SHOCK VIDEO: Smuggler Directs Massive Group of Illegal Aliens Through Hole in Border Wall, Taunts Border Patrol Agents | The Gateway Pundit

Thanks to the Biden regime, the southern border is controlled by cartels and their human smugglers.

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A video posted to X on Friday shows an SUV rolling up to the southern border near Lukeville, Arizona. A smuggler jumps out and taunts border patrol agents as he films them on a phone (proof of delivery) from the Mexican side of the border.

The illegal aliens easily cross into the US through a hole in the border wall. A smuggler waves in one of the illegals in front of armed border patrol agents without giving it a second thought. Human smugglers were seen jumping on the wire across the gaps in the border wall.

Shortly after that, a massive group of illegals crossed through the hole in the border wall.

Border Patrol Agents did nothing to stop the flow of illegals. The smugglers are in charge.

“Border Patrol agents tell me they have been instructed to deter, not stop illegal immigration,” NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley said.


AZ: Smugglers over in Mexico roll up in an SUV—One jumps out pretending he has a long gun pointed right at BORTAC and Border Patrol agents—The first shot is my video zoomed so you can see his gesture—The shot that follows is the same but zoomed out so you can see the agents jump…

— Ali Bradley (@AliBradleyTV) December 1, 2023

John Modlin, the chief patrol agent in the Tucson sector of the southern border released some very troubling statistics on Friday afternoon.

In just one week, there were over 17,000 apprehensions, which included 10 human smuggling attempts and 8 situations involving narcotics. In addition to that, there were 18 rescues.

Week in Review…

– 17,500 Apprehensions
– 131 Federal Criminal Cases
– 18 Rescues
– 10 Human Smuggling Events
– 8 Narcotics Events #HonorFirst

— John R. Modlin (@USBPChiefTCA) December 1, 2023

The Gateway Pundit reported on Thursday that in a 24 hour period, almost 10,000 illegals came across the border.

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, there were over 9,400 encounters with illegal aliens at the US southern border within a 24 hour period between Wednesday and Thursday.

Of those, over 5,800 were released into the United States, according to CBP sources who spoke to Bill Melugin.

Human smugglers and coyotes working for the Mexican cartels have recently diverted tens of thousands of illegals per month to the Tucson sector because they aren’t deterred by Arizona’s Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs. Apprehensions and narcotics/fentanyl events have spiked in Tucson.

NEW: Per CBP source, 9,400+ migrant encounters at the southern border in last 24 hours, w/ 5,800+ migrants released into the US w/ future court dates. Border Patrol apprehended 7,700+ illegal immigrants, led by Tucson sector w/ almost 3,000.
1,600+ more at CBP ports of entry.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) November 30, 2023

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