SICK: Drag Queen Pulls Out Bologna out of His Crotch, Eats it, and Feeds it to Backup Dancers – One Parent Suggests It’s Like Watching Disney (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit reported this week that independent journalist Tayler Hansen documented a disturbing drag show event for “all ages” in Austin, Texas, at which minors were exposed to explicit sexual content.

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The event is called “A Drag Queen Christmas,” a drag tour featuring alumni of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This so-called family-friendly show will be traveling across the country up until the end of December, with only one purpose to groom young kids.

“This is a national tour with 36 shows in 18 different states, including DC,” said Hansen.

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Tayler Hansen attended the event, describing it as the “most sexual and inappropriate family-friendly drag show I have ever attended.”

“From simulating sex, talking dirty to the crowd, sexualizing children’s stories, and much more,” said Hansen.

Hansen caught the drag queens in yet another sick stunt on Saturday.

“Drag Queen “Jimbo The Clown” pulls bologna out of his crotch, eats it, feeds it to backup dancers, and throws it into the crowd,” Hansen wrote on Twitter.

Jimbo The Clown (Source: RuPaul Drag Show)

Watch the video below:

BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzales spoke with a parent who attended the drag event, and she compared it to a Disney production. Another said her “kid sees simulated sex at school.”

Watch the video below:

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