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Situation Update, Feb. 23 – The COSMIC WAR against human civilization

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Situation Update, Feb. 23 – The COSMIC WAR against human civilization

(Natural News) The war against humanity isn’t merely a globalist extermination agenda run by power-crazed humans. Far beyond that, there is a cosmic war to commit planet-scale genocide against the human race in order to prepare Earth for a post-human existence.

In today’s Situation Update, we begin by covering the Pentagon’s confirmation that wreckage from crashed UFOs has long been tested for its exotic physical properties, with results no doubt being used to accelerate human development of exotic technologies.

Aside from shape-shifting materials, were other components also acquired from crash sites? Many of today’s most powerful technologies — quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and faster-than-light communications may be derivatives of technology originally discovered at crash sites.

Adding to the mystery, NASA just announced they’ve landed a helicopter on Mars. Known as Ingenuity, the helicopter is now “reporting” from the Red Planet and, we are told, is flying around there. (See article here.)

The obvious problem with this news, of course, is that Mars has virtually no atmosphere according to official NASA figures, which state the Mars atmosphere is 0.6% the pressure of Earth’s atmosphere. Notably, helicopters can’t fly in a near-vacuum, even in the lower Mars gravity (which is 38% of Earth’s gravity, roughly).

So either NASA is completely lying to us about a helicopter on Mars, or Mars actually has a much thicker atmosphere than 0.6%. For a helicopter to be able to fly around on Mars, the atmosphere would have to be thick enough to breathe, assuming the atmospheric chemistry were compatible with whatever being was engaged in respiration.

When Elon Musk is talking about colonies on Mars, is he talking about future colonies, or existing colonies?

From there, today’s podcast ventures into quantum computing and the possibility that such systems may be “alien tech,” now used to help predict future events that can be numerically well-defined. We also cover Artificial Intelligence and why non-Earth civilizations would naturally use AI probes to venture across the Milky Way in search of habitable planets (with Earth being one of them). Faster-Than-Light warp drive technology is also covered, allowing occupants to travel at multiples of the speed of light without violating the laws of physics, all by bending spacetime with powerful gravity projection technology (that no doubt existed on some of the crashed craft).

Finally, we discuss why exotic technology and knowledge is deliberately withheld from humankind so that the everyday people of Earth never gain enough technology or information to challenge the power structure of the controlling elite. Those same elitists are working to exterminate most of the human race, even as they are attempting to colonize Mars, followed by the colonization of habitable planets in other star systems. Getting there, however, requires FTL drive systems and the ability to harvest and deploy enormous amounts of energy that can only be acquired from stars or magnetars.

If you’ve been wondering why so many powerful, connected people seem to be determined to exterminate the human race, today’s podcast answers those questions with jaw-dropping information about the cosmic war to rid Earth of human existence.

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Situation Update for Tuesday, February 23 2021. Mike Adams here. Thank you for joining me today, your mind is going to be blown or expanded or sorry, all contorted. Maybe today after listening to what I have planned for you. This is a bit unusual for the Situation Update. I’ve got a little bit of economic news to cover at some point. But I wanted to lead off with some real mind blowing stuff here. So how do I even get into this? How about I’ll, I’ll bring you the headline from Newsmax on February 13. So just about a week ago,

and this headline, quote, researcher, Pentagon admits testing records from UFOs.

Now, this was covered by the Daily Mail in the UK, as well.

And what we’re talking about here is that the Pentagon had finally responded to a Freedom of Information Act request a FOIA request that had been submitted to the DI a the Defense Intelligence Agency by a UFO blogger named Anthony Braga, Lee.

Want to get this name? Correct. brag Alia. Maybe brag Alia? Yeah,

he has a blog called UFO, UFO And he had submitted this request three years ago. And they replied with 150 pages of largely redacted material. But among the material they provided, they admit that, in fact,

there was a recovery of exotic alloys from UFO crash sites, and that these are shape recovery alloys that have extremely unusual properties.

Advanced Technology, so called memory, metal, and that let’s see, there were 40 witnesses to the Roswell crash. And the government has admitted they’ve been studying elements of that crash ever since. And you may also recall, I think it was,

I think it was, Congress wasn’t it that has now demanded, the DEA and other government agencies turn over everything they know about UFOs. In the next six months, they’ve demanded the documents and so many people have speculated This is moving the world toward a moment of so called disclosure. And then there are some people that theorize it’s a fake disclosure, or what’s called a cosmic false flag, like fake alien UFOs that are actually military aircraft, and they’re going to use it to try to enslave humanity, to claim we’re fighting aliens and so on. There’s all kinds of theories out there. Okay. All kinds of them. But what we know for sure now, because the Pentagon has admitted to it, is that they’ve been testing wreckage from UFO. So that tells us yeah, there are some, there are UFOs. I mean, there are

craft that could not have been built by human technology in 1947. And we know that the properties of these metals according to these pages from the DI, a,

they have the ability to not just remember their shape, but they also have, according to brog Alia, futuristic materials have the potential to make things invisible, to compress electromagnetic energy and even slow down the speed of light. And what’s interesting about that, is, if you’ve heard some of my blogs from, or podcasts from 2019, I did a deep dive into faster than light drive technology, which is FTL technology and the very real physics of how that can work. And my belief that FTL technology is very commonplace in our galaxy, just just the Milky Way galaxy alone. And that FTL drives, they bend space time, and they allow craft to maneuver without any apparent g forces simply by altering the space time around them, which requires a tremendous amount of energy. For example, the energy of stars or the kind of energy you might harvest from magnet stars, which are strongly magnetic,

similar to quasars, but but even stronger, and you can harvest energy from those magnetic fields, they have very strong, what you would call Magneto spheres, which can be used to harvest energy. And you can store that energy in a certain combination of dark matter, certain configuration of dark matter and then you can use it

exotic technology, you can have a controlled release of dark matter through these exotic materials to project a warping of space time around your craft. And that would allow you to travel at multiples of the speed of light without apparently violating the laws of physics because you’re not actually traveling faster than the speed of light, relative to the space time through which you are traveling. But to everyone else, you you are traveling much faster than the speed of light, it turns out, you have to travel very, very fast, like 1000 times the speed of light to really get anywhere in the Milky Way. Because

let’s see how what’s the diameter of the Milky Way? What is it 202 100,000 plus light years, something like that?

Oh, wait question I’m looking at up here. It’s about 1000, or I’m sorry, 100,000 light years across from and, you know, from from one tip to the other across the diameter of it. So if you were traveling at 1000 times the speed of light, which would require a tremendous amount of energy, it would still take you 100 years to go from end to end of the Milky Way galaxy, which is just one galaxy among an estimated.

I don’t know hundreds of billions more out there. According to estimates, who knows? Who knows exactly. So what does this have to do with our world right now and the things are going on? So

remember the Terminator movies. And in the Terminator,

we saw something very interesting.

where of course, ai supercomputer systems had launched an attack against humanity to rid the world of human beings. Because the AI systems had determined that humans were the real threat. And the AI systems could.

They could manipulate the physical world by having humanoid robotic systems IE terminators, and they could self replicate through Terminator factories, and so on. So,

as you recall, at the at the end of that first Terminator movie,

the good guys destroyed the Terminator. Well, Sarah Connor ultimately did destroy the Terminator. But there was an arm that was left over and inside the arm was a microchip. And then we learn in Terminator two, that that microchip became the basis for research into creating the AI system. That later on, I think in 1997, according to the timeline of the Terminator movies, in 1997, that AI system became self aware achieved. Silicon consciousness, you could say and then launched its war against humanity. But the point is that humans alone would never have been able to make that leap into that technology, unless they had discovered this exotic microchip from the first Terminator that traveled back in time. And so now you have this time loop situation. But what if today, there’s exotic technology that has come from these UFO crash sites, the Pentagon now confirms are real. And what if it’s not just memory metals? What if it’s also microchip AI systems or something along those lines? Now I’m going to throw a theory out here for you just something to think about.

This is my personal theory just based on all the information I’m seeing. But Elan musk. He’s talking about a supercomputer now an AI supercomputer

that his team is working on.

Elan Musk, I believe has been selected by powerful globalist forces

to develop exotic systems exotic weaponry system space weaponry, space communication systems, as we’re seeing with the starlink constellation of satellites, providing extremely high bandwidth to remote locations that’s already working. It’s in low Earth orbit, I think 300 miles or something of orbit.

Elon Musk is talking about flying to Mars. He’s talking about building colonies on Mars.

At first when I heard him talk about those things. I thought this guy is just, he’s just a crazy dreamer. You know, you can’t live on Mars. Because we all know there’s no atmosphere. Right? That’s what we’ve all been told by NASA. In fact, technically, we’ve been told there’s no atmosphere, or almost no atmosphere that Mars at ground level is 0.6% of the atmospheric pressure of Earth at sea level. So less than 1% of Earth’s atmosphere. How How could you live on

Mars without an atmosphere, right? How could anything live on Mars without an atmosphere you’d need, you’d need massive terraforming. But now I’ve learned a couple of new things that tie all this together. I think that Elan musk and his team have been handed exotic alien technology by the Pentagon, and that Elon Musk’s companies are protected by the Pentagon because he is developing exotic travel and travel systems, thrust systems, weapon systems, communication systems, and most importantly, ai supercomputer systems. And I believe this research is based on the original crash sites of UFOs that the Pentagon is now confirming actually took place. So we’re actually living through a terminator storyline.

And as you recall, in the Terminator storyline, part of the problem was that humanity wasn’t mature enough to understand the implications of the technology that it was building.

You know, it was building.

And what was a company called? In Terminator? I forgot the name of it. They’re building Skynet. Right? And they were building it because they could, you know, because it’s always about advancing Well, nobody ever stopped to ask should we build that system? Should we turn over the nuclear codes to an AI supercomputer or even go back to wargames? In 1983? That movie with Matthew Broderick wargames? Should you turn over the nuclear missile codes to the Whopper supercomputer.

That’s what it was called in the 1983 film?

And the answer, of course, is no.

You shouldn’t but here we are right now in the race for AI systems. Elan Musk is spearheading a lot of that.

He’s pushing a lot of cryptocurrencies like this Dogecoin system right now. Nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying he’s, he’s really into crypto, which Katherine Austin Fitz warns may be a trap to push everybody into a government controlled electronic currency system.

But Elon Musk is really advocating that and he’s pumping up the crypto markets in a huge way. And it seems to me he’s got his hands on some exotic alien technology. And he’s developing it. And then here’s something else to top all this off. reported yesterday

that NASA is now claiming that its its helicopter is on Mars and working great. And the helicopter is called ingenuity. And the helicopter was part of the payload of this rover landing that they say landed on on Mars. And this helicopter is reportedly now flying around Mars.

It’s a little, it’s a little helicopter, like a little remote control helicopter thing. And

I covered this a couple years ago.

As anyone knows, who knows anything about physics, you can’t fly helicopters, without an atmosphere. And the reason is obvious. Because of course, the rotor blades on a helicopter they have to produce lift, obviously. And in order to produce lift, there has to be some atmosphere. You can’t produce enough lift to get off the ground in 0.6% atmospheric pressure, even with lower gravity than what you have on Earth.

Alright, so so how strong is gravity on Mars? Compared to Earth? Well,

according to NASA, who was who I trust less and less these days, but according to NASA, gravity of Mars is about 38% that of Earth. Alright, so you’ve got, you know, less than half the gravity of earth but you have, you have 99.4% less atmosphere. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever watched helicopters tried to take off on Earth, or maybe you fly one. Helicopters have a hard time flying around our planet. Especially at altitude. You know why helicopters always fly low. Why are they at 1000 feet or 1500 feet? Why don’t you see helicopters flying around at jet aircraft altitudes? 39,000 feet. You know why? Because the air is too thin up there.

Why don’t you have helicopter rescues on Mount Everest? Because the air is too thin. Even at what what’s that height 20 29,000 feet or whatever Mount Everest says helicopters can’t get there. Not enough lift. We all know that we should. But now NASA is telling us

They’ve got helicopters on Mars. And those helicopters are doing great.

And then suddenly it clicked. Elan Musk is not joking. When he says he’s gonna have colonies on Mars, because there’s an atmosphere on Mars. Yes, that’s why the helicopter works there or I mean, take your pick you you can, you can choose to believe a couple different versions of all this and and I’m not gonna condemn you either way because how do we know how many of us have ever been to Mars? We don’t know. They could be making it all up from all we know, we can only confirm what we can see I can see the moon. I know it’s there. I can see the sun but I can’t really confirm what’s going on on Mars. I can’t see the Mars atmosphere from here. I mean, I can see the Mars planet, I guess the looks like a star. But I can’t see much detail. So I don’t know what’s going on there. You just have to take NASA’s word for it, right? But you could choose to think, okay, maybe Mars has no atmosphere. And they’re making all this up about the landing, and the helicopter. It’s all some bs science fiction story that they’re telling us to just try to keep us distracted while they’re looting our world with central bank money printing or something like that, right? Or you might choose to believe, whoa, there is an atmosphere on Mars, the helicopter is there. It landed there. And they’ve been lying to us this entire time. about Mars having an atmosphere.

Now, add this add this piece, there’s a little nugget of truth to your your mix there before you crunch all this okay. 1976, the Viking lander, I think it was a Viking lander

landed on Mars

in order to conduct

soil experiments to look for microbial life.

Now, this is a very important moment in history. Because this was the moment in history that NASA discovered life on other planets, I believe I’ll explain why. And they covered it up. In fact, there have been a lot of stories written about this since then. And there’s a scientist who worked at NASA, who developed a mass spec instrument experiment that was on the the payload on the Mars rover. And what this mass spec experiment did, if I remember correctly, it would scoop up a little bit of soil. And what did it do it introduced some kind of isotope into the soil, and then looked if I’m remembering correctly look for byproducts of microbial metabolism, and then was able to detect that using the simple mass spec instrument that that was part of this. Now. So when when the Viking lander landed on Mars, and the rover took the soil sample, it found

proof, you could say, are very strong evidence of microbial life. On Mars, the signal was there, it was like, Whoa, this soil is alive. And it was so compelling.

That, in fact, Carl Sagan, called this scientist at NASA, that day, Carl Sagan congratulated him for the greatest discovery in the history of science, which was the discovery of life on other planets. And I’m not recalling the name of the scientists, which kind of proves my point. Nobody knows the name of this of the scientists who built this experiment, even though technically, he should be as well known as Einstein, or Newton, or, you know, many, many other scientists throughout history. But I can’t remember his name. Now.

Even though I’ve covered the story in years past, well,

how can there be microbial life on Mars in shallow soil? If there’s no atmosphere, because bacteria don’t do very well in a vacuum? I don’t know. Like, if you throw bacteria into outer space, they pretty much die because it ruptures all the cell walls, right? You really don’t have microbial metabolic activity in a vacuum or a near vacuum situation.

So NASA covered up that experiment. And by the way, if you go on to, or pick your favorite search engine, and I dare you to do the search for the Viking lander,

proof of life experiment, NASA 1976. And you’ll even find the name of the scientist. A lot of stories written about this over the years.

Now, NASA explain this away by saying, oh, it must have been a bad signal. And then from that point forward from 1976 forward, they never ran another experiment on Mars to look for life. They stopped

All those experiments. Instead, they switched over to experiment experiments on geology. So they went from looking for life to looking at rocks. Why did they do that? Why that switch? And even today, even this lander on Mars? What’s it all? What’s it looking for? Are they looking for life? Nope. Cuz they already know it’s there, folks.

They already know Mars has an atmosphere. They have a freaking helicopter on Mars that’s flying around, okay. I mean, it’s almost like the joke is on us if we’re too stupid to realize that Mars does have an atmosphere again, unless they’re making it all up. Which, who knows? Maybe they are. But, but

what what seems consistent to me? is yes, they found life on Mars in 1976. Yes, they have a helicopter on Mars today. The flying around Mars today, Elan Musk is not joking when he says they can put colonies on Mars. And what’s necessary to get from here to there?

Hmm, a propulsion system that is more efficient than chemical rockets. And where would you find the ingredients of how to make a propulsion system, you would study the wreckage of UFOs that crashed on Earth, which is what the Pentagon now confirms has been happening for decades, probably since 1947. And you would need a technology guy like Elon Musk, who’s who’s a pretty big picture thinker guy, right? Let’s give him credit. He’s a big picture guy. You would need a guy like that to be kind of the front man for a government funded secret budget operation to build exotic systems as part of your spaceforce which is what Trump rolled out during his administration spaceforce. And remember what happened late last year? Right after the election, I believe it was

former DNI john Ratcliffe invited spaceforce to be the 18th intelligence agency to join the intelligence briefings.

Starting to get interesting, isn’t it? So spaceforce is in the business of developing exotic space based weapons systems, weapon systems that can strike the earth from orbit, which I think has already happened, by the way, but also to defend the earth from threats that might come from outside close Earth orbit. But most importantly, this whole effort that I think Elan Musk is leading is all about building efficient acceleration thrust systems, but also AI supercomputers that can be used to do well, a number of important things AI is the ultimate weapon against for an aggressor nation’s AI can also be deployed as a government based weapon against individuals in order to surveil and control individuals, especially those who might Express dissent against your government regime, ie, you know, the Biden regime,

which is censoring or endorsing censorship of everybody that that disagrees with Biden, correct. But in addition, an AI system is good for something else. an AI system is very good for designing exotic thrust systems and exotic alloys and exotic materials, and even modeling financial markets.

Modeling human behavior, economics is the study of human behavior.

In terms of the transfer of representations of value, AI systems are extremely good at doing that. The problem is we are building the beast or Elon Musk is and by the way, China is as well, China’s building AI supercomputer systems. Now you combine this with quantum computer systems, and you get some very, very interesting

well, side effects will say and I’m gonna go I’m gonna dive into an area here that you’re going to think at first sounds a little crazy. I mean, everything I’ve said so far is pretty tame compared to this. But

do I dare

quantum quantum computers, this is really crucial to understand what’s happening with our world and the control

over everything and the total genocide against humanity. We have to understand quantum computers and who has this technology and how they’re using it. So quantum computers exist right now. They’ve been studied extensively and developed by the National Institutes of standards.

Technology the NIS T, they have offices in Boulder, Colorado and other places across the United States, they’ve been building multiple qubit quantum computers for about 20 years.

I also suspect that quantum computing is another exotic alien technology that fell into our hands,

kind of like the Terminator chip.

And that we’ve been developing technologies from that which we don’t fully understand. So quantum computing, at a at a nerd level here a geek level, you know, a regular computer

has bits that can only store zeros or ones, but never both at the same time.

And so if you have an eight bit register, an eight bit register can store binary values from zero to 255. And it can only store one value at any one moment. That that’s a key definition of the way computers work today. Well, a quantum computer uses cubits. And each qubit can superimpose both a zero and a one value, which are said by those who who talk about quantum computing. It’s said that these values exists in alternate universes, multi versus you might say. And when you combine eight cubits, you have a system that cannot merely store a value between zero and 255. but rather a system that can simultaneously store all possible values between zero and 255.

And quantum computers, I know this doesn’t make any sense. But that’s if you who wasn’t Richard Fineman, I think the physicist said that anybody who claims to understand quantum computing is lying. Because notice, even the most brilliant physicist in the world and Fineman was one of them, said that no one understands this. So so just bear with me here, I’m going to explain, as best I can, how it works. But your mind is going to go that can’t possibly be I can’t know. That can’t be but it is. Because the cosmos is more strange than any of us can imagine. By the way, which by the way, on a spiritual level, to me means that the mind of God has way more mysteries than any of us can possibly understand. Even the world’s most brilliant scientists can only barely scratched the surface of the mysteries of the mind of God. But that’s a philosophical conversation I’ll save for later. So quantum computers are used right now, to decrypt

encryption schemes. So encryption schemes rely on the difficulty of factoring large multiplications of prime numbers. And you know, prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by itself and one. In other words, a prime number has no factors other than itself. And one,

like seven is a prime number, but there are an infinite number of prime numbers.

And if prime numbers are used as a hash key in order to encrypt something,

or I should say, if you take two prime numbers and multiply them together to create a hash key, then the only way to decrypt that encrypted system is to factor this hash key, which means to find the two factors of these very large numbers, and that is a very computationally intensive process. And when done correctly today, using For example, 512 bit encryption, I’m not going to get too geeky here. So I don’t want to lose you stay with me, this is really important to understand.

A normal computer today running a standard CPU, like an Intel CPU or an AMD CPU would,

in order to break encryption of 512 bit encryption would take in certain circumstances, billions of years. So that’s considered really uncrackable by a standard computer that’s using a linear approach to factoring large multiples of prime numbers. Alright, so that that’s how encryption works. In a nutshell, I’m simplifying it but that’s the basics of it.

What quantum computers can do.

Again, it’s gonna blow your mind if you had a 512 bit quantum computer. And by the way, Google’s working on this technology too. And they announced, I think two years ago, they had a 96 bit quantum computer that was fully functional. Okay, just just to give you a hint, but if you had a 512 bit quantum computer, you could load up the the hash number into that quantum register. In other words, you would set the spins of the qubits to match the representation

Have the number. And then you would basically, let’s say hit go. And the quantum computer,

which the word computer is not even the right word, it’s not even a computer. It’s, it’s the spin states of electrons held in a certain status of sorts.

That it’s just physics. It’s it’s actually atomic computational

activity based on the laws of physics. But what would happen is this 512 bit quantum computer would basically you could you could think of it this way it would send,

it would send the problem to

many, many multiverses. How many? The answer is actually two to the power of 511? That’s how many multiverses it would send out two, it’s 512 minus one.

And out of those multi verses,

one correct answer would almost instantly materialize into this universe. And it would be then represented in reading the spin states have the, the the cubits. And so in an instant, instead of billions of years, you can break the encryption of a 512 bit encryption schemes such as RSA.

quantum computers exists right now, I believe they’re exotic. I think they’re based on exotic alien technology. But they’ve been further developed by human beings. And now, those computers are able to essentially send problems out to the multiverse and get problems back, seemingly using magic. But it isn’t magic, it’s actually

Well, it has to do with a superposition of spin states of electrons. And the fact that there well, the cosmos is a giant computational machine. That’s that’s the only way I can explain it. We live in a giant computer in a sense, I don’t mean, I don’t mean we’re not real. But I mean, everything that’s happening around us in the form of of matter, and electricity, and elements, and subatomic elements. It’s it’s mathematics. You know, it’s probability, it’s computational. The cosmos is a giant computational machine, that appears as matter and energy, of course, but that that’s the truth about

the world in which we live the universe in which we live. So the universe is always doing math constantly. It can’t help it because that’s the nature of what it is. I mean, every electron, every every atomic element has orbital clouds of probability. It’s doing math constantly. And, and and here we are, we’ve now figured out a way to ask questions of that universe and get answers to come back to us. Now, what does this have to do with everything going on in our world right now? What does this have to do with exotic materials and, and spacecraft and traveling to Mars and weapon systems? And all that? Well,

if you were to deploy a quantum computer with the correct kinds of questions, if you could present questions to a quantum computer that were accurate, numerical representations of possible

outcomes in the future? In other words, let’s say you you had a quantum computer,

which you don’t I mean, some governments do. Google does. You and I don’t unfortunately, but if you did, and if you could present it with questions of say, what’s the GDP going to be? In the year 2025? Let’s say that this is an oversimplification, obviously. But it’s not science fiction. Okay, it’s it’s maybe a little bit of a dramatization of the science, but it isn’t fiction. But if you can say,

hey, quantum computer, what’s the GDP going to be in 2025 for the United States, and if you could feed it the proper spin states to set the possibilities that quantum computer can pull out of that? The best fit answer? That seems like magic, even even if it’s reading across time.

So a quantum computer, I believe,

can be a kind of

a way to look into possible futures, and to see the most likely outcomes. But it would only work on questions that can be really well, mathematically defined and what

kinds of questions would those be? Well questions about economic activity? Or let’s say elections?

Or questions about,

you know, currencies, dollars,

you know, anything that can be put into numbers, maybe questions about population, demographics, things like that. So I asked you this question, is it possible? That right now globalists who have apparently declared war on humanity, is it possible that they have technology in their hands right now, that is kind of like a quantum crystal ball, where they could actually peer into the future by asking certain questions that can be numerically defined, and they can get answers back from the multiverse, the quantum multiverse. And if they’re able to properly interpret those answers, it would essentially tell them where things are going. And they could use that information as a weapon against humanity to achieve their own goals, which is, of course, the destruction of most of the human race, and more importantly, the concentration of power into their own hands. And at the same time, they’re doing this they’re building AI weapons systems, right. So not just quantum computing and AI systems. They’re building transportation systems probably working on faster than light travel. They’re building energy storage systems, such as dark matter, you know, exotic elements storage, harvesting energy from stars,


anti gravity antigravity technology, right. And you think of everything from Star Trek, they’re probably working on that. They may have already developed a lot of it. And what are they doing with us human beings, they’re turning off our power grid in taxes making us live in the dark ages. So this is the key contrast that I wanted to point out here.

You got Elan Musk, and the globalist he got Bill Gates. They’re living in a universe and you know, Mark Zuckerberg, the cyborg, not even sure he’s human. They’re living in this world of advanced exotic alien technology, AI systems, you know, taking shuttles to Mars, maybe you know,

all this advanced technology, but they never tell us about that. Because if humanity had that technology, well, gosh, we could all live off grid, we could be more abundant, we could be more free. We wouldn’t have to be slaves to the power grid that barely functions, or slave to the fiat currency system, or slaves to the Google machine and the Facebook machine and the online internet control systems and gatekeepers, we could be free

if we had access to this technology.

And that’s why they keep it from us. And I don’t know if you recall this, or if you heard this, but

part of the promise of Trump was that in his second term, he was going to unleash the floodgates of a lot of this secret technology that’s been you know, kept by above top secret organizations, but also the US Navy. Do you remember what was it just a year ago, the day we started releasing that footage of the the UFOs.

Caught On Camera by the the fighter jets. And that’s public footage right now you can see it yourself.

And these these craft were traveling in ways that absolutely defy current, you know, Schumann built craft. They were accelerating and making turns and things that absolutely imply the bending of space time. And they were flying right over the ocean, right here on planet Earth. And the Navy had to admit these are UFOs. And they released all the footage I actually I think they were forced to by a FOIA request. So over the last year, we’ve seen a lot of things coming out that are kind of hinting at this.

And you may have heard some of this before, or maybe not. But there have been a lot of scientists that have looked at images of Mars, especially the seasonal changes on Mars. Are you aware of that? That Mars has seasons, and there are some seasons where it appears that water is flowing? And then there are other seasons where it appears that that it’s frozen.

Some people have said there, they can see groves of banyan trees on Mars vegetation. They say I don’t know. I’ve never been there. So I can’t say but other people are saying this. And then there were some very credible photos that look like fungi. On Mars.

fungi. Yeah, it’s like, you know, mushrooms and stuff. Like you could grow mushrooms on Mars. I’m sure Elon Musk would really enjoy that. That’s probably why he’s going it’s gonna it’s gonna turn the Red Planet into a giant shroom farm. You know, the only place you can grow shrooms legally outside the jurisdiction of the DEA, you have to go to Mars to get this done.

So out of everything that I’ve just presented.

You know, take take the elements that that you find,

to have credibility and discard the ones that you think aren’t aren’t even possible, that’s fine.

But ponder the concept that

there is a lot more knowledge that has been acquired by human civilization than what we are allowed to access we, the sheeple, you know, the, the little people, because the very same globalist controllers that are rigging elections that are controlling the news that are censoring the truth, that are building, basically gene therapy, vaccines that alter your protein synthesis to make your body build alien proteins, by the way, that’s, that’s how it works. That’s the mRNA vaccine. These same globalists want to keep us in the dark, both figuratively, and literally, they want to keep us in the dark ages. They don’t want us to have access to exotic technology. Because if we were set free, well, they might lose control, you see. And the more technology they can use against us, the longer they can assert their control over us. And this is why they withhold knowledge such as the the simple truth, I believe that there’s life on Mars microbial life. And remember the the meteorite that landed in somewhere on Earth, I forgot where I think it was back in the 19. Maybe maybe the early 2000s

is a big buzz about this. Someone found a meteorite from Mars.

And they were able they were able to,

to confirm that was from Mars and inside the meteorite microscopically, where what was it? Like tracks of little worms or something? I mean, it I forgot the details. It was a while ago, but you could find that story. There was a huge buzz about it was like was this proof of life on Mars and then and then NASA shut it down. NASA shut it down. Because they didn’t want anybody to know that there was life on Mars.

And then we get to cold fusion. Yeah, low energy nuclear reactions, Lehner

cold fusion was demonstrated conclusively by Fleischmann and Pons, in 1989. At the University of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cold Fusion, it’s a way to generate a very small amount of heat doesn’t have very high energy release density. But by using non fusion,

basically, I don’t know what what’s the best way to describe this well, low energy nuclear reactions. That’s the best way. It’s turning mass into energy, heat energy to heat bodies of water, but using very low tech systems.

And when this came out, at first in 1989, it was on the cover of every magazine Fleischmann and Pons had one of the greatest breakthroughs in human history. Like energy free energy, basically, not free but converting mass to energy from heavy water.

It was a breakthrough that would set humanity free. But then it didn’t take long only a matter of days before what who attacked it Oh, MIT scientists attacked it hot fusion scientists globalist of the day. The globalist shut it down. And they said Fleischmann and Pons are scammers, even though they were published scientists doing very serious work, by the way, but it was all shut down. The media told everybody, nothing to see here, move on. These people were hoaxers, but they weren’t hoaxers. And in the years since low energy nuclear reaction experiments have been repeated, in literally hundreds of laboratories around the world. And the United States Navy today has an entire lab focused on what low energy nuclear reactions because it’s a great way to power ships at sea. You know, you heat water, you generate steam, you turn turbines have electricity. And it’s inherently safer than existing nuclear engines, or, you know, new nuclear fuel rods on submarines. Because,

you know, fuel rods are very dangerous when things go wrong. And ships sink from time to time, especially in more so low energy nuclear reactions. I can tell you with certainty because I’ve had conversations with many, many people over the years, I’ve done interviews over the years, with people who are involved in this, it is 100% real, it is absolutely real. And it has to do with the composition of the the Palladium rods or I don’t know I’m not getting the terminology correct, but it has to do with the proper composition.

of the catalyst material that goes into the heavy water. And by the way that this produces a byproduct of Helium, which is absolute proof that there have been low energy nuclear reactions taking place. But yet the entire Science Committee, the mainstream science community says, That’s not possible. that couldn’t happen,

even though it is happening.

Interesting stuff. So we know that technology which could set humanity free has been kept from us

on purpose, even now, even now, it’s being kept from us. And what is the role of Google today? Google isn’t a search engine. Google is an anti knowledge machine. The purpose of Google is to isolate humanity from knowledge. When you go onto Google and search for something, it’s not bringing you back answers. It’s bringing you back disinformation. It’s bringing you back only official sources, authoritative sources is the term the sources that are lying to you, you know, the who, the CDC, the vaccine companies, the fake news media, the Biden regime. Google is a disinformation or really an anti knowledge engine, its entire purpose is to destroy human knowledge or to technically to decouple human consciousness from knowledge that could set humanity free. That’s the purpose of Google. It’s not to categorize the world’s information, but to suffocate the world’s information. That’s what Google’s doing now. And notably, by the way, Democrats in Congress are now urging big tech to censor more. They’re saying, oh, there’s too much disinformation on the internet still. And by that they mean, people who are telling the truth, or people who are asking big questions like, Hey, what’s the deal with AI systems? What’s the deal with quantum computing? What’s the deal with vaccine ingredients? What’s the deal with, you know, disclosure, whatever, you’re asking too many questions. They call that disinformation and they want to shut you down. So the entire global system that exists today, the monetary system, the technology system, the disinformation, fake news media system, all of it exists for one purpose, and that is to keep you imprisoned in a global prison of ignorance, destitution, suffering and ultimately death. by depriving you of access to knowledge that could set you free.

The knowledge that is powerful is limited to be possessed by only the very few people who are controlled by the globalists, such as Elon Musk, for example, and Bill Gates and others. I’m not I’m not saying Elon Musk is the same as Bill Gates. Bill Gates is like way worse, down on the evil scale. Elan Musk is actually he’s got some good qualities, you know, but he’s still in the loop of the globalists who are funding him and protecting him and feeding him technology, because he’s building the systems that they want. You see, that’s his role. Whereas Bill Gates just wants everybody to die. You know, Elon Musk doesn’t want you to die.

He’s wants to build Star Wars weapon systems and faster than light travel and colonize other planets. Okay, at least we understand where he’s coming from. And that’s not so far fetched anymore, based on what we know.

So when governments today say things like, Oh, we couldn’t keep the lights on in Texas, while they’re building, experimenting with faster than light, drive travel systems, and crazy, you know, human genomics, genetic engineering experiments, nanotechnology nanobots.

Of course, they’re lying to you. They can keep the lights on, they just don’t want to when you have a food shortage, Oh, where’s the food at the grocery store? We had that last week I was talking about it. There’s no food here. Do you think there’s a food shortage because they can’t actually produce the food and get it to you know, they want a food shortage. They want engineered scarcity. Remember, I’ve talked about the spectrum before scarcity versus abundance. abundance is what sets people free and challenges, centralized authority, control structures, and ultimately tears them down. But scarcity creates control for those centralized authorities. scarcities always keeps you in a state of constant emergency. So you are dependent on answers from the very technocrats that are designing systems to murder you think about COVID What do you hear every day in the news? Oh, there’s another strain. There’s another mutant strain. It’s you know, it’s the San Andreas mutant variety. Now. You’re going to need another shot. You’re gonna need upgrade your vaccine passport. Gonna need another lockdown. What is all of that?

That’s the scarcity fear model to keep you controlled, to keep you in your place. While they the globalists are working on ways to colonize Mars, and blast you from space using exotic space based orbital weapons systems. Like the one in that movie, real genius from the 1980s. Also, remember the the giant satellite, orbital laser that would blast down from the sky?

And it could pop popcorn also in that movie? Yeah, I think that was real genius. Val Kilmer funny movie. So on this planet right now, I believe we have technology will not not be the people but in the hands of certain controlling humans. There is the technology for unlimited energy abundance.

There is the technology technology for very efficient, very cost effective space travel.

There’s no question that there are many, many bases on the dark side of the moon,

from many countries, probably Russia and China and the United States have all built pretty elaborate observation bases and military staging bases on the moon on the dark side. Well, you can’t see it from a, you know, an earth based telescope.

There’s no question about that. That’s the high ground.

You know, Earth is in the gravity Well, the moon is above earth at all times. Because it’s, you know, it’s in a higher,

while higher elevation compared to Earth, right. So that’s the high ground.

I think the technology exists for longevity. I think the technology exists to turn water into energy.

In fact, I think water is just a concentrated form of energy. I mean, what what is water, mostly, even though the the oxygen atom is very, very large, and the hydrogen atom is extremely tiny, but there’s two hydrogens for every oxygen. And if you can free that hydrogen, or just convert it all, to energy,

you know, mass to energy, you have a tremendous amount of energy found in water, you could power everything from water alone, just by having access to the technology that I believe exists right now, water is liquid energy. Just like in the realm of nutrition, and cognitive function. I’ve always talked about this, or for many years, that every human being has the potential to be a genius. Because the creativity of your brain is unleashed when your blood is nourished with the right nutrients that support and enhance cognitive function and allow your biological holographic supercomputer known as your brain, which is a miracle. By the way, your brain has unlimited potential because it’s not even limited to the physical mass. It’s an interface with your non physical spirit, your soul, your consciousness interfaces with your brain as well. And with the right nutrients, you can have unlimited creativity, unlimited exploration of knowledge and much, much more. So what does what does the globalist do? They shut down brain function? What do they do? They have led in the water supply. They put fluoride in the water, they put pesticides in the food, they assault your brain with basically psychic warfare, fake news, endless terror, fear campaigns, scarcity, keeping you terrified about the latest COVID strain keeping you’re terrified about you know the Cold War back in the in the 1980s. And before that, keeping you terrified so you can’t use that amazing supercomputer that God gave you

and you were born with

and now of course the trying to confuse everybody with all the the woke disinformation, the trying to say math is racist and the trying to confuse you by saying one plus one doesn’t equal two, and by our biological men, there’s no such thing as a biological woman and a man can be a woman. No, this is this is all a confusion campaign. That’s all it is. mass confusion is their strategy to prevent you from touching the genius or reaching the full potential of humankind that would set us free. So all of this goes together the censorship,

the lack of nutrition, the process, dead foods, it all goes together. It’s all about keeping you down, and making sure you never awaken to the reality that you are a living, breathing miracle. And that you were put here to do something amazing, by the way. God wants you to be amazing. I mean, you are amazing just for being but God wants you to use that property to its fullest potential.

The globalist want to shut you down and keep you enslaved and keep you disconnected from all kinds of truth. Why do you think they’re always attacking? You know, alternative medicine? Why are they attacking?

prayer and meditation? Why are they attacking religion and spirituality? Why are they attacking?

You know, exotic healing systems, such as even aroma therapy, or energy medicine or Mind Body medicine or different types of energy healing systems? Why are they attacking all that? Because those are the things that resonate with your greatest potential. Those are the things that set you free, they would rather you take a diabetes drug that keeps you in a mental stupor, right? They want you to take mind altering drugs, anti depressant drugs that keep you in this never ending sleepwalking through life state, where you’re just a programmable life form of PLF. You’re just like a zombie

popping pills. And then watching CNN, and CNN tells you what to think. And then you’re drinking fluoride, which makes you even more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion and so on. This is what they want for you. And then from time to time, they’ll take the food away, the crash the money supply, steal all your savings, from time to time, you know, the turn off the power grid, just make you suffer for a while just to remind you who’s in charge. This is what happens when you vote against the Democrats, they cut the power to your state, Florida’s coming up next, by the way, you’re going to have power outages in Florida, because they’re punishing all the red states.

So this is how the system works.

So our solution is to bypass all of that as much as we can, through self reliance. And then grassroots sharing of information.

And even exotic technologies that can be deployed in a low tech fashion. For example, just as a, an example. Remember, when I did those videos, they’re up on prep with Mike calm, the videos that showed you how to take silver coins and make medicine out of silver coins using batteries, nine volt batteries. So you can make an antibacterial medicine out of something that is a form of physical element. That’s a stored asset and a form of barter, by the way. So we’re using the Table of Elements, we’re using good science. And you know, in this case, some electricity to apply a positive charge to the silver electrons from silver coins, you can do, you can use silver wires and silver plates as well. So you end up with ag plus, which is held in suspension in the water in a colloid, which is why it’s called colloidal silver, or ionic silver, it’s ag plus.

And this is a powerful antibacterial treatment for surfaces, you can turn it into medicine, you can turn it into a first aid treatment. You know, this, this is low tech, but advanced, you know, exotic, almost medicine using the laws of physics. And I think there are many more examples of that, that we need to learn and share. And one of the the pitfalls of this. For example, a lot of people who invented a free energy system are so called free energy, there’s really not any such thing as free energy, it always comes from somewhere. But there can be energy systems that are apparently free. But they are getting their energy from somewhere. Just want to be clear. You know, I don’t believe in perpetual motion machines. On the other hand, we have wind turbines, right? Because the wind is making them turn Well, except when they’re frozen with an ice freeze. But you could call a wind turbine, that perpetual motion machine as long as the wind is blowing, right. But energy does come from somewhere, sometimes from an alternate universe, you know, like the multiverse like the quantum universes that we talked about. But anyway, inventors who have created these so called well will say overunity engines, they’ve made the mistake of applying for patents.

So you listening out there, if you invent something really amazing. You have to give it away for free yet, because the minute you apply for a patent, the patent office sees your patent they call the Navy

or you know, the NSA or whoever. And then the Navy shows up at your house and says Oh, guess what, we just classified your invention to be a national security secret.

And we just confiscated everything from your workshop.

Because we can’t have this falling into the hands of the people. My goodness, what would happen if people had free energy, they wouldn’t need the power grid. We couldn’t turn them off when we want to see. So over the years, even the

Last 50 plus years, there have been probably hundreds of inventors who have tried to put their inventions through the patent system. In every case they got seized. And then a lot of those inventors ended up suicided, didn’t they? Yeah, very common thing. Because the globalists have always been about depriving humanity access to these technologies. It turns out, it’s not that difficult to harvest so called free energy.

For example, you can harvest energy from Earth’s magnetosphere.

And you can turn it into kinetic energy, there are relatively simple ways to do that. But no one is allowed to talk about it, no one is allowed to demonstrate it, no videos are allowed on the subject. No patents are allowed. And if you try to patent it, they will come seize it. They will, you know, classify it as top secret. See, that’s how it works, because you’re supposed to be controlled.

So let me wrap this up by sharing with you what I believe is real. And you can decide for yourself, I think that most of the things depicted in let’s say Star Wars, are are representations of dramatizations of real technologies.

I think we do have faster than light

systems, maybe they’re only working in a very small scale, and they can’t bend spacetime very strongly yet, because we need more powerful

dark energy batteries, or an antimatter batteries, basically. And we don’t have those yet. But they’re working on them. I think there’s a lot of technology that exists out there. But I don’t think the globalists have any plans for most of us to participate in their future, their future what they imagine. And this is the Bill Gates future is mass murdering six to 7 billion people, you know, leaving maybe less than a billion alive on the planet, automating systems through robotics and AI, you know, exotic AI systems,

combined with exotic alloys, right that they that the Pentagon is studying from the UFO crash sites.

And I think that the globalist plan to colonize other planets

with AI systems, and maybe some biological systems such as themselves, or you know, their offspring, and so on, but mostly AI systems, they plan to build and send AI systems throughout the cosmos to study other worlds.

And to report back on which planets might be inhabitable. This is an obvious plan of what any advanced civilization would look to do, because having all your life on one planet is a very risky thing. Given that we’re living in a giant shooting gallery of large meteors flying around space and solar flares. And every once in a while suns, you know, explode, and so on. If you want your civilization to survive, you have to get off of one planet. In fact, you have to get out of one solar system, don’t you to have redundancy on the scale of a civilization of a species like human beings, you have to move to other stars.

So think about this next, then the fact that this is a self evident idea, at least I think it is, it’s kind of should be self evident. To us also means that this concept is self evident to others who are not us, which means that they are building spacecraft to explore other stars, other solar systems, and they are building AI systems,

to interface with other civilizations,

to perhaps influence them to perhaps convince those civilizations to kill themselves off to make room for their planned colonization of those planets. And I’ll leave you with this thought. What if that is exactly what’s happening to us?

What if the genocide agenda against humanity right now is actually being driven by a non human originating AI system that’s been programmed to take over our media, takeover our medicine, takeover our food production systems, and turn Earth into a giant human killing death machine in order to sterilize the planet and prepare it for a post human existence? That is yet to come? Could that be the scenario that we’re actually experiencing? Think about it every day when the media gets its marching orders of what to say.

They’re getting orders of how to destroy human civilization. who’s giving the orders? Is it even coming from a source that’s human? Or is it an advanced AI system that came here with a mission to convince humanity to commit mass suicide or genocide

to convince the species to exterminate itself? Is that what we’re watching?

I’ll leave you with that question. And if that’s the case, how do you fight an exotic alien AI supercomputer system that has taken over your

communications infrastructure?

And he’s very good at simulating commands from human beings, for example, how do you fight that system?

I’m not sure that that you can.

Okay, so. So as you think about everything I said, here today, you know, take all this with a grain of salt.

We don’t know for sure what’s happening. I’ve expressed a lot of ideas that are possibilities. Some of these are theories. Some of these are things that that we know to be true.

But this is more like a what if type of podcast What if this is actually what we’re facing?

I encourage you to start looking for signs that these things might be happening around us. We know they’re keeping knowledge from us. We know that there are technologies that are forbidden, we know that inventors who file exotic patents end up being suicided happens all the time. We know that low energy, nuclear reactions are real cold fusion is real. We know that water is a form of stored energy. We know all kinds of things that can at least confirm hints in this direction. We don’t know for sure that let’s say an exotic, exotic alien AI system is running our Information Infrastructure on Earth, but certainly could be.

Certainly could be. And what about that long, cigar shaped asteroid? Whose name is very different? What was it the Oh, oh, muah muah, or something. It’s named after a Hawaiian god of destruction or something. I’m not trying to mock the Hawaiian name. It’s just I don’t know how to pronounce it correctly. But anyway, a lot of scientists think that that thing is an alien spacecraft because, well, it’s a it’s it’s got thrust. And it’s vectoring itself through the solar system.

It’s it’s not just falling on some orbital gravity assisted trajectory that sucker is, it’s moving.

And if you if you look that up, I don’t even know how to spell it. Oh, more or more asteroids, cigar shaped asteroid, alien spacecraft. Let’s type that into DuckDuckGo, you’ll find the articles on this. Mainstream physicists say that thing’s an alien craft, and it’s here to observe our solar system. That’s not a far fetched idea.

Not far fetched at all. Because we would do it to other solar systems,

we probably are in the process of doing that other solar systems in the years ahead. So why wouldn’t others do it to us? Yeah, everybody’s looking for planets. Everybody’s looking for liquid water, everybody’s looking for planets that are orbiting in the Goldilocks zone of life, everybody’s looking for a planet with a moon that has an axial tilt of, you know, 23 degrees of whatever we have, everybody’s looking for that, or at least all carbon based life forms are. Because those are, that’s high value real estate in the Milky Way, which is a very big place. So there’s a lot of spaces to look for this. You just start sending out probes to all the nearby stars, using your FTL drive systems. And then maybe you have an instant communication system using

what spooky action at a distance, the, you know, instant communications using orbital spin states of superposition protons, right spin states, and you can have instant communications back, you can send a satellite out to another star system, and they can report back faster than the speed of light. That technology exists. That’s been demonstrated in labs here on Earth, by the way.

Yeah, I didn’t need to have time to get into that. You could look that up. There’s all kinds of labs, like Stanford, I think, and MIT labs, they’re there. They’re sending information faster than the speed of light.

Using superpositions of I don’t know, proton, orbital spins or something. It’s, it’s,

it’s called spooky action at a distance. That’s what Einstein called it. And that’s being demonstrated here on Earth. So that technology exists. And that apparently breaks the laws of physics.

Apparently looks like magic, but it’s real.

So yeah,

every living intelligent organism wants to colonize other stars Period. End of story,

including us, including Elon Musk.

And humans are going to start by going to Mars, well, probably already there. They probably have conference centers or something. Who knows? I’m joking, but who knows?

They’re gonna go to other planets, and then they’re going to go to other stars. And then at some point, you’re going to have a territory battle with other civilizations who are going to say, No, that’s our star. And it’s, it’s, it’s the history of Earth repeating itself now on a cosmic scale. So yeah, at some point, you have to develop defensive weapons, offensive weapons, I guess. And it seems like in the cosmos, the most aggressive, militant, intelligent civilization wins. Whatever civilization runs around with the biggest bombs, wiping out everybody else wins, don’t they? And how, what? How would they do that? They would send advanced AI probes to all the planets to take over and commit genocide on those planets.

See, all the dots are suddenly connected, aren’t they? Like, why are the people? Why are the governments of the world wanting to mass murder human beings? Oh, now we understand why they’re being told to.

Yeah, there you go.

Okay, so I hope I’ve given you something to think about today, maybe? Or maybe just made everything a little more confusing.

But I’ll give you this homework assignment. Okay. Says NASA says, I have a helicopter flying on Mars. And since a lot of the things I’ve said here might, you know, you might want to confirm some of them, you might be really curious, but you’re like, I want more proof. Go find a helicopter pilot. Or maybe you know, somebody who knows a helicopter pilot and ask them, Hey, could you could this helicopter take off in 0.6% atmosphere, which would be the equivalent on earth to maybe something like an elevation or an altitude of, let’s say, 120,000 feet? Like, could you fly this helicopter at 120,000? feet? Just ask them? See what they say?

I can already tell you the answer. But you should hear it from them yourself. Just, you know, just just to get it from a credible source and actual helicopter pilot, and then ask yourself, why is NASA saying that they’ve got helicopters flying around Mars now?

Answer? Well, it’ll be self evident.

So yeah, that they think we’re stupid. And, you know,

I guess a lot of common people are pretty stupid, because they’re watching CNN. And, and they’re not teaching physics in school anymore. And you know, they’re just teaching woks tourism. So yeah, people are not well informed about this stuff. So I guess NASA thinks that we can just tell everybody, there’s no atmosphere on Mars, but we’re flying helicopters. And most people will just accept it. Because they don’t have enough intelligence to say, Whoa, whoa, that something’s not right with that story. You know, we’re being lied to one way or another here. So that’s where you and I come into the picture, we’re like, Whoa, stop, the press is something isn’t right about, about the official story.

What’s going on here, and that’s when we start digging. And that’s when we look at connecting these dots, you know, understanding, understanding gravity and physics and quantum computing and AI systems and exotic technology and the missions of the Pentagon all these things. This is not even a stretch anymore. This is all really, it’s all out in the open. It’s all admitted at this point. You know, even the faster than light communication system that I just mentioned. That’s that’s it’s published in Science papers right now. It’s not even. It’s not like fringe theory stuff. It’s in science papers right now, today.

easy to find. Yep. All right. So we’ll probably resume with more, let’s say terrestrial subjects tomorrow. But I think today is a refreshing departure from politics.

And, and economic news. There’s a lot of bad economic news coming tomorrow, I can tell you already. It’s gonna be bad, you know, we’re gonna have a global economic collapse, and so on. But that’s all part of the plan. That’s all being done deliberately. It’s all a takedown because we are the were the target. Now they want to exterminate human beings. For all the reasons that should be obvious after this discussion. All right. So we’ll resume tomorrow and more normal topics. Until then, thank you for all your support. Thank you for, you know, being open minded, just to hear this is pretty exotic kind of conversations here. Not everybody is ready to hear this stuff. And, you know, maybe not everything is correct about some of my theories on this. But we need to be asking these questions. That’s why I’m willing to talk about this and, and, you know, jump out there with this information. Let’s all think about this, do some research, share the information, and let’s see if we can find a way to survive this great global genocide.

Huh, about that. Let’s let’s see if we can save the human race frankly. That’s that’s what’s at stake. All right. We’ll talk to you tomorrow. Until then, thank you so much for your support. Be sure to check out health Ranger to help support us with our, our bandwidth and our video platform breakdown and all of that. And we’ve got, you know, lab tested superfoods and nutritional products there that can really help assist and support your good health. So check it out. appreciate all your support. Talk to you tomorrow. Take care.

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