April 14, 2021

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Situation Update, April 7th: ALERT – The CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS in Texas and Florida to punish states that refuse vaccine passports

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Situation Update, April 7th: ALERT – The CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS in Texas and Florida to punish states that refuse vaccine passports

(Natural News) The CDC is a criminal “gangster” organization that has repeatedly turned to bio-terrorism and media propaganda to gain money and power. All the way back in the 1980s, the CDC ran a nationwide AIDS terrorism campaign, claiming AIDS would affect straight, heterosexual men, sweeping across America and threatening the very existence of humanity. In truth, AIDS primarily affects homosexuals with multiple sex partners and street drug users who share needles. But the psychological terror campaign pushed by the CDC earned them a windfall of new funding from Congress, positioning the CDC as the “authority” to control all aspects of human behavior under the cover of preventing a pandemic.

After AIDS, the CDC ran more terror campaigns against America and the world, spreading mass hysteria over the H5N1 bird flu, then the Zika virus, and now covid. It’s always the same playbook: Wildly exaggerate the risk, assert authority over all human behavior — the CDC now controls private rent contracts across the USA — and demand billions in new funding from the government.

It’s all a criminal racket, because the other purpose in all this is to create demand for vaccines that enrich Big Pharma. The vaccines, then, are designed to spread more infectious disease, resulting in more “outbreaks” that the media leverages to whip up yet more mass hysteria, which sells more vaccines. The entire time, the CDC demands more power, more funding and more “authority” to control every human behavior.

The Disneyland measles scheme was a CDC black ops false flag mission to push vaccines in California

When people aren’t adopting vaccine mandates quickly enough, the CDC runs “black ops” teams to spread infectious disease, giving the media more fresh meat for their mass hysteria propaganda campaigns. A few years ago, the CDC partnered with California lawmakers and vaccine corporations to spread measles in Disneyland, resulting in a coordinated mass hysteria media campaign which, to no one’s surprise, concluded with Big Pharma puppet Calif. State Sen. Richard Pan rolling out SB 277, the law that banned vaccine exemptions in California. The entire operation was planned from the start: Release the measles, ignite the media fear campaign, roll out the pre-written law, and get it passed during the emotional reaction phase of the media campaign.

The CDC is running the exact same playbook with covid, and because the CDC is a “gangster” criminal front for Big Pharma, there’s nothing they won’t do to keep a pandemic going. That’s why it’s rather straightforward to understand they’re going to release bioweapons pathogens in Texas and Florida — possibly new “variants” of covid — to try to crush those states’ resistance to vaccine passports.

Any state that denounces vaccine passports or vaccine mandates will be targeted by the CDC’s black ops team, who run around the country with vials of pathogens like a scene out of the movie 12 Monkeys, releasing them in airports, bus stations and public venues.

We have now arrived at the point where our government is an active bioterrorism group that needs continues outbreaks, fear and public obedience to maintain its power. After all, evil Dr. Fauci directly funded the WIV “gain of function” research that led to the creation and release of the coronavirus bioweapon in the first place. The entire thing was engineered from the start and released on schedule to crush world economies, push mail-in voting for the U.S. election and initiate the “global reset” that will enslave humanity under the rule of anti-human globalists.

The CDC is happily playing right along, pushing deadly vaccines and releasing weaponized strains as needed to keep the entire scam going, all while demanding more vaccines, masks and social distancing.

We are all living under a criminal medical mafia that now acts as the greatest threat to humankind, while pretending to be our saviors. The CDC works for Big Pharma and the depopulation globalists, not the American people.

Listen to today’s full podcast to learn more details that will shock you:


Welcome to the Situation Update Wednesday, April 7, Mike Adams here. Thank you for joining me today. All right. All right, we’ve got some good news coming out of leasts. Our Brighton r&d team. As of today, the team has completed the live streaming with peer to peer functionality and large scale ability to handle actually, the team is telling me easily 50,000 viewers or more

for the upcoming event, that is what April 16 and 17th, Friday and Saturday. That is the live event from Tulsa. With speakers like Linwood and Sidney Powell and General Flynn. And many other speakers, there’s like 30 speakers, I’m one of them as well, there are a lot of speakers, the entire event is streaming for free on brighty on, and you will have a link right on the homepage of bright town comm of how to get to that stream. So I’m being told that barring any kind of catastrophic event, upstream with the the servers and the CD ends, and the fiber optic lines and all that, if all that stuff works, we’re going to be good to go for streaming that whole event for free. I’m very happy to be able to do that. And thank you for all your support. And thank you for supporting our sponsors who are helping to fund this pathway. So it’s all good. Now, we’ve got other good news as well. But also some shocking news today. Texas, the governor of Texas has signed an executive order that bars the Texas government or any government department from requiring vaccine passports. So you can say in essence, the governor has banned vaccine passports, at least from a government sector, but not the private sector. Because he doesn’t have that power to do so with an executive order. However, legislative efforts are underway in Texas to make that a law that would affect private companies as well. Oh, that’s interesting. So let’s see where that goes. We’ve got a lot of important information about that, including information that I believe leads to the fact that the CDC will now use a biological weapons attack against Texas and Florida, and any other states that ban vaccine passports. So we now have, the government is a bioterrorist organization, they will spread COVID variant strains or other malicious, you know, bio warfare components, maybe Ebola, who knows what they are doing that on purpose, in order to punish states for choosing freedom over medical tyranny. So I’ll have a lot more coverage of that topic here for you in today’s podcast, a couple of let’s see programming notes, we are being blown out of short grain brown rice certified organic lab tested. In many storage buckets, we have six packs of this really high end, ultra clean, short grain brown rice, that was very hard for us to find, because most of the lots are just too high with heavy metals, by the way. So this is an ultra clean lot. We haven’t, again, six packs inside a polyethylene mini bucket. So it’s easier to carry and stack and lift and everything. And these are just moving like crazy. all day yesterday, at health Ranger store calm, we still have more. And I also checked with my team, we have many pallets of this short grain brown rice that is not yet packed. So we’re in the process of packing that in the vacuum packing custom machine that we had built for this. And that’s going into the mini buckets. So we’ll have more available if you want to take advantage of that. It kind of shocked me. This This is the story beyond just the store. It shocked me how many people were interested in buying a relatively boring food staple. In years past, we’ve never had high sales volumes of just rice, you know, or legumes or beans or what have you. But I think the food system is breaking down so much right now. And people also understand that the food is getting dirtier out there, you know, because it’s a lot more of it’s coming from China, sadly, and dirty soils and all kinds of industrial pollution and so on. And so it’s harder and harder to find clean food and also just harder to find food period. That that is like bulk food at a good price because, you know, the grocery stores just want to sell you processed food, high margin, high profit stuff that’s completely devoid of most nutrients. And that’s not really food. I don’t even call that food that’s just garbage. Just empty calories. So to get real food, you know at a good bulk price that’s lab tested. It’s hard to get So all of a sudden, we’re seeing this surge in the purchasing of food staples from our store, which we’ve never seen before. And that’s kind of an indication, at least, to me, it seems like an indication that people are getting increasingly nervous about the food supply lines out there as they should be. By the way, did you see the Suez Canal was blocked, again, by a couple of ships that lost engine power?

I just see that kind of makes you wonder who was blocking this canal on purpose? And why are they doing it? Because, you know, one ship just rammed itself right into the side of the canal. That was not an accident, folks. That was the ever given ship, you know, of the Evergreen company. That was last week. And then this week, two ships lost engine power. And they blocked the canal for a few more hours, something’s going on. Somebody is trying to block the canal for some purpose. And it’s causing disruptions of supply lines. But maybe it’s disrupting other things, too, that are being moved around by you know, bad guys, like, Oh, I don’t know. Human beings, I don’t know, weapons, drugs, whatever. But somebody is interfering with the supply lines, that’s for sure. Okay, one encouraged to keep up the Delta Airlines boycott. So from the conservative treehouse calm, the Delta has canceled over 100 flights just on Sunday, last Sunday. They were citing staff shortages. This is after President Trump asked for a boycott of several corporations, including Delta, because delta is claiming the voter ID is bad and racist. So this is another one of these woke corporations,

among among

many other corporations like woca Cola, also known as Coca Cola, Major League Baseball, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Cisco, ups, Merck, and so on. Got to stop using these corporations to the extent that you can but boycott Delta Airlines because delta hates voter ID. Delta is in essence in favor of cheating in elections, delta is supporting initiatives that would destroy our democracy. So delta is really pro tyranny. So for all these other companies like Coca Cola, and Nike and Lyft, and Uber, and so on, it’s a list of hundreds of them now. But anyway, keep up the ban on Delta the boycott, don’t fly Delta, put them out of business, take your business elsewhere. Or better yet, just don’t fly out on any of those airlines that are trying to preach to you in favor of vote rigging and election fraud. Alright, moving on to other topics here. Let me mention today’s sponsor is Treasure Island precious metals and coins. This company offers very, very competitive fair deals on a gold and silver coins without gimmicks, no gimmicks check them out at metals with Mike calm. And they have supply of silver when many other companies don’t have supply and are only selling some future supply that they don’t really have yet. I purchased by the way some what’s called junk silver coins, mostly it’s quarters that are pre 1964. With I think about a 90% silver content got a bunch of those. So they’re a smaller denomination than a one ounce silver round or Silver Eagle and the just old quarters that are that are mostly silver and that’s that’s a great way to have silver in a very small unit that’s easier to trade with or barter with it if it ever comes to that seems like it will some point soon here. You notice that the blowout is continuing with the national debt, you know the money creation, money printing, the stock market bubble, the bond bubble and the real estate bubble. That’s going crazy. I got a comment on that in a second. Anyway, check them out at metals with Mike calm. Now about the real estate situation. I had this in my notes yesterday that pension funds are purchasing houses or entire neighborhoods in the Houston area. I don’t know if I even mentioned that. But But pension funds are buying neighborhoods of homes. And what’s happening is that pension funds are realizing that there’s really no good return. When it comes to investing in the stock market. Everything’s a bubble. So what are they doing now? They are buying. They’re buying homes, single family residence homes. So that’s kind of a scary warning sign that things might be getting super crazy. It’s also raising the prices of these homes. For you know small buyers, his family buyers who want to live in a home now the prices are becoming so unaffordable. It really is insane and think about being a young person. Today, you know, we you and I always, I thought my youth was challenging enough as it was. But imagine being a young person today, you can’t really afford housing. How could you ever save enough money to make a down payment on a house? Given that buying a house now takes like four times as many work hours as it did when when I was young or no, in my early 20s, let’s say. And on top of that young people are hit with all this brainwashing just constantly through social media and the tech giants and then they’re not even allowed to go to school in many places have to wear masks, they have to walk around in band class in these cocoons, you know, look like morons. I mean, not it’s not their fault. It’s the it’s the schools that are forcing them to comply with all this just incredible nonsense. So today’s youth are being totally brainwashed and indoctrinated lied to. And the sad part is, many of them are going to become a danger to us because they will believe in the communism brainwashing. And all of the the terrorism campaigns of the fake news media, and the CDC, and the vaccine industry and everything, you know, young minds are pretty gullible. And right now, young minds are under a tremendous assault from every direction, to control what they think and what they say. While the same system is also pushing rampant transgenderism on these youth, and trying to get them chemically castrated, and so on. It’s it’s really insane. It’s a horrible time to be a young person.

Some might say it’s a horrible time to be a person at all, in this crazy world of tyranny, and, you know, medical fascism and so on. But at least you and I remember a time when we had freedom, a lot of these young people really don’t remember living in a free society. So by the way, I mentioned the the term woke up cola instead of Coca Cola, that’s referring to the woke term, start using that lingo, if you’d like share that as well. Coca Cola, don’t buy anything from woca Cola, because they’re pushing transgenderism and lies and election fraud and all these things. Coca Cola is a horribly evil company whose products cause diabetes, and obesity, by the way, which is one of the leading comorbidity factors with COVID-19. Another term that’s worth using here is the genocide Olympics in China. So there are now at least 200 US corporations that are all in favor of promoting the genocide Olympics in China. And of course, genocide, referring to the way China treats the Uighur groups, they’re the indigenous people of I think, mostly northern China. And China, rolls out genocide all the time, they’re attacking a certain group and actually China wants to commit genocide against Americans. By the way. China is an evil, totalitarian communist regime, run by anti God, atheists, and just evil people. They engage in organ organ harvesting. They murder political dissidents, they steal intellectual property on a routine basis. They built the SARS Cove to bio weapon, also known as COVID-19. They built that in China with the help of funding from evil Fauci and the Obama administration and the NIH, of course, but China is evil. And yet there are 200 US corporations that don’t mind the evil as long as they make money, broadcasting the genocide Olympics. So start using that term, share that term with others and also boycott any company that is associated with the genocide Olympics, that’s going to be the broadcasting companies, it’s going to be what the sponsors, you know, probably probably woke up cola probably going to be there too. And anybody that advertises with the Olympics is supporting the genocide. So boycott any company that advertises and help us stop all of that evil, and don’t at least don’t reward it. Alright, also today, by the way, AstraZeneca, you know, its vaccine causes deadly blood clots and is killing people. Well, now, the European pharmaceutical regulator known as the AMA is finally admitting that, in fact, it does cause blood clots. I mean, they go to great lengths, don’t they to excuse all of the dangers and deaths associated with vaccines? You know, if if everybody were taking a natural substance or an herb or something, they would never say all these deaths are just a coincidence. But when it’s a vaccine, they go out of their way. Well, now, the dam is finally broken. There’s so much evidence so many people are dying. They finally had to admit, after a safety review, that yeah, it turns out There is a link to blood clots. And of course they call it Oh, it’s very rare. They say very rare. So when people start dying from vaccines, the media says, that’s not happening. That’s a conspiracy theory. And then when more and more people die from vaccines, then they sell well, the deaths are rare. Well, it’s not rare if you’re the one that’s dead, right? I mean, and how many people are dying from these vaccines that we don’t know about? How many people just dropped dead in their car, let’s say and then they have a traffic accident because they died first had a blood clot in their brain, they lost consciousness, and then they had a car accident. And then the ambulance comes and says, Oh, they died from a car accident. Actually, they died from the AstraZeneca vaccine. We never hear about those, do we? So the actual number of deaths may be quite large. In fact, how do we know that these ship captains in the Suez Canal aren’t all taking the AstraZeneca vaccine and having brain blood clots right in the middle of the canal? You know, you’re driving the ship, everything’s fine. All of a sudden, this is just boom, the ship goes into the side of the canal. Is this what’s gonna happen to our society? Now we’re gonna have, you know, airline pilots, just losing their minds because of vaccines as well probably, you know, one more reason not to fly Delta. And speaking of vaccines, and transportation, the CDC has now decided it’s going to put the entire Cruise Line industry out of business. So the CDC announced that the conditional sailing order that’s been blocking cruise ships from departing the United States will now remain in effect until November one. Oh, so cruise lines are not allowed to say what Whatever happened to all these leftists that said private companies can do whatever they want? Well, except not at the CDC comes along and says that there’s a risk. But does this mean? Well, number one, I’m not a huge fan of the cruise industry, by the way, because it’s a very dirty, toxic industry that dumps sewage in the ocean and serves crappy, non organic, you know, processed food, all kinds of stuff. I’m not a big fan of it. However, if people want to cruise that’s their right to cruise, you know, they want to get on a ship. Just have him sign a disclaimer and say, yeah, I’m taking a cruise, there might be a risk of getting infection, because there is all the time. How many times in years past has

a cruise ship,

there’s been an outbreak of some crazy insane, you know, pandemic or food poisoning. We’ve seen stories in the past of almost entire ships of people having mass food poisoning, that’s a risk, or the CDC going to come along and shut down the whole industry because some people got a stomach bug or something. But this this whole idea that the CDC now has total control over everything in society is is just insane. Since I mean, the CDC can claim anything now because there are people involved and people might have the pandemic. Now therefore, the CDC is now controlling rent, deciding whether you can evict a renter. Why because there are people involved people might be affected. Now the control on the cruise industry. Why? Because there are people involved people might be infected. What’s next? I guess the CDC could just order all movie theaters, bankrupt, or all restaurants all salons all gymnasiums all just bankrupt. Why? Because there are people involved people might be infected that this is nonsense. We didn’t. What what voters gave the CDC this power. This is this is tyranny. This is the kind of thing that America’s Founding Fathers fought against the tyranny is Show me your papers tyranny. We’ve had enough of it in this country to just stop listening to these tyrants. And at the state and local level, pass laws protecting our local economies against these swamp creature lunatics like the CDC. Want to be funny of all the taxpayers got together and swarm the CDC campus, isn’t that also Atlanta and locked up all the doors and put signs on the doors a CDC is not allowed to operate. Why because of COVID not safe for you. We should shut down the CDC because of COVID. And then that would save the rest of us from, you know, being targeted by the CDC. But this, the CDC supremacy claim is really dangerous for society. And it really means that until someone stops them, you know, like a governor or maybe the Supreme Court, someone like that, until someone stops them. They’re going to just continue to assert total control over everything. And by the way, if you go back to the 1980s, the CDC anytime they wanted to increase their their budget, they would hype up some kind of epidemic. And in the 80s, it was AIDS. And they were totally hyping up aids and the CDC was putting stories in the media and they were running all these scare stories that said, oh, oh, like heterosexual men with with just one partner like that their wife and that those men would get AIDS to everybody was going to get AIDS. In reality, HIV was largely limited to people engaging in homosexual, multiple partner sex acts, and needle sharing

of recreational drugs. Those are the top two things that spread HIV. But the CDC was trying to scare everybody and say, oh, everybody would have AIDS. It was going to ravage the nation and they need more money. Well, Congress gave him more money, because they had, you know, 60 minutes and Time magazine and Newsweek and everybody was screaming about AIDS. That was just a precursor to COVID. It’s the same thing the CDC always scares the heck out of the nation, so they can get more power and more funding. And then they assert that power to shut people down or shut entire industries down, like the cruise industry. This is this is a crime against us all the CDC is a criminal terrorist organization. They use terror to get more funding. And as you’ll soon find out here, we talk about Texas, the CDC also spreads infectious disease on purpose. They engage in biological warfare, in order to spread more terror and get more funding and gain more power. That’s the way the CDC operates. It’s a criminal enterprise. Now, before we get to that, though, I want to bring you what Candace Owens has said, This is from lifesite news, that pushing experimental COVID vaccines on children is a type of child abuse. Yep, yep, exactly. I’ve been saying that for quite a long time here. And it’s great to hear Candace reinforcing this important idea. She says experimental vaccines on children who have an approximate 0% chance of dying from the virus for which they’re being vaccinated against is a type of child abuse. Yes, it is. And that’s exactly why the vaccine industry is doing it because it’s child abuse, because it’s medical violence against children. I mean, these are the same people that commit violence against children through abortions and infanticide, and child sex trafficking. So why not through vaccine medical experiments as well. I mean, never forget that. These vaccine pushers, these are the same people that push open borders. They’re the same people pushing rigged elections. They’re Joe Biden supporters, they’re Democrats. They are evil. They feed off of fear, and suffering. And children are they’re kind of dark energy food source. So they love to have children suffer and die. And that’s what vaccines are all about. So as Candace Owens explains zero long term trials conducted, I just cannot understand parents that would allow their kids to be guinea pigs. Well, parents throw their kids in the public schools to you know that that’s being a guinea pig. And unless you have an exceptionally good school, if you throw your child to the wolves of the public school system, they’re no longer your children now they’re being raised by the school system. And they have all the twisted distorted values of that school system. You know, your you send them off to college. They come back from college in just one year and all of a sudden, they’re just some crazy social justice warrior on blue hair and nose piercings, and they hate Christianity and they hate America. I’m What happened? Did you join a cult? Yeah, they joined a cult. It’s called the university. That’s what it is now. So yeah, vaccines is all about causing enough brain damage so that these children will suffer enough and be vulnerable to this indoctrination and brainwashing. Pretty crazy. And speaking of suffering of children, the transgender push is also about causing mass suffering and physical maiming of children to make the leftists happy, because that’s what they love. So they’re all about chemical castration and physical castrations and messing with the minds of children. Well, in Arizona, the the governor Hutchinson vetoed a bill that would ban transgender surgery on children under 18. But Arkansas lawmakers, this is from Associated Press.

They overrode governor Hutchison’s veto. And so the law has become the law of the land. So now, doctors are prohibited from providing gender hormone treatments, which the Associated Press calls gender confirming hormone treatments that’s that’s the twist that the left wing media uses gender confirming it’s not gender confirming If you’re trying to take a boy and turn him into a girl that’s not gender confirming, that’s child abuse, that’s chemical abuse, but in a way that’s going to be banned and puberty blockers are banned and surgery is banned for children under 18 years old. That’s it’s just illegal now in Arkansas. Well, thank God for that. Arkansas is protecting children. You’ll never see this kind of protection in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, probably New York, New Jersey, whatever, Connecticut, Maryland, they will just abuse children as much as they can cut off the genitals castrate them chemically, brainwash them, and then call it gender confirming when they’re being maimed and abuse. And by the way, there’s gonna be a whole generation of abused children, who one day are going to be 40 years old, let’s say are 30 years old, and they’re going to look back. They’re going to gain some clarity from life experience and adulthood, and they’re going to look back to their youth and they’re going to realize, Oh, my God, I was abused by the LGBT brainwashing community. I they’re going to say they were abused by the leftist and Democrats who are pushing this crazed political agenda. And they’re going to sue. And trust me, there’s going to be a wave of backlash against all these lunatic leftists who are ritualistically, abusing and torturing and maiming children, so they can push their transgender agenda which is rooted in determinism, Satanism, pure evil and suffering. So thank God that at least one state has banned that practice I know other states are working on on similar similar efforts. Now on the vaccine topic here, by the way, we’re going to talk about vaccines and vaccine passports. And the new Texas action. Detroit News calm is reporting that 246 residents of Michigan who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19, were later diagnosed with the virus, and three of them have died. So this is between January 1 and march 31. So just three months. And this is a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human suffering, I mean, human services. So yeah, I mean, here you go, the vaccine actually doesn’t work. People who get vaccinated still get infected, and people get vaccinated still die from it. And this is admitted by the very people pushing the vaccines. And also, by the way, the same vaccine advocates openly admit the vaccine doesn’t stop infections. And it only reduces the severity of symptoms. So then you have to ask logically, well, what’s the purpose of a vaccine passport? If the vaccine passport doesn’t mean that this person is immune, then what was the passport indicate? And the answer is nothing. If having a vaccine doesn’t stop infections, and doesn’t stop deaths, and doesn’t stop transmission, which it doesn’t, then vaccine passport is just a mind game. And that is the point. It’s just a mind game. It’s all about obedience. So now moving to Texas. And here’s my warning, which is the main focus of today’s podcast, that since governor Abbott has banned vaccine passports, at least, from the government of Texas, so he said no government office or department can require vaccine passports. Because this is happening, and also Florida has done the same thing with Governor desantis. You can bet that the CDC is gearing up to launch biological weapons against Texas and Florida. They look now I’m going to back this up. So stay with me on this, but this is what the CDC does. They’re a criminal organization engaged in biological warfare. Now, you already know that Fauci and the NIH helped fund and build the biological weapon. And Fauci in particular, made sure that there was no oversight. And we mentioned that yesterday how Fauci made sure that the funding went straight to the the wi V, the Wuhan Institute of virology to build that weapon, so that it would be released upon the world and then Fauci position himself to gain tremendous power and notoriety in handling the global response to the very biological weapon that he helped fund. I mean, you talk about wicked talk about evil. Well,

the CDC has in the past, already been involved in spreading infectious disease in order to push vaccine laws. The most famous case is in California with the Disneyland measles outbreak. Forgot what year that was, like 20 was 2015 or 2014 or something. And the media was ordered by the CDC to just cause mass hysteria nationwide. Oh my god, children are getting measles, measles, measles, measles at Disneyland. Well, the measles was released at Disneyland. It was put there on purpose, just in time for criminal minded State Senator Richard pan of California who’s a puppet of the Big Pharma cartels to roll out sb 277, which ends vaccine exemptions for the state of California. So they rolled out a biological terrorism campaign with the help of Disneyland. And then they had a media campaign ready to go to cause mass hysteria. And then they followed it up with mandatory vaccines for all schoolchildren in California. And if you don’t get a vaccine, you don’t go to school, they will deny you an education. That pattern is exactly what they’re following right now with COVID. They built the weapon. They release the weapon globally. They use the media to hype up the fear to push mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. See it’s the exact same pattern. They did it with measles. Now they’re doing it with COVID. Same playbook. This is why they have to have all the censorship to because they need total media control over the narrative. The CDC is behind this. The CDC has a whole history of researchers who are criminal fraudsters who one had to flee overseas is already wanted a fugitive from justice because it took government money to fake a bunch of research saying that vaccine adjuvants are safe. Yeah, that’s Paul Thorson. By the way, if you’re curious about who that is th o Rs. n. You can look up his name P. I think his first name is p OUL. Paul Thorson or Poul Thorsen. Anyway,

the CDC has long worked with all kinds of criminals. And they run biological warfare campaigns to spread mass hysteria in order to get more funding and assert more power and control over everything in society. So now, mark my words the CDC is coming for Texas and Florida. They are going to put together a deliberate release of biological warfare agents in Texas and Florida. They’ll probably do it in an airport or a bus station or some public venue maybe a sports stadium or something because they can’t allow Governor’s Abbott and de Santas to to tell the CDC to go f themselves basically, when these governors are choosing freedom for the people their state, instead of bowing down to the tyranny of the CDC, and the infectious disease industry, while the CDC is going to teach them a lesson and how they’re going to do that. I mean, they can’t stand the fact that Texas infections keep dropping, even after the masked mandate was, you know, let go by Abbott. And fake President Biden is up there screaming everybody, you have to have your mask, you have to put the mask back on and we need mass even though masks don’t work. And we have to have social distancing. Even though that doesn’t work. We have to have vaccine mandates, even though the vaccines aren’t working either. But believe me, the CDC is going to punish any state that backs away from the total restrictions the enslavement of people with covid 1984. So this is coming. You can expect in the months ahead, there will be a major outbreak, probably of some new Super Mutant strain of this Coronavirus, something the CDC is probably growing in a lab somewhere harvesting, putting it into vials and spray bottles. And then they’ll dispatch agents out to airports and bus stations wherever and just start spraying everything. They will spread it and then they will have the media alerted and ready to go with the narratives. Oh look, there’s an outbreak in Dallas Fort Worth. Or there’s an outbreak in Orlando probably use disney world you know, because they use Disney Land a few years ago. outbreak in Orlando at Disney World outbreak at the Epcot Center. And oh governor de Santos is a horrible person the media will report I mean they’re already trying to smear him in every way possible with this fake reporting recently tried to falsely accuse him of favoring the Publix grocery stores for vaccine distribution, things like that. What was that was that abc news? I think totally busted. Totally exposes as completely fake news. They’re already gunning for the Santas, and Abbott and any other governor that doesn’t go along with this plan demick. Nonsense. So another thing you need to understand here is that Biden keeping the borders wide open is a way of using infected migrants as human bioweapons. By not testing them, for infectious diseases, not just COVID, but tuberculosis, and so on, or Ebola. Most of these migrants are not not tested, they’re just put on buses and their bus to other parts of the country to spread infectious disease across America. This is done on purpose. Because it’s a, it’s a human bioweapons campaign to spread infectious disease across America, while they’re also implanting future democrat voters in red states, you know, all across the Midwest, and so on in flyover country, so to speak. So but this is a campaign of biological warfare, through open borders policies. So don’t think that this government won’t resort to mass terrorism to get its way. Remember, back when Obama was president and the Republican Congress had said, you know, it’s too much government spending, we are going to not sign an extension of government spending until we cut the size of government. And there was a showdown. And it went to a government shutdown. And what did Obama do at that time? With Biden as Vice President, what did they do? They started releasing convicted violent prisoners, from federal prison systems all across the country. Why did they do that? Because they were weaponizing prisoners, to try to force Congress to sign on to more spending. So instead of cutting areas of government, that would be safe to cut, like, oh, why do we need this, you know, 100 billion dollar bridge to nowhere, or tunnel to nowhere in Massachusetts or whatever. They just started releasing violent criminals from prisons, to terrorize the American people. That’s what democrats do. Whatever power they have, whether it’s the power of the prison systems or power over vaccines, or power over the cruise industry power, over voting, democratic control, government, always always weaponizes whatever it controls, and uses it to terrorize the American people. And right now, it is in the interest of democratic control government to terrorize the American people with more infectious disease, because that will get them what they want, which is control, more power, more fear, more support for vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates. And the whole purpose of vaccine passports long term folks, it has nothing to do with vaccines, it has to do with establishing a system where the government can track and control where you are allowed to go, and what you are allowed to do. They may start it with vaccines. But if they perfect the system, and if people embrace it, the government will never let go of it. It will be a worse than China communist style social tracking system, tracking your every move, giving you a score based on where you’re going, what you’re doing, what businesses you’re visiting, and so on. It’s gonna be a total government surveillance and control system. This is why we have to resist vaccine passports. With everything we’ve got right now. We have to say no to this, we have to stand up and say it loudly because the vaccine passports come in and get adopted. It’s the end of human freedom. Just as Naomi wolf says she’s a leftist. It’s the end of human freedom in the West, you will never be free again. And you will wish one day that you had stood up and fought against this insanity, because your life from that day forward will only be lived as a slave under an authoritarian, tyrannical terrorist regime, which is what’s in power right now. The CDC are terrorists, the fake Biden regime are terrorists. They rigged the election, they stole it, the weaponizing the government against the American people, the FBI is a terrorist organization. It’s targeting conservatives. The whole purpose of the FBI now is to commit crimes of terrorism against conservatives and republicans like Matt gates, while protecting and covering up the crimes of the Democrats. That’s their only function now. And the DOJ under Biden is has the same exact function. That’s all they do now. This is no longer a government of the people by the people for the people. The CDC isn’t based on legitimate science. The vaccines aren’t even tested in sufficiently large clinical trials. They don’t even work. They don’t stop infections. They contain toxic substances. They’re killing people all over the world in many Different ways and setting up the next wave of a death wave of hyper inflammatory reactions. The media are nothing but fake news, liars. The media has been weaponized against the American people, the universities have been weaponized into indoctrination centers against your children. And doctors and hospitals and medical facilities are now in the business of physically maiming your children by cutting off their genitalia and chemically castrating them to appease the LGBT transgender lunatic fringe that’s running all the corporations, all the woke corporations, which are sponsoring the genocide Olympics in China, this is what it’s come to folks. This is the complete takeover of our world by pure evil, pure evil, anti human evil, demonic Luciferian, satanic, hungry, destructive evil. And there’s a name for that and it’s called demon rats, or Democrats, if you will. That’s the evil. They’re communists, they’re atheists, they’re abortionist. They’re liars, they’re thieves. They run Wikipedia, they run big tech. They run the New York Times and the Atlantic, they are evil demons, they want human suffering, they want to destroy the society, and they are terrorists and they will use every weapon under their control to terrorize you, the American people. You know, there was a video put out by Katie Hopkins, very good but but short video that made it an excellent point that’s worth adding to this. And she says, you know, this whole idea behind vaccine passports it assumes that all humans are diseased dangerous people unless they can show their papers. And that’s a big lie. You’re not a danger to society, because you just because you haven’t been vaccinated. In fact, innate immunity is the best kind of immunity the best kind. And yet a vaccine passport gives no credit to people who beat the pandemic naturally, does it they don’t get any credit. I mean, as I’ve said before, if you were going to have a passport in society, it should be a vitamin D passport, like

you’re actually a danger to people if your vitamin D deficient because then you’re more likely to catch and transmit influenza, tuberculosis Coronavirus, all everything else. Vitamin D deficiency is the number one problem not a lack of vaccines. But vaccine passports are claiming that only vaccines are the answer that nothing else works. And that anyone who hasn’t taken a vaccine is a danger to society, it has to be restricted in their movements. And that’s a lie. That’s a dangerous dangerous lie by a terroristic group, the CDC, the who the foul cheese of society, they are terrorists. They do want to terrorize society, they want to lock you down. It’s worse than Nazi control. It’s worse than the Stasi, it’s worse than living under the former Soviet Union, under even Stalin, this is mass genocide, enslavement, torture, and government sponsored terrorism against the people. And on top of that, then you can bet they’re gonna release bioweapons in Texas and Florida, because again, they are the terrorists, the the the CDC, the government, they are the terrorist they will terrorize anyone who doesn’t go along with their agenda. This is what they do. Back in 2017, just as another example, here the the potential pandemic pathogens control and oversight framework called p3 co, was formed inside the Department of Health and Human Services h h. s. And the job of this framework was to to evaluate the risk involved in funding enhancement of dangerous pathogens with for example, gain of function research. And Dr. Fauci, the head of the in ai ai D. That’s a sub agency that funded this oversight board, just waved at through when it came to funding the Wuhan Institute of Neurology. So Dr. Fauci personally oversaw the the whitewashing of this US government funding of building a bio weapon in China. And then he positioned himself to gain tremendous power and notoriety and no doubt financially from from that strategy, strategy that has murdered millions of people around the world. I mean, that that puts people like Fauci in the same category as truly, Adolf Hitler’s of history, you know, in the Joseph Stalin’s of history. He’s a mass murderer. He took part in this to kill millions of people to gain power. And he is adored by the New York Times and CNN he’s adored by Joe Biden and the democrats Why? Because they love that philosophy of mass murdering people to gain power. That’s their philosophy to it’s perfectly aligned with them and the way they think and their lack of morals and, frankly, their priority of destroying humanity, causing massive suffering and death they love that is who they are to. Why do you think they murder babies and then applaud in the the New York legislature Yay, we can now kill babies after they’re born. That’s they stood up. It was a standing ovation when they passed that law. In New York, by the way, they love killing babies after they’re born. That love it, it really gets them off. That’s these people are sickos. They’re worse than pedophiles. These people get off on murdering children which is why they’re they’re so appalled that a state like Arkansas might protect children from transgender maiming surgery. You know, protecting children’s The last thing that Democrats want to see happen. In fact, anytime democrats are crying over children in cages at the border, the only reason they’re crying is because those cages haven’t yet been transported to their own private dungeons. That’s why they’re they’re sad that the children got stuck at the border because they, they need more children for their habits in their in their own little fundraising dungeons or whatever they do a bunch of sickos and demons. So hey, if you want to be ruled by a bunch of demons, a bunch of child abusers, a bunch of terrorists just just sit back and say nothing. And keep buying Coca Cola products and keep flying on delta and keep using Uber and Lyft. And keep buying Cisco products and have no worries, they will steamroll you, they will take your children from you or your grandchildren, they will mass vaccinate, they will murder, maim and kill. They will imprison in slave and eventually exterminate anyone who gets in their way. Just sit back, they’ll come for you. Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to lift a finger. In fact, if you just continue to watch TV, they’ll tell you exactly how to behave as they’re plotting your total destruction. On the other hand,

if you’d actually like to survive all this and maybe defeat evil, you know, be on the side of God here, be on the side of humanity be on the right side of history, then it’s time to stand up and peacefully resist all of us nonsense and it’s time to start shouting down any local business or enforcer who is pushing a mass mandate or a vaccine passport or vaccine mandate or social distancing nonsense. It’s time to get vocal. And I mean, peacefully. We don’t want to initiate violence, but I’m gonna start doing this myself. Anybody starts telling me Oh, you got to wear your mask, I’m just gonna start screaming at them. Right there in public, in a store in a crowd in a restaurant don’t care anymore. It’s time to get vocal. And some people have been doing this already and good for you. It’s time for everybody to get vocal. And just let let them have it. Let them know that you’re not going to stand back and just be steamrolled by all this nonsense. While our freedoms and lives and country is just stolen from us by these terrorists. These COVID terrorist, it’s time to push back hard again, peacefully, but also with courage and with strength in our voices. I mean, write letters to your your governor, call your governor’s office, call your local representatives. Keep pushing for laws to get passed locally, outlaw the vaccine passports outlaw the vaccine mandates outlaw the mask mandates. And when they push these mandates on you push back peacefully, let them know that you’re not going to sit back and just take it from these lunatics, these power hungry control freaks. And they’ve only got a taste of it. Now. It’s like a vampire. They’ve got a little bit of blood. Now they really want to suck all your blood dry. These laughters haven’t Have a taste of power. All they want to amplify it. So now they’re in the business of releasing bioweapons. That’s the CDC to get more power. You can bet that’s coming. We need to stand up and stop this. Just Just know who your enemy really is here. The fake news media is the enemy of humanity. Wicked, dishonest, corrupt government is the enemy of humanity. The terrorists CDC, the Who? The FDA, the big pharma, drug cartels, and all the vaccine pushers, they’re enemies of humanity. And these university professors that are pushing transgenderism, they are the enemies of humanity. Just know who your enemy is, is it’s getting easier to tell because they’re all coming out. They’ve taken off their own mask like ripped it off and come out like law their demons. Now you can see it’s it’s Coca Cola. It’s Uber. It’s Cisco. It’s Nike. It’s McDonald’s. It’s Home Depot. You know, the all these woke companies that are now destroying America on purpose, on purpose, plus all the big tech companies as well, because they hate humanity because they are run by demon possessed anti human criminals and lunatics and scumbags. That’s what you’re dealing with here, folks. It’s the epic war for the future of planet Earth. And the evil forces don’t want humanity to exist at all. Now, we know from the book of Revelation, we know who wins. You know, God wins in the end, and God’s followers win in the end. But the Bible also describes what seven years of hell or tribulation. And by the way, those of you who are pre Trib believers, I usually don’t take a position on this, but I’m gonna say right now, I think you’re wrong. Because I think I think we’re in it now. I think you’d better be prepared for seven years of Hell, I don’t think you’re going to get a free pass and just take it out of here, before it gets crazy, because it’s already crazy. They’re already creating hell on earth. Some of the signs and seals and trumpets and bowls and everything, it’s already happening some of it, we’re already in it, folks. You’re not going to get a free pass on this, you’re gonna have to endure. Because that’s the final test, I think that God wants to know about, can you endure the tribulation and still maintain your faith? I mean, if it was really a pre Trib situation, and that wouldn’t require any faith, it’s like, oh, we’re all gonna be taken, taken away from this madness and join God before it gets hard. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Now, again, I’m not a Bible scholar, many of you listening, know a lot more about scripture than I do. So perhaps I stand corrected on that point. But I just don’t. I don’t think we’re going to get through this without a lot more craziness and attacks from the anti God anti human demons.

Now, God does win in the end, but he wants us to prove our faith. So now is a good time to do that. So that’s, that’s my situation update for today. There’s a lot at stake here. And almost everything has turned evil media, the corporation’s the universities, the tech giants. Almost everything is turned evil in our world right now. It’s harder and harder to find places of refuge. Where you can find like minded people and homeschooling is a good choice right now, that’s for sure. Find a good church that hasn’t been corrupted by Satan. There’s a mission for you. Find a good church, find a church that there’s a talk about these things. Find a church that there’s a tell it’s people don’t take vaccines made with aborted human fetal tissue? How about that? If you can find a church that speaks with honesty about that issue, might be a good place to learn something. But if your church is afraid to tell the truth about aborted babies and vaccines, then it’s not a Christian Church. I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not a Christian Church. It’s a church that serves Lucifer. And you’re in the wrong temple. Yeah, yeah. If you keep worshipping in that temple, your God is not the God your God is is Satan. Your church is serving the wrong, supernatural being should wake up about that. You know, if your church is all pro transgenderism, exploiting children, for the LGBT community, sorry, it’s not a Christian Church. It’s a church that serves Lucifer. Alright, so get it straight, get it straight, you only get you get one shot at this by the way, you make the right choice, you join God, you make the wrong choice, you burn in hell for eternity. That’s when the real suffering kicks in. You don’t want to end up there. Especially given the fact that hell is still run by Democrats you thought you’re gonna get get away from them. And they’re still running hell. So Hell is one giant democrat committee, where nothing good ever happens. Alright, so that’s my take on current events. Those are my opinions and views. And I should mention just as a courtesy, by the way that our sponsors don’t necessarily share my opinions and views on all these issues. They that you know, like today’s sponsor, the treasure island that they just focus on golden silver, that probably they probably don’t have a view on all this stuff I’m talking about here. They’re they’re experts in Golden silver. So they’re not endorsing everything that I’m saying here. They didn’t ask me to say that. I’m just saying that here as as maybe a courtesy to them. Because I do say a lot of provocative things and that’s I’m not going to back away from that. You know, That’s, I’m just gonna tell you the truth. And people could take it or leave it. But thank you for listening, saying thank you for supporting our sponsors. And thank you for all that you do to fight for humanity. By the way, I can’t do this alone. I’m not alone. Never felt alone in doing this, I actually I feel very, a very broad base of support from listeners like you, and other people in this industry that are also telling the truth. So continue to use our platform brighty on comm post your own videos there, share the videos. And pretty soon you’ll be able to have live streaming events on there as well. That’s cool, that’s coming. So just use the platforms that we have and other independent platforms. get the truth out there. Get prepared, be ready for what’s coming. I don’t know when the global economic collapse is gonna happen. I don’t know when World War Three is going to start. You know, I don’t know when there’s going to be an EMP weapon attack on America or then the next death wave of the vaccine. I don’t know. But probably at least one of those things gonna happen this year. I would imagine something big is coming. They’re they’re gearing up for the Wipeout. So be prepared as best you can. I’ll bring you another Situation Update tomorrow. Thank you for listening today. I’m Mike Adams, the health Ranger natural news.com