afraid of chromosome and there’s going to be people that’s going to say what msnbc with Rachel Mad Cow man out there, same dish. Yep, that is rock crawling Cohen did not exist. Lie is real. Cohen said that the goal of the global jury of Zionism when we say Zionism, we’re not talking about those original Jews who look like me, because the original Jews are black America, or is the black diaspora. Brother McKay. I love you. I don’t see you as a white man. I see you as my brother. So here as we dissect the deep state and their lies, let’s continue on. So the slave trade had nothing to do with white people, including on the creation of the Klan. So Israel, Cohen said in that Manifesto, between 53 1953 to 1954, a ratio program for the 20th century, the glow of global Zionism, when we say Zionism, we’re not talking about the original Jews, us, when they say Zionism, that’s a code word that was created by Theodore hertz, okay. signifying that that can zerion Jewish order would dominate the world politically, spiritually and financially. Now, according to my two contacts in our federal government, the heads of the 13 families have been assassinated. The heads are gone, the body still exists. Okay. Now getting back to Israel, Cohen, he said on goal on as jury, or those of the cancerian Jewish diaspora is to divide black against white, white against black, why we cashed checks up the top, we’re going to use Hollywood, we’re going to use the media through the crack News Network. If I can bring it up to today’s junk, and I’m going to use msnbc. And we’re going to use a two party system, which is unsustainable, but it’s got because it’s two heads of the same snake. We’re going to perpetuate racism between the races so that we, the kazarian mobsters can control the world through the manipulation of thought. So this is what I also call that paradigm of manipulation through the paralysis of emotion. According to one of the most powerful philosophers in history, a man by the name of Alexander Pushkin, who was a man of color the founder of the Russian Empire, Alexander Pushkin said that a deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low troops. What does that mean? It means that the goal of the convention psychic is to control the mind of the oppress the greatest weapon in the hands of our oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. So my enemy is not white people or brown people or Latino, my enemy is the demons who are driving this concern month, monster order. So these concerns, we have to declare war on the system in the time of peace and to enter in a time to peace, prepare for war. Now quickly here before we give the floor over to you for your q&a. So how do we declare war? War is the symptom of our disease. And why is the symptom of our sickness? My brother, because politics is war without blood, war is politics with blood. So to understand what politics is, you have to understand war okay. So this we You and I have been living under a racket, a scam, all of our lives, the entire world has been taught a scam, okay? Because through this pattern, now, the German mathematician, a man by the name of Dr. Johann

Mendel, who was not just only part German, but he was also a Austrian physician, he had said, on the Australian monk on Dr. Johan mendo, he says that there’s going to be a global plan to replicate DNA to become luciferic. Okay, that’s Dr. Gregor Johann Mendel. Okay. Now there was a German, another German scientists, a man by the name of Johann Kepler, okay, who designed the Kepler conjecture. So the Kepler conjecture teaches you an AI, that there is a global pattern man of God of corruption, that is become the dis pattern of a manipulated mind. That’s through on the Kepler conjecture. So what is a paradigm? It’s a pattern, it’s a a set replication, what is a paralysis? It is the loss, or the the loss of the ability to think, to reason to enter stand in order to understand so this algorithm that you and I are dissecting You and I have been lied to. Now allow me to say this, allow me to wipe some of some of the annoying to know, listen. So the global declaration of Ward Parabellum. And the term students Parabellum simply means in the time that peace prepare for war, that was in one of the john, john wick movies. So this manipulation that President Trump expose, not just the underground pedophilia network, okay, not just the destruction of life. But let’s look at even religion, my friend. Now what I’m about to say, I’m not teaching a black and white paradigm, okay? I don’t teach victimhood. But let’s go back to the year of 12/3. Team, down the Treaty of 1213. Between the Vatican on Pope Innocent, the third, and between the pope, Pope Innocent the third and King john of England, okay. They establish the Treaty of 1213 that essentially gave the Roman Empire the authority to control the British Empire. And it has not changed to this day because the only individuals who can dissolve that treaty of Troy 13 is this witch Queen Elizabeth, who is really not British. She’s German or the house. Cobra Gotha another whistle all Nazis, only she and along with this devil on Pope Francis because the real one was taken out. I’ll talk about that, if he had time. Absolutely Treaty of 1213 of eventually also created the British flag, which was not given to the British people until 1606. That British flag is a double hexagram sign that the British people are under a political curse. The lie that we’ve been taught that the British flag represents two crosses wrong, the British flag that was actually created by Pope Innocent the third during that tree Treaty of 1213, and was not given to the British people until 1606 400. Some years later, it represents a hexagram Vatican sign that the British Empire is still under the control of the Vatican global system. So those The,

the Phoenicians or the Phoenicians at the dinner.

Yes. Is that so these concerns are better known as Venetians. And this is where we get the term venetian blinds Now, why, how did we get that term venetian blinds? We’re glad you asked. The Venetian blinds or the the term the Monica venetian blinds. It comes by way of these concerning devils who created the Vatican in order Okay, twins by the name of Romulus and Remus, who are not just enrollment antiquity in mythology, twins, who were the descendants of the Fallen Angels have is just as deeper here. So then these twins Romulus and Remus, who were the progenitors of the creators of the Roman Empire. And this is where we get the term I dream, no Chrome, see, oh, O Rome, at dream, no chrome or Rome. But they later designed through Leo the khazar, Ville concerened Empire, Constantine was up cancerian blood, including his homosexual lover, Pope Sylvester. So the concerns not only created this scam of a banking system, but they also created the Vatican order

that asked the question.

So So and again, this is where I and I don’t lose that thought, because I want to make sure we stay on this track Yes, with with the pope or with Constantine. And I told people this for a long time. If you think that the Bible is comprehensive to all truth, understand the Constantine 200 years after Christ was gone, Constantine saw an opportunity to basically hijack what would they consider to movement, make it the state religion, and of course, it had to work for money and power for him. So that’s how they crafted Christian Christ’s philosophy or Christ works to serve the Cabal, the satanic, right, whatever it is, so they’re actually Satanists that have actually worked their magic on our Bible, you know, through three translations. Right. All right,

Brother, you hit this right. Oh, my God. You know, I love you so much, America, you hit this right on the head. You see this a great distinction. And this is we’re just laying foundation concerning. declaring war, on this global declaration of war on the deep state through Parabellum. In the time of peace, prepare for war, work the Vatican did. They danika nice or infected. The original Church of Christ for Acts chapter two, the episodic church by bringing in the doctrine, from a man by the name of Simon may guess, from Acts eight, Simon migas was the first pope of the Vatican system. It was not St. Peter. These devils today’s stating that Peter was the first apostle. No, they were the ones through Nero. Okay. And 67 ad hoc crucify Peter, upside down. And then upside down cross is shaped like two items, the key, the keys of the kingdom of heaven, what Christ gave to Peter and Matthew 16. And to that upside down cross is shaped like the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God but what they did man a god. They took out 45 books, until the original canon of the 111 books or K So the word of the Lord, which represents they took out a 45 degree angle of God’s thinking, why did they take out 45 books at the 2325 Nicene Council in 19, Turkey, they took down to 25. And the remaining 20, they took out during the 1666 conference in the Vatican, with the protection of the military industrial complex called the gesture What secret society? Okay, that was born in Paris, France, in 1540. So these 25 books were taken out, that represented Christ’s true teachings. Okay. So what I had the class that God has called me to teach every Monday and Friday afternoon at 430, on our YouTube page is called our global master class where the master is not Bishop is Jesus Christ. My goal is to teach the internal gospel that Christ taught. So Christ had said to me, 30 years ago, man of God, Bishop, are you preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ? Or are you teaching the gospel that I taught? So the church has been Vatican, nice, or poison with the doctrine of the Roman Empire, that’s why there’s a difference between the Christian faith versus Christian entity. So the term entity is a Latin vulgate expression, signifying that against that vaticanus ation, so we have to stop saying Christian energy and get back to saying, I’m a follower of Christ. So what Constantine did,

excuse me, along with those threads and 25 bishops, okay, at the Nicene Council, and which is president, a turkey, along with Pope Sylvester was not just to extract the 45 books of the word of the Lord, a subtraction of the 45 degree angle of God’s thinking. But they also took out those books that would expand human thought to become spiritual thought, through what we call stub actualization. Christ taught that the kingdom of God is within you. What is the kingdom of God? My original state as spirit. But if you leave it up to Christianity, it denote you as black as white as brown as purple and those skin colors are not your original state, skin colors that you and I call pigmentation. Oh, so where did Jesus send the herd or the demons into the herd of swine? Well, the swine is the characteristics of a pig mentation. So Adams for his spiritual body acquired pig mentation. But you got a witch in Hollywood, named Beyonce and Oprah, telling your knife that black is king wrong. Black is not King. Jesus Christ is the king of kings, and Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords. But getting back to the prison of not your question but but your powerful statement, the Vatican order, try to corrupt the Word of God. Because the original writings of the word there was no words that were separated. The original writings on both the Old and the New Testament scrolls, the original writings it had one sentence the entire WORD OF GOD represented one sentence of one of the internal code of God’s thinking. After that 325 ad conference in Nicene, Turkey the letters became separated. So through our global masterclass my assignment is to deprogram America, in the world from this poison, called entity or Christian entity, the Christian part is fine, but the entity part is the banach analyzation. That’s why pastors wear robes or a color. Well, they came out of out of the slave trade. They cause it was the preacher on the plantation that was chosen by the slave master to wear a color and so that the preacher could scream and holler. Well, most not all black churches but a certain percentage. I don’t know why I’m going down this route, but certain African American churches, they love to scream and holler as far as as they’re preaching. But the origins of the hoop, and the hollering comes from the plantation field. You see, it’s a sign up of self hate and bondage. So Christian anity the energy part we have to get rid of because it’s a cancer to the church. Now Oh, my god and jump in anytime if you see something here. So this

is I’m looking at the thread zero through here. Yes, audience were like 11 two we just like for us because we’re on our one of our alternate channels, because we get booted off. But these people are loving this stuff, man. Just keep going.

Oh, good. Thank you so much. And I love your audience. I love them. I

love you, brother. They


like, this guy is forking awesome has

been awesome. Thank you so much. I’ll be going back to the 1500s and this is another Vatican conspiracy is that the there was a young man who was the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander the eighth. His name was Caesar board Jia, Papa B or RG a there is a Netflix series man. I don’t even watch Netflix. We’re gonna we’re gonna boycott them. So another topic for another day. Caesar bore Jia. His first cousins, was a man by the name of Michael Angelo, who was commissioned by Pope Alexander the eighth. To change all of the paintings of Jesus from a darker you to a lighter you. Now here we go. This is part of this lie that we’ve been taught. Why did a darker Jesus pose to be a threat to the Vatican order, because of the racist psyop. And again, I’m not teaching victimhood or racism. So the paintings that you and I see, had been seen for years of Jesus with the long hair with the brown or beige background, that painting from the chest up with the long hair. That is not the original Jesus Christ of the Gospels. Stop. That is Caesar Borgia, the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander the eighth, who sees a Virginia was also the homosexual lover. Oh, Michael Angelo Wayman. And now you see the line. So you and I, we’ve been lied to and I don’t care what color with Jesus was. But I’m saying people said, Well, what makes the difference, Bishop? Well, if that’s the case, then why change the paintings we have been lied to. So to declare war, on this system of manipulation, we have to teach the people line upon line, precept upon precept here little they’re like we have to dismantle it one section at a time. So why is it now that when we come up to the deep state today, not just during the Lincoln assassination in the assassination of john F. Kennedy, the night before JFK assassination, there was a group of bankers and industrialists around 100 men meant in the home of Clint merchants and senior who son, Clint Murchison, Jr. went on to create the Dallas Cowboys, Clint merchants and Sr. and JF and cluding. J. Edgar Hoover. Okay. And his homosexual lover Clyde Tolson. Okay. And members of the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, ABC, NBC, CBS met the night before in the home of Clinton Murchison senior to devise a plan to assassinate john F. Kennedy. Why the calls, not just because it has nothing to do with civil rights. I keep telling the Blackfoot listen. JOHN F. Kennedy die not because the civil rights john kennedy died because he was going to break up the CIA into 1000 pieces. But he was going to take over the Fed. That’s something that only one president did and got away with it. That was President Trump. Something to take away the take away the fed from the cancerian monsters, okay. Like Rockefellers, like Rothschilds, and we’re Berg’s to return the American people back to the gold standard. Okay. So this is what we call a global declaration of war. But quickly, before we get to your questions during our q&a session, why is it getting back to the Treaty of 1302. So the Treaty of 13 of 1213, the Treaty of 1213, between Pope Innocent the third and King john of Great Britain, against the control of the British Empire, to Pope Innocent the third during the Treaty of 1213, in which to this day, the British government

by the Vatican owner, now as a sign as a side point, there is a section of London called the Temple Bar, calculate a BA are the Temple Bar at my friend, this is kind of the foundation concerning a deck a global declaration of war Parabellum in the time of peace prepare for war. The Temple Bar is the only piece of real estate on earth that’s not owned by the Vatican, nor by the Rothschilds. The deed owners now the original creator, architect of the Temple Bar was the 33rd and one and a half degree Mason by the name of Christopher Wren comp with a w r e. n, who was one of the major architects not just for the British Crown, but for the ROB child, British dynasty. So the D owners of the Temple Bar or the 13 Illuminati families, okay, but the temple bar owner spiritually is Lucifer. Now what does this have to do the temple by bishop to what’s going on today, you have to lay a historical background foundation to properly understand what’s going on today in the foreground, because the Temple Bar was the scene underground that has millions of bones underneath the ground of the Temple Bar of children. That goes back centuries. Okay. Now on that British flag, man, I feel the Holy Spirit here on that British flag. It has a temp on a double what they call a double cross, when reality is that it is a double vanik a nice hexene symbol that represents the underground tunnels throughout the British government.

That double cross represents the structure, this grammatical structure that represents the underground pedophilia network that goes back at least 1000 years in British history. Or this gets deeper here now a global declaration of war Parabellum so we go from the Treaty of 1213 to the Treaty of 13. Oh to call Unum sank down. Now, human sanctum. I’m building foundation. In order for your listeners to declare war. We have to dismantle the system before we can declare war on them. That’s wisdom. So Unum sanctum that was created by the Venetians, the Jewish Khazarian Mafia, controlling the Vatican to this day. In 1302, there was a pope by the name of Pope Boniface, the eighth, whose name was invoked in a seance in 1935 by him And by the name of Bill Wilson, his wife, Dr. Bob and his wife, they are the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous, was created through a seance on the living room floor of the House of Bill Wilson, who remain an alcoholic. Even though he created a now I’m not condemning your listeners who had been through a or has has a family member, but my job is to expose the origin of the sections of the deep state. So AIA in 1935. It was founded through a seance where bill Wilson drew on the living room floor as he ripped up the carpet. A magic circle with the bounce main story inside invoking the spirit of Pope Boniface, the eighth from 1302 Unum sanctum, that all souls belong to the Vatican through the birth certificate. So your birth certificate, your death certificate is still sold on Wall Street. When you were born here, okay. You your parents had to sign on the dotted line concerning a birth certificate that we call you. And I’m saying that your soul belongs to the bank and bank 7.7 billion birth certificates are housed at the Vatican Bank. Okay? So union sanctum and 1302. Going back to the Treaty of 2013 represents this demonic control that the Vatican order has over the world that I believe President Trump has broken. So in my conclusion, three of the most powerful cities or locations on the earth are now broken. Washington DC, the military industrial complex, you know what I’m where I’m going with this. London, England, the financial industrial complex in the Vatican, the new war, World Order religious system, all three have now crumbled because of the hand of God coming against those three cities, okay? Now the Vatican or turkey, then back to 1302 Unum sanctum. It also represents if a child is born. If the parents don’t sign on the dotted line for a period of seven days, depending on what country you live in, then that child is deemed to be dead by the state. So the birth certificate is worth a half million dollars. That’s your own money, brother Scott. That’s my money. But we have to pay them back through student loans, bank loans, mortgage loans, were paying back money, that money should have been ours because of the birth certificate. You see, it’s a scam man of God. And now in my conclusion, this is a reason why that you and I are seeing a global conspiracy to eliminate you and I now have you heard of the Georgia guidestones I’m sure you’ve had.

I’m sure they’re people that haven’t heard so they’re gonna be looking forward to hearing this.

Oh my god. So the Georgia guidestones was erupted in 1980 in a town in Georgia called El Bertin by a man by the name of RC Christian whose real name was RC pluck. skor pox here is a Turkish kins area name. So plonk skirt was also the maiden name of the ex wife of Dr. Dre. So these black celebrities who supported Trump, Dr. Dre that was an attempted assassination on him. Okay. Tiger Woods that was an attempted assassination. They want to lie to your night that Tiger Woods was intoxicated, and he was driving to SLI okay. So there was no break or see met ravine in the place where Tiger Woods almost lost his life. Well, the deep state wanted to take him out why a week before his accident. He sold off his shares in red at gamestop. Okay and Robin Hood and Tiger Woods was going to give them major props press conference concerning Redick. GameStop and Robin, he was going to expose it at the highest levels and connection to the Biden family. Now his legs are crushed these devils who took out Kobe Bryant. Now some somebody may say what Bishop What does Kobe Bryant have to do with a global declaration of war? Because from cobis assassination, yes, he was assassinated. And I have a major book coming out on God Willing in July, entitled Kobe Bryant, a Luciferian project completed, it’s going to be publicized So listen, I’m not going to give you all the details, but it’s talking about fun cobis assassination. It began this global cascade this randomness of cover ups from cobis death COVID-19 Nation shut down well shut down. Then you got three black stinking witches from this now you got to excuse my my French I don’t have a great bedside manner. I said three black stinking witches who represent Black Lives Matter. Okay. And let me tell you my black brothers and sisters do not bow down to an Tifa and do not bound down to Black Lives Matter. threes three black stinking witches See, I got the testicular fortitude to say what needs to be said why because I’m an alpha male. I’m a contract killing machine. These three witches Okay, Alicia cars so open to many and portrays colors, members of a black skulls and bones organization, the boulais sicker society, ah Capita b o u l apostrophe e the boulais sicker society, which is the black equivalent of Yale University skulls and bones that was created in the 1800s by Alfonso Taff. Okay, so the boule in the term blue lake, and we’re talking about now, a global declaration of war. The term blue lay man and God is a Greek Hellenistic term, stating that they are the gatekeepers, it means Sigma Pi phi, they are the gatekeepers of the order, not just the order of chapter 322, skulls and bones. Now there is a COVID-19 darrian called b 322. I’ll get to that later. So the Boo lays are the protectors of not just chapter 322 skulls and bones. Okay, but also they are the guardians of the global family of these 13 families. Another words the boulais seeker society began not with black money. It began with Rockefeller money on May the 15th 1904 and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Kobe bean Bryant, nine black men, beginning with Dr. Henry McCabe Minton. And another sellout by the name of Dr. W. Eb Dubois, who had was recruited by Margaret Sanger. Oh whole, yes. Margaret Sanger was a whole Sanger let me let me get closer to the video. was a whole she had her three she was a whole house. She

was a dishrag. Whoa,

okay. Three Sons that she had, okay. Only one of them actually belonged to your husband. Okay. Michael Hennessy Higgins, the other two boys belong to two different men, okay. belong to HG Wells. Okay. One of the sons, yes, belong to HG Wells, okay. And also belong when the other sons belong to one of the Rockefeller Brothers, women and now what you’re saying that she was a whore. Yes. So Marcus singer approach, the Boo lays Okay, as early as 1929 How can I get a foothold into black America? Dr. W, Eb Dubois. Well, Miss Margaret, if you want to gain control of black America, you got to target the black pulpit, the church. So 300 black pastors in Harlem, New York three years later in 1932, was paid off by with Rockefeller money, okay. They were given $500 each, in order to allow this whole, this witch market singer to plant, the first abortion clinic in black America. Now, that was not the first abortion clinic in America. That was the first abortion black clinic in black America. Okay, in the spring of 1932, her very first on clinic was built in Brownsville, New York, going back to 1916. So she couldn’t avoid any white children. So she goes to Harlem. Oh, my God, I’m almost done here, a global declaration of war Parabellum. So this is a reason why I’m angry brother Scott McCain. At these pastors who voted for this clone, okay, the father of a crack head, neck head sometime my Joe Biden 138,000, black and Latino pastors were paid off, according to my two contacts in the FBI paid off, okay, to support Joe Biden. And also, not only would they pay it off brother Scott McKay, they signed over their churches to FEMA to become FEMA camps. Do you think this is why I’m angry at these black pastors? They said, Well, you know, I heard from the voice something God did not tell you to vote for this phone. God did not do that. And listen, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that you are pro life. And then come around that you are you voted for a pro president. But that sighup goes back, not just to 1932 were all these black. African American passes in Harlem, a part of the Harlem pastor Alliance led by Adam Clayton Powell senior who son went on to be a congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. They supported abortion. Now, from 1932 to 39, or it gets deeper here. We’re talking about a global declaration of war Parabellum in the time, that peace prepare for war, seven years later, from 1932 to 1939. There was a woman who was in Egypt provocative tear, can I keep teaching man of God? This woman’s name was Dorothy Taylor.

Dorothy Taylor, an African American woman recruited African American pastors nationwide recruited leaders from black organizations. Now black there’s not been one black organization not one that’s been created and designed by black people. It’s been built for us but not built by us and because it’s built for us then we’re controlled in double acp snit core the Congress of Racial Equality urban Lee all found that by can Syrian Jews and definitely si p all founded by Khazarian. No. wrong if you want to help. That’s one thing, but tell the truth. Okay. Now someone like me, you know, they do. They don’t love me, because I tell them on your races. Okay, tell me. I told one of the leaders of a deal here a couple of months ago in New York City. If I am wrong, tell me. If I’m wrong, I will apologize to the whole world on my radio show. You know what? I have not heard from them. You know why? Because it’s true. Yeah, indeed, the manipulation of the cancerian devils. To this day, they control black organizations. Well, look at Luna, Nicanor. Nick Cannon spoke the truth about the Rothschilds. Now here comes Rothschilds through via calm, okay, they fire him, and now he’s running back to the plantation. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Now, you Got his job. Why? Because these people are slaves man of God. Yeah. And that’s why there’s a difference between emancipation versus liberation. That’s why we had the emancipation proclamation of 1863. What’s the difference? Bishop glad you asked. The tournaments a patient represents a slave will be a new redesigned slave through what we call name new mission. capital M A in you mission. So john j, one of the founding fathers created the main new mission secure society here in New York City, in order to redesign slavery, post slavery, they couldn’t keep black people on the plantation. Now we’re going to do design through emancipation. A new redesign slave now is through his psychology that we’re going to control him. Anyway, anyone that supports President Trump, we get Lich, okay, let me tell you some, I would never leave President Trump. I would never you know why that man is called by God. But in my conclusion

about him Bishop, I said this. And you know, my audience knows where I stand, never backed up one bit through this entire operation, if they finally if they were able to get to him, because I said, The reason I knew we were going to win this and Trump was good, they knew exactly what you’re doing military knows what you’re doing. They didn’t, they didn’t set sail on this mission, because they were going to try to take them down. They knew they had the formula. I don’t care what they call it, they got quantum that they think that they think game this out game theory at the highest quantum level, if it’s project Looking Glass, whatever it is, fact is they know for a fact that they have a counter move for every cabal move. And for every cabal countermove they have the next root to bury them at and because if it wasn’t true, you know that the way these people have always worked for 1600 years, they would get Trump they would do what they do liquidate down when he was in power. What if they now say is a traitor committed treason, they would lie in the whole family or they put a bullet in my father’s entire bloodline. So 200 years from now, they this bloodline couldn’t come back to exact revenge. And I said if they line Trump up against the wall, ready to put a bullet in him, I would step in front of him and say that’s going through me first. Yes, me. It’s it’s Donald Trump to the end because he’s the first guy in my lifetime. Look, I love Reagan too. I had an entire floor in my home in Las Vegas, dedicated to the reagan presidency because I was a he was he was the guy that finally got me to actually go down a political route. And when I start paying attention, but nobody and I said this before the election, buddy, nobody can do what this guy is going to do. When I said to my friends, look, here’s what Trump’s gonna do when he wins, like guaranteed to win the night of his his announcement. When he wins. He’s going to call out politicians by name. He’s a scammer. He’s going to tell the people to go take them out. And you know what? It was better than I could have dreamed. I’m like, Oh, my God, you know, this was the greatest time of my life still is the greatest time of my whole life watching this. But, you know, that’s and I think there’s a lot of us out there that like you, it is Donald Trump until the end. I don’t care what happens. Just the fact if we had a chance to lose if we’re going to lose, I don’t care. I am going down with Donald Trump because he’s the first guy stepped up and said, fifth Kennedy, you’re going down? Since Kennedy. Right? So I’m with you on that. 100%. Now continue, because somebody here said, Keep Bishop dropping or keep Bishop talking until he drops.

Man, I’m telling me is what to over take a bullet for President Trump. People think you’re crazy. But no, no. See, there’s a chest term. To all be the Patriots write it down. It’s called you wag. It’s a German term, capital Z UG Z, Debbie A and G. What does that mean?

I just saw it spelled out again.

Yes, capital Z like zebra, right? UGZ. w a n. g. Zhu wag is a German chess term, signifying that the best move to make is not to make a move at all. It describes the obligation to make a move. Despite the fact that any move brother Scott will weaken one’s position and people say why won’t President Trump arrest anyone? He’s going to see if he does that. It Well, we can his move. So it’s an indication is your wag that play has moved into the end game. So when you look at getting back to the Georgia guidestones in 1980, it has a plan when you look at the Georgia guidestones on Google Images, it looks like the logo of the T Mobile Corporation. So when you look at T Mobile T Mobile itself is owned by a company out of Frankfurt, Germany, not just Deutsche Telekom. But who owns Deutsche Telekom that owns T Mobile. Ah, the skydome Corporation, that house the Dominion servers. They own Deutsche Telekom who owns T Mobile, which its insignia or logo looks like the Georgia guidestones stop deep state, we know what you’re doing. So on those tablets, they want to depopulate the world 95% from 7.7 billion people down to 500 million. That number by the Scott McKay, because in Revelation, chapter 12, verse four, it says from rabbinical from a Rabbinical interpretation, that Lucifer al Satan, SWAT that you LST that dragon, this is where we get the term drag queens, okay, all these preachers around these drag queen story hours, that’s another topic for another day. So the dragon with his tail influence a third part of the angels of heaven. So the third part in rabbinical mathematics is 666%. Now in western mathematics is 333% 33 degrees of the Masonic or the Christ leap or 33 and a half years, but you cannot interpret the word from a Gen tilian or Gen towel mindset. So in rabbinical mathematics, the term third part means 666%, or 500 million angels fail. But these devils want to reset the world by liquidating 7,200,000,000 people from 7.7 billion to 500 million people.

But yet, there was 5 million angels of fell 666% revelation troubling for rebels. So 500 million people, each person with a falling demon, this is to sick mindset of Klaus Schwab in these demons who want to reset the world and allow me quickly to say this man of God, that in my book, okay, on comprehend in the state of the human condition, I got a four volume set. And that allowed me to read for you quickly on one of these 20 fallen angels. In Enoch chapter six Volume One 200 angels meant on Mount Hermon. So, the Paramount Studio logo of a mountain with 22 stars represented the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. At the beginning of any Paramount shooting studio movie, stars come down from the sky and grace a lake or ravine that represents the 200 fallen angels that fell on Mount Hermon. That’s Mount Hermon. So, 20 of the 200 or 10% are named by the prophet Enoch, in Volume One, chapter six. Allow me to read this because it’s going to blow your minds as we You and I are globally declaring war on this deep state that we call Parabellum. Okay, so sim John’s up means cognition. Oh, Sim zeis A means thinking. Erica Bob means that we’ll reveal means big in Kaka bale. These are names of fallen angels means to process all of these names are in Persian, okay. Romeo in Persian means the design. Daniel means from God in Persian is equipped with the cue means to reorder. Bear quill means a new design. Our sale means a new pathogen. Every mouse means a new protein. Okay? And that’s your real means of beginning. NML means a new kingdom. zzzquil means a new government samsa pure means back to heaven brother Scott, satin real means to rule. To real means humanity. JOHN Joe means resetting DNA. Serial means to deception. Let’s go through this. So those 20 fallen angels under the 200 and simply represents a global bromfenac, hexagon luciferic code as follows cognition or thinking that would begin the process of reversing the design from God to reorder, a new design a new pathogen, a new protein, beginning, a new beginning, a new kingdom, on new government, back to heaven, to rule humanity by resetting DNA through deception. Is crane time another words I brought you guys some tickets, so you can pick up your jobs from the floor? Because what Klaus Rob in these devils have the deep state talk about resetting. They got that knowledge from the fallen angels 6000 years ago, in Genesis six inuksuk q six, this is the part that the Vatican took out. So in my conclusion here, and this is and I’m going to read you this stat here and this is crazy. Now did you hear about on on the news, I believe yesterday. Okay. I can’t believe that the fake media will even expose this. They’re saying that there is a new mutation mutant variant of COVID-19

spars? I think it might be called it’s not publicly released or widely, but it may be called spars.

Ah, so the term mutant is the diagram of a fallen angel that we called natakallam’s. That’s why you and I have been lying to you about this 12 month calendar that we call the Gregorian calendar, who gave us that calendar? I said, Well, not just Pope Gregory. But when did Pope Gregory get it from in 13 and 1530, to the knowledge of the Greek god stories of the Fallen Angels gave to the daughters of man the Gregorian calendar. So this 12 month calendar from January to December back to January, our names not just of demons and Roman antiquity, but this 12 month calendar was given to us by fallen angels. It’s a scam. So this mutant variant of COVID-19 Okay, and there’s a term here I want your students your listeners to really concentrate on it’s called hitter reo, paternal super freakin nation. That’s a long term okay. hitter real Okay, capital H e t e r o l, some pronounced as a L. That’s hetero paternal super fi condition capillary, FPC UNDDITA, t i o n. So here’s a real paternal superfeet condition capital FEC u n d, a, ti i o n o, what does that have to do with declaring war that they’ve saved? Because they want to replicate our DNA, okay, with the DNA, what they call a mutant variant. So the term mutant is connected to the teachings of the nephalem that we it’s not term, let Neff willams is a Babylonian term signifying Neha femme or flama slave name company and he why he got one in EYAPLEIGM, or pH em that we call slim. So the term nephalem on Napa flama. So these doubles want to take this vaccine that we call Mr. C five to the Medical Research Council. England that’s ran by British in my six and the micc MRC five through the Medical Research Council is a COVID-19 vaccine that comes from the dead tissues of dead aborted fetuses akun including the agk 293, human embryonic kidney since cell strain 293. Okay, all the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccination, all made out of the dead tissue of dead aborted fetuses. And this is the reason why President Trump shut down the National Institutes of Health for a period of time, including the University of California at Berkeley in San Francisco, because of fetal cell replace that you’re dealing with min ago. And why is it that they want to destroy us in my conclusion here. Now, there was a study here, give me five minutes, and we’re going to get the floor over to you. Your q&a, I don’t mean to wear you guys out. But listen, the global declaration of war, in the time of peace, you had to prepare for war. That’s what Parabellum means in Latin. There was a study done in 1985, the second one in 2005. And then third one last year in 2020. Through the American Psychological Association out of Washington, DC. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of the DSM 1234, and five, DSM, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, through the American Psychological Association, where they classify 297 mental disorders, and that’s in the DSM four, and 157 disorders in the DSM five. But beginning in 85 2005, and 2020, it gets deeper here now, a global declaration of war. It says that the average human being has between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, on the average, that’s 30,000 thoughts round the global average. So every individual has around 30,000 thoughts per day. 210,000 thoughts per year. Let’s say that person is 50 years old. they’ve accumulated fine budget and 4 million thoughts. But the interesting medical case here is that these 30,000 thoughts per day 95% represents repetitive thinking from the day before. 80% represents negative thinking. Now, I want you to think about that. 80%, let’s say a man who’s maybe 50 years old, and during his lifetime, you know, 30,000 thoughts per day, 210,000 thoughts per week, five budget and 4 million thoughts for a 50 year old man or woman.

That’s 504 million thoughts but 80% of those thoughts, or 403,200,000 thoughts? Brother Scott McKay represents repetitive thinking of negativity, which then leads to dementia, and Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Why is that so critical? In the case of declaring war, on the deep state, because they want to destroy the human mind. 80% can you imagine a man or woman who’s 50 years old, and during that lifetime, they they had 540 million thoughts, that’s a conservative number, but 80% of their thinking during their 50 year lifetime, which is 403,200,000 negative thoughts that they had the previous day before? Because through the media, through which we get the biblical term medium, or means which it’s a war for this mine and this is the reason why God has risen me up and who would go to the length my friend, to create a US Patent 6506 148 be like him. Let it be, too, for a nervous system that will manipulate human emotions who would sit down to create something of a US Patent 6506 148 b two, that was designed by a CIA agent, a man by the name of her request g loss, calculate H e, n, d e r i, c u s g most capital L double o s. So this patent a 65 06 148 b two, you can look it up on Google patents. It’s a nervous system manipulation, by electro magnetic fields for monitors to your computer, your Apple, watch your laptop, your Enjoy your iPhone, to manipulate human emotions. Medical good, this is war. And this is the reason why God has sent me to your powerful show to teach your beautiful listeners concerning It is time for us to declare a global war of Declaration on the deep state. And that is my end today of a global declaration of war Parabellum. And I thank you,

my friend, I don’t even know what to say. Somebody in here there, I’ve glanced over the threads, you’re talking to see how the response is it’s it’s off the chart, I mean, that shuttle left, that shuttle left an hour ago, we were at about 8600. Like I said, our channel we get knocked off these channels. So we’ll drop from like 100,000 subscribers. And then it’ll take us like a week to build back to like 30 or 35, eight units. And we have, we have 13,400 and something people sitting here right now watching you it’s grown over, it’s grown 60%, just in the last 40 minutes. So the words, the words out, people are grabbing this and they’re shelling out ever you got to see this. Now, I do want to say this before we get back into some q&a with you folks understand something, folks, as you know, I’ve been a little bit lacks in my strategy to stay alive on YouTube, which is as soon as he shows you’re done, getting them edited, or at least put my intro outro on the front back, getting it up on rumble coming and taking it off the YouTube before they can. And then putting another little video up says hey, here’s where you can find this. It’s over here on rumble. Here’s the link, boom, there it is. Here’s what I want you to shout out because I’m telling you, I got to get this off tonight because they’re going to do the channel because this is the last stuff that they need out there floating around the world because this video is going to go nuclear. So what I’m saying is, folks tonight, go ahead and shell this thing out. But if I were you, I would wait to give you at least maybe an hour, because I’m going to download this. I’m going to get it get it you know, get my intro outro into it. And then I’m going to upload it to rumble. And then we got 175,000 subscribers on my broadcast channel on telegram for this for pages through Fridays, and I’m gonna plan it on on telegram, the rumble version. And then that’s the one you want to take, send, send nuclear because we got like, you know, 100 Prime 53,000 over there. They don’t knock me out for going and stuff. So this has got this thing has to go nuclear, it’s got to go down this show. Yeah. And when they does, when it does, just make sure you’re getting that rumble link, because this won’t last here, they are going to do good. So and that’s how vicious. That’s how I’ve seen on here. And once I figured out actually Ron was the one that came over and get the strategies that here’s what we need to do. Once you live stream, get it down. Well, I don’t get it down until it’s on rumble. Now I come over and I put another video of Hey, you want to see this video. Here’s where you go, here’s the link and then I pull it out of there so I can take omega down. So anyways, that being said, folks, just understand we have to do that tonight because this thing has to we got to pick up momentum. So now this this thing is is I can’t read these are going too fast. That’s what happened when they were 14,000 people firing away.

I gotta go, I gotta

stop them to try to see see when you go watch the YouTube video yourself just because you’ll see the chat. I let the chat log roll even when somebody goes to play the YouTube video. So this was massive. We are obviously gonna get you back because your information is unlike anything we hear out there anywhere. I knew that before we came and I was listening to some of your stuff again today. But people do love to hear about the blaze society, the depths of it, Coby those guys were talking about that they This was one hell of a historical roadmap from then until now on how they were able to and you basically just proved what I’m saying, look, folks, you can beat me up my Christian friends because I’m like, Look, I went on a walkabout when I walked away from the Bible, which 20 years of my life didn’t give it to me. Somebody is not telling me everything went down quantum Physics, mechanics, all those things that and when I came back around and when I needed it God gave me what I needed. And but God knew this guy can clearly see they, they they stripped out the most powerful parts of that Bible. Yes,

I knew that

I knew it. I knew it intrinsically without intellectually having any proof. And as I said this for the last 10 to 12 years, boom, you’re the first guy that laid it out that it can’t be it’s not debatable. It’s not even debatable. So when I say this real

quick man of God before we sign off tonight, and this is a message to young people when we look at the this lie concerning the Bloods and the Crips. Now from a biblical paradigm, the term bloods in German, it means poter. The term Crips in German means guys, Poltergeist so the Bloods and Crips was not created by Raymond Washington, nor tookie Williams It was created by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1969, okay, and later just blossomed during the 70s and 80s as a paradigm and a sign up to conspire to destroy black conservative conservative thinking. So the Bloods in case when you connect also the term cane, right, which is a Patagonian term, and we interpret cane I can enable cane which becomes a Patagonian term meaning Bloods and then Abel which is a path of going in term meaning Crips or coffin, Bloods and Crips. So when you connect the names Kane to the name Abel, you get the term cannibal or cannibalism or spirit cooking. This is where we get the term thug life okay? The now when written I recommend this term before we sign off tonight heater a paternal super freakin nation. It means that a mother can have fraternal twins. Both twins belong to the to the same mother. But the twins don’t belong to the same father. And this is where we get into the king, serpent seed doctrine, another topic for another day. But the father of an Tifa was a man by the name of Reinhardt killin the mother of an Tifa is George Soros but the Father, the political father of an Tifa was a Nazi killer, a general by the name of Reinhard gehlen, who created the Gallup organization and was one of the founding fathers of the Central Intelligence Agency after World War Two, where the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services was absorbed into the CIA who was responsible for that not just while Bill donathan but also Reinhardt Galen, who then in 1931, created a German secret society called acteon capilla, aka t IO n, which is a German term meaning anti fascists, okay, on an Tifa. But the flag of in Tifa that they have today, they just flipped

them. All they do is flip the flags

and just put the Oh my god. The flag was originally designed by fascists, a Russian killer by the name of Mikhail law which monitor who created the Molotov cocktail, who was a killer under the tutelage of Joseph Stalin, who took out Tsar Nicholas in the Romanovs. Oh my God, that’s another topic who gave a $20 million check to Leon Trotsky, to take back to Russia to take out the Romanovs a man by the name of Jacob Schiff, who is the bloodline lineage that produced Adam shift.

That’s where pencil that came

from. You’re dealing with devils, so but the Bloods and Crips and not just them. But if you’re beautiful listeners get an opportunity that now remember that there’s a 1939 project or manifesto called the Negro project. And this woman, this African American woman, Dorothy Taylor sign on the dotted line, including black leaders from NAACP core snick urban Lee, for what for the extermination of black children through abortion. So the 1939 Negro project that had the name of a particular woman, by the name of Dorothy Taylor, okay, fourth final solution of black America was Dorothy Taylor brothers Scott McKay. Hold on to your socks in pole. Dorothy Taylor was the grandmother of Valerie June, Jarrett. And Karen’s grandmother’s signed off. On the 1939. Igor project put the extermination of black children. This same woman, Valerie Tatum Yeah. Valerie June Jarrett. Now I mean, Jarrett’s grandmother. Okay. Dorothy Taylor, supported the abortion of black children. And I’m not making this a black and white thing, but her granddaughter, okay. Dolly read June Jarrett. her ex father in law, Vernon jeric. was a mentor for one Barack Obama. Okay. In connection to Saudi Arabia and money going back to the 1980s and 90s. Valerie Jarrett’s father, was a black eugenicist a killer. He was a professor at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. James E. Bowman, who died in 2011. his mentor, the mentor of the founder of Valley Joon, Jared Dr. jamesy, Bowman’s mentor was a cancerian devil a doctor. by the name of Dr. Alf Alvey company, a L f, our being capital A l vi n g, who had injected 800 black men in the state penitentiary, okay. In 1956 in payroll in Peoria, Illinois. Those responsible there father up, Valerie, well, don’t get me. You’re dealing with devils. And that’s why the University of Chicago today through the Steven image Institute on the formation of knowledge, which is another name for eugenics, and connection to the Department of pathology in medicine, and connection to the Department of genetics and African American Studies at the Pisco School of Medicine, who aren’t the Oscars. One of the most powerful families in this country who run Chicago by the governor. The governor of the state of Illinois, Jay Pritzker, was the former owner of the Sikorsky 76 being helicopter that Colby diet Brian died on because the island holdings group and they Nuys, California, which owned the helicopter at the time of Kobe’s assassination. Then next time we got to, I got to come back in and talk about my upcoming book contract writing lucid dream project completed. So three years before Kobe’s death in January 2017. The executives of the island holdings group on a Van Nuys, California traveled to Chicago, white with the entire executive staff of the island holdings group need to go to Chicago to buy a helicopter as if there’s no helicopters in Los Angeles. They set Kobe’s death up three years in advance. Well, the Mormon group that’s owned by the Pritzker family, in which the CEO of the Mormon group is Jay Pritzker, the governor of the state of Illinois. He owned the Sikorsky 76 b helicopter and sold it to the island holdings group in January of 2017. For $515,000, the helicopter that Colby died on, who gave Colby Brian Clarence the fly that day. They took him out because Kobe Bryant had information on the Clintons, and according to my two contacts in the government, Kobe Bryant and his entire family was going into witness protection.

No, you know what, I’m gonna tell you something. The very morning that I heard what had happened as soon as I heard it, it was very simple. It’s like that guy was taken out. First of all, you understand the valley there. I live right here in Bell Canyon when it’s happening. If you understand the coastal California, Los Angeles Valley, where Coby lives, yes, this makes no sense. You’re gonna take a car, you’re going to go you’re going to a soccer, soccer match of inventor, right? You’re taking a car from down Newport Beach, you’re coming up four or five, you’re gonna go into the valley, okay, and you’re gonna hang a left basically on a 101 and by the time you hit the one on one to get to Ventura, you’re probably depending on traffic, it is a Saturday, you’re done. You’re it’s it’s gonna take you longer to drive further north to get over to Van Nuys Airport to do all that stuff to get in a helicopter to them by the time you simply do this. You jump up over the hill of Cal basses, boom, you’re ready for it. But by the time you do all that, that car is already in Ventura. And then it’s going to take off, right? And all you have to do is when you take off from bad ice, you’re literally going Northwest, you’re bouncing up over the mountain range bag down and down to the Camry. Oh, right in that area, you’re there. So they decide they’re going to go they’re going to go like to the southwest, right and crash in the hills of Calabasas I said, Oh, that was a hit. And I think you can’t you can’t explain out on any level wasn’t even bad weather. You’re not even going to divert, you know, to go to go into direction a when that was you’re going to save time by taking a helicopter. But instead of going straight up here you’re like, Okay, now we’re here. We’re gonna go down here away from here. And this just makes sense. It made no sense.

Because he had multiple lawsuits against some of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies in the world, the Novartis ag group, okay, which had sold COVID one to 11 to the Pirbright Institute. Okay, so that’s another topic for another day. They took Colby out because of that, but Colby was on his way in and as early as September 2019. He was invited by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a special invitation by the House of Saud to Bahama bin Salman good friends with Jerry Kirschner. Okay. And about Mohammed bin Salman to me as a patriot because he’s throwing up all those devils in Allah weed who was the homosexual lover Barack Obama now the topic for another day during his on Columbia days, but Colby was set to meet a woman in September 2019 in Saudi Arabia, in round with Saudi Arabia, a woman by the name of Princess Rima, capital R w. e Ma. Her father is Prince Bandar, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who is close to the Bush family, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. His name is in the 911 Commission for providing housing for the 19 hijackers during 911. Why is Colby mixup with these? They took Colby out. And in according to the NTSB, the National transit Transportation Safety Board in DC that 90% of the helicopter was filled with magnesium. That’s a major ingredient to make a bomb. That was a statement. They took him out because they inserted a spy. Okay, going back five years before his death, okay. They inserted a young man into Kobe’s life that I believe that was instrumental in taking Colby out, okay, because Kobe Bryant was too much of a threat to the system and he had knowledge on the Clintons. He was invited by the Aspen Institute, um, in 2014, January to speak here in New York City at the Clinton Global Initiative. And and there was an argument at that conference between Coby and Hillary about about something they had promised to pay Coby X amount of money, but they only gave him half. But COVID says, you know, I’m going to expose you and then, you know, Jeffrey Morgan stable is a young man that was inserted in the life of Kobe Bryant five years ago, what five years before Kobe’s death, who’s Jeffrey Morgan stable. He’s connected to the National Security Agency, because the NSA bombed his company called the brain gate. Okay, seven years ago, Jeffrey Morgan SIBO, who looks like Charles Manson. Okay, who is now running Colby Brian’s $2 billion Empire. Why isn’t Kobe Bryant’s family running that money? You see they took Colby out. Colby knew too much. And Kobe knew Jeffrey Epstein because Kobe Bryant sat on the board of a foundation called the life bone foundation. Kobe Bryant, his business partner Jeffrey Morgan, stable new Jeffrey Epstein. That’s why the day following cobis assassination, the lifeboat foundation took down the photo of Jeffrey Epstein knowing both Coby and Jeffrey Morgan stable Colby knew too much. And that’s why they took out Kobe Bryant and next time when I come on, I want to talk about not just Kobe Bryant but all the shootings like in Colorado. That was a black operation. Okay.

Title Operation treadstone remember the 2012 movie on the Bourne Legacy? Okay. They came out 10 days after that mass shooting in Aurora, California, in Aurora, Colorado. You know, Aurora, Colorado, that that shooting took place at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on the 25th July 2012. At the century 16 theater where who owns that that chain of theaters? They open source aside who owns that George Soros? Who owns the king grocery store that this Amman Allawi Alyssa took out 10 people a couple of weeks ago, the open source system. I’m not blaming George Soros, who also owns the plot of land with Colby die called Kyla basses. Okay, look it up in the LA County records. Okay. The Open Source society owns that land that Colby died on. That’s the 33rd congressional district in the state of California, but the sheriff, okay. I don’t expect a waiver who gave the press conference conference and COVID is the 33rd sheriff in the history of LA County. He’s also the same Sheriff that was on the scene when Tiger Woods was almost taken. See these people are dabbles

man are everywhere. And that’s why you know, we saw our 70 back channel set look at a couple of times. Evil is everywhere.

evil man is evil. And I’ll say this and I’ll let you go medica in your beautiful listeners if they get an opportunity. You know, type in concerning on Colorado shooting kills 10 us health officials raise concern about AstraZeneca vaccine weyman in Colorado shooting kills 10 us health officials raised concern about AstraZeneca vaccine trial What does the Astra Zeneca vaccine trial for COVID-19 have anything to do with this killing? It’s a black operation these vaccines are turning these young men and women into super soldiers after the fact as a manchurian candidate. They can’t remember what they done. Okay, Astra Zeneca that was created during the same time of the Columbine shootings in Colorado in 1990 9am. I six runs Astra Zeneca. So when you look up the term Astra then the word weapon in parentheses in on Wikipedia, Astra Zeneca means in Hindu according to the Sanskrit weapon that kills. Oh, come on. So I’m taking these vaccines causing these people to take Oh my God, I thank you so much, brother. I love you.

younger you are unbelievable. Absolutely. Here’s what I want to ask you. I’m going to nail you down right now. Next weekend. We I got it. I got a heavy schedule next weekend already. But next week, so the following week. Let’s come. Let’s come back. And let’s dive. I’m sure that we don’t have to remember where you left off.


Somebody says

this is a new insight.

So photographic memory, I just go and let’s do that because I’ll be going on vacation soon. But listen, brother, even on vacation, I will come on your show. So you send you send my my executive assistant, Lisa, all the information Bishop I am at your command man of God. And I am want to thank God for you guys and for your beautiful listeners. If you guys get an opportunity when you look within the House of Representatives, have you guys ever seen on the back wall of the House of Representatives on the platform. there’s a there’s a two column Roman column, one on the right hand side and one on the left hand side. And it has a barbed wire fence. Going around both of the columns inside of the House of Representatives. That’s called a fast she’s FA s CES which is a Roman term meaning fascism or feces. This is the system that Trump was exposing fast she’s fascism feces. With the hatchet. Oh my God when I’m doing I am discombobulating dismantling darkness. inch by inch. Why? Because I’m a john wick. I’m a contract assassin. And that is my end tonight of this is your declaration of war Parabellum and I thank you manna God

after a night if the Patriots street fighters have not declared war on the Cabal or the deep state they did tonight and that and that’s why we’re going to get them to rise up so I love you brother do me a favor as soon as you’re off of here, shoot me a quick email because I’m going to grab that where to find you anything to do the book I’m going to plant it right into scripture because people are going to ask me where the heck can I find this guy? Yes. And then I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m here been targeted I’m gonna hunt you down for the 20th of this month I’m getting again you will not escape us trust me you will not escape

it just and just if you guys can’t go to global spiritual revolution media.com Global spiritual revolution media comm and register to be a part of our global and spiritual revolution master classes. We got one in Saudi Arabia it’s an underground class so global spiritual revolution media calm and man of God we’re seeing you all those links. After the show we can put them up on your descriptions on Rambo, and with your permission man of God, if you’re if you guys feel the lead into the Lord to financially support our global spiritual revolution, go to paypal.me forward slash GSR Media Group. Again, patriots is paypal.me forward slash GSRR Media Group paypal.me forward slash GS our meter group please. I don’t care how small it is or how large anything that will contribute to building the kingdom of God. I love you brother. And you can follow me on social media. My Twitter handle is at Bishop l gators at Bishop l Gators. And also you can follow our group page on Facebook. just typing global spiritual revolution radio, global spiritual revolution radio or just global spiritual revolution on type in just global spiritual revolution on Facebook and follow us on our global group page and you can also follow me on Facebook. Okay, send me a friend request. At bishop@facebook.com slash forward slash Bishop l gators facebook.com forward slash Bishop l Gator says GA i te RS I love you, brother. I’ll be back on the 20th I’m coming back. Thank you. So we got to thanks

to our friend tiersen for building this bridge so we can

thank you so my sister I’m coming back my sister. Don’t worry. I’m coming back. My staff. I’m just recovering from this. I was shut down. I will shut down for about weeks man. I had a touch of pneumonia. I had a virus in my body. I know a virus in my stomach. I was sick as a dog man but but not secure. So I’m coming back. Don’t worry. So she’s a beautiful woman of God. So we love you, brother. Thank you so much, man.

Have a great night brother

level ready to sir. I salute you, sir. God bless you. We love you.