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Situation Update, Feb. 26th – MAD WORLD edition

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Situation Update, Feb. 26th – MAD WORLD edition

(Natural News) The world has gone mad.

In Wenatchee, Washington, a high school has placed band students inside suffocating cocoons where they can’t see each other or socialize, but they still have to play their band instruments. This torture is being hailed as an amazing breakthrough by the principal of the school, who thinks children belong in cages … something Dems relentlessly accused Trump of doing, but now they do it themselves while celebrating it.

In China, US diplomats are being forcibly subjected to covid anal swabs “in error,” according to the US state department, because anal swabbing is apparently “more accurate” than nasal swabs. So now, if you work for the US government and are stationed in China, you get anally raped by the communist regime. This is known as “science.”

In California, a proposed new law would fine retailers that have separate boys and girls toys sections, demanding that only “gender neutral” toy displays be allowed. This insane new law would also hilariously apply to online retailers, too, where all toys must be displayed on “gender neutral” web pages. It makes me wonder what section would be appropriate for a trans-women action figure depicting a biological man smashing the teeth out of a woman’s face as part of an MMA contact sport celebration of LGBTQ “equality.” Would that toy, featuring simulated blood and breakaway teeth, be applauded as long as it were emblazoned with a rainbow logo and a “trans pride” flag? Because violence in the name of trans-equality is “progress,” apparently.

The world has gone completely mad. Beyond bonkers. Bat-shit crazy. And the most insane of all are the people currently in charge of everything: Culture, government, mainstream media, education, entertainment, finance and more.

To top it all off, a company known as BiteLabs appears to be offering the public a way to eat celebrities by harvesting cells from those celebrities’ bodies, then cloning / culturing those cells in an artificial meat reactor, producing “artisanal salami” that you can buy and consume in your kitchen. Their slogan? “Eat celebrity meat.” (Not even joking.)

So yes, you can now literally eat James Franco’s salami for lunch. And soon, no doubt, companies like this will offer their cannibalism creations based on the cells of Hollywood child stars so that pedophiles and cannibals can literally eat the flesh of child movie stars.

Welcome to the absurd world of the Left Cult, where nothing is too evil, demonic or violent to be openly promoted as “tolerance.” And as part of their obedience cult, you have to agree to hate White people and judge them by the color of their skin. Hatred is the currency of the Left, and they’re pushing endless hatred toward Christians, Whites, conservatives and anyone who still has a functioning brain capable of logic or reason.

Remember: Logic is the enemy of the Left. And reason is treason.

Today’s Situation Update podcast will leave you breathless, and then perhaps laughing at times as we navigate this special “mad world” edition that’s filled with a relentless barrage of triggers and politically incorrect satire.

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Welcome to the Situation Update Friday, February 26 2021. I’m Mike Adams, your host from natural news.com. And today, you are in for a real treat. There’s going to be some satire today. In fact, I’m going to call this the Mad World edition. Man. Well, you know that Tears for Fears on Mad World edition, because the world has gone totally bonkers. And we’ll start with how they’re putting the band kids in cocoons. In what is this? Well, nachi is a high school. They’re called the eastmont High School in Wenatchee, Washington. And they’re putting their band kids in these cocoons, like the little green tents, the like vertical pod tents and they’re isolating them in these tents, even though there’s not a shred of evidence that school aged kids are spreading Coronavirus, not a shred Not a single iota of evidence of that. They’ve got the band kids in there.

And the poor kids have their music stands set up in there and they’re trying to play their instruments like the clarinet. And then they got one kid with a with a giant tuba. And he’s hunched over inside. I mean, look at the pictures, we’re showing this on the podcast, they got the kid with the tuba in there. And it’s like a scene out of idiocracy. I mean, it’s a it’s a joke. But somehow the school teachers, the band teacher, or the administrators or somebody, the principal thinks this is an awesome idea, you know, mentally terrorize the kids by putting them in cocoons, no social interaction for you. What does it matter your band kids anyway, you’re never going to socialize. I say jokingly

Oh, my.

But seriously, folks, some kind of mass psychosis has now gripped society. That’s what this is all that we’re watching now with the double masking and the triple masking and the social isolation and like, Oh, don’t touch your baby, unless you’re wearing two pairs of latex gloves. And and everybody needs a not only one vaccine, but now another vaccine because there’s a new variant, there’s a new strain. there’s a there’s a new threat, gotta get another vaccine, an update and a booster and another vaccine. All that says folks is mass psychosis. It is some kind of weird mental illness that has swept across society. I mean, look at these poor kids. Look at look at that girl. What’s she got their saxophone? Yeah, some of them have saxophones. trumpets. I mean, they’re being tortured. They’re being tortured by the high school. And of course, the band teacher thinks that’s an awesome idea. Yeah, yeah, they even have a story about this in in one nachi world.com, quoting the the principal, Eric Anderson, who says

it is amazing. The level of energy in the building, having adults interacting with the kids, but also the conversations of adults to adults.

comes up with this. You get kids back in the building, you get a lot of smiles even with masks on you can tell people are happy. Okay, you know, completely rejuvenating. We are recharged. We feel like we’re educators again, it has been spectacular.

That’s from that’s from what wait eastmont principal, Lance Knoll. And

they’re proud of this. They’re proud of locking kids in cages. I thought when Trump was president, it was wrong to lock kids in cages. Now. It’s rejuvenating. It’s so intimidating and so amazing. Of course, this is happening in Washington State, a lib tard state this is a total lib tard move. Look, they’re getting educated. No, they’re not. They’re being tortured. You freaking morons. Let them out of their cages.

They’re banned students, they can handle it.

Anybody can drag that tuber around can certainly handle a little COVID flu. Right? You know, but seriously, this this kind of anti social indoctrination training. This is basically prison camp training for young people. Because that’s that’s the future that liberals have planned for them. You don’t need to be socialized since you’ll never be allowed to interact with a human being again. You’re gonna have a relationship with a robot. Yeah, that’s that’s about it. That’s not the only crazy thing that’s happening today. Oh, wow. California has a new bill. You probably saw some of this in the news yesterday, a new bill that would find retailers that keep boys and girls toys and clothing in separate sections. This is from summit news.

Online, even online retailers will be forced to display products on one gender neutral page. So hold on a second. Wait, wait. So wait a minute. You have let’s say a grandson or granddaughter and you’re shopping for a Christmas gift for them. Normally, what would you do? You go lucky

Even if you shop on Amazon which is not a good idea but even if you’re there Don’t they have a boys toys like toys for boys section? And then for the for the girls have a toys for girls section Don’t they have that? Are they gonna erase that now? You’re gonna get fined in California if you have a boy toy aisle you know with like little model trucks

like little john deere tractors

like like superhero action figures you know? And then you have the girls toy section, which is everything’s pink just everything pink Barbie, you know pink soap bubbles everything’s pink and rainbows and ponies basically pink ponies with rainbows. That’s the girls I’ll

but that’s gonna be a crime now in California and look, I mean, I think it is all crazy corporate marketing and pandering and all that. I mean, I I think it’s silly that everything is pink in the in the girls aisle, but do they really have to make it a crime? Is that what the left has come to now? I mean, we’re really seeing the unbounded, unbridled, left wing cult, and how they want to micromanage every little thing in your life. And every retailer and every business and every element of speech, and every, you know, online company, everything they want to micromanage and it has to be gender, everything’s got to be gender neutral. So what I’m wondering is,

if we could have a toy,

you know, just to really appeal to the LGBT theme. How about if we have a toy of a giant hulking, biological male? Who says he’s a trans woman

beating the face in of a woman in a in a little toy MMA ring? with like, blood, you know, mock toy blood and everything like, Look, Mommy, it means you press the button and she leads. And then children can be taught that this is what heroism looks like. Look, look at the trans MMA fighter in this combat sport smashing in the skull. And you could have like, the teeth could fall out of the of the female fighter, you know, when she gets hit, like, remember the old rockem sockem robots? I think we should have like rockem sockem, trans combat warriors. You know, like you, you punch them poopoo and then their head pops off. That’s the way the old rockem sockem robots used to work back in the 70s. That was the best game ever when you were five years old. Now then you rockem sockem trans warriors, just bashing in the heads of women and calling it you know, progress. That’s what they need. Which section without going is that the boy section? Or is that the girl section? Or is it a whole new aisle for trans women abuse? Like wife beater aisle for trans athletes that should that be in the bill?

In California, maybe maybe they should find retailers if you don’t have an aisle dedicated to physically abusing women in the name of trans equality. That’s what they should have in that bill. Right? I mean, I’m saying this facetiously. Obviously, I’m just mocking the stupidity of the lib tard world it is a mad world. But but get how this whole bill started. This is from some of that news. The bill was put forward last year by Democrat Evan Lowe, who says he got the idea from a female staffer who was offended by the fact that her daughter had to get a toy she wanted from the boys section. That’s an inconvenience. And in California, this inconvenience must be addressed by laws

that are inconveniencing stores. So So look, one female staffer was offended

that her daughter had to go to the boys section, because she wanted a superhero action figure or something like that. Maybe she wanted a little toy gun that Oh, that that would have set them off. They would have been triggered by that. She wanted a little toy gun. Maybe she wanted a toy gun. Because she wanted to

you know, shoot her crazy parents with with a water gun. You know, to tell them you people crazy. Leave me alone. I’m I’m just trying to be a kid here. Just trying to be a kid. Take that squirt, squirt. You know, maybe that’s what was going on. But no, you have to blame the stores. So yeah, it’s a mad world. Okay, but that’s, that’s nothing compared to the next story. That’s definitely alright. This is from the Epoch Times. All right, I’m gonna read you the headline, you’re gonna think I’m making it up, but I’m not. You can find us on the Epoch Times. Quote, China applied COVID-19 anal swab tests on US diplomats quote in error. US State Department says that’s what’s implied. US State Department says that so so okay.

Let me just read you a couple of sentences here from the story. And then some commentary. China has given anal swab tests to US diplomats for COVID-19 in error, and promised to exclude them from such practices in the future. The State Department told the Epoch Times on February 25. The comments came after some us diplomatic staff stationed in China complained to Washington. Oh, really?

Mr. President, this call for you. You won’t believe what they’re saying man complained to Washington about having to undergo the intrusive procedure, which Chinese authorities claim to be more superior to nasal or throat testing methods. Again, idiocracy like a scene out of idiocracy Can Can you imagine, you know, like a new US Ambassador arriving in China? I can ambassador from Texas, you know, and finally meeting his Chinese counterpart for the first time. Hello, Mr. Ambassador, and I can meet Chan Chan is going to be your your Communist Chinese attache.

Well, hello, Tran. I’m Uh, I’m Dallas. Nice to meet you. Put her there. Whoa, Jan, hold on. Again. No, too friendly there. No, wait, no, seriously, man. What do you what are you doing there? Boy?


This is just the way you get welcomed in China. And in Changi. On no sign, Mr. Ambassador. That’s a total accident. Well, now, well, now, it didn’t seem like an accident that that seemed mighty, mighty deliberate right there. I’m not sure you could. You could have an accidental one of those. Oh, no, seriously? Oh, that’s a total accident, I assure you. Well, I tell you what, tell you what che I’m now

being from Texas.

I’ve never quite felt that way between my butt cheeks. So don’t don’t make that accident. More than two more times.

Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Ambassador. We don’t need any more time. We already got your DNA. Yeah.

We’re gonna do feel like I should at least take you out to dinner.

Do this proper. Okay. All right. So I’m going to get hate mail for that. For sure.

Because, you know, humor is not allowed these days. So you know, you can’t mock, I guess, anal swabs. You certainly can’t mock, you know, someone with a Texas kind of accent even though

technically that accent was not Texas. Those of you listening, you realize that’s not a Texas accent.

That was actually a South Carolina Accent Accent is what that was, technically. And I am a Texan. And I still think this whole thing is pretty darn funny. And you’re definitely not supposed to mock Chinese, unless you are Chinese. So I will disclaim here that for the purposes of that skit, I was self identifying as a little Chinese man. Yes. And now I’m back to Texas. Okay. We can now proceed without any fines or penalties.

But all joking aside, all joking aside,

whoo. Since when did the US diplomats have to, you know, drop trial and submit themselves to this kind of procedure? And Since when does China forced them to do this? And then say, Oh, no, it was an error.

This is a mad world. It’s a map. I mean, they’ve got kids locked up in little cocoons in the high schools. They’re anal swabbing US diplomats in China. And by the way, remember two weeks ago, maybe it was three weeks ago, we were talking about China’s anal swab issue. And I remember, the entire mainstream media said that’s a conspiracy theory. It’s a fake meme. I think even Snopes was saying it’s not even true. nobody’s doing that. Now, they admitted. And they say, Oh, it’s a mistake. So and I mean, they they say it’s superior to nasal or throat testing methods. Well, how do they know that? They must have swapped a bunch of people in all three places. And then compare the results. That’s what they did. Here. Step Up chin.

Yeah, this one’s for your nose.

Yeah, this one, this is like a scene right out of idiocracy. Remember the hospital scene? This one’s for your nose. This one’s for your mouth, and that one’s for your butt. Remember that scene? And then he he sticks them all in and then the doctor goes,

Oh, wait, no, no, no, no, that one’s for your mouth. And that other ones for you. But that’s, I mean, idiocracy is coming to life every day. In our world. It’s it’s beyond insane.

And maybe that should be the name of this podcast beyond insane. I just keep wondering if if the Biden regime is going to send people to a diplomatic mission in China as a form of punishment.

Okay, Mr. President, which assignment that I get

You’re going to Beijing. Oh up, nope. Wait till you get there, you’ll find out.

You pick up the red telephone if you need to, but

you’re in for a surprise. Don’t call it the Far East for nothing.

But truthfully, that’s not even the craziest news I have for you today. So we got to finish out the Mad World edition of today’s Situation Update. And this brings us to a site called bite labs.org. You may have seen this circulating around yesterday.

Their slogan is, I’m not making this up, quote, eat celebrity meet. That’s their slogan. Bite labs.org not first, you might think this this is a joke. doesn’t appear to be.

They’ve got Twitter accounts and social media accounts. And they’ve got, you know, people on their board and everything. They’ve got a business model. So here’s what they do. They find celebrities who want to do this. And they take a biopsy to get a tissue sample from that celebrity. You know, I think they have James Franco, as one of the celebrities shown on on their page. I don’t know if this is with James Franco’s permission or not. So I’m not saying that he’s endorsing this, but they’re using his picture. So let’s say let’s just take Franco as an example here. So they’re taking Franco’s tissue and then they’re they’re cloning his meat in a giant bioreactor, basically, and they’re, they’re growing fake meat. That is genetically James Franco, meet like, like James Franco, you know, muscle and tendon. Okay. And they’re, then they’re turning this into artesanal salami,

for your sandwiches. All right now from their website. And again, I understand if people think this is a joke, or some kind of satire site. I mean, these days, you can’t even tell the difference between what’s what’s real and what’s fiction, it seems with this kind of stuff. It’s so crazy. But here’s what they claim. Quote, we mix celebrity and animal meats, grown in house through a proprietary culturing process into curated salami blends. Starting with biopsied myoblast cells, we grow our healthy rich meats in bite labs own reactors.

Our process yields high quality luxury protein in a sustainable manner. Because you can never run out of Hollywood actors that eliminates the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional livestock production. So they’re saying that they’re celebrities salami is eco friendly. Ah, and that that eating cow meat is is weird and bad, but eating James Franco’s salami is perfectly normal I guess according to this if you if you just for some reason thought, yeah, I’m hungry for like a like a Franco salami sandwich.

With with some extra cheese on that, if that’s what gets you going during the day? Because, you know, you’re a you’re a cannibal with some kind of weird Hollywood fetish. Then you can apparently if this is real, you can you can buy James Franco salami.

But it’s not just James Franco. They also show a picture of Jennifer Lawrence. Who was the star of hunger games of course Jennifer Lawrence. So if you want to eat Jennifer Lawrence meat because again, you’re some kind of crazy, freakish, perverted cannibal or whatever, then I guess you could do that. Now. How long is it going to be before they have a child Hollywood star as part of this process, and I don’t know the names of any child Hollywood stars because of course, I don’t watch anything from Hollywood but but, you know, let’s just think of one some, you know, 12 year old a Disney star or something

you know, a little girl or a little boy and how long before they have them on their

marketing Oh, you can eat the meat of a child. You can actually eat a child

you know, a cloned tissue version of a child.

And, and and it’s eco friendly. This is green, it’s maybe this should be part of the green New Deal. Probably won’t be long before AOC gets behind is like eat children. It’s good for the planet. You know, I mean, that’s, that’s,

that’s the next step. We’re not that far from that. Mad World, folks. It’s a mad world. And again, I’ve looked at this this it looks real. Maybe it’s a it’s an elaborate joke. But if it’s if it’s a joke, they’ve really put a lot of effort behind it. But

you know, you know why I don’t think this is a joke. I mean, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it is, but there was a really sickening story seems like about two years ago, and I’m not making this up. And I’m not trying to be gross, but there was a

there was a beer. Like a microbrewery company

Don’t even know if I should say this.


Okay, they say they brew their beer using

the essence of

some female super model that somebody that’s famous, I don’t know, I don’t know who it was. And I’m not even going to go into any more detail. But you know, they said they’re brewing the beer with the essence from this woman, so, okay, if you think it’s awesome to sit around drinking beer that’s been fermented by, you know, whatever little sample they got off the supermodel then you’re, you’re a sick puppy. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. But that’s real, too. They’ve done that. Crazy, Mad World.

I mean, we used to think that the limit of insanity was like vending machines in Tokyo, where Japanese men who were horny could purchase us women’s underwear. And that’s a real thing. By the way, at least I read that online, never been to Tokyo never, never tried one of those vending machines. Not sure what the point is, but that’s a thing. Or at least it was a thing a few years ago. I read about it. That’s not even the most twisted thing now. Now, they’re saying you can eat celebrity’s meat in your sandwich. So think about it in a world where the food supply is collapsing. Right. And Bill Gates is telling us we’re not allowed to eat cows anymore, because that’s bad.

And there’s going to be mass famine and starvation and, and we’re going to be told to eat more pesticides and GMOs and heavy metals. In this environment where so many people are starving all over the world.

They got to come up with this thing to eat, eat a celebrity.

So let’s just be honest, it’s demonic. Right? It’s totally demonic. And I’m not going to go into more detail because I don’t want to make this nauseating. But that stuff’s really happening.

Okay, now continuing down the spectrum of madness. The Biden DOJ has extricated itself from a lawsuit that was started by the Trump DOJ that was trying to protect women’s sports by making sure that biological men could not compete with women by just claiming to be women, right? Well, Biden has, you know, stopped that DOJ action.

Leaving women or female athletes all across America are vulnerable. Basically Biden’s destroying women’s sports. So, Atlanta Smith, who’s the one who filed the lawsuit, originally with athletes, Selena Sol and Chelsea Mitchell. This is from a Daily Mail article appeared on Fox News with her lawyer to say that girls have missed out on placing with awards, you know, and winnings after competing against biological males. And Atlanta Smith says, quote, I ran against the biological males at the New England meet, because in the 200 meter, I took third place when I should have gotten runner up. And so they’re lashing out at Biden, they’re saying biological males are taking all our metals. Well, of course they are. You know why? And it’s almost like you’re not allowed to say the obvious anymore. You know, you know why the biological males are taking all the metals, because men are faster.

Generally speaking, I mean, men are faster on their feet, men have stronger upper body strength overall, not every man versus every woman. But overall, men are bigger, stronger, and faster, doesn’t mean they’re better. Women are so much better at many other things. In fact, many things that might matter a lot more, but men are more


That’s the way God intended. Male and female. God didn’t make us gender neutral. God made us in the men and women.

But this is no longer allowed in society. So Biden is destroying women’s sports so that there would be no more records in women’s sports that are held by women. I mean, this is the Mad World again, every record, currently held by a woman in women’s sports is going to be obliterated by a man who says he’s a woman.

And nobody’s keeping track of this.

I mean, think about all of the amazing female athletes. And no, Selena Williams doesn’t count.

I said female athletes. Think about the amazing female athletes in in the history of the Olympics. amazing women, track competitors.

You know, amazing women who were amazing at the long jump, you know, a female pole vaulters and, and all kinds of events.

They’re all gonna get wiped out because for every female champion, there’s a male champion that’s faster

in every case in every sport.

And that’s not saying anything bad about women that’s saying bad things about Biden. This is why we have women’s sports separate from men’s sports, because obviously we want women to compete against women

and men to compete against men, especially in contact sports, like boxing and MMA.

So, you know,

so much for feminism, I guess the the liberals, the democrats hate women now.

And they also hate white people, and they hate conservatives and they hate Christians. And they want to eat your children in salami meats, and this is what the left has become. It’s a mad world. They lock up your kids and cocoons and band class. It’s what they’re doing.

It’s a mad world.

All right. Speaking of the madness, another story from the Epoch Times, is entitled leaked emails confirm the United Nations gave names of dissidents, to the CCP. So yes, the United Nations is working for Communist China. No one is surprised to hear this. I mean, the who works for Communist China. The Democratic Party works for Communist China, CNN works for Communist China. Now the UN does as well. By the way, Senator Feinstein’s office in California works for Communist China, Senator Feinstein’s office is a Chinese spy hub. In case you didn’t know that, Governor Newsome gets paid by Communist China. No doubt the policies get paid. I mean, they’re all they’re all on the payroll of China.

So of course, the UN hands over the names of dissidents to China, before they’re scheduled to testify.

And this is part of the UN Human Rights team. So these are human rights officials, who are turning over names of dissidents to China, who will have those people arrested and tortured, and Oregon harvested and killed. So this is what human rights means at the United Nations. And then they wonder, why does nobody have any faith in the United Nations? Why? Gee, I wonder why. Because the UN, you are the people who are trafficking children. You are the people who are responsible for torture and human rights violations and political prisoners. You are the people who are running the prostitution rings and the child sex pedophile rings all over the world. It’s United Nations.

I mean, the head of the who tedros teatros. That guy is involved in genocide against his own people. So what do they do? They put him in charge of the World Health Organization. Why? Because they need to kill more people for the whole world, not just in his country, but globally. That’s, I mean, this is what the globalist stand for now, mass murder.

So from the story in the Epoch Times, leaked emails prove that UN Human Rights officials did in fact give the names of Chinese dissidents to the communist regime in Beijing, before those activists were set to testify in Geneva, against the abuses of the Communist Chinese party.

I mean, my goodness, in fact, it appears from the leaked documents that the practice of handing over names of Chinese dissidents to the dictatorship was viewed as a quote usual practice. Yeah, no one’s surprise. The whistleblower tell told the Epoch Times that it continues to this day. At least one dissident identified by the UN and detained by the CCP before leaving for Geneva died while in detention Oh, oh, what I mean, what a surprise died. Why, why? Why did she die? Because she was murdered by the Communist Chinese, which is exactly what the United Nations wants to accomplish. So when we talk about these globalists and radical left wing communists, they want to murder you.

That’s no exaggeration. They literally want you dead. If you oppose their communist regime, or their Marxist regime or their global genocide regime, they will try to kill you

in every way possible, kind of easy for them to carry that out when they turn your country into a, I don’t know a military dictatorship police state. Has anybody seen washington dc recently? Looks like a military police state, doesn’t it? It is a police state. run by the most unpopular unelectable brain dead, quote president that this country has ever seen.

They’re so afraid of the people that have to deploy the military to stop people from seeing how their democracy sausage making machine works. You never want

See the sausage factory? Especially not when Nancy Pelosi is making the sausage? Maybe she’s making it out of James Franco.

I mean, these people would eat each other. I mean, they are eating each other. What am I saying?

US Capitol Police Chief issues a warning about Biden’s State of the Union. This is from disclosed TV. The acting US Capitol Police Chief Pittman says quote militia groups want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible when Biden delivers his State of the Union address in Congress. Well, first of all, is Biden even delivering a state of the union address because I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I would be amazed if Biden stood there in person, you know, without a mask, and actually spoke I mean, the mask makes it convenient. They can have somebody else do the speaking can’t the heat of stand there, like a zombie? They can have someone else speak. I want to see his lips moving like george bush, read my lips, no new taxes.

They’re never gonna have him give that speech. Because he can’t. He’s not functioning. But what is police chief Pittman actually saying she’s a woman, at least looks like a woman. So we’ll call her a woman. As far as I know, she’s a woman.

Unlike what the HHS Secretary or whatever, this police chief is a woman.

And what is she don’t she’s setting up a massive false flag operation is what she’s doing.

She say militia groups want to blow up the Capitol Building.

During the State of the Union. Have you ever heard of operation martyr? operation martyr is the theoretical false flag operation that’s been covered by different news outlets like real deal media, for example, talking about how the deep state would kill Biden, but blame patriots. And that way they could take out Biden, they could then go for the guns.

And they could put Kamala in charge, and then have another VP appointed named Hillary Clinton. Right. So so the deep state wins and wins and wins.

Well, now look, look at this. US Capitol Police Chief issues the warning. So they’re telling you they’re basically signaling right now that Yeah, they’re gonna have maybe Biden begin to give a state of the union address like,

kind of shuffled towards the podium.

Like a zombie, maybe with a couple people helping them and a walker or something. Or a hologram? Who knows, and then they’re gonna have, oh, they’re gonna have militia people, or, you know, they’re going to make it look like this. They’re going to have militia groups, which means the FBI, of course, because the FBI runs on the militia groups.

You know, every time the militia does something crazy and gets arrested for that, oh, they’re gonna kidnap governor Whitmer. Turns out, it’s basically just a bunch of FBI guys doing that. They were running the whole thing. This is an FBI plot.

Of course, it was. Nobody’s dumb enough to try that. Unless the FBI talks him into it.

I mean, come on. So they’re gonna have the FBI dress up like militia basically, and have a bunch of guns. And they’re gonna attack the Capitol Building, it’s going to be allowed, because there’ll be a stand down order, just like it was on January 6. So remember, on January 6, it was like we don’t need no stinking Capitol Police send them all home. And then when the crowd comes on, open the barricades you know, wave them in, open the doors, bring them all in and then charge them with trespassing,

which is what happened on January 6, they’re gonna do the same thing around the state of the union address at the Capitol Building, same thing, they’re gonna have a stand down order. FBI guys dressed up as militia, they’re going to be wearing oathkeepers caps, of course, and most importantly, they’re going to have home made ar 15 using 80% lowers, so they can use it to ban 80% lowers and some of them will have arm braces and pistols like pistol links, as you know, with a 10 and a half inch barrel or a 12 and a half inch barrel something like that. And they’ll be able to ban those some one of them will have like a 3d printed gun so they can ban 3d printed guns, they’re gonna stage this whole thing cnn will be there with all their green screen crew, you know, got to fix the background over here, make sure you get the right green screen, chroma key that

and and they’re gonna, they the deep state, they’re gonna, they’re gonna, you know, kill Biden or appear to

maybe he’ll retire somewhere. But they’re going to appear to take him out and then they’re gonna blame conservatives. They’re just, they’re telling you what they’re gonna do. This is the false flag operation. And then President Kamala is going to come in and say it’s time to end the Second Amendment. We cannot risk any more people with guns, you know, shooting

or whatever. And they’re going to come for the Second Amendment. They see they have to have a false flag operation to carry that out. And they got all the actors and they got the FBI guys, they got the CNN camera people, the theatrical producers, they got it all.

I mean, that they could probably recruit, you know, Black Lives Matter leaders and Tifa leaders, they can run ads in Craigslist for crisis actors, you know. And they can just snip it all together with deceptive editing, like they did with a capital riots and the impeachment of Trump. And then, since they have total information, dominance over all information, what are the American people going to see? Well, the version of the video that they’re shown by CNN and, and nothing else, no one else will be allowed to have their version of what happened. And there won’t be any, you know, civilians allowed anywhere near that, because it’s a freaking police state with 1000s of soldiers.

So you might wonder, well, how, how are the fake militia people supposed to be able to get in and do their false flag job? Well, that’s because they’re going to be let in, obviously, because they’re the FBI.

So don’t be surprised when that goes down. They’re basically telling you the whole script.

Because remember, in order to carry out their global genocide, and succeed in that, they really do have to take away your guns, and they can’t just pass a dissolution of the Second Amendment right now, they need a reason. They need a problem reaction solution. They need people to be outraged, oh, my God, somebody with an AR 15. You know, did this, do the attack that whatever. So they’re going to set that up, and then use that to go after the Second Amendment.

And then if if America is somehow dumb enough to give up the Second Amendment, which won’t happen in Texas, by the way, then that’s when they will come for you door to door with just execution squads, they’ll just they’ll just come kill you. Because you see, so far they’ve been they’ve been working on the genocide in more of a covert way, you know, they built the biological weapon they released that, you know,

made certain globalist really, really happy on we’re almost hitting our D population goals. And it’s not as not aggressive enough release more variants. But don’t worry, we weaponize the vaccines and inject everybody.

And they’ll die and you know, the next year or two from exposure. Oh, and by the way, the Daily Mail is reporting that two thirds of people hospitalized for COVID were obese. So Hmm. So what you mean to tell me that, that being fit and not being obese might be one of the best ways to not die from COVID. And then if you add vitamin D to that, you know, it drops the COVID fatality rate by 82%. And if you add zinc, and maybe hydroxychloroquine, and some other things, you can basically save about 99% of the people, even even the susceptible people. But no Fauci would never tell us that no, no, no, because it’s not about saving lives. It’s about murdering human beings. It’s about killing people. Of course, that’s the whole goal. In fact, I was reading, let’s see a group that I’m part of here.

And one of the members of this group is a holistic doctor, a practicing Doc, I’m not going to give you his name, because he hasn’t given me permission to tell you. But as part of this group, he says, quote, there are quite a few of us doctors that are gearing up for massive outbreaks of autoimmune diseases. Later this year due to the COVID vaccines. I’ve lost two patients that went ahead and took the treatment, you know, the vaccine against my advice.

And then another person on the on the thread says, oh, Doc, I’m so sorry, lost as in passed away. And he says, yes, they both died within two days of the first injection.

They were in their early 50s. Both were cancer patients that were well on their way to recovery through our methods. They suffered full systemic shutdown, multiple organ failures, liver, kidneys, heart, etc. Very sad. And the person asked what you know, which vaccine was it? He says, one was Madonna, and the other was the other. Let’s see, the autoimmune response is so deep and so systemic. And it caused massive organ failure in multiple organs in people that were otherwise healthy in those organs.

Remember that the catalyst for this treatment is a Coronavirus, and that one third of all viruses that we will ever contact in our lifetimes are Corona. viruses. The people that have been injected are time bombs of sorts. The body has allergic responses to proteins.

Yeah, it just goes on and on. So this is a doctor who recognizes exactly what’s happening and it is all about the genocide. It’s all about just mass mass murder of human beings. So don’t be surprised when you hear of the system.

figuring out ways to kill people more efficiently. That’s their goal. You know the globalist talk about a dual goal of zero carbon and zero COVID. Yeah, let me talk about that in a second. First, another headline from lifesite news. Several nuns die after taking the first shot of the COVID vaccine.

So, you know, the nuns are thinking, Oh, this is gonna help us and then you’re dead. Earlier this month, 35 nuns in a Northern Kentucky convent, received an mRNA developed COVID-19 vaccine, two days later to died and 26 others tested positive for the virus. Okay. So, folks, hear me when I say this, the vaccine is the pandemic. The vaccine is spreading COVID the vaccine is the pandemic.

It’s the vaccine is not stopping the pandemic. The vaccine is not treating the pandemic. The vaccine is designed to spread the pandemic. Just like measles vaccines are designed to spread measles. That’s the entire purpose. MMR vaccines are all about spreading infectious disease to sell more vaccines that don’t work.

Sadly, all the propaganda and brainwashing from the media, the vaccine industry and big tech and the White House is convinced a lot of people that Oh, I’m gonna need this vaccine, you know, it’s gonna be safe, interacting with other people. I mean, what are these nuns thinking? Are nuns going out and partying all the time anyway? Aren’t they pretty socially isolated in the first place? What? Seriously? What are they thinking? Do nuns go to concerts? A lot?

Are they? Are they doing like speed dating where you might interact with a lot of people now?

Living a pretty isolated life which don’t you think? I don’t know. I mean, I don’t I’m not a nun. I’m not I’m not condemning nuns by any means. I’m just saying.

You’re not a high risk group. It’s all I’m saying.

And why would you inject yourself with a vaccine made with aborted human fetal tissue anyway? If you’re supposed to be someone who serves God?

I know I’m gonna I’m gonna get some backlash for this. Okay? if you’re if you’re a priest, if you’re a nun, if you’re a pastor, if you’re a you know, a member of organized religion, pretty sure God doesn’t want you to inject yourself with dead babies pretty sure. I mean, it’s not really written up in the Bible, but you might check Leviticus I think it doesn’t it say don’t eat the blood of, of animals and such.

I mean, did did God need to spell it out even more like don’t eat the blood of animals? And don’t inject the cloned cells of dead human babies? Should we add that we need like an addendum to Leviticus I think just add in the parts that should have been obvious but people don’t know why he said don’t eat the blood of dead animals. But he never said don’t mainline dead babies. That’s okay.

Seriously, people? What are these nuns thinking? No, I mean, really? I feel sorry for them.

But why? If you have faith in God, why would you inject yourself with this abomination made by satanic anti human companies? Come on people.

Oh, my.

But getting back to the globalist goal, that’s a goal of zero carbon zero COVID.

So, oh, man, where to begin? Zero. COVID means what they mean by that is they’re going to lock you down until there’s not one person who tests positive for COVID. And that will never happen. Since the tests are flagged as positive from anything. Remember, they could test papaya and they could get positive test, they could test beavertails and they would get positive COVID tests, whatever.

So zero COVID as a goal means you will be a slave until basically until the globalist are defeated because they’re never gonna let you be free again. They’ve got this medical dictatorship model nailed down, you are their slave. Now they’re going to crush your businesses, they’re going to crush your freedoms, they’re going to forcibly inject you with dead baby cells, and weird

cell altering, you know, protein synthesis altering instructions in the form of mRNA, and weird nanotech and tracking systems and quantum dots and whatever else they want to put in that cocktail.

But then, what does zero carbon mean?

Well, this one’s not that difficult to understand zero carbon means they’re trying to get rid of all carbon. Well, what are you made of? Your carbon based life form?

You are a carbon based life form. Yes, yeah. In fact, we on our planet, it’s all carbon based life. So to say their goal is zero carbon is to say their goal is the complete destruction of all life on planet Earth, which is what I’ve been explaining these past few days.

All right now if you if you break down

A typical human body

into its atomic elements. Alright? This should be interesting. You have oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and so on. What percentage of your body is carbon by mass? Not by the number of atomic elements, but by mass.

Turns out you are you’re about 23% carbon

by mass, hmm.

So, a goal of zero carbon would have to include a goal of zero humans, wouldn’t it since every human is about a quarter carbon. You know, everything in your body, including the water, everything. About a quarter of it is carbon is carbon, of course, is one of the most miraculous elements. It’s the element that allows life to exist. Carbon is the building block of molecules in plants and animals and humans.

If without it, there would be no life on Earth.

So zero carbon means zero life. So when they say they have a war on carbon, it’s a war on humanity.

And that’s exactly what the global is say. And they say it out loud. They’re not even saying it in secret that

we’re now having a meeting with our secret handshake and our secret, you know, child, clone child salami, meet rituals. And welcome to the adrenochrome buffet over here. And now we’re gonna talk about a zero life, zero carbon agenda for the planet. No, they’re not even doing it in secret anymore. You know, bowing down to the giant owl in the forest, running a little dungeons underneath his secret Islands and the Epstein Island But no, they’re just doing it out in the open now. It’s like a press release. zero carbon. That’s our goal. We hate carbon say the globalist which means that they hate life.

Because they’re demons.

They’re deemed I don’t even mean that metaphorically. I’m mean it literally they are demons. they despise life, because life exists in the image of God, especially human life. But all life was created from the mind of God. And so they hate all life. They hate all living things. So when they say zero carbon, it’s about zero life on Earth. That’s their goal.

Now, if you wanted to support life on Earth, you would support carbon. You know why? Well, here’s a story from what’s up with that.com. And what is W att? Like the energy what’s up with that.com new NASA satellite data proves carbon dioxide is greening the earth and restoring forests. This is what I’ve been talking about for several years.

The Sahara Desert just shrank by 700,000 square kilometers. The deserts are shrinking. You know why? Because the vegetation index is going up. The world is getting more green. In fact, according to this story, and NASA data, the globe has greened 10% so far in this century 10%.

And as the story says, That’s good news because we know this ultimately means greater crop production area and forest expansion. Ironically, what many experts claim to be a huge problem of co2 is in fact one of the major reasons behind the greening.

Carbon dioxide is the greening gas, the greening molecule the molecule of life for Planet Earth, which is why the globalists hate it. They hate carbon dioxide and war on carbon.

Because carbon dioxide is greening the planet. Carbon Dioxide makes more food production take place. It reestablishes forests, it shrinks the deserts, turns areas that could previously never be used to produce food into flourishing gardens and orchards and eventually rain forests because of carbon dioxide. Carbon is the answer to life on earth. And again, that’s why the globalists have declared war on carbon. zero carbon is their goal. zero carbon.

You know, there is a way to achieve zero carbon on the planet. It’s called the Death Star.

And what what planet did did they blow up in Star Wars was that tattoo in

my, my little my Star Wars geek side just came out a little bit there. Lord Vader

was interrogating the princess and said, you know, tell us where the Rebel base is. And we’ll spare this planet. And I think she said no, she said tattooing. But they blew up Alderaan didn’t they? Yes. Full geek for geek award right there. They blew up Alderaan.

Yep. just won the geek award right there.

So there you go. That that achieves zero carbon.

All the Ron was snuffed out. Remember Ben

He was like, he felt it in the force while he was writing in the Millennium Falcon is like all of a sudden is like, it’s like a billion voices cried out in terror or something that was the line. Yeah, that’s cuz cuz Lord Vader decided to make all their own carbon free. That’s their plan for Earth. That’s their plan. If they could just blow off the planet, they would do it. But they they don’t have that much power yet.

Thank goodness.

All right, we’re gonna touch on some economic news here. Speaking of blowing up the planet, the entire federal reserve payment system crashed, will actually two days ago now. This is from the economic policy journal.com the United States Federal Reserve wire systems went down completely at around 11:15am making it impossible for banks and other financial institutions to transfer money. Okay, are you tracking this one? Huh? So let’s see. So nobody can transfer money. Remember what I said about the ice nine? Well, that’s that’s the James Rickards metaphor, the ice nine bank freeze that’s coming. I talked about this, I think three days ago,

or two days or whatever. It’s coming where it no transactions will be able to take place. And I think the day after I said that, then this happened. Along with the Fed ACA service, other systems impacted included the check 21 fed cash fed wire and the National settlement service. So here, here’s what was affected, fed acth fed cash fedline advantage fedline command fedline direct fed line web fedline funds, fed wire fed wire funds fedwire securities, gosh,

makes you realize the federal government’s pretty much in the business of just handing out money to everybody, doesn’t it?

That’s pretty much all they exist to do is it’s just a giant money laundering operation. But the whole system cratered for some period of time, nothing went through for a while. So

two theories about this one theory is this was unintentional, it got hacked, or it’s so fragile, everything’s about to crater. That could be the other theory is that they got hacked, and somebody took them down, which means that they can probably do it again. Now in either one of these scenarios. It’s not good news for the reliability and redundancy of the federal money transfer system. Is it not a good sign at all? I think about what we’ve seen recently, the crashing of the Texas power grid.


We’ve had crazy outages of domain name systems and internet routers. And now we have the federal payment system, the Federal Reserve’s payment system crashes.

I thought this was the we’re supposed to have faith in the Fed. I mean, isn’t that what backs the value of the dollar? You know, when we pull out those little green pieces of paper, we’re supposed to say this is backed by a very reliable, very professional, very redundant, very resilient institution known as the Federal Reserve. What their systems down? Well, then what’s what’s your money worth when the system goes down?

So I’m always asked this question even about Bitcoin, like, what is Bitcoin worth when the power grid fails? And the answer, obviously, is zero until the grid comes back up. But more importantly, what’s the value of your fake fiat currency from the Federal Reserve if the Fed can no longer function? Answer zero?

Technically, I mean, in my opinion, Bitcoin is already worth way more than fake fiat currency. I have I have more faith in Bitcoin than I do the Fed, that’s for sure. And, and bitcoins, entirely virtual, it’s still more trustworthy than the Fed.

But this is not a good sign for an institution that pretty soon is probably going to crash the dollar. And then demand that we all join the new digital dollar, whatever that is some kind of fed wallet. Yeah, here join up.

And if you don’t get vaccinated, you won’t be able to make any withdrawals or engage in transactions because this is, you know, Mark of the Beast Book of Revelation. We basically took our orders from Satan on this one, you know, join join the digital dollar, because we’re reliable, we’re trustworthy, we’re honest, we’re the official authority where the Fed everything works here. Yeah, but what don’t don’t look over there. No, no, don’t look at

that those server farm that’s on fire, have no look over here at the new shiny thing, look, a squirrel. That’s the way the feds gonna operate. Give us all your money. And then we’ll give you back digital tokens that we control and then we’ll tax you automatically you know, just to save you the hassle. So you don’t have to figure any taxes you can just let us do it.

Then Then people will do it.

They will totally do it. Because they they become used to the idea of cryptocurrency. Now. You see it’s all been

Part of a indoctrination program to get you used to the feds crypto system. I will never trust the feds crypto system.

All right 92% of New York City restaurants unable to pay rent in December. That’s a new study that just came out. Five Oregon counties are trying to leave the state and become part of Idaho. Good for you Oregon counties.

Let’s see what are these counties a Oregon is a powder keg because counties that belong in a red state like Idaho are now ruled by Portlanders says Mike McCarter president of move Oregon’s border.

Here we go. Here’s another statement from him. Quote, this state protects antiva arsonists not normal Oregonians it prioritizes one race above another for vaccines and program money and in the school curriculum. And it prioritizes Willamette Valley above rural Oregon, McCarter alleged reported The Washington Times, okay.

Yeah. And I and I pronounced all that stuff correctly. For those of you who live in Oregon and you’re tired of outsiders saying Oregon, and Willamette Valley instead of Willamette, you know, what I mean? I just just as a favor, I pronounce all that stuff correctly for you. They’re

trying to sound like a local.

But did you catch their what McCarter said, he said that in Oregon, they prioritize vaccines, basically, for black people. You see, you see what I’m talking about here.

So the vaccines that are designed to kill people that are basically euthanasia shots, biological weapons, Oregon says, Hey, people of color, come on in. You get priority treatments, with these injections? And don’t worry, there’s never been a time in history when government injections harmed black people. Now, that’s never happened ever before. No, no, of course not.

Yeah, no wonder black folks are hanging back and like,

well, as some of them white folks take that vaccine first. I don’t blame them. You know, let’s let’s, let’s let YT over there. Check that out first.

And all these all these brainwashed white liberals are lining up please, for me, I want I’ll pay extra, you know, not realizing they’re winning the Darwin award. Just so brainwashed, man. It’s just pathetic. I don’t, I shouldn’t even be laughing. It’s just tragic. But you know, if you’re that if you’re that stupid to line up and say, inject me first, then there’s something kind of cosmic about the idea that maybe you need to be reincarnated and try again. You know what I’m saying to you. You haven’t figured out this life? Maybe you’ll get another? Who knows?

So not only do we have Oregon counties saying hey, we need to leave Oregon and join Idaho.

Which is it is better than Portland. But, you know, they’re also I guess our problems at every state. But there’s a city in Texas now that has banned abortions. A city has become, quote, sanctuary for the unborn.

Sadly, the city only has a population of 348 348 people, which means they’re, they’re not that good at making babies in the first place. Are they? So the city is called carbon. And it’s 60 miles southeast of Abilene. And the city council voted unanimously to adopt a sanctuary for the unborn ordinance. I mean, with a population of 340 you got to save every child. You can I mean, you know, that cities in danger of no longer existing so yeah, makes sense. I mean, I’m joking. I applaud them actually. I’m not mocking them at all. I applaud them they did the right thing. It’s just it’s frustrating that you don’t have larger cities doing this. Because how many abortions happen in carbon taxes anyway? Probably not that many. I mean, it’s probably not even a planned parenthood there.

They need this in bigger cities as all I’m saying. Do this in Houston. I’m impressed. But you know, Houston is run by child murdering liberals. So that’s probably never gonna happen there. Anyway, good. Good job, Carmen. setting the example it is the right thing to do. I’m not trying to make fun of you. You know, you’re doing a good job.

But you know, when you’re done with that, let me practice making some more babies there. Because you’re you could use some.

Alright, and then lastly, kind of round out this. This podcast, I almost didn’t want to cover this headline. Because it’s just a little a little bit horrifying. I mean, more so than anything else I’ve covered here but

the Team USA Gymnastics coach that was charged with human trafficking. And I don’t even know all the details because I can’t read those stories. But basically this guy,

he committed suicide yesterday, because he was supposed to turn himself in after being charged like 20 counts of human trafficking or so I don’t know.

What? How does that even work? what you’re teaching gymnastics during the day and then at night, you’ve got children in cages or something? Well, what what is wrong with these sicko? People? But you notice that the the gymnastics industry

has it’s filled with, you know, child molesters. And then Hollywood is filled with child molesters, as well. And, you know, Democrat offices are filled with child molesters as well.

And it’s now there’s some pretty sick people out there. And, you know, Joe Biden just canceled the program that Trump had put in place to, to push illegal alien sexual predators out of the country. I mean, Biden canceled that, which is Biden saying, Oh, you know, those illegal alien child molesters and sex predators. We should welcome them here because they’re awesome. That’s that’s what Biden just said. And people are flabbergasted by this and saying, what the heck happened? What I mean, even people that didn’t like Trump is like, the dude’s got orange hair. But we don’t want child molesters in our neighborhood.

Whether they’re legal or not legal or undocumented, or document, let’s get let’s get the child molesters out. At least that was one thing that a lot of normal people could agree on. But not Biden, not the democrats? No. Democrats are like, those are our people. Those are our voters.

I mean, how are we going to win elections if we kick out all the illegal child molesters? Because that’s the Democratic Party, you know, or at least a significant part of it.

And they probably have a little checkbox for that on their their little, you know, new ID cards of voter id check this box if you’re an illegal alien child molester, and then your vote counts twice.

They probably get bonus features for having that, you know, classification. Democrats love those people. But of course, the problem in getting all the child molesters out of America is that so many of them are the party in charge. They are the democrat party or the fundraisers for the Democrats, you know, the marketing companies,

the journalists, whatever. And apparently the the the Team USA Gymnastics instructor as well. So I guess, hey, he took himself out. One less child molester, for us to deal with, you know, and, you know, one one more drive thru position occupied in hell. So I guess he just wanted to get there faster.


yeah, his only regret is that he didn’t wait long enough to be able to take a child meat clones salami sandwich with him to fire roasted over the coals of hell.

That would have made him feel right at home.

So that I mean, okay, that’s all I’m gonna say about that one. But think about the themes here today. The craziness, the Mad World. That’s why this is the Mad World edition. I mean, you’ve got nuns dying from taking the COVID vaccine filled with, you know, aborted human fetal tissue.

You got you got cannibalism in this clone meat company allows you to eat celebrities meat.

You got you got a high school putting the band kids in cocoons as if they needed any more social isolation.

You got you got diplomats, getting anal swabs in China.

As I says it’s an accident. Slept. I don’t know how that happened.

You got California going after retailers for having boys and girls toys on separate shelves. I mean,

the world has gone insane. It is truly that we’re dealing with just madness.

And it’s been something I’ve talked about quite a bit here. What’s the cause of the madness? You know, I mean, well, there’s there’s hormones in the food. You know, there’s heavy metals in the food and in the air.

You got 5g? Probably brain poisoning half the population in the cities. And then you have the the intentional disinformation and lies from the fake news media, and so much more. I mean, some people even talk about crazy broadcast frequencies on the TV that make people crazy.

And at first, that idea sounded crazy, but now you look at the world you like, doesn’t sound that crazy anymore. Look at people.

The people have gone bonkers.

And I think even even Elon Musk Didn’t he have a quote recently, he was interviewed. And he said I kind of lost faith in humanity watching this last year.

I you know, I don’t know what exactly he means by that. But I do share the sentiment, kind of kind of lost faith or didn’t have that much faith in humanity anyway, but because I’ve been in this investigation space for a long time. So

I’ve seen a lot of things that many other people only saw in the last year. You know, I’ve been warning about a lot of these things for 10 years or longer stuff that people said, that’s, that’s crazy. That’ll never happen. And now, in 2020 Oh, that just happened. And now in 2021, like, what happened last year was nothing compared to what’s happened in this year. This is crazy. This is this is beyond insane this year. But just think about these memes. And now

you got biological males beating the crap out of women in MMA rings, you know, while the left cheers as women get their teeth knocked out, and their skulls smashed in, and then they left things. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. But then you have a conservative transgender, stripped naked, locked in a prison system because you know, cuz she’s a Trump supporter. And the ACLU says nothing. Well, that trans person doesn’t have any rights. My god, they’re a conservative, let them die seems to be the, you know, the, the position of the ACLU at that point. Just think about this, folks.

Think about it. And and then the globalist say their goal is zero carbon. Well, kind of says it all. So

Oh, and the Federal Reserve, you know, their payment systems crashing? power grids crashing, infrastructure is crumbling.

You know, plane engines are falling apart in the sky, with passengers looking at and going, Oh, my God, are we gonna live?

Have you seen the videos from from that Boeing 737. You know, if you point your camera out the window, and in your, like, 35,000 feet, and that engine is blowing itself apart? It’s kind of a bad day. Like, maybe Boeing should have had quality control, you know, instead of appealing to the woke culture and training people, you know, that white people are bad or whatever Boeing’s doing these days, maybe they should have focused on quality control so their engines don’t fall apart mid flight. I’m just saying,

you know, how many engines will it take falling out of the sky and planes falling out of the sky before Boeing realizes Oh, we should be an aircraft company, not a woke company. Don’t tell that to Coca Cola. They’re still telling you that white people are bad. So this is the world in which we’re living in. I saw an article today that talks about how many gang members are in Los Angeles alone, I think the estimate was something like 40,000 to 100,000. gang members just in LA. And I’m thinking to myself, what happens when the financial system fails. And you have I don’t know, let’s say 50,000 gang members in your local city, a city run by lib tardes, who have defunded the police and taking so much bribery money away from the state that basically there’s no functioning infrastructure any longer, and they’ve taken away the guns from the law abiding citizens. So

basically, you have a, you know, a gang rape utopia, we use the formerly called La, and any sane person trying to escape I mean, those days are coming.

And if you’re living in a liberal city, listening to this, you, you have, you know, X number of days to escape, and I don’t know what that x is, but it’s, it’s no larger than a three digit number. I’ll guarantee you that. You need to get out. If you value your life unless you want to end up as zero carbon yourself. You should get out of the blue city, for sure.

Alright, so that’s it, folks. I don’t even know. If I sound a little bizarre today. It’s just because I’m reacting to the world around us. It’s, it’s blowing my mind.

I’m almost, I mean, I know I’ve just spoken for over an hour here. But I feel like I’m speechless. about this. I feel like I can’t even find the words to describe the level of total freaking insanity that’s happening in the world around us. I can’t, I can’t even describe it.

I just wonder how much crazy is it going to get? What else are we going to watch here? What else is going to happen in front of our eyes as we are witnesses before God? And we watch this? the tribulation in Times Book of Revelation, demonic

infiltration of society. What I mean, what’s next? Are people just going to like rip their faces off and actual demon. Demon creatures come out, and they peel the skin off like a suit and throw it away and come out. You know, and I’m Pelosi. And that’s that. Is that what we’re gonna see next? Because I wouldn’t be surprised. And I think the democrats would cheer that they’re like, yes. Finally, finally, we can be true to who we are trans lizard, or whatever.

Trans Gila monster.

Who knows what these people are? They’re not human. I guarantee you that they’re not human. They hate humans. So I don’t know. I don’t even know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

You know, I mean, thankfully, I’m gonna I’m taking the weekend off here. Okay. So I’ll have another podcast for you on Monday. But I almost feel like I need the weekend off just from for my own

sanity from this. I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching all this news and talking about it. It’s It’s disturbing to see the world just crumbling around us it is very disturbing.

I need to step away from this for a little bit. So I’ll take the weekend off. And I’m going to walk in the forest. I’m going to work on my tractor still trying to get it to start.

I’m going to I’m going to pet the goats, you know, do some real low stress things this weekend and try to try to get grounded again. And then hopefully come back next week with some news that maybe the world isn’t so insane, but I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see. But thank you for listening to the Mad World edition

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Thank you for thank you for being human.

You know, thank thank you for all your feedback on this where you you know, I get people telling me Yeah, what you what you’re talking about? It’s true. It is crazy out there. Yeah. You’re not the only one who feels this way. We feel the same way. Yeah, thank you. I need those comments. Because sometimes I’m looking at this what like what weird. Is this a bad dream? What what’s happening, what’s going on in this world?

So thank you for listening. Have a great weekend yourself.

Do whatever you need to do to get ready for things to get crazier. And we’ll just have to watch and see. All right. Thank you, bless you.

Be safe, be prepared. And thank you for all your support. Take care.