SHOCK REPORT… Executive Ed Dowd: Actuaries Continue to See Elevated Millennial Deaths this Year Since Introduction of Forced Vaccines – Up 36% in August

Ed Dowd joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Frank Speech recently to discuss the excess mortality rates we are witnessing following two years of the COVID vaccine mandates.

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Ed Dowd, an equity investment executive, joined The War Room back in March with an explosive report on the excess number of deaths recorded in the US since the introduction of the experimental vaccines. Back in March Dowd said that U.S. millennials, aged 25-44, experienced a record-setting 84% increase in excess mortality during the final four months of 2021.

It’s still happening! According to Ed Dowd, the latest numbers from August show an excess mortality rate of 36% for millennials.

Ed Dowd: This is the biggest crime I’ve seen in the history of my career. And it’s the greatest asymmetric information gap I’ve ever seen. Meaning, we on the War Room know it. You know it. Lots of people know it. Some of the lawmakers I talk to know it. But 90% of the globe has no idea what just happened to them. We’re still seeing as of August of this year 36 percent excess mortality, I’ve seen the society of actuary numbers. They don’t publish them regularly, they only publish them annually… 2022, the month of August, 36% excess mortality rate for millennials. So it’s still going on, Steve.

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It boggles my mind. And the lack of noise we’re hearing on this, the crickets we’re hearing from the health institutions, and politicians, and the drug makers… They know what we know. I’m calling it a cover-up. I’m calling it criminal negligence at this point.

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