Senile Biden Has Difficulty Reading His Teleprompter During Remarks at IV CEO Summit – Then Whispers Story About his Grandmother (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks at the IV CEO Summit of Americas in Downtown Los Angeles.

Biden’s 13-minute speech was full of gaffes and awkward jokes.

Joe Biden could barely read his teleprompter.

No wonder why his handlers limited his speech to 13 minutes.

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“To lower the risk around these kinds of investments. Support policy reforms and improve investment and climate in countries. Uh, excuse me. The investment climate. The climate of investment in these countries,” Biden said losing the battle with his teleprompter.


At the end of his speech, Biden told a story about his grandparents telling him to ‘keep the faith.’

Joe Biden leaned forward and whispered: “And my grandmother would say, ‘no, Joey, spread it! Spread the faith.’”

Joe Biden waved as he shuffled away from the lectern (notice his gait).


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