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Situation Update, Feb. 25th – Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to be exposed and removed?

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Situation Update, Feb. 25th – Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to be exposed and removed?

(Natural News) Fake President Biden, an imposter whose puppetmasters rigged the election to carry out an illegal, criminal coup against America, may be on the verge of being exposed and removed. Many startling anomalies continue to surface, including the fact that US Marines are, at times, no longer stationed outside the Oval Office, even when Jen Psaki claims “President Biden” is working inside.

For over a century, every U.S. President has given a State of the Union address in either January or February, yet there is zero talk of such an address coming from Biden. Given that everything else about Biden has been a staged theatrical production — the fake inauguration, his fake “acceptance” speech, a rigged election, etc. — we must wonder whether the Biden green screen production team will try to pull off some sort of artificial, pre-recorded State of the Union address and claim “covid” is the reason he can’t appear in person.

(Isn’t it amazing how the plandemic gives full cover to the entire theatrical production we’re watching here?)

On top of all that, 36 Democrats are reportedly demanding Biden give up control over the US nuclear codes, further reinforcing the idea that Biden is obviously not “their” president.

In today’s Situation Update, we also delve into the Equality Act, a wholesale attack on Christians, rationality and reason, which would force corporations and hospitals to embrace transgender delusions as if they were biological reality. But there’s a twist in all this that I reveal in the podcast.

Note also that the intolerant, bigoted Left is practically applauding the straight-up torture of a conservative trans activist named Jessica Watkins, who was stripped naked and left in indefinite confinement in a U.S. prison merely for being present at the January 6th capitol events, even though she committed no violence and did nothing to destroy property. Where is the loudmouthed Left when it comes to the trans rights of conservative trans individuals?

Nothing but silence. In truth, the Left doesn’t believe in trans rights at all. They only believe in the obedience of the “left cult,” a dangerous, demented cult of wokeism that demands total obedience and espouses violence against those who reject the cult.

Covid-19 vaccines are now linked to symptoms of breast cancer, and in a truly bizarre twist, Pfizer is demanding the nations like Argentina and Brazil sign over their military bases and embassy buildings to the vaccine giant so that Pfizer can be sure they will grant the company absolute legal immunity from all the deaths and injuries caused by their covid vaccines. That story, published at Great Game India, is covered in today’s podcast.

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All right, it’s the Situation Update for Thursday, February 25. Mike Adams here from natural news.com, thank you for joining me. I do have a lot of interesting stuff for you today. And maybe some of it is better news than what we’ve had the last couple of days.

There are some there are some mysteries and there are some signs that Yeah, the the theater fake world may be about to shatter,

including perhaps taking down the fake president, who was never elected. We’ll we’ll see what’s at work in the swamp. And with the Trump administration, Trump is still the president, by the way. And we’re going to cover that a little bit of that today. Also, I did interview john Rubino yesterday, and that interview should be posted today. It’s, it’s a very good interview, to understand what’s happening with the dollar collapse situation, the crashing of the fiat currency, and some of the things that you can do to protect yourself. So it’s a really good interview, and he even talked about secret pirate treasure maps and things like that. So that should be a lot of fun. But we lead off today

with a story. And this, this podcast is going to get wild. But one of the stories here that’s been kind of circulating all of a sudden is that where is Joe Biden’s State of the Union address? Now one of the listeners this podcast had texted me about that. And I also saw it on we love trump.com was covering it there. I think Noah is the name of the person who runs runs. Is that right? Is it No, anyway?

Yes, no. So what’s the deal because every other president gives a State of the Union address, either in January or February. And Trump gave his after he was inaugurated in January of 2017. He gave his State of the Union his first State of the Union in February.

Well, there’s no talk of any state of the union address for Joe Biden. Now, if you think about it, think about it. why might that be? Well, a couple of reasons. Number one, he’s not the real president. So he can’t give a real state of the union address. And in fact, as we love Trump pointed out, if you go to Google and search for details on this event, Google says that there’s a schedule for a, quote, unofficial State of the Union address from Joe Biden. But even that schedule seems to have come and gone. Because apparently he was supposed to address the nation two days ago, never happened. media has total silence about it. So, you know, if, if he’s not the real President, I guess he can give any, any unofficial address that he wants. But secondly, the question is, can Joe Biden even cognitively give a live address? You see, because everything before now has been completely staged and faked, including the inauguration itself on January 20. Fate, including joe biden’s acceptance speech, back in November faked, or whenever it was totally faked. Remember, they had a stage that was all lit up. And then they had a bunch of parked cars.

A bunch of cars in a parking lot

at night, and a stage and Joe Biden wasn’t even there. And then they piped in Joe Biden, some pre recorded segments filmed somewhere else, remember that? I mean, how quickly we forget.

But Biden, I don’t think Biden’s capable of giving a live address in front of both houses, you know, the the Senate and the House? I don’t think he’s capable of doing it.

I’m amazed he made it through some of the debates last year, probably that was only possible by having audio piped into his ear to tell him what to say. So I think

I mean, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’re going to roll out some state of the union here at the last minute.

But I think they’re going to try to just pretend that it wasn’t supposed to happen, because they have a pretend President Biden, you know, pretend administration, he’s the pretender in chief. And, and they’re just gonna gloss over and say, what what state of the union? What are you talking about? They’re just gonna hope nobody remembers that. Every president has given this address

which, which means it’s not going to be State of the Union. It’s really going to be state of the onion. As in the onion satire news website that rolls out, deliberately hilarious and fake news headlines. I actually prefer the Babylon B personally. The Babylon B has headlines like, quote, hollywood unveils a new walk of shame for conservative actors.


going off the Coca Cola incident, quote seven ways you can be less white, or a Hasbro releases exciting new Fauci says game, you know, instead of Simon says it’s Fauci says,

Biden announced his ambitious goal of $100 per gallon gas by the end of his first 100 days in office or take the Babylon B’s antiracism corporate training, you know, these kinds of headlines. And by the way, I’ve often thought that if I wasn’t publishing national news, I would very much like to work for the Babylon B, because I think we share some of the same humor. And it would be a tremendous amount of fun to to come up with those hilarious stories that also have an element of truth to them. So nevertheless, Biden appears to not be not be giving a state of the union address. That’s just part one. Next part, why are Democrats now demanding that Joe Biden give up possession of the nuclear codes? This has been all over the media? I mean, Breitbart covered it and zerohedge, and others all over the place.

Dozens of Democrats are saying, well, Joe Biden really shouldn’t have the nuclear codes all by himself.

Because because, well, well, we shouldn’t trust one person to be able to launch nuclear missiles. Now, here’s the question, why would they be saying that? If Joe Biden was their president, if Biden is such an amazing person who’s in full control of his cognitive faculties? And is so trustworthy that we should vote for him? Why would they say he should give up the nuclear codes? Now, I’m just just guessing here, but could the answer be that maybe he’s not the real Joe Biden? Or maybe he’s not the President or somebody else’s? Actually they’re wearing a mask and pretending to be him? Or something like that? Maybe there’s a body double, you know, not a clone, but just just an actor who’s playing Joe Biden, maybe I’m not saying that. That’s for sure. The situation? I don’t know for sure. But it’s a possibility we should consider, since so much of this has been faked. From from day one.

And then we are approaching the date of March for now, March fourth is a date that a lot of people have been talking about, because it’s the

it’s the the presidential inauguration date for the original constitutional republic. So a lot of people are looking at March 4, and saying, well, that’s the date that Trump’s going to be back as President. I don’t believe that’s going to happen. Personally, I

don’t have any evidence that that’s the case. And other people believe that by April 1, maybe Trump will be president or maybe they’re they’re just telling an April Fool’s joke, I don’t know. But I don’t think Trump’s gonna be backed by March 4. I think it’s going to take much longer for the American people to see the truth of what’s about to unfold. I think that Biden

or either real Biden or fake Biden is in there to be in the White House when the financial collapse comes.

And after that, there are all kinds of scenarios that can play out now. Trump is scheduled to give a speech this Sunday at sea pack.

And a lot of people believe that in this speech, Trump is going to reassert his

well, his his power, his influence,

maybe saps? Who knows? Maybe, maybe we’ll see. Oh, you know, Lindsey Graham, came out and said, I’m paraphrasing something like the the the future of the GOP is now Trump or everybody’s going to follow Trump. Trump is clearly the the leader, should he choose to leave the GOP? He’s, he’s the leader.

And the anti trumpers are our history. They’re going to be voted out in 2022. Any any that are still remaining. And mitch mcconnell is history as well. He’s not going to survive the next election, I don’t think.

And it appears that Trump is not going to form his own party. He’s going to stick with the GOP, but really, you could say claim the GOP, the GOP is going to become the Trump party. And that’s because the GOP number one wouldn’t even exist today. Without Trump, they would have lost every election in the last four years without Trump. And the American people are sick and tired of GOP rhinos.

Like, oh, Mike Pence, or mitch mcconnell or others. They’re sick and tired of the rhinos, who are just really democrats in disguise. Let’s face it the globalist in disguise and the Trump supporters

have only grown since election day. I mean, the numbers of them. More people support Trump now than even before the election. So Trump has a commanding level of influence over the GOP, Trump is already a shoo in for the candidate, the nominee for 2020 for a race, although I keep saying, I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen, because I don’t think the United States of America even last that long. And by the way, if you don’t solve the voting machine problem, it doesn’t matter what your candidates say or who they are, because you’re never going to win. Again, if you don’t control the voting machines. I mean, I don’t mean control, if you don’t eliminate the fraud and corruption, you got to go back to paper ballots, that’s the only way to, to do this. In fact, I’ve often thought that

you should have, you should have voters

carry something like give them something.

if, let’s say you’re voting for president, and you’re trying to choose between Biden and Trump,

in your local precinct, and when you show up to vote, they should give you like a

little token or something. And then you would approach two bins, and one bin is the Biden bin and the other band is the Trump bin and you toss the token into the bin that you’re voting for. And so everybody could see the size of the pile of the tokens, it would be obvious, and then of course, you would count them.

But we’ve got to stop the situation where the vote counting happens in secret. Inside a black box with an algorithm with a bunch of vote stuffing, we need something physical, so people can just see how big is the pile, the heap

winning by heaps. This is a very simple way to solve that problem. But it might get cumbersome in a race where you’re voting for many, many different candidates in different

you know, different positions and so on. Nevertheless, we need a a fair and simple low tech voting system. Now there are people out there who analysts who absolutely still believe that Trump is going to come back.

As the president, some people believe he’s going to be the president of the constitutional republic, you know, the 19th, President

of the Republic, I want to share with you that I’ve reached out to my contacts, well, multiple times over the last month or so. And some of my best contacts with the military and the Pentagon have just been totally silent. They’ve gone dark on this entire subject. But one of them I was able to talk with

recently. And they were explaining that their sources of information have also gone dark on anything related to the military asserting control over America and arresting Biden or anything like that. So for some reason, all of this conversation has gone dark.


I am concerned that maybe the the good people in the military who were going to be in charge of defending the Republic and protecting America against this illegal coup.

My fear has been that those people were murdered.

But that may not be the case, it may be that they’ve just gone silent.

And one of the operating theories out there is that the American people have to suffer under Biden for a longer period of time, in order for people to understand why the republic needs to be saved from these illegal criminals, this this political cartel of the CCP, which is running Biden the puppet, and there’s not enough pain yet in America, the theory goes for the American people to be ready for that, that that declaration or action to take place. I mean, this is one of the operating theories.

And so being that I just went through the Texas rolling blackouts last week, which were also initiated in part by the Biden administration to punish Texas. I’m thinking well, gosh, you know, how much punishment is it going to take? Exactly?

Apparently a lot more and what’s coming is a, a currency collapse. And I’m, I’m really starting to think that the good guys the white hats are waiting for the currency collapse to kick in. Because only then will the pain and suffering rise to the surface of the consciousness of the American masses, to the point where they will be able to say, Oh my gosh, we cannot we cannot lose our country to a bunch of left wing criminals, communist lunatics and fascists. We’ve got to take this country back, got to take our freedoms back.

And then the good guys would be able to

you know,

to assert their authority to defend the Republic, and we would see victory for America at that time, but a lot of suffering, it seems at least this is the theory would have to happen in the meantime. So if that’s the case, then prepare for a very, very difficult year ahead or or many months ahead or something like that. See, none of us know when this crash is going to happen. Even I interviewed john Rubino and he didn’t know either, because, you know, we don’t have crystal balls. We don’t have those those quantum computers that can see the future and things like that. Exotic alien technology. No, all we have is is just our ability to research and our life experience of taking educated guesses about what’s happening.

So we don’t know when the crash is coming. We don’t know what’s going to be the initiating event or the so called Black Swan. That that comes along. And I imagine the ACLU is probably going to start complaining about that. Why are you calling it a black swan? It should be a white swan, because white people are bad. You know what I mean? It’s like, anytime you talk about black or white, you get you get attacked by the radical left. But anyway, it’s called the Black Swan, because most swans are white. And, obviously, and.

And then the Black Swan is the unusual, unexpected swan. You could also say a purple Swan or a green Swan, I guess. But this black swan event that’s going to really be the catalyst for the collapse of the dollar is an unknown event at this moment. But it does seem like things are getting pretty wonky in the financial markets really, really crazy. because everything’s going up, and everybody thinks it’s going to keep going up. And this, this is exactly what happens before a catastrophic collapse. You know, in a normal market, you know, at any given time, half the people think it’s gonna go up, half the people think it’s gonna go down or roughly. So they’re always disagreements, which is what makes a market, you know, some people are buying other people are selling, because they have different perspectives on where things are going. But when everybody’s buying, that’s a sign that it’s a massive bubble, and a blowout is about to happen. And that’s where we are right now everybody’s buying there are no skeptics of the upside of the market. You know, there are there are no bears. It’s all bulls or it’s all bull something anyway, that keeps driving the market higher and higher and higher. So no bears to be found anywhere.

So it’s a it’s a pretty smart situation. If you were able to engineer a Democrat, or at least a fake democrat president in the fake White House at the moment that the system collapses, that would be quite a feat.

You know, Trump doesn’t want to get blamed for this. So maybe that’s why he agreed to leave temporarily.

That’s why he agreed to bow out.

Maybe that’s why he told the supreme court justices to keep dismissing the cases. I don’t know. It’s a theory, we’ll see. But I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the Oval Office when this whole system comes crashing down. And I think that’s what’s going to happen.

Now, we’ve got a lot of other news to cover, let’s let’s talk about the Equality Act, as it’s called completely misnamed. And this is about the culture wars, this Equality Act is about pushing transgenderism as a protected class to apply to America’s corporations and universities and hospitals, and so on. Now, this is about gender identity politics. And it targets children as well for physical well abuse, I mean, surgeries that name them that that scarify them and alter their genitalia, in order to meet the the political demands of the leftist parents who were using their children as trophies for the gender identity movement. So what’s crucial to know about this so called the Equality Act,

is it’s an effort by the left to grant special protected status to people who call themselves transgenders. Notably, this is very important, and this is not going to go in the direction that you think,


anyone can claim to be transgender at any time, because according to the left, it is a choice. It’s simply a mental choice, that you can transform yourself from a man to a woman, boom, just like that just by saying so. In fact, you don’t have to go to a woman you could go to a mermaid or a fairy and I’m not mocking it. I’m describing their system, their belief system that you can can declare that you self identify as a, you know, a spotted Tibetan

Snow Leopard or whatever, or, you know, a centar, you know, the mythical beast that’s half horse and half human, you know, the, I think

the human half is the upper half. Otherwise, that would be an ugly creature.

But normally, the, the lower half is the horse, you know, from below the waist is the horse and above the waist is, is human, that’s a centar, you could say you’re a centar. And as a result, you need special accommodations, you need a special restroom, it’s hard to sit on the toilet when you have when you have a horse but and you have horse legs, you know, you need a special toilet. And you could show up at a hospital. And you could say, I need, since I’m a center, I need a veterinarian for my lower half that with a specialist and horses and then I need a doctor for my upper half. And under the Equality Act, the hospital would have to go find a horse veterinarian to examine your horse parts.

Should should you manage to continue to claim such a thing. So

at the same time that this is happening, there are no special protections offered for conservatives or Christians or even for white people in society. So here’s what’s interesting, the corporations today actively discriminate against people for being white. The schools discriminate against people for being white, Coca Cola, remember, just had that training recently that said that teaching their employees to be less white, you know, because being white means being rude and horrible and mean and all these other horrible things. It’s trying to be less white, you know, try to be more like a person of color, which is a, you know, an honorable, honest, uplifting, joyful person. It was insane. And it’s just institutionalized bigotry and racism. I mean, can you imagine if some Corporation in America had some training program that said, try to be less black.

And then and then they assign all these horrible attributes to black people. I mean, the outcry would be would be epic.

But somehow, it’s okay to attack white people, which is, which is insane. And it’s okay, for apparently, for left wing corporations like Google and Facebook and Twitter, to discriminate against conservatives and Christians, and gun owners, and white people and Americans and so on. So remember what the left has told us this entire time, which is that, oh, private companies can do whatever they want

me to say what Google has no right to ban me or YouTube has no right to ban me or Twitter. The left always said, well, they’re private companies, they can do whatever they want, they can ban you.

But then when a Catholic hospital wants to say, we don’t, we don’t treat transgenders based on their delusion, we treat people based on their actual biology, male or female, then all of a sudden, the left is screaming, well, a private company can’t do whatever they want. You have to obey the transgender delusion, you must obey, see. So the left never actually believed in this idea that corporations could do whatever they want. They want to force you, they want the government to coerce corporations into doing what the left wants. And that’s the truth of what the left has always been pushing. It’s really a situation where they’re saying, Yeah, you can do whatever you want, as long as it’s what we want you to do. You just can’t do things that we don’t want you to do. So in other words, the left only believes in freedom, as long as you’re doing what they want, which means they don’t believe in freedom at all. The left only believes in speech, when it’s speech that adores their delusions, but if it’s speech that criticizes their delusions, then they don’t believe in free speech at all. That’s why they’re burning books. I mean, Amazon is banning a book that’s critical of transgenderism. Right, so actual book burnings by left wing corporations. And again, it gets back to the question, why is Amazon burning books, you know, digitally?

And then the left would say, well, they can do whatever they want their private corporation.

What if Amazon banned books that were pro gay books?

or what have Amazon banned? What What if Amazon was run by the Ku Klux Klan democrats

of the early 20th century? and Amazon decided that black people were bad and Amazon banned all books about black culture. Would the left then say that? Well, they’re a private company, they can do whatever they want? No, no, they would say you can’t you must publish the black books.

But you could discriminate against the white books, if there are such things I don’t even know. So this Equality Act is being pushed.

And lifesite News calls it

Quote, the most comprehensive assault on Christianity that’s ever been written into law. And there are groups now that are launching to try to protect children. From this, the gender identity politics of the Epoch Times has a story about that.

But here’s where this gets interesting. Sorry, it took me so long to lead up to this. I hope, I think this Equality Act is going to pass. And I think it’s going to get signed into law by the way, I hope that they put something in it, even though I disagree with the premise of the law. I hope they put something in it that says, No corporation can silence the speech of transgenders. You know, why? Because then we could all claim to be transgenders. And then we could sue Facebook, and YouTube and Twitter and so on, for censoring us, because we are transgenders, and what kind of transgenders would we be? Well, I choose to be the Patriot gender

See, or I choose to be the Patriot Christian gender. See, I mean, since it’s all make believe, anyway, you can, you can be any quote, gender you want. You don’t have to be one of their genders, you don’t have to be a mermaid or a centar. Or whatever you can, you can be a patriot gender. And since there is no, obviously, there’s no actual definition of what is a transgender.

You know, there’s no actual test.

There’s no objective reality here. It literally is, whatever you want it to be. You can say you’re, you know, you’re a trans alien, or something, you’re from Planet zorg.

Or you’re a trans


Your name is Nikolai, whatever, you could claim anything you want. And you could claim to be the gender of Patriot, or the gender of truth teller, you know, or the gender of Christian, you can say, being a Christian as a gender now, and therefore, no corporation can discriminate against you. And when that goes into the court system,

the law would either have to be set aside, because it’s so ridiculous, or they’d have to recognize your rights as a new kind of transgender, and then you could not be discriminated against you see.

So I mean, if they’re gonna go crazy with this concept, then let’s,

let’s apply it in a way that helps protect freedom of speech. Because you don’t have to pretend to be, you know, the opposite sex of what you are, you can you can pretend to be, you know, anything, it can be something very nice. You know, you could say you’re a, like I said, a patriot gender. Or you could have fun, let’s just think of Halloween. Like, what do you want to dress up? As at the next Halloween? You’re gonna be the pirate gender.

Are your pirate gender you know, and you can’t discriminate against me? What if I started every podcast with our and now this is a pirate podcast, you know, in the classic comedic sense. And then I could I under the law, I could be able to claim you can’t censor me because I I’m the pirate gender. So anyway, I I hope that they make it illegal to censor transgenders, because we could, we could certainly jump in on that one. That would be lots of fun. Now, speaking of transgenders, you’ll notice that the rights of transgenders are only respected when when those trans people are leftists. So there’s a story out of 100% fed up, says trans rights. Civil Rights attorneys are silent. As alleged pro constitution trans woman stripped naked 24 seven left indefinitely confined in prison. And this is a story

about a trans woman. What’s her name here? Gosh, I don’t have a name for this article. Oh, yeah. Here it is Jessica Watkins. And she is from a story she’s allegedly a member of the oathkeepers, who was working security on January 6, when she peacefully entered the US Capitol Building.

Despite not committing or encouraging any vandalism or violence, Watkins continues to be held indefinitely in violation of her rights in prison since the event and she alleges even more egregious violations of her civil liberties while she has been in police custody. So, so here we have a case

where a trans conservative apparently, a trans conservative named Jessica Watkins

is being essentially tortured and held as a political person.

prisoner. Why? Because trans rights really don’t matter to the left, do they? What matters is your obedience to their left wing agenda. So even though this person Jessica Watkins is a transgender woman, you know, a biological man who identifies as a woman,

she and I will use her pronoun for that she is being tortured. And as a pro human individual here, I denounce that, that treatment of Jessica Watkins, and I demand that she’d be released. And I mean, where’s the ACLU on this? You see? Where are the human rights groups of the left? They are totally silent. Because this trans person is not well, the right kind of trans, not the right politics of a trans person. So So again, it just shows the hypocrisy of the left they care nothing about trans people, if those trans people happen to be conservatives, or maybe gun owners, you know, suppose you have a, you’re at a gun range and you meet a really competent firearms person who’s also trans biological man who now identifies as a woman, and she happens to be an awesome marksman or marks woman I guess you would say, awesome with a firearm, you know, nails it with an AR 15, nails it with pistols, shoots right handed left handed, you know, super trans firearms expert. Would that person be welcome in in the Second Amendment community? You bet she would. You bet she would. I mean, I would welcome her in the Second Amendment community. Even though she’s trans, you see him. And I don’t know if I’ve ever really explained this, but I’m not opposed to

adults being whatever they want to be. Never been opposed to that. My only issue with trans is

in women’s sports, you know, when you have a male MMA fighter, like bashing the skull of a female, knee to the face, bam, you know, breaking her nose, breaking her teeth, breaking her face. And this is totally allowed now in MMA sports, and the audience is cheering. And they’re saying that the male fighter who is a trans, you know, trans female is the most heroic, most courageous person in the world. No, no, he’s beating up women. He’s destroying women. He’s, he’s injuring and maybe even killing women. That’s not that’s a no,

you don’t, you don’t allow men to beat up women just because they claim to be women. I’m sorry. So my, my beef with the trans thing. Number one is with women’s sports, we have to protect women, in sports, in for their safety and also for for morality and ethics. It’s just not right. It’s not fair, for big hulking men to come in and bash the heads of women. And then, and then claim to be a woman. No. But the other thing is the children.

So the trans agenda is obviously being pushed on a lot of children, and encouraging children to change their gender, and then have surgery that means their bodies. And now you have the pediatricians, formerly known as pediatricians.

Now, they are pediatricians, who are saying they need they need a moment alone with your child. And then there’s a there was a big story about this the other day. And then when they get your child alone, they’ll ask your child, are you comfortable with your gender? Are you sure you don’t want to change your gender because you have the right to do that? Blah, blah, blah, and it’s grooming children for pedophilia is what that is. And for surgical procedures and hormone procedures that are basically you know, castration. with chemicals. You know, I’m sorry, that’s child abuse, that is flat out child abuse. So there’s child abuse, and there’s women abuse in this whole trans thing. But if an individual adult person wants to be trans themselves, and they’re not engaged in combat sports, and they’re not pushing it on a child, as far as I’m concerned, I mean, that’s their own freedom. I suppose that’s that’s their business. I don’t have any right to tell people what they want to do in their own private lives. You know, if I keep citing that, that Larry David episode on Curb Your Enthusiasm is like, Hi, I’m Larry David and I just happened to enjoy wearing women’s underwear. You know, that’s a line from from Larry David. It’s really funny.

There are plenty of people like that. People want to wear women’s underwear in their own private home, who cares? I don’t care. That’s what they want to do. Go for it. You know, or if

If they’re gay, a gay couples, you know, go for it. I mean, that’s your decision as an adult to live your life. I mean, that’s not that’s not the way I choose to live. That’s, that’s your choice, you know, but I don’t have the right to tell people how to live their lives as adults, but we do you have the right to protect children from being maimed and abused, and chemically castrated, we do have that, right? Because children are innocent, and children are unable to defend themselves. And we do have the right to assert the defense of women’s sports. So that’s my issue with with trans I’m not automatically against every person who’s a trans person, if they if they like to dress up and, and wear makeup and pretend to be a woman, that’s their deal. You know,

just just don’t try to take my kid, you know, if I had a kid, and turn him into a girl, because you’re not going to succeed in that. But now the way this works in society is anyone who says what I just said, which makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. Anyone who says that would be accused of pushing hate, oh, you pushed hate, you did not bow down and kiss the ring of the trans King, you, you have you express dissent against the trans embracing of children, therefore you are filled with hate. Notice that it’s never hate when a leftist physically Mames a child.

And you know, I don’t want to get too graphic. But there was a lesbian couple, a couple years ago that tried to change a they’re trans, their adopted trans male baby into a female. And they, they were trying it in their own apartment with honey, they want to say, say they failed.

Because you know, do it yourself home surgery doesn’t work. There’s a lot of, you know, blood loss involved, they ended up just stabbing their infant to death and killing him because they botched the whole thing. So to crazy, insane lesbians murdering a baby because they wanted to make it a girl. That is what’s happening out there. And that’s evil, that’s demonic. Okay. And that has got to be stopped. All right, we’re gonna move on to a couple other topics here before that gets too crazy. The Supreme Court, I still have not commented on the fact that the Supreme Court

dismiss the Pennsylvania election fraud case, you know, a few days ago, saying that it was now moot because well, the election is over. Now. You may recall, I warned that this is exactly what was going to happen. That when you file a lawsuit before an election, like Lynn would did in Georgia, saying, hey, the these election officials are going to cheat. It’s obvious, they’re going to cheat, we have to have protections for the voters. If you file it before the election, the court will throw it out. They’ll dismiss it and say, well, no damage has happened yet. Therefore you have no standing boom, throw it out.

Well, now the Supreme Court tells us that if you file a case, after the election, they say well, it’s too late. The elections over the whole thing is moot. They use that word, it’s moot.

Too late. So let me get this straight.

This catch 22 that the courts are handing down.

You Sue before the election is too early. You Sue after the election is too late. What are you supposed to sue? Exactly. And Justice Clarence Thomas asked the same questions like what is the court waiting for here? Do you have to sue at the third toll of the bell as it strikes midnight or 1201 or whatever, right on election night, and then only in this window.

This, this magical window when the moon is shining, and the beam of silver light touches the tombstone of the whatever. And then that’s the moment that you can see.

Everything else doesn’t count.

This one does. And the tide has to be rolling in. And mercury has to be in retrograde. And then you have standing. You know, this is what the Supreme Court is basically saying, then you have standing, but every other time you don’t have any standing. So what the Supreme Court has actually done here is very important to note

is they have now codified the the acceptance of vote fraud in America. The Supreme Court has said basically it’s okay for anyone to cheat at elections. And no one can ever challenge that there is no standing.

So this is now really opening the door for election by printing. Who whoever has the most printing machines who can print the most ballots and then drag those in and show up and just dump

boxes and boxes of ballots. They’re the winner. According to the Supreme Court, no one can ever challenge any fraud in elections. Because it’s too late. The fraud is done.

This is amazing.

Because I think this argument could be extended to many other cases. You know, if you, if you rob a bank, and you, you run out with bags full of cash, and then you’re arrested, because most bank robbers do get caught. You get dragged before the court.

And the judge asks you, how do you plead? You simply respond and say, Judge, this case has no standing. Because the theft is already complete.

It is now moot, according to the Supreme Court. Too late. You had to catch me as I was robbing the bank, not after? Yeah, you waited too long, it’s moot now. I got out of the bank with the guys.

And they can cite the Supreme Court.

So what’s the message to Democrats in all future elections? The message to Democrats is a cheat all you want, cheat all you want. It doesn’t matter. Even if you get caught. Even if there’s massive evidence of cheating, doesn’t matter. The courts won’t hear the evidence. The courts won’t decide any case based on the merits. They’ll throw it out. Because Well, the elections over the cheating is done.

The cheating has expired. You know, there’s like a,

I guess, a statute of limitations on election fraud that lasts about two seconds, you know, statute of limitations over

Wait, wait, they just, they just rolled in a van full of balance? Yeah, but they did it so fast. Now it’s over. It’s kind of like that South Park episode, and it’s gone.


Like, $100 when everything $100 and it’s gone.

Same deal with elections. It’s gone. It’s over. Can’t challenge it now. So really what the Supreme Court even though I’m mocking all this, the Supreme Court is saying is that there is no functioning rule of law in the United States of America today, that not even the Supreme Court will uphold the Constitution. And if the Supreme Court will not abide by or defend the constitution, who will? Well, certainly not the Democrats. They’ve been trying to destroy it for generations. Certainly not the radical trans activists who are running Biden, you know, in conjunction with the CCP, of course, they don’t want a constitution.

Who’s going to defend the constitution, if not the supreme court? And what what laws or even rights that are described in the Bill of Rights? Which ones of these rights and laws count if no one in authority is willing to defend them?

And the answer is they don’t count if no one is willing to defend them.

And no one is willing to defend them.

Remember how hard we fought for Cavanaugh, you know that the conservatives and Amy Barrett

had Gorsuch? It appears that it doesn’t matter. Because, you know, Thomas and Alito are the only really reliable justices there. And everybody else is a poser. Right? They’re just acting the whole time. They don’t defend the constitution. They work for the deep state.

The whole time. They’ve been working for the deep state.

They’re not Americans, not in spirit.

They’re deep staters.

And whenever it’s convenient, they will make decisions that side with the deep state, even if it means destroying the very constitution they’re sworn to protect. Yeah, they have committed treason, haven’t they? they’ve committed treason against the United States of America by refusing to uphold the Constitution in in several cases here the Texas case of election fraud that they dismissed with no standing. And then the Pennsylvania case here dismissed with also no standing saying it’s moot. These are acts of war against the United States of America. And they are acts of war that have been carried out by the Supreme Court.

And by the way, it’s worth noting that if Ruth Bader Ginsburg were still alive, the decision would have been the same. Makes no difference does it that a so called liberal justice, passed away and then was replaced by a so called conservative justice named Amy Kony Barrett makes no difference, does it? no difference at all.

They’re all the same. Well, except for Thomas and Alito. Typically

Thomas is a real, that guy.

I love that guy. He’s amazing.

Clarence Thomas, and look how they tried to destroy him back in the day when he was undergoing confirmation hearings. And what do they do? They they made up all these fake accusations of sexual assaults. You know, the I think was it, Anita Hill, and all of that. They made a big fiasco of it. Same thing, they did a Kavanaugh. But Justice Thomas has held his ground he’s held to his principles to this day.

That’s what makes Thomas a true. Well, a living legend, I would say, a true leader, someone who’s willing to defend the constitution against those who are trying to destroy it. But aside from Thomas and Alito, I’m not sure who’s actually with the constitution there. So sadly, than what they’ve declared, essentially, across America is that no rational person has any legitimate rationale, to abide by

any federal law,

or principle of law or principle of the Constitution, because there is no controlling judicial authority that honors the Constitution and the rule of law, it has been abandoned. And I’m not, of course, saying or encouraging people to violate the law.

I would not violate the law. I’m a law abiding citizen. But I also follow laws of morality and ethics as well, which sits even higher than than man’s law. But

if there was somebody out there, who was thinking about doing something illegal, such as I don’t know, printing a bunch of balance and stuffing them into the next election. There’s no longer any argument to say that they shouldn’t do that. You see, because the Supreme Court has said, well, it’s a free for all.

I mean, didn’t the Supreme Court just essentially, tell us all almost encouraged us to all massively cheat in the next election? Basically, did? Didn’t they just say that,

that elections are determined by whoever cheats the most? That’s what the Supreme Court just said? And if that’s the case, then we don’t have a constitutional republic, do we? We don’t have a democracy.

What we have, and I forgot who first described it this way, but I think it’s accurate. What we have is an aristocracy. We have a special protected class of people, ie, the Biden’s the Clintons, and so on special protected class, the Obamas.

You know, there, there’s a trans couple for, you know, a gay trans couple right there. We have the special class of aristocrats who are immune to any application of the rule of law. And then we have the rest of the people

who are singled out for prosecution, even when they’re innocent. People like Roger stone, who Yes, did nothing wrong,

you know, everyday people, people who were at the Capitol event on January 6, but who did nothing wrong, who didn’t commit violence who didn’t attack police?

You know, they stayed within the velvet ropes, they’re just taking a tour of the police waved him on in here, coming to the Capitol Building, we’re gonna open the barricades, we’re gonna take some selfies, this is awesome. It’s like a show and tell they didn’t do anything wrong. They’re being persecuted by the FBI and the deep state as if they were terrorists.

You see, but meanwhile, Joe Biden admits that 20 years ago or something, or more than that, when he was a young person that he was part of breaching the capital. He was an insurrection as using today’s language. But of course, he’s not going to be prosecuted for that he’s not going to be impeached. Why? Because he’s a special protected class. So in other words,

this is the whole thing that the Declaration of Independence was supposed to be getting us away from. We don’t want kings and queens and princes and royalty and special protected aristocrats. We want a place where the rule of law applies equally to everyone where no one is above the law. And yet the Supreme Court just stabbed us in the face with their decision to say no, though, that there is no rule of law in America. Nope. And cheating in elections is perfectly okay with us. They said,

and why would they expect anybody to ever play by the rules again,

when they’ve just admitted that cheating is, in fact, essentially endorsed by the highest court in the land.

And by the way, this is why it’s very important for us to have Christian principles because even though America was founded on Christian principles, those principles have been abandoned. By the people currently running this country the crooks and criminals

as actors and corrupt officials even on the highest court,

most of them are totally corrupt.

And so when that rule of law collapses, what do you fall back on? The answer is Christian principles, you know, that you can start with the 10 commandments and start with biblical principles. You know, don’t run around killing people don’t run around maiming children, you know, don’t don’t murder babies with abortion, you know, kind of common sense things, but things that have been lost because of the level of corruption of what’s happening in our country. And also the demon ism and the, you know, the the intense hatred against humanity that is now demonstrated by leftists every single day they hate human beings. So remember, even if the Supreme Court won’t defend rationality, logic, the rule of law, guess what, there is still God’s law. There. There is a higher court than the Supreme Court. And that’s, that’s the court of God. And you are going to be judged by that court. One day, and it’s very clear that that court will not compromise, by the way.

Now, that leads me to a quick discussion about the churches, the churches, the big churches in America, which are compromising shockingly, many of them. Not all but many churches, big church organizations, mega churches, different branches,

are all now embracing the lunacy of the left, they’re embracing abortion. In some cases, they’re embracing the transgender indoctrination of children.

You know, they’re they’re embracing these demonic ideas.

And even election rigging, they’re okay with that to some of these churches. And they’re embracing vaccines that contain aborted human fetal tissue.

Since when did a church say it’s okay to shoot up with a dead baby?

Well, that’s the modern day Christian church now, in most cases across America. That’s, that’s shocking.

And guess what? Let me just say it the way it is, cuz that’s kind of what I’m known for. But some of those pastors and priests, they’re going to hell.

Because God, God is not going to welcome them. You did what?

You taught your flock to inject dead aborted baby cells. And you called it medicine. You did what? No, no, no, you don’t get to come into these pearly gates. Yeah, you have an appointment? Downstairs? Yeah, they’re waiting for you down there.

Good luck.

But that’s what a lot of these pastors and priests and and church leaders are doing today, thankfully, not all of them. There are some churches that are that are resisting all of that, and defending

Christ and Christian principles. And of course, those are the churches that are being banned and censored and demonized. But hey, what else did you expect having to read, you know, the later chapters of the Bible,

the book of Revelation.

I mean, it’s pretty much all laid out, it’s gonna be some tough years, a lot of persecution. Society is gonna want to kill all all real Christians. But then some of these churches make deals, okay, we’ll go along with your twisted demonic society, so that we can continue to exist as an organization, because it’s all about fundraising, we can get more donations from more people, as long as we can stay on Facebook. So we’ll go ahead and say that abortion is fine. And a transgenderism, child abuse is fine. We’ll go ahead and say all that, so that we can keep our accounting books looking good. That’s what a lot of churches are doing, sadly. And that’s a that’s a sin. No, it’s not. I mean, that doesn’t even encompass it. Yeah, it’s a sin. It’s, it’s an affront to God.

It’s a betrayal of your own flock. And yet that’s happening all across America. Very, very sad.

This is one reason why I haven’t chosen to go to any church, or to join any church.

Not that I may not someday maybe I will. But

I think that we need to read the message of God without someone else telling us

to twist it all up.

You know, just, that’s why I’m reading the Bible. And just here’s the Word of God. I can read. I mean, I can’t read in Hebrew, but I can read in these English translation versions of it. I don’t need to go to a church and have someone tell me no, no, what God really meant is that you should chop off the penis of every small child, and you know, stab babies with scalpels as soon as they’re born, because that’s that’s progressivism. I don’t need some crazy twisted demonic preacher. Tell me that.

No, thank you. I’ll just I’ll just read the Bible at home and decipher

myself what it says, and I’m pretty sure there’s nowhere in the Bible that says you should kill your own babies. Or inject your own dead babies. I’m pretty sure that’s not in the Bible. And you know, I don’t apologize for being a little bit raw here with this. I don’t apologize at all. No, no, because I’m, I’m telling the truth here that a lot of churches are not willing to speak of. This is the truth. You’re not supposed to kill your babies. You’re not supposed to maim your babies. You’re not supposed to chemically castrate your children, folks.

It’s for God’s sake, literally.

All right, we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about vaccines here for a minute, and then I’m going to wrap this up.

But yeah, I get a little I get a little heated talking about this. You know, I’m gonna pull up Greta. thunberg. How dare they? How dare How dare those churches preach death and destruction and, and and aborted human fetal tissue vaccines? How dare they seriously, how dare they?

I wish I I wish I could insert a gretta Greta thunberg little sound clip right there. That would be funny.

So women who are vaccinated for COVID-19 may show symptoms of breast cancer as a side effect. Okay. Yeah, this is from great game india.com. And there’s, they’re quoting the Intermountain health care doctors who are warning that women are vaccinated against COVID-19. They show symptoms of breast cancer. And it’s quoting Dr. Brett Parkinson, who’s a doctor there, quote, when one receives a vaccination, there is an inflammatory response in the arm. And then doctors have observed as swollen lymph nodes on screening mammograms of women who recently got vaccinated for COVID-19. Okay, so basically, basically, if you get one of these COVID vaccines, your lymph nodes may swell up in your arm and also on the side of your breast, because that’s also where those lymph nodes go. And then

well, really all throughout the breast. And

then you go to, you know, a cancer screening with that. And that oncologist may say, Oh, you have breast cancer. Look, it’s all the lymph nodes are all swollen, and then they may recommend things like, let’s cut these off, you know, double mastectomy, very common procedure. Now, they’re scaring women into cutting off the breasts.

You know, it’s, it’s shockingly common. It’s, this is the same thing that we’re talking about with the transgender maiming of children’s genitalia, you know, female genitalia mutilation, or the FGM

is a common practice also in

Well, in Minnesota, with the Muslim community, they’re there. They’re maiming little girls there with FGM procedures. But even in the cancer centers, they want to main women they want to cut the breasts off and say that’s a treatment. Oh,

well, you might have cancer, one of those breast better cut them off. I always,

I always said about this. There’s something there is a sexist component to this. Because you never hear of men going in to get a check for you know, testicular cancer, and then male doctors telling them Oh, you better cut off this, these testicles. They might have cancer one day, you better cut them off. Not not very common to hear that. But women are being told to remove their breasts surgically cut them off as a preventive measure, even when they don’t have breast cancer. Yes, that is happening in the cancer industry.

And the cancer industry, it’s all part of the same medical industrial complex, that’s killing babies, getting baby body parts from Planned Parenthood, making vaccines maiming children and then maiming women cutting off breast killing people that just killed rush limbaugh

and you know, they’re gonna keep killing people with chemotherapy as well. This is the the industry

and they’ve never killed enough people to stop they want to keep killing more and more people.

And now we learn now, oh, by the way, if you if you want to have your breast cut off, just go get a COVID vaccine and then go get a mammogram. And they’ll say you have cancer and they’ll say you need to you need to either poison yourself with chemo which is again what killed rush limbaugh or you should cut off your breasts and then they’ll say that’s a treatment. Now you’re safe.

Like, what’s wrong with these? These cancer doctors?

Wendy, if you go in with a sinus problem,

just say they want to cut off your head. Oh, you might have cancer in your brain one day better. cut that off there.

You wouldn’t want to have cancer in your brain. Yep.

Maybe they can liposuction that that gray matter out of there.

And then you can become president, or at least fake president who knows. So, so Pfizer, then now get this, you’re not gonna believe this. Pfizer

is demanding bank reserves and military bases and embassy buildings as collateral for COVID-19 vaccines. So yes, that’s not a typo. This is also from great game India.

Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to ransom, making bizarre demands asking for embassy buildings and military bases as collateral in return for COVID-19 vaccines.


Pfizer is also interfering with their legislation and demanding military bases as a guarantee. And Pfizer is demanding this. The story talks about Argentina, Pfizer is demanding that Argentina grant Pfizer complete legal immunity from all the harm caused by the vaccines.

And then Argentina said, No, we’re not going to grant your total immunity. And then I think Pfizer demanded they set up some kind of insurance program that had to be collateralized. And they said, you got to sign over military bases. So wait a second, are you saying a vaccine company

wants to acquire military basis in Argentina, and it’s also Brazil. So Pfizer told the government of Brazil to create a guarantee, fund and deposit money in a foreign bank account. What, and here’s some of the demands that Pfizer made of Brazil. They said Brazil has to waive the sovereignty of its assets abroad in favor of Pfizer. It said that all the laws of Brazil may not be applied to Pfizer. Wow, they said that Brazil has to accept a delay in delivery of the vaccines, and that Pfizer is not penalized for that delay. And that if there are any side effects, Pfizer must be exempted from all civil liability. This is what Pfizer is doing to Brazil. This is kind of like a medical mafia Shakedown.

And, of course, why should we be surprised? I mean,

these are the companies that are killing people with their deadly products, their deadly depopulation, and vaccines,

you know, so of course, they’re gonna make crazy demands, like give us your military basis.

Why would Pfizer want military bases in South America? Hmm.

Some very interesting questions there.

You know, in the same way that Facebook recently threatened Australia, you know, cut off all the Facebook news.

vaccine companies are threatening nations as well. So what are we seeing here? We’re seeing corporations, gaining so much power and so much control over the world, that corporations are acting like mafia mob bosses, in negotiations with sovereign nations large nations like Brazil, not not some tiny little country. Brazil is a huge economy.

And why, and I’m pretty sure it’s the largest in South America by far. And now what Brazil has to bow down to the Pfizer gods in order to get vaccines that are going to kill Brazilians.

Brazil should tell Pfizer to go take a hike.

But they probably won’t because, you know, even Brazil has been taken over by the medical establishment and believes in the vaccines, at least the government of Brazil does. The people of Brazil not so much, you know, the people are always smarter than the government’s. The people are probably like,

I don’t think we need this vaccine. We’ve got plenty of sunshine down here. We’ll take some zinc, you know, we’ll be alright.

And anybody dumb enough to try to tell Brazil to practice social distancing is insane. Brazil is a very sociable country.

They, they like to be together in groups. They like to socialize. More so than than many other cultures. So you can’t have social distancing forever. In Brazil. You can’t have lockdowns forever. In Brazil, no, not gonna fly that people will just revolt.

But think about the the arrogance of these corporations. Now they do believe they’re more powerful than governments. They believe they can make these insane demands, like give us your military bases. And then we’ll give you vaccines. Maybe they might be late, who knows they might be deadly. But whatever. Give us your military bases. I mean, that’s really what Pfizer is saying.

And Pfizer has been part of, you know, admissions of guilt of, I think criminal misconduct in the United States Department of Justice settlements, and so on. I mean, it’s, it’s a company with a history of admissions of criminal behavior. Why would any nation negotiate with a criminal Corporation whose product kills people?

It’s an

It’s insane. I know, that’s that’s the phrase, I’m gonna name the podcast that it’s insane. This is a great example of it. And it’s not being reported anywhere in America or almost nowhere, maybe in the alternative media,

but not in the mainstream media. And think about what Pfizer is saying is our product is so awesome and so safe that you have to give us total liability from all damage and injury before we’ll even deliver it to you and you have to sign over entire military bases to us.

Gosh, it’s Pfizer think that the government of Brazil is so stupid to go along with that?

I mean, I understand the United States going along with it, because look who’s running the country? But

I think I think Brazil is smarter than, than,

well, smarter than the US government for sure. I think. I hope Brazil rejects this. That’s all I’m saying.

All right, folks, that’s where we are with all of this. It’s it’s bonkers, it’s nuts, I I say be ready for anything.

Something big is gonna break here. I mean, I kind of kind of feel it just looking at the news and looking at the insanity and just the madness and the arrogance and the, you know, the the FOMO panic and everything that’s out there. Something big is going to break and it’s not going to be pretty.

Just be prepared for every scenario. That’s all I’m saying. Be ready. I mean, be ready for succession. Be ready for, you know, Trump to return as president maybe be ready for, you know, international warfare, be ready for global currency collapse, be ready for disclosure, you know, be ready for all these things. I don’t know what’s gonna happen first. But we’re not going to escape this year without some major, major, historic, shocking events coming down, no question about it. 2021 is going to make 2020 you know, look like a walk in the park. I stand by that statement. Now, I plan to be here with you in all of this.

And thanks for your support. Our platform is doing well. Oh, I should mention coming next Monday. We’re doing a major shift on brighthouse.com.

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And with your help, we’re keeping it going and with God’s blessings, by the way, that that as well, every day, every day, I thank God. I mean,

even I was looking at the sales numbers today, and I was just thinking this is

this is just divine intervention. I mean this. This is God’s way of telling us that for whatever reason that what we’re doing here is important God wants us to to stay in business and keep communicating and keep building platforms and keep distributing clean food. God wants us to be here doing this. So

Thank God for that. I thank you for your support. And as long as you and God are with us, we will continue to do this. That’s, that’s my promise to you. That’s, that’s the simple equation of how this all works.

All right, so thank you. Thank you for listening today. Thank you for sharing this with others who you think may find it valuable or at least entertaining, perhaps, but hopefully more valuable. And I’ll be back tomorrow with another update. And you can find all these updates, of course at brighty on.com. Thank you for listening. Pray for America. Maybe Maybe we’ll be able to take it back. We’ll see. Stay tuned. Take care.