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Situation Update, Feb 1 – Populist financial uprising may tear down the entire RIGGED system (Video)

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Situation Update, Feb 1 – Populist financial uprising may tear down the entire RIGGED system

(Natural News) The silver lining for the events of the last year is that huge numbers of people are awakening to fact that everything is rigged:

  • The elections are rigged.
  • Wall Street is totally rigged. There is no “free market.”
  • The courts are rigged and no longer provide anything resembling “equal justice.”
  • The money supply is rigged with fiat currency and endless money printing.
  • The news is rigged with fake news from the globalist-controlled media.
  • Speech is rigged by the tech giants that censor truth and promote lies.

Yet now, thanks to public access to the stock market, people are discovering they can stick it to the system by participating in “short squeeze” actions by purchasing certain assets. This is the entire story behind the WallStreetBets / Robinhood / GameStop phenomenon that we’ve all witnessed over the past week.

More importantly, we believe that certain strategic groups are using the same strategy to expose the vulnerabilities of the entire fraudulent system as a prelude to bringing that system down. In other words, certain white hat groups are, we believe, actually working to accelerate the demise of the fraudulent financial system in order to replace it with a more honest money system after the crash.

The entire house of cards of our current system is built entirely out of fakery and fraud. And I don’t mean just the stock market, but also the entire U.S. government which depends on endless debt creation for its very existence. The debt printing machine is the Fed, and the Fed is intertwined with the monopolistic banks (like JP Morgan) that stay afloat by manipulating both stocks and precious metals (such as silver).

The silver market has long been suppressed by these banksters and their government financial thugs as a way to hide the true extent of their debt spending and currency fraud. If gold and silver were to be allowed to find their true price, they would skyrocket compared to dollars, exposing the weakness and fraud of the entire dollar-based debt system that has stolen 98% of its value from the American people since 1971. (That’s how much the dollar has lost in real purchasing power.)

Now, retail investors are countering the silver market manipulations by purchasing physical silver. Right now, there’s hardly an ounce of physical silver to be found anywhere, as most of the supplies were sold out over the weekend. In London, the bullion banks are reportedly short 100 million ounces of silver, and the shortage is spreading like wildfire.

The banks are fighting back hard today, and after silver spot hit $30, the banks organized a counter attack that drove the price back down, but they’re being forced to deploy very costly financial weapons to achieve price suppression, and sooner or later, they will run out of ammunition.

Why does all this matter? Because the banksters suppress the market by trading paper contracts that claim to represent silver, but in reality there’s no physical silver behind those paper contracts. The entire system is a complete fraud, yet it is used by the globalist banks to suppress the price of real silver through paper contract manipulation. This allows them to continue pushing the propaganda delusion that claims fiat currencies hold value, when in reality they hold nothing.

When retail investors buy physical silver, it puts enormous pressure on the entire silver ecosystem and “squeezes” those who hold the fake paper contracts, in some cases forcing them to come up with the actual physical silver they owe or end up defaulting on the silver delivery implied by their paper contracts.

Many people who are currently buying silver contracts are demanding delivery of that silver, and they’re doing this on purpose, as a strategy to force the fraud of the silver paper market out into the open. Other retail investors are merely buying silver as a smart hedge against the coming collapse of the dollar and other fiat currencies, since owning physical metal is one of the key strategies for surviving a global debt collapse.

Silver, like gold, is an atomic element. This means it cannot be destroyed except through nuclear fusion or fission. Once you own physical silver in your possession, you can’t lose it by forgetting a password, or having a bank failure or even through a house fire. Silver doesn’t burn away, it just melts… but it’s still silver.

In my podcast today, I repeat something I’ve said for years: The best safe havens from the coming financial collapse are land, gold and silver. Other physical stores of wealth include firearms, ammunition, tractors (farm equipment), diesel fuel and storable food.

Why do you think Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of land across America? It’s because land is the last-ditch store of wealth when the entire broken financial system comes crashing down.

And that’s where all this is headed: The collapse of the debt system followed by the bankruptcy of the US government under Biden. Old Joe will be relegated to signing blank executive orders as he remains “president” of a bankrupt shell of a former government that will fall as quickly as the old Soviet Union. States like Texas will quickly declare their own sovereignty and begin rolling out their own state-based money systems and military defense operations.

When this happens, you don’t want to be anywhere near a Democrat-controlled city or state, as those will collapse into lawlessness and total chaos. Only red counties have a chance at maintaining the rule of law, thanks to ethical, law-abiding citizens who won’t put up with the chaos and violence of the Left.

Plus, many productive citizens and small business owners have already moved out of blue cities and states. The vast majority of the populations left behind in those hellhole cities like Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles are government handout recipients who contribute nothing to society. That’s why those cities will collapse very quickly: There’s almost no one left who knows how to do anything!

Full details of all this are found in today’s Situation Update podcast for February 1st:
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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

All right, we made it to February. It’s February 1 2021. Mike Adams here. Thank you for joining me for The Situation Update today. And I think I know now why Trump did not want to be president for a second term. Because Whoa, the the Trump white hats it looks like are now bringing down the system. And there’s a cover story, which is that the, what’s it called Wall Street bets group on Reddit was able to short squeeze some hedge funds and make those hedge funds lose many, many billions of dollars, like 15 billion or something. And now that’s all moving into a silver squeeze the precious metals market, which I’ll talk about here, and and Trump is sitting pretty in Mar a Lago while Biden is at the White House as the system burns itself down. And this is the dynamic that is about to become more obvious to everybody. You see, they made a huge mistake when they the the democrats of the controllers when they rigged the election blatantly. And then they rigged the markets with Robin Hood and GameStop and all of that they have now lost the consent of the governed. And everybody realizes the whole thing is a total fraud. The the markets are a fraud. The political voting is a fraud. I mean, elections are fraud. The courts are a fraud. The news is a fraud, the sciences of fraud, the mass, the COVID. The vaccines is just on everything’s a freakin fraud. And it’s becoming so apparent to people. major, major events are now coalescing, that are going to change our world forever. And in today’s podcast, I want to help you get on the right side of those events so that you are well positioned to survive what’s coming. Now I’ve invited back, because of the silver situation, I’ve invited back a previous sponsor that had sponsored some of my podcasts six months ago, I’m not going to go into details here, but just their name, they called Treasure Island coins. And you can find out about them at metals with mike.com. I’m not paid any affiliate fees or commissions. They just do a flat fee sponsorship. But check them out. I’ll talk later about why they’re a good choice to consider. And in a market where everybody is sold out of silver right now. I mean, everybody, Treasure Island coins has physical silver, silver 1000s. They don’t probably don’t want me to say how much they have. They have a lot. And I check with them last night to confirm it. So there you go metals with mike.com. Now, here’s here’s what’s going down. And do you know the name Egon von greggers. He’s He’s a great guy I think he’s with what’s it called? I think gold, Switzerland or Switzerland gold. Anyway, he’s a very popular guy. And in terms of analysis of what’s happening with gold and silver, and he confirmed last night that there’s zero liquidity of silver in London, and the bullion banks, and they’re right now short 100 million ounces of silver. Now, I gotta back up and explain what’s going on here. Because you’re about to see a chapter of history unfold. That involves Trump, politics, finance, Wall Street, the fake fed, and possibly leading to the total collapse of the bankruptcy of the federal government under Biden, which would essentially dissolve the federal government under Biden, that’s where this is headed. But there’s a lot of background that I need to explain here first, but one more thing. Before I get to that. I’ve got some very important Intel to share with you about Texas, Texas, I can confirm from firsthand sources, Texas is preparing. What’s the right way to say this, Texas is is taking active steps to prepare for the possibility of secession. Okay. Yeah. In fact, elements of this have been going on for years. Did you know that Texas built its own gold repository? And that’s active and running. Texas is taking steps and and some of those comes from people? Well, I don’t want to say, but the governor would deny this publicly. Okay. So I’ll just say Texas is taking steps to prepare for the possibility of needing its own money system, gold backed money system. So imagine a Texas dollar or text dollar, Texas currency, which will be awesome. We’d love to get paid in Texas currency. And then also its own military operations, its own national defense. In other words, as a republic, the Republic of Texas, so you’re not going to see any of that publicly. But behind the scenes, Texas is absolutely getting ready for the possible of secession now that the voters are going to be voting on a referendum. If the referendum, well, I should say if the the law that enables the referendum passes in the Texas Legislature, I imagine there’s a very good chance that it will. And then the people of Texas would be able to vote, just like Brexit, but it’s Texas. And I think the people of Texas, the more they see Joe Biden going totally insane. in DC, and spending trillions of dollars and and also trying to ban guns, which is not going to fly in Texas, or a whole lot of other states. I mean, try to try to take the guns in Idaho, or Wyoming or, you know, or Missouri for that matter. That mean, it’s not or Florida,

it’s just not gonna fly. But the democrats are going for broke, because, I mean, I think some of them know the system is coming down. They know it. And I think Trump knew it. And this is it’s weird. They’re just in a way, it’s kind of almost a white hat strategy. I kept wondering, why did Trump keep spending trillions upon trillions of dollars? Now, I realized it was to bankrupt the fake Fiat Federal Reserve System, the the currency, you know, the counterfeiting machine. That is stealing from all of us, looting from all of us, Trump was trying to bankrupt it. And now, when you look at this, this Reddit group Wall Street bets, and how they were able to put the short squeeze on GameStop, I did a little digging, and I got some tips from my users on brighty. On social Oh, and by the way, that’s another place where you can follow my work brighty on social, you can sign up there for free. It’s like Twitter or Facebook, without all that censorship. Anyway, some people were sending over some tips over there. And it turns out, there are some large scale institutional, institutional level buyers who were buying the GameStop stocks. In other words, it wasn’t just a bunch of small retail buyers. It wasn’t just this grassroots group of small buyers, it was actually in a way, it was a coordinated, large scale operation, to which I think was a pilot program to determine how fraudulent is Wall Street, and how easily can it be wrecked. And it turns out, it’s incredibly easy, because the level of fraud and corruption is so high. In other words, the more fraudulent the Wall Street system is, the more vulnerable it it, it is to reality, or real people fighting back against the fraudulent illusions that are pushed by the media. And the hedge funds, which basically run around trying to destroy companies for profit is part of what they do. So now, the now that this has been shown to be true, and Robin Hood, the trading platform got exposed as a basically a giant, a giant fraud, that where you’re allowed to play, as long as you’re losing money, and the hedge funds are making money, but the minute that, that you start making money, and large numbers of people start making money, retail investors, then they change the rules on you and Robin Hood shut down, buying of not only GameStop but largely buying of 35 other securities, they’re limiting people to holding, I think one share now of 3535 different publicly traded stocks. So they’re rigging the game. And this has awakened the world, including leftists. That’s what’s amazing about this. leftists are the people who use Robin Hood by and large. I’m talking about young millennial age or even younger. You know, progressives, they’re the ones using Robin Hood, and they just realized the whole thing is a total fraud. It’s like the moment in The Wizard of Oz, you turn back the curtain. Oh, it’s a it’s a little old man. They’re pulling levers and throwing holograms and everything. It’s totally fake. There is no Wizard of Oz. There is no price discovery in the market. Nothing that’s legitimate, just as there was no legitimate election, no legitimate court system. no legitimate money system. no legitimate news from the mainstream media, and no legitimate free market, Wall Street system. It’s all a fraud. And the globalists and the deep state people they’ve made a tremendous mistake. They have just shown the people that it’s all fake. And so the people are withdrawing their consent from the system and in some ways, they’re even trying to tear the system down. And what that’s causing now is all over Reddit and other places. People are buying physical silver. This is the play and it’s not just an asset protection play. Hear me out on this. This is critical to understand when people buying the GameStop stock. At higher and higher prices, I mean, eventually $250 a share $300 a share $400 a share. They knew that that wasn’t about investing in GameStop. That was about making the hedge funds lose billions of dollars. That’s why the grassroots people,

it was them. They were they were storming the gates of the castle, basically with pitchforks and torches, like, we’re just going to buy the crap out of GameStop. And we’re going to make everybody lose money on their shorts, or lose their shorts, so to speak. Now, in case you don’t know, short sellers, they make money by first selling stocks that they borrowed. And then they know that they’re going to have to buy them back later to give those stocks back to the person they borrowed it from, and they profit on the price going down. So they’re selling the stock today, knowing they’re gonna buy it back in the future, hopefully at a lower price. And when hedge funds do that, they then create a bunch of fake news. And they pay off fake journalists, and they push all of all this bad information into the marketplace to try to drive companies out of business, in a bankruptcy, down to $0 a share. And then they make, you know, billions of dollars from the price drop. And this is how hedge funds operate. They’re known as sharks in the business. So the the GameStop people, and again, this has everything to do with the massive populist uprising around the globe. In politics and economics and information of free speech and everything, it’s all related, it’s all the same pattern. So the people said, we’re gonna get together, we’re all just gonna buy a bunch of GameStop stocks, and we’re gonna cause these hedge funds to lose billions of dollars, which, which is what happened. So now they’re turning their attention to silver, the silver market is artificially manipulated. And it has been for decades, by banks, such as JP Morgan, for example, that have suppressed the physical price of silver, the spot price of silver, by trading in paper contracts, where they, they commit a massive fraud by by pretending that they have enough physical silver behind the contract to make the contract, good or real. And most of the people who buy and sell silver or gold or palladium or other precious metals, commodities, most of them, even though they’re buying and selling contracts that represent physical silver, they never themselves touch the physical silver. They never take delivery of the silver, and they never sell it back. They’re just trading and paper. And they always sell off the contracts, often at the very last minute to somebody who’s actually going to deal with the physical silver. So because they have been isolated from the physical silver, this has enabled the silver market to become incredibly fraudulent, where in essence, even though this is an oversimplification, they’re counterfeiting paper, and counterfeiting paper trades to suppress the silver price, even though they don’t have real silver backing all of their paper trades. This is key, because this is what’s underpinning the banks that are screwing the world and screwing you and me, the big, powerful, corrupt, dangerous banks that get the bailout money from the Fed, they have been looting the nations of the world. And they’ve been manipulating prices of gold and silver, keeping them artificially suppressed. So that people think that that wall street is doing great, or people think that the economy is doing better than it is they’ve suppressed all these prices Well, so what the people at Wall Street bets, that’s the Reddit group, what they figured out is that if enough people get together and start buying physical silver, which is what’s happening right now, the prices are going up by the hour, it’s going to take all of the available physical silver off the market. And it’s going to cause these institutional cheaters to go into default on their silver paper contracts. Because it turns out those contracts are backed by nothing, nothing total fraud, just like the elections, just like the dollar, frankly, and just like the fake news. It’s all fraud everywhere in the system, just like the vaccines, it’s all fraud. So right now, what’s happening is you’re listening to this. People everywhere around the world, who are part of this populist uprising


you might say, are buying physical silver, and taking physical delivery. And they’re taking that silver off the market. And they’re doing it for for really two reasons. I mean, number one is just because it’s a good idea to convert from Make Fiat dollars into physical silver, because silver never goes away. I mean silver is always silver, it’s, it’s asset protection. And if you haven’t physically in your hands, then you’ve got it. I mean, it can’t vanish in a bank account somewhere or it can’t vanish electronically. You own it, you can touch it, it’s real. But the other reason people are buying silver is they’re working to stick it to the system. ie just like what happened with GameStop. This is happening worldwide right now. And so the silver markets are set to absolutely explode. And the liquidity in silver has been totally wiped out. Everywhere. If you go to any website today, almost the popular online retailers of silver or gold, you’re gonna you’re gonna find something silver is gone. at any price, I mean, it’s just gone. Yeah, you might be able to find someplace that’s offering offering it at a price. But they they’re out like they’re out of stock, they can’t guarantee when they’re going to get delivery. So the silver supply is has been stripped away. And it’s only the beginning. And more and more people are joining this effort, because again, it’s kind of a populist, uprising. Really, I mean, and this is something that the controllers never anticipated. They did not see this coming. They and that now they’re freaking out trying to figure out how to block people from buying stocks and how to block people probably from buying silver Pretty soon, you know, they’re going to try to figure out a way. Because right now, the grassroots people are winning at this this financial game. Now remember what I said that the bullion banks in London are short 100 million ounces of silver 100 million ounces, and recognize that the dollar itself, the US dollar has lost 98% of its value since 1971. Okay, so if you had $100 in 1971. Now, that’s only worth $2 in terms of real purchasing power, because they’ve been looting the currency the entire time. And don’t even if you try to calculate from 1913, it’s lost, you know, almost 100% of its value. The dollar is being looted constantly. But silver, and gold prices have only gone up over time, because they’re denominated in dollars which are losing value. Now, what this means is that the global fiat currency system is almost over. And, in fact, there was a an interview on King World News with Alistair McLeod, he said, quote, the whole of the fiat currency system is nearing its end is nearing its end, the entire US system was based on creating endless debt, more and more money printing more and more bailouts. And the catalyst for really the final blowout chapter of all of this was COVID. So when COVID kicked in, and then Trump said, Oh, well, this is a great opportunity to pass stimulus money, which is accelerating the blowout of the Federal Reserve System. And that’s what Trump did. And he did that all throughout 2020. You know, you remember all the bailouts, all the trillions of dollars, everything Trump took us from, what about $16 trillion in national debt to I think 29 trillion. Now. Remember what I’ve said about that, and in December alone, the US managed to spend three over $3 trillion in one month under Trump. It wasn’t a mistake. So the system that we’re looking at right now is fake fiat currency, with fake hyper inflated bubble stock prices of assets in the stock market, publicly traded stocks, total bubble price, they make no sense whatsoever, you know, the stock price of apple or Tesla or whoever, it makes no financial sense. For most of them, especially the tech stocks, a massive crash is coming. But this time, it’s too big to bail. You know, in previous crashes, it was too big to fail. And they would print more money to bail them out like the 2008, subprime housing collapse or, you know, you could say even the.com crash of 2000. This time, it’s too big to bail, because the money system itself has been blown out with so much fake printing and fake debt creation because of the COVID stimulus bailouts, the multiple trillions of dollars that

the question is who’s going to buy that debt, which means that the fiat currency system will no longer be able to print free money to bail out the banks when the banks are in trouble, you see, so the banks are vulnerable because the end game As approaching for endless fiat money printing, the banks are then exposed by the silver market. I’m trying to I’m trying to link all this together, explain how this happens. This is a domino effect, this is a cascading system. A systemic failure is coming, or what Jim Rickards calls ice nine, the freezing of the transactional infrastructure of the global financial system. This is what’s coming. So in other words, to think about it in reverse order. If, if the silver traders, which by the way is mostly big banks, if the silver traders if their fraud is exposed, because they can’t deliver the physical silver, because the physical silver has been taken off the market, then the banks suffer a massive cascading silver market collapse, which is huge, its enormous, it would put many banks under just like the subprime housing collapse. But when the banks start to go out there again, this time, the Fed can’t bail them out, because the Fed has printed too much money already, due to COVID. If the Fed continues to do multiple trillion dollar bailouts and stimulus programs, we’re gonna be at a point where the Fed is printing like a trillion dollars a month, and then maybe a trillion dollars a week, then we’re in massive hyperinflation, territory, rapid monetary debasement, the value of your dollar goes to zero. We are now approaching that scenario. And I believe that a lot of the people who are participating in this fully understand what they are doing. I believe that in their minds, they are intentionally trying to bankrupt the United States federal government under Joe Biden. And that the silver market and showing or exposing the vulnerabilities of Wall Street is just one way one approach of how they believe this can happen. And one of the very intelligent analysts who believes in this also is Charles Hugh Smith, and his his website is called of two minds.com of two minds.com. All spelled out, and he’s got an article from two days ago, January 30. Saturday, the stock market, fatally wounded by the truth, will stumble and crash. And he explains that the stock market is nothing but a giant fraud. The entire market is corrupted, it’s rigged from the ground up, the fraud is systemic, and he says is designed into every tendril of the market. He says the Fed is a fraud. And it has accomplished in 13 years of goosing the stock market, creating what they think is unprecedented wealth, but it’s really income inequality, as the fraud of the Fed has boosted the fraud of the market, which has fatally undermined America’s social and economic orders. See, you see that the social fabric is unraveling the rule of law is unraveling the income inequality, where you have the Jeff Bezos of the world that owns everything, and then you have the masses that own nothing. Income inequality has always resulted in social chaos disruption uprising. This is part of the reason you have black lives matter, and antifa. And pretty soon, probably a joining of more right wing Boogaloo groups with left wing anti fur groups, it’s going to be just the people versus the corporations, which is exactly actually what you’re seeing right now with the GameStop. situation. Charles Hugh Smith goes on to explain, America’s system of governance is a fraud. Because you got bribery and payoffs and kickbacks to all the senators and all the the important people in Washington, it’s all rigged. And he says there is no wealth effect. There is no trickle down effect, where just because a bunch of rich people make all the money, that somehow that’s supposed to trickle down to the low income masses. It’s not working that way, because the market isn’t a free market. In other words, you’ve heard this trickle down economics. It’s, you could argue that it could work if we really had a free marketplace. That wasn’t rigged. If there weren’t monopolistic practices by the powerful corporations, if the laws weren’t rigged by the lawmakers to favor the big corporations and so on. You could say you could argue Yeah, the little guy has a chance. But the way the system is right now, the little guy has no chance. The little guy is royally screwed at every opportunity. In elections in stocks

in, you know, the rule of law. You know, if you committed the crimes that Hillary Clinton has committed, you think you would be given immunity like she was you think the FBI would say, oh, we’re not going to look at you. Like they did Hillary. No. you commit Hillary Clinton level crimes, you go to jail. She doesn’t because the system is broken and people are working Behind the scenes, I believe right now, to bring it down to bring it down. Silver is apparently, the latest kind of surrogate, in order to in the minds of many people accomplish that. Fascinating, this is fascinating. The financial markets have never seen this before. This is a whole new chapter. It’s a grassroots populist uprising, using the power of purchasing assets in order to expose the fraud, the systemic fraud of a broken failed system, that and that system is always working against the people. So it’s, it’s, it’s so bizarre. It’s not even like throwing Molotov cocktails, which is what antiva does at government buildings. It’s not even using destruction. It’s not, for example, using financial terrorism of any kind, to destroy something, it’s simply buying things. That’s what’s amazing about this, this uprising, people are buying GameStop and people are buying silver. And just the act of buying exposes the fraud of the paper contracts that underlie the entire banking system. And the entire fiat currency system that underlies the entire fraudulent government, the fake government with the fake President Biden, the fake elections, the fake executive orders, the whole thing is fake. It turns out, it’s all built on a house of cards of fraudulent financial illusions. And these illusions are about to be shattered in a massive way. This is what’s going on. This is what’s happening. And so even before the silver price went nuts, when I was pondering what I was going to cover in this podcast over the weekend, because I was doing my own prepping. It hit me that I really needed to emphasize to people that the end game is near the end game of the of the dollar, the dollar collapse is coming. And you know, I’ve interviewed john Rubino dollar collapse calm, I’m going to invite him back on we got to get him back on soon to talk about where this is all headed because he knows exactly where this is going. The dollar will collapse. The United States government as we know it today, the federal government will be bankrupt. And then what are you going to see? I mean, number one, people who are holding dollars are going to lose all the value of those dollars dollars in a bank account. dollars in, you know, treasuries, even. Which has been the safe haven until now. dollars in you know, whatever in cash. So, people have got to get out of dollars. And if you’ve listened to me for any period of time, you know what I’ve always said three things right? land gold and silver. Well, everybody’s buying up land like crazy. Even bill freakin Gates is buying land. Why? Cuz he gets it. He knows what’s about to happen. gold and silver, precious metals, physical tape delivery. That’s what we’ve been talking about, because the dollar is going the way of the dodo bird. But secondly, there’s going to be geopolitical upheaval. And your outcome in that scenario is going to depend on where you are regionally. Are you under the control of some crazed blue Democrat, Governor like Newsome, you’re going to be in a world of hurt, especially if you’re in a blue city. If you’re outside the cities in let’s say, Northern California, you’re going to be much better off. Or if you’re, let’s say, east, Washington or east, Oregon, away from the crazy coastal cities, you’re going to be much better off. But if you’re in a blue city, in a blue state, with blue district attorneys and everything you’re going to be in so it’s not, I don’t want to say doom and gloom here.


you don’t want to be there when this comes down. And I’ve been urging people for quite some time to get to red states and red counties, like Texas. And now I’ve learned that, you know, Texas is preparing for the possibility of real secession. And it won’t be Texas alone. It’ll be the other surrounding states as well. That’ll go with Texas. We’re going to see America breaking apart. Biden. I mean, frankly, Trump was the last president of the united states of america period because Biden was not elected, fake president. And the country is not going to last as a United States under a fake Biden not going to happen. The breakup is coming the balkanization is coming. And now, I I keep thinking that Trump’s white hats are accelerating this process and accelerating the awareness of this process. And a good example of that is the fact that Trump is insisting that his attorneys present evidence of election rigging during the senate trial for impeachment for President Trump and You may have heard in the media that several of his attorneys have left his legal defense team over the last days or so. They left his team because Trump ordered them to present evidence of Election Theft in the senate trial, and they refuse to do so. They don’t want to argue that the election was rigged. So they’re gone. So Trump is making sure that his attorneys do argue that point. So we’re going to see the most incredible boomerang effect, the impeachment trial that actually ends up impeaching the democrats for their election fraud, for their cheating, because that’s what Trump is going to present and I can’t help but think that some of the evidence that was gathered, you know that what we used to call the cracking evidence that was gathered by Trump’s team members, including maybe Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, even though Powell doesn’t officially work for Trump, but General Flynn might be aware of some of this, you know, the the god files, the the Declasse files that were released, you know, the 1000. Remember the 1000 documents, 1000 pages of documents that were declassified, and then we never heard anything about it? What if these get dumped in the senate trial? You know what this is going to be? It’s going to be like a, like a an atomic bomb, you know, metaphorically speaking, going off in the Senate chamber is just big kaboom. Oh, you guys are the fraudsters. The Democrats stole the election. They rigged it and then at the same time, you’re going to have the financial earthquake ripping across the country because of the banks getting threatened by the silver squeeze. And Joe Biden, you know, this bumbling fool, being run by radical trans activists has no idea what he’s signing or anything. He’s not going to be able to manage this. And at that point, the military would be able to assert their authority step in and say, Okay, enough is enough. Democrats, you rigged the whole thing. We’re under martial law now. We’re gonna we’re gonna have we’re gonna hold a new election and arrest all the traders. Okay, because that that plan was put in place, no question about it. We just haven’t seen it activated yet, because the timing wasn’t right. But there’s no question. I mean, you you’ve seen the evidence of this, you know, we’ve talked about the documents with not only the executive orders, but also the emergency acts that Trump signed and the people that he put in place and the right locations and so on. Mar Lago is the second White House. I mean, what happens if the United States of America goes into bankruptcy means the the swamp White House in DC becomes null and void? Well, then where is there another white house? Oh, it already exists? It’s Mar a Lago? It’s Trump. Yes, we would go into the two presidents scenario at that time. See, financial collapse of the country is actually I think in the minds of many people, it’s it’s the process to rebirth of a new nation

under a new honest money system, which is the only way the nation can experience sustainable abundance, which means we have to have honest markets. We have to have honest money, honest courts, honest news, honest, free speech, and so on. Right? All of these things are necessary for the continuation of a sustainable nation. But I think what Trump realized pretty early in this is that you can’t save the swamp, it’s not saveable. The Swamp has to be drained. How do you drain it, you bankrupt it, you bankrupt the swamp the swamp creatures, they dissolve and get flushed down the drain. And you don’t even use the same city because DC is is filled with like, demon symbols everywhere. So you just move the White House, or you move to a new White House. And you start a new nation based on a new system of honest money, honest government, honest elections and so on. That’s what we’re in the process of seeing. And yes, it involves the unlikely little stock of game GameStop as a pilot program to prove how vulnerable the system is to being taken down. Amazing. This is just amazing that the history that we’re watching, unfold here, it’s just mind boggling. I can’t even that’s just Whoa, my goodness. And suddenly, a lot of things make more sense. You know, Patrick Byrne put out a report at deep capture calm. And you know, Patrick Byrne is a super smart guy. He was involved in some of the goings on at the White House. And in this report, as he explained it, He was pretty pessimistic on the surface. He said, Oh, Trump was surrounded by incompetent people, which in his view included basically Rudy Giuliani, not that he was questioning Rudy’s morals, but rather Rudy’s lack of technical knowledge about cyber warfare and IP addresses and proxies and VPNs and so on. Because Yeah, I mean, come on, Rudy Giuliani didn’t grow up with a computer. I mean, that’s just not his area of expertise. But as Patrick Byrne explained it, Trump was just surrounded by people who couldn’t do anything or were unwilling to do anything. What if that, what if Trump’s plan wasn’t to win a second term at all? What his plan was to bring down the system, using other means because he from the inside, he could see how weak it was, he could see the House of Cards, he saw the structural faults, he saw the overwhelming fraud, he saw that it was not, it couldn’t be fixed. Now, there’s another way to look at these events, more of a dark globalist kind of perspective that I want to bring to light here as well. And before we get into that, that, that dark interpretation, because it, it’s about the global reset, because the the collapse of the systems also, depending on how it plays out, may play into the hands of globalists who, who want to create despair, you know, and homelessness and bankruptcy and all of these other things, so that they can then gain control over people, it kind of depends on how the collapse rolls out and what happens after societies can collapse, and they can be reborn into new freedoms. Or they can collapse and then descend even further into police state, authoritarian, you know, regimes. And a lot of that depends on one factor who has the guns. So isn’t it interesting that the democrats right now are desperately trying to put a law in place HR one, which would essentially take away guns from all Americans. Well, that law that attempt to pass it is not going to fly. And it would only accelerate the secession. And it would accelerate people withdrawing their consent from the government. So I’m going to talk about that the global reset effort here and basically, a collapse is coming. This is the summary a collapse is coming. And different parties are trying to manage the collapse. For either a positive outcome or a negative outcome depending on which party we’re talking about here. Remember that the globalists, they want global depopulation, they want to kill people, they want to crush society. They want everybody to be enslaved or dead. But Trump’s people and his, his class of philosophical people, they want America to survive. They want a golden age of freedom and prosperity to follow the collapse. But I think that Trump has realized that it collapses even

it’s necessary to it’s kind of like a brush fire in a forest that’s been overgrown with too much garbage. And sometimes, at least, you know, metaphorically saying, sometimes you have to, you have to clear out the underbrush, to allow new trees to grow and new pine cones to sprout and have a, you know, have a, an abundant forest ecosystem again. So that seems to be where Trump may be coming from all of this. And part of what the globalists are trying to do is to engineer food scarcity. So there’s famine that’s being programmed into the system. And there is, of course, a psychological warfare of the media that is attacking us constantly attacking our psyche, constantly. And then of course, there’s also medical tyranny in the form of mandatory vaccines mandatory mass. And now we’re seeing medical kidnappings take place in hospitals. In America, one in Washington state, that kind of video went viral over the weekend, and then in Canada, a woman was basically kidnapped by the government upon returning to Canada, and she was thrown into a COVID camp, a secret camp, and her husband wasn’t even told where she was. and Canada now has this new policy, where they’re just taking you away and throwing you in a basically a COVID concentration camp. And then they’re charging you money for staying there too. So these are the two forces that are at battle here the extreme evil versus extreme good. And this is an epic biblical battle taking place for the future of the world will humanity survive? Will we fall? Well, those of us who survive, which will include I think most people listening to this will be people who have prepared in advance, and who have relocated strategically to a place that is survivable, and who have assets that can survive the global burning down of the fiat currency systems and the global bank failures that will be cascading through throughout the globe. And people who have some, some food self reliance, and who aren’t entirely dependent on the system. So part of that strategy is, of course, converting assets, you know, dollar assets, which will become worthless, into something that’s real. So let me just go ahead and mention metals with mike.com. It’s Treasure Island coins. They’re a very trustworthy company that offered a very pro America, Christian, pro liberty, they are fans of this podcast. And you can talk to a real person there, they have silver in stock right now. 1000s of ounces of silver in stock. I’m not allowed to say probably how much total, but lots, and they have very competitive pricing, very competitive. But most importantly, they actually have it in stock where a lot of places don’t so. So if you want a trustworthy source, that can get you delivery, just go to metals with mike.com. And again, I’m not compensated based on purchases. So it’s not not an affiliate deal. buy, buy as much or as little as you want or buy none. Maybe you’re already sitting on a bunch of gold and silver, which would be a very wise thing to do definitely don’t sell land or gold or silver, if you’ve got some right now do everything you can to hold on to that. Very important. Because when the dollar collapses, in fact, even as a business owner myself, I mean, I’m very concerned about this, because we have to have a certain amount of operating capital, probably as you do to how do you pay your electric bill? How do you how do you have money, you know, to pay car insurance, and maybe your home mortgage or what have you, you have a certain amount of cash, there’s going to be a day that we’re going to wake up all of us that cash is going to be worthless. Yeah, it’ll still be there. But the bank won’t let you take it out. And even if you could, the cash won’t buy anything, there’s going to be a day the dollar is worthless, the government’s bankrupt, it’s over. It’s kind of like what happened to the former Soviet Union is boom as overnight as the Soviet Union’s over. Now, all these regional states just start declaring their own sovereignty and, and running their own money systems and running their own local governments and, and having their own laws and what have you. That’s coming to America. And now I see it accelerating, it seems like it’s gonna happen sooner rather than later. I don’t know exactly when, of course, but it’s coming. Let’s think about it. And people have had enough. I’ve had enough of the system. They’ve had enough of the cheating and everything being rigged. And now that Biden, he’s the accelerant of people wanting to be apart from that system. secession it’s not going to be just Texas, it’s going to be a lot of states

wanting to secede, and maybe they won’t even have to, because the federal government just will go bankrupt. Before long anyway, Biden will be the president of a pile of debt. You’ll probably still be there signing executive orders. What am I signing? Oh, doesn’t matter. you’re signing toilet paper at this point. Because there is no federal government anymore. It’s gone. It’s bankrupt. So when that day comes, what are you going to be able to live on? You know, I mean, there’s gonna be economic disruptions in the system, that will be insane. Obviously, day one, I mean, like, how do I pay my power bill? And then the power company will be like, how do we pay for the coal that goes into the power plants? You know, how do we have transactional capabilities, there’s going to be a downtime, and then a reconstruction of the transactional framework of the entire system. And during this time, it would be extraordinary logistics problems, food shortages, power outages, bank failures, and of course, crime, you know, all the worst parts of society that you can imagine for some period of time with a recovery on the other side of that. So, you know, the good news. I know, this doesn’t sound like good news. But the good news is, you know, imagine a future where you don’t have to live under the tyranny of a Biden regime that wants to come take your guns and tax you and take your money, and is always looting your money stealing from you constantly by printing money and handing it out to two more Democrats. That whole system may come to an end. And that’s actually in the long run. Isn’t that good news if we had an honest money system Then you could actually you could work and you could earn some money and save it. And your savings wouldn’t lose value. Wouldn’t that be an amazing country in which to live? Well, that’s the country that I think Trump imagines. That’s the country he wants. And that’s why I think pro Trump forces are working toward that aim. But it’s not going to be easy going through this process, that’s for sure. And that’s why I want you to be ready. So I want you to practice food, self reliance, be able to grow food, you know, live out the country, get off the grid, as much as you can be self reliant. I’ve been teaching these things for years. Because a day I always knew a day was coming, that we would need these skills in order to survive. And it’s clear that the election rigging of 2020 and Biden in office, that is the accelerant that’s moving us into that more quickly than I really imagined. Now, as all of this is going on, think about it. Anybody who is working to to save lives, or to help people get ready to survive any of those people, which includes myself and probably you are going to be targeted by the globalist and the deep state for silencing, or assassinations or what have you, because the globalists, their goal, never forget this. Their goal is global depopulation. They are trying to crush societies and exterminate people. So if you are promoting something as a public person, or as a business, if you’re promoting something that is destructive, and helps kill people, for example, Big Pharma, or vaccine company, then you will be celebrated by the globalist run media, you’ll be celebrated. You’ll be given money and loans and grants and government contracts and everything, so that you stay in business to continue killing people. And the vaccines are vaccines combined with bio weapons, this is the global deep population, binary weapons system. But if you are engaged in helping people prepare helping people live off grid, helping people avoid being killed by vaccines, helping people boost their immune system through nutrition, or even just informing people about these things, through good information, you will be targeted even though you’re the kind of person who represents the sustainability of society. You know, you’re the kind of person who is moral, ethical, has good principles, wants to have a sustainable society rooted in, you know, maybe Christian values and things that that lend themselves to an actual future of abundance and the rule of law is functioning and so on. You’re going to be targeted. So survival now means not just surviving the economic collapse, and not just surviving

the food supply collapse that engineered food scarcity. It also means surviving the political assassinations, the political, the weaponization of government against the people. And this is something I spoke about last week. But under the Biden regime, which is run by radical trans activists, they’re going to target anyone who has Christian values, or pro America values or pro constitution values. So you need to be able to defend against those kinds of attacks. You need to be able to maintain your your income, or your savings or your business, if you have a small business, let’s say be able to maintain all of those things while you’re also then pursuing food sustainability, and asset protection and also a good health and nutrition so that you don’t end up at a hospital with a mandatory, you know, COVID, swap up your up your nasal passages or some other orifice in your body, depending on where they’re going with that. So, these are the keys here, these are the keys recognize that a significant portion of people who currently live in cities, people who are pro vaccine people, people who are obedient people, they will be dead over the next few years, they will be dead, many of them a significant portion, maybe a quarter of them will be dead. And another quarter might be you know, infertile, or or even more. This is real. And I even made a note to myself here on on my little podcast notes to emphasize this that we’re talking about global population but it hasn’t really hit


to a lot of people that they don’t really see See how real this is that you’re going to be living in a society in five years from now, it’s going to be so different from what it is now, the population will be drastically reduced drastically because the globalists are demanding, obviously, obedience compliance with their toxic deadly vaccines, and then they will release the next bio weapon COVID 21 COVID 22 that will activate the pathogenic priming of those vaccines to cause hyper inflammatory reactions and death in those people. And even the globalist I think, laugh to themselves and say, haha, you know, who’s dumb enough to take the vaccine, you know, they, they probably say, though, those people should be eliminated anyway. And, you know, this big IQ tests for from the globalist point of view, a global IQ test. And anybody dumb enough to line up and take a vaccine in the in the minds of the globalists probably, in their view doesn’t deserve to represent the future of the human race, right. But those people are everywhere. Well, fast forward a couple years not going to be that many of those people anymore, many of them will be dead. So with that, understand, join me in looking long term here, with a mass die off of many of the people that currently make society


We have to ask ourselves, in reality, okay, how is the How are farms going to function? How is food delivery going to function? Who’s going to run the meat plants? Who’s going to run the coal power plants? Who’s going to run the water treatment plant? Who’s going to maintain the bridges and the roads? Who’s going to do all that? And then how are governments, state governments and local governments going to survive? When their base of taxpayers is sharply reduced? Because of the massive die offs from vaccines and biological weapons? Oh, and economic collapse and so on? The answer is, none of it will survive. Not in its current form, anyway, the cities will go bankrupt, many of them, many states will go bankrupt, and the federal government will go bankrupt, the whole system will implode upon itself as the population is driven down through these weaponized systems. And that’s in addition to the fake fiat currency effect that we were talking about earlier. Just the sharp drop in population will have devastating economic consequences, for example, wiping out pension funds, wiping out Social Security. Because Social Security obviously depends on new young workers feeding money into the system to pay the current recipients of social security. And if the number of new people drops significantly, because lots of people are dead, then how are you going to pay off? You know, the current recipients? Well, you might answer, well, a lot of the current recipients are going to be dead. That’s true. So maybe, maybe it’ll balance it out in death, I guess. If they if they kill everybody equally, you know, maybe it’ll balance itself out. But pensions aren’t going to be sustainable. Cities aren’t going to be sustainable. And the stock market is already a joke. It will crater. So we’re looking at a reboot of the system, even as the globalist are trying to mass exterminate humanity. So the keys to surviving that will be to have your own self reliance systems, which is to own land, to own gold and silver, to have food to have food systems where you can create food even sprouting. I’ve talked about sprouting. You know, I eat sprouts, sandwiches, just two pieces of bread, a layer of fresh sprouts that I sprouted myself, and some organic cheese and organic mayonnaise, it’s delicious. You just you just use sprouts, instead of a slice of ham or whatever is in, you can grow it yourself. It’s real simple. You don’t have to slaughter hogs to do it. Either. You just you just grow sprouts, water in a jar pretty much is all it takes. And then avoiding the vaccine is obviously key. Now and avoiding the vaccine, they’re going to make it as difficult as they can. They’re going to make it hard for you to buy groceries, they’re going to make it hard for you to travel. They’re going to make it seemingly impossible for you to go into the hospital. You’re going to have to really protect your health you’re going to have to rely on you know prevention, nutrition, eating healthy, regular fitness at any age, walking, swimming, whatever. This is a time to really double down on your own. personal responsibility and self care.

Because you don’t ever want to end up in a hospital even even myself, you know, I’m on a ranch. I’m working around tractors and animals. I was just thinking over the weekend. What if I, you know, broke my arm or something in a ranching accident, I would end up in the hospital. And those people would try to vaccinate me, wouldn’t they? So I can’t break my arm. I can’t end up there. Because there’s no way. I mean, a vaccine in my mind, that’s a death sentence. You know, I’d rather just maybe set the bone myself. Set up myself, put a wood split on it or something. I’m not going in there. I’m not going to let them vaccinate me. Because that’s a death sentence. So avoiding the vaccine is really, really key here. and avoiding even avoiding the swabs. We talked about last week, what do they have on those swabs? What kind of little weird microscopic, nano machines? Maybe? I mean, that’s a theory. We’re gonna check it out more. But what’s on the swabs? Why are they sticking it up near your brain? That’s crazy. What’s What’s all that about? And then don’t forget the green New Deal. Yep, the green New Deal, the the AOC special. And its people like AOC. They’re driving the radical left wing agenda under Joe Biden. At least for as long as Biden is temporarily in power. We’ll see. As long as he’s a fake president. But the green New Deal. Think about it. It was about banning combustion engines. banning them? Well, combustion engines power, the food supply system, the tractors and the combines and everything else that transportation trucks that move food, from farm to, you know, retailers or processors. Without combustion engines, the food supply collapses. And it’s not an accident, folks. They’re doing it on purpose. They want the food supply to collapse. Because they want famine, they want scarcity. They want you to be desperate and turn yourself into a FEMA camp, raise your hand, I need to go to a FEMA camp. They’re like, well, vaccines are required to get in here. I don’t care, give me a hamburger. The people just take a vaccine for a meal for a verb can have, you know, pork and beans or something. so desperate people are or will be. Don’t be that person. And we have to take our state’s back from this this federal charity, if Biden starts pushing the green New Deal, you know, states like Texas, agricultural states all across the country. You know that all the Midwest there. Colorado included, you got to say, That’s nuts. We have to have diesel fuel to run the farms. And you know, to have livestock to have to grow hay to grow corn, everything to transport the food. We got to have diesel engines. Imagine how insane these these DC swamp creatures are. They think that they can ban diesel engines without any consequence because they never think about consequences. Do they never think about it. They think they can ban guns without consequence too well, they’re probably going to have to learn that that’s not the case. There are consequences to all of these, these legislative actions that they try. They’re going to attempt and one of the big consequences is going to be succession. succession, where the people say no more. This is insane. We cannot survive under these broken left wing agendas. We cannot survive without diesel engines. And how long can we survive under the fake fiat currency system anyway? It’s not going to be long. And this explains why democrats are just becoming so aggressive against conservatives. Nicole Wallace, who’s a left wing news person was floating the idea of drone strikes against conservatives. This is covered by newsbusters.org. Nicole Wallace was on NBC msnbc talking about drone strikes as a solution to domestic terrorism. You know who the domestic terrorists are? Oh, that’s well, that’s you. That’s you. And I guess that’s me. According to the left. And now the CDC has announced that, you know, a new rule that went into effect today is that you have to wear double masks now on any form of public transportation, buses, trains, taxis, airplanes, boats, subways or rideshare vehicles. Yeah. To get into an Uber you got to wear a double mask and listen to this says the coverings need to be at least two or more layers of breathable

fabric. breathable fabric secured to the head with ties, ear loops or elastic bands. And scarves and bandanas do not count. The order says, got that. So no more bandanas, you got to double mask up. This is just an obedience training exercise at this point. Pretty soon it’ll be a triple mask. And it’s insane. Remember what I said before these masks don’t protect the wearer from the virus they never did. They never did. And I never even said that they did. I never even believed that they would. The only point of the masks even in the early days before we knew more, was just to trap the spirit of the person talking in case they were infected. That was the only point. The mask never protected the wearer because it’s not. The mask doesn’t have an airtight seal around the face is not a full face respirator. In other words, it’s a joke, but it’s an obedience training system. And the question is how much are people going to put up with? They’re going to put up with anal swabs too? Huh? What about triple mass quadruple mask and in Calgary? I mentioned this earlier, the police took a traveling woman into mandatory isolation. Trudeau. Don’t even get me started on what an evil beast Trudeau is. He announced Friday morning that all returning travelers into the country must go to a government isolation center where another COVID-19 test will be taken. So an Edmonton pastor may have found out the hard way. This is from a website called Western standard online.com. And Edmonton pastor may have found out the hard way Thursday night about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his new travel restrictions. If a passenger test negative, they will be allowed to return home for a strictly enforced another 11 days, those testing positive will be taken to another government facility for a 14 day quarantine. So you got it. You got it. So you fly into Canada, even you are Canadian. You’re like, I’m just coming home. You fly in, they grab you at the airport, and they throw you into a COVID camp, basically a COVID concentration camp, and then they test you. And if you I mean, they test you without your consent, right, you’re gonna get swapped. And then if you test positive, which could be anything because of the fake PCR test, then they’re gonna make you a prisoner for 14 days. And then Trudeau said it will cost each traveller about $2,000 for the cost of the test, accommodations and food. So wait a second, you’re gonna kidnap me stick a swab up my rear, and they charge me $2,000 tell me this isn’t some form of New Democrat, you know, progressivism or something? You’re gonna like medically rape me and then make me pay for it? That’s Welcome to Canada. It’s your home. Yeah, not anymore. And they’re crazy. They’re totally crazy. But this is what’s going on. And it’s coming to America. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it when when God is going to intervene, as well. And as you know, I’m a person of faith. I believe God has our best interests at heart, but we never know when he’s going to act. However, since I’ve been reading the Old Testament, as you, you may, may have heard me say a couple of times. I’ve been noticing that in the Old Testament, that God, he the actions that he takes, when he’s he’s doing something are usually something that you would consider to be a natural disaster type of event. So there are passages where God opens the earth and swallows up a bunch of people like an earthquake, or a giant sinkhole. And then there are other chapters where he unleashes gnats and flies, and locusts and plagues and then other places where like the parting of the Red Sea, he’ll use nature to you know, open the sea open a passage for Moses and the Israelites to walk through and then he’ll he’ll collapse the walls of the sea on to the Egyptians, the Egyptian army and kill them. And, and then there’s the the burning of the bush with Moses is kind of like a bushfire. And a lot of other things. I’ve been taking special note of the way that God acts through nature. And I’ve always found it fascinating that God, like God doesn’t act

directly to kill the Egyptian army to save the fleeing Israelites. Instead, God use the power of nature to collapse the oceans. onto the Egyptian army. So it seems that for whatever reason, God’s preferred method of acting directly when he intervenes in human events, is to use phenomena of nature. Again, locusts, maybe wind, earthquakes, and of course, floods, right? Don’t forget the floods, and fires, and so on. So then ask yourself this question, if God were to intervene, right now, or soon, let’s say, if he were to intervene. What might that look like if he wanted to save America, and allow America to return to its Christian roots, where we’re no longer a nation of, let’s say, child murder, and abortion, or no longer a nation of demon worship, and all of Hollywood and the music industry and the, you know, the movie industry and Netflix and all that? How would God likely act, knowing what we know about the wrath of God, as described, especially in the Old Testament? And I think the answers become pretty obvious. Earthquakes, you know, earthquakes, sometimes, mountains of fire falling out of the sky, right? So a giant Meteor striking the Pacific Ocean, or something, or the Atlantic, earthquakes, locusts, plagues, those kinds of things as well wins, droughts and floods. So I wonder if we’re going to see Oh, and it also seems like God would use sort of the lesser things to warn, to warn people first, like, a plague of locusts would be a warning. It’s kind of God’s way of nudging you to say, Hey, hey, the king of Egypt, why don’t you let the people of Israel go? Why don’t you let the people go? And if you don’t, I’m going to send some more locusts your way. Or here’s a bunch of snakes, you know, here’s a bunch of flies, deal with that, until you let them go, you’re gonna have to deal with more and more, you know, escalating plagues and such. Well, and then when when God has really ready to act, and then he lays down, you know, the earthquakes and swallows up large groups of people, things like that. So I’m wondering if with Biden, as the fake president, signing things like abortion funding, you know, taxpayer money for overseas international abortions, and so, I wonder if we’re going to get the early taste of God’s wrath coming this year, like plagues, like locusts, and flies and droughts, and floods and things like that weird, weird weather events? Or is he going to skip straight to the, you know, massive earthquake, swallow up the swamp, or swallow up Hollywood? You know, hollywood falls off into the ocean? It’s a legit question, isn’t it? Is he going to go through the warm up phase? Or just go to direct action? Good question. Now, again, I’m sure there are many other people who know a lot more about the Bible than I do. But for me as just a simple observer. That’s how God seems to act on you know, direct action on different groups. So we should be prepared for that, right? Because doesn’t that feed right into more food scarcity, more supply line disruptions, maybe power grid disruptions? Who knows? If giant rock starts falling out of the sky and hitting the ocean, you know, tidal waves? Right? What’s that gonna do to our society, things are gonna get dicey. So even those of us who are good people, people who follow Christian principles, and who study the Bible, pray to God, even we are going to face the side effects of the wrath of God, as he goes after, you know, enemies of God, let’s say the the demon worshippers, the devil worshippers, the child murderers, and so we’re all going to be in the same target zone. Basically, if God punishes America, we’re gonna get some of that backlash ourselves, even if we’re good people. So we need to be prepared for the wrath of God to be unleashed in big ways that could absolutely impact us even if you’re a good person. You know, I’m not sure that God can target an earthquake just to the evil people,

but somehow let the good people have no earthquake. I don’t think it works that way. It’s an earthquake, you’re all gonna toss and rumble. You know, it’s gonna it’s going to impact all of us. And sadly, we, those of us who are good people, like you and I, we live in a nation of evil people. Not all but a lot. A lot of evil people, mostly in the democrat cities, right? That really, truly evil Little People, baby killers, liars, deceivers Look at this guy, I don’t recall his name. He was part of the Lincoln project. He just got exposed, like some 50 year old dude, an anti Trump lunatic. And he was, he was trading like, professional favors for grooming, young boys for sex and everything. It’s just some sick, another sick democrat pervert. It’s almost become synonymous. Just to say that or, you know, it’s redundant to say it. But that’s who they are. And when the wrath comes down, we’re all gonna, we’re all gonna be in the the area of effect, we should say, because let’s face it, you know, from a military tactical strategy point of view, God’s weapons against evil people are area effect weapons, they have a radius of bad things that happen. And if you’re in that radius, you’re going to get hit with it is good reason not to live close to the demons. I say get out of the cities of California. Get away from the demons get away from Hollywood. If you’re living there, you’re going to be closer to the zone of the of the RAF. Yeah. Move out, move out to Bible country, your you’re probably going to survive much better, because God’s not going to target Bible country properly. Well, then again, there are some of those churches that are telling you to get vaccinated. Right. Oh, what’s he going to do to those churches? You know, I’m talking about, okay, well, so stay away from stay away from the fake churches that are pushing vaccines with aborted human fetal tissue.

Yeah, maybe

he’ll he’ll swallow those up as well, my goodness. But in other words, you better check the zone where you’re going.

That’s all I’m saying. And you better pray to God for protection. Get a big piece of land if you can, and hunker down, you know, be ready. These are interesting times. All right now, follow me on telegram if you’re using telegram, I’m a real health Ranger on telegram. Also, if you if you do want to continue to get prepared with certified organic lab tests and storable food, check out health Ranger store.com. We have a range of buckets for sale there. And I know I think I mentioned this last week we’re in the process of ordering, what was it 160 pallets of food coming in. And another 60 pallets just have the buckets and so on 220 pallets incoming for us to be able to provide large, well, I consider that large, a large quantity of food for everybody to be safe, you know. So you want some of that check it out at health Ranger store.com. If you want the metals, if you want the silver, check out metals with mike.com they’ve got the silver in stock, I’m getting some myself added to my my little silver stockpile, when when I first bought silver By the way, I remember this distinctly It was $6 an ounce $6 an ounce. And I remember that because I was at the grocery store looking at spices. And I noticed that some of the spices were more than $6 an ounce like, like organic baby leaves or something where the it was like a $3 bottle, but it was less than half an ounce of Bailey’s you know, so I was thinking at the time, and this was back in I think 1998 or something 97 I was thinking that’s crazy. Like I could buy silver for less than the cost of this of this spice. I should just be buying silver because you know it lasts forever. And so I did I bought I bought some silver and bought some gold just a little bit back in the 1990s. And I’ve held on to that all these years, I’ve never sold gold or silver never sold it, I’ve only purchased it and added to what I had, you know, just a little bit more of a safety net little bit of a backup supply. And I’m still doing the same thing. When things go south folks, and the dollars go bad. Silver is gonna be a means of exchange. And then gold for the more higher dollar items and then land is your is your buffer. If you own land, it always has value. Even some value as the population is killed off, land will go down but it will never go to zero. But fiat currencies will always go to zero. Always, always always they will go to zero. And that’s what’s about to happen. I think soon with the dollar, it’s going to go to zero. So when when all this goes down the bottom line is you and I will need to continue to be able to communicate. Remember I I’ve got an IP address website. You can see that at the top of natural news.com the backup IP address. We’re launching the Tor Project Browser dot onion website as a backup

What else do we have? Well, there’s another plan. I’m not ready to mention it yet. But

it’s a peer to peer content distribution system that we’re about to roll out, we’re continuing to expand on brighthouse.com. And to make it more redundant, and more resilient against attacks, many, many other

things. So we plan to stay online and continue to share information. As we all go through this together, it’s going to be insane. It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to suck. But we can survive it, we can make it through to the other side, and help rebuild a society rooted in freedom, rather than surrendering to the globalist agenda of total enslavement and extermination. Because, you know, there’s two futures here, I choose the future where we’re still alive, and a future of an honest money system, a future where we praise God for intervening to help save us, you know, a future where we have the rule of law restored again, and we have honest courts, if there can be such a thing. I do not choose the future where we just surrender and get, you know, exterminated, guillotined, thrown into a FEMA camp, you know, swapped with with COVID swabs and injectable vaccines just killed. I did not choose that future. I reject that future. I choose the future of light, you know, a future of God, a future of freedom, future of abundance. And I know you do, too. That’s why you’re listening to this. So I thank you for your support. And I thank you for all the prayers and all the blessings that you’re sending my way and everything that you’re doing. Because we’re in this together. We need each other to help rebuild society. I’m going to be in Texas. And if you want to come to Texas, I’ve never said this before. But if you want to come to Texas, please do. So do so now. We need good people in the state of Texas will probably be its own country Pretty soon, you know, in the years ahead. And I plan to be part of the constructive process of making sure Texas is a free country with you know, nutrition and health principles and health freedom and things like that. So join me in Texas or pick another great place like Idaho, for example, or Wyoming and other free states as well. But pick a spot get there, get set up and get ready. And I’ll have another update for you tomorrow in 24 hours. Thank you for listening today. Mike Adams here, health Ranger natural news.com is where you can find my stories between today and tomorrow. Thanks for listening