Image: Since Sandy Hook parents can sue Alex Jones for “emotional distress,” then 160 million Americans should sue Fox News and MSM for lying about vaccine-induced injuries and death

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Thousands of court cases in American history have set the precedent for future litigation and even influenced their outcomes. Case in point: Parents of children who were reportedly killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting were awarded over $4 million in the defamation case against famous podcaster Alex Jones because he said the mass shooting was staged by the highly corrupt FBI in order to confiscate guns from Americans.

If it’s true that the parents of those students suffered distress due to Alex Jones’ so-called propaganda and ‘conspiracy theories’ about Sandy Hook, then every parent of every child who has been damaged and/or killed by the ‘clot shot’ COVID-19 vaccines should be able to sue (and win damages) from Fox News and mainstream media for lying about and propagating the “safety and effectiveness” of those toxic and deadly gene-altering jabs.

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity might get sued for millions of dollars for pushing conspiracy theories about people needing COVID “vaccines”

Pro-vaccine and pharma shill Sean Hannity wants everyone to forget he pushed conspiracy theories about the Fauci Flu jabs being safe and effective for two years, while thousands (if not millions) of Americans got injured and/or killed, including children, from the side effects and adverse events caused directly by the jabs. Just as the court and jury ruled against Alex Jones, saying his ‘conspiracy theories’ caused suffering, Sean Hannity and many other pharma-whores would be guilty of the same, for pushing out harmful propaganda that caused suffering, and even more so, physical injuries and deaths.


Sean Hannity said every American needed to get “vaccinated” with the deadly clot shots, and he said it almost every day for an entire year. This Hannity quote is from July of 2021: “And it absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science, I believe in the science of vaccination.” Fox News, among other mainstream outlets, featured so-called medical “experts” and falsely claimed that all the COVID clot shots were science-backed, and safe, and effective, and blah, blah, blah. It was all a hoax. A conspiracy theory. A farce.

The media talking heads all begged Americans to get vaccinated with the most deadly jabs ever created, and now they may be facing the biggest lawsuits media pundits and vax-pharma shills have ever seen. Did they have no regard for the well-being of parents of vaccine-injured and vaccine-killed children? Don’t they know that the COVID-19 jabs cause spontaneous abortions for the majority of pregnant women who get them? It’s time for reparations, and the media hucksters are responsible. They’re on the hook for millions of dollars for spreading lies about the Fauci Flu jabs. Let the lawsuits ensue!

The largest breach of journalistic ethics ever sets the stage for lawsuits, following the precedent case set by the parents of the Sandy Hook mass shooting

Nothing negative has ever been reported about the COVID-19 “vaccines” by the mass media, and this alone is a travesty of epic proportions. These mRNA jabs cause myocarditis, blood clots, immune system dysfunction and death, but not a word about this is ever uttered by anyone in mainstream media. Is it guilt by omission?

Actually, it’s worse, because the Biden Administration is guilty of covertly funding the spreading of conspiracy theories by mass media about the so-called “safety and efficacy” of the deadly jabs. That means politicians, regulatory agency heads, and even Resident Biden himself, could and should be sued for millions in damages by the parents of children who were damaged and/or killed by the clot shots. How is this any different than the parents of children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary? They claimed that Alex Jones hurt them with his concocted theories, and they won millions in court by a jury who said so.

There exists hours and hours of proof that the mass media (fake news) pushed conspiracy theories about COVID “vaccines” being safe and effective, and this should provide ample evidence for juries across the country to convict the pharma media shills. Though nobody can ever sue the vaccine manufacturers for their deadly, faulty products, the media whores who propagated lies about it all should be held responsible for damages. It’s that simple.

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