Image: Serial doxxer and Wash Post whiner Taylor Lorenz caught in yet another fake news scandal

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Why anyone reads the Washington Post anymore is beyond our comprehension since the paper’s ‘journalists’ are little more than left-wing hack partisans who are actually feuding amongst themselves these days.

But one of the worst, without question, is whiner Taylor Lorenz.

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After she doxxed the woman behind the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, she herself was doxxed by a rival media outlet, leading her to literally break down in tears during a subsequent interview discussing it. See, it’s terrible when left-wing nutjobs like Lorenz get doxxed; it’s ‘good investigative journalism’ when she doxxes a conservative.

In an event, she was called out by two subjects for falsely reporting that she reached out to them for comment before publication. Afterward, her paper engaged in a number of efforts to cover up her sloppy reporting first by doing a stealth edit (removing the fake news passage without offering any explanation) and then issuing a number of corrections — none of which stopped her from going on Twitter to blame her editor.

“Last Thursday, an incorrect line was added to a story of mine before publishing due to a miscommunication with an editor. I did not write the line and was not aware it was inserted. I asked for it to be removed right after the story went live,” she wrote to begin her thread.

“The line was a sentence saying that I reached out to 2 YouTubers for comment for my story. The inclusion of the YouTubers was only in passing, citing another outlet’s reporting…After the story went live, I reached out to both YouTubers mentioned in that sentence just to be extra sure there wasn’t some sort of commentary they wanted to add. Neither provided comment for the story and both continued to post about me,” she continued.


“The mention of these two individuals was not remotely the focus of my story. It’s become a huge distraction. I spoke to over two dozen creators for my story about the trial, along with other experts who are quoted in the piece,” Lorenz added — as if speaking to a couple of dozen creators makes lying about two of them okay.

This should have been a small correction for a miscommunication, but it turned into a multi-day media cycle, intentionally aimed at discrediting the Washington Post and me,” she went on.

“We have a responsibility to recognize these bad faith campaigns for what they are and when these sorts of things do and do not warrant acknowledgment…I’m extremely happy at the Washington Post. I chose to work here because it’s a really incredible place filled with amazing, talented journalists and editors. Bad actors recognize the Washington Post’s earnest desire to hear and incorporate feedback, and they exploit that,” Lorenz claimed.

“I know that the stuff I write about and go through is hugely unfamiliar to the vast majority of people in media! I have great hope that all of us can learn from this experience.”

Other media folks, however, were not buying her ‘explanation’ and told her as much, but she piled on them, too.

Lorenz attacked CNN’s Oliver Darcy saying: “No, actually. This type of coverage is so irresponsible & dangerous. It’s misrepresenting my words to amplify a manufactured outrage campaign by right wing media & radicalized influencers, which is driving a vicious harassment/smear campaign against me. CNN is gleefully piling on.”

Right. It’s always the ‘right wing media’ (notice how she never mentions she writes for a left-wing outlet, though it certainly is) — never her fault.

One of the two subjects, attorney Alyte Mazeika, who goes by LegalBytes online, spoke out Thursday, “Um. This says I didn’t respond to requests to comment? I know I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the past two months, but I’ve just double checked for your name, @TaylorLorenz, and I see no email from you. Also, I didn’t suddenly pivot. I started covering this before trial began.”

The Washington Post is just like nearly every other legacy media operation today: Propagandists for the left.

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