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Situation Update, Feb. 3 – America to split into FREE states vs censored “SLAVE” states

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Situation Update, Feb. 3 – America to split into FREE states vs censored “SLAVE” states

(Natural News) As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launches a war against Big Tech censorship, it’s increasingly obvious that tech giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube will soon have to deliver different content results to the “free” states where censorship is banned.

Yet those same tech giants will simultaneously deliver heavily censored, limited content results to the states run by Democrats, which would be the “slave” states where the people are enslaved through ignorance and tyrannical oppression.

In the slave plantation days of the United States, slave states were the plantation states where slaves weren’t allowed to learn how to read or write, since learning to read allows a person to become empowered and informed. Similarly, in today’s society, the left-wing tech giants, fake news media and Democrat-controlled states also want to keep their people ignorant and uninformed… and they accomplish this enslavement through censorship.

In the mid-1800s, Harriet Tubman famously ran an “underground railroad” to free slaves by helping them escape to the Northern free states. Yet today, it is RED states that represent the freedom to read, learn and think, and it is independent publishers and content creators who are the new “information underground railroad” that’s helping people escape the mental slavery of censorship and left-wing reality bubbles founded on delusions and disinfo.

Harriet Tubman reportedly ran 13 missions to rescue around 70 slaves. Today, with your help, we are running daily missions to free the minds of millions.

The FREE (red) states will help rescue people from the SLAVE (blue) states

As Big Tech begins delivering different content results based on the geographic state in which users live, people who live in blue states will be forced to run VPN software to have a red state IP address where they can access all the websites and content that’s censored in the slave states.

It will be the job of people in the red states to red pill the enslaved people living in blue states, who are brainwashed and indoctrinated by censorship and the fake news media into believing an entirely fictitious, alternate worldview rooted in pure delusions (such as the absurd transgenderism claim that men can get pregnant, or the quack science claim that carbon dioxide is a poison to the planet). In the blue “slave” states, children are already being taught racism and bigotry, instructed to hate people based on the color of their skin (whites in particular) and to despise the founding principles of their own country.

The Democrat party has become the party of intolerance.

Red pilling can only come from red states, as blue states are run by Democrats who “blue-pill” people (which means surrendering to the lies of an entirely false reality, a la The Matrix).

New technology will win a victory for human freedom through decentralization and peer-to-peer distribution of content

In the long run, information freedom will win because people inherently demand knowledge and free access to information. No one likes to be told, “You’re not allowed to read that.”

Although the current structure of the internet allows central actors to invoke malicious tactics to limit the flow of knowledge and information, new technologies are rapidly emerging that help decentralize information and bypass censorship pinch points.

For example, the Tor Project browser — TorProject.org — allows users to access the so-called “dark web” of websites that have the .onion extension. The BBC and New York Times are already running their newspapers on the dark web, and Natural News and Brighteon will soon be announcing .onion websites, allowing users to access independent, empowering information even if the malicious globalists start blacklisting entire domain names. (You should download, install and start using the Tor browser right now in preparation for this shift.)

In addition, new peer-to-peer technologies will allow us to distribute MP3 files (podcasts), video files, documents, articles and how-to guides without going through any control node of a government or tech company. These efforts even bypass domain registrars and the entire domain name system. We will be announcing these efforts in the near future.

Another stunning development that promotes the decentralization of information and computing architecture is called Holochain. It is a technology that sets people free from centralized control systems, and it scales in ways that traditional blockchain can’t even approach. You can read about it at Holochain.org or watch this short video for a technical overview:

Similarly, the entire open source development community is all about decentralization and knowledge sharing. The Linux community typically promotes the fundamental idea that information should be free (as in beer).

Open source developers in France have now released a mature, stable version of PeerTube, which is an open source, peer-to-peer video hosting platform. This software allows people to easily set up their own YouTube alternative and share videos freely.

Learn about PeerTube at JoinPeerTube.org

And then there’s cryptocurrency, which is essentially decentralized money that empowers the people. And that’s exactly why the central banks and corrupt governments of the world are attacking it. Cryptocurrency allows individuals to exchange payments without the approval of centralized banks and their tightly controlled transaction systems.

When you combine all these technologies, you create an ecosystem of freedom and decentralization that can help people fight against tyranny, censorship and oppression. For example, people can shop on dark web sites (.onion) for CBD products, then pay in Bitcoin, and engage in an honest transaction that’s currently frowned upon by banks and governments.

Or people who live in countries or states that practice oppressive censorship (such as communist China or the United States under the Biden regime) can use the dark web to anonymously access information websites where they can read real news that’s banned by their local government regime.

Thus, the real answer to human freedom in the digital age is found in decentralization technologies, all of which are based on mathematical algorithms that describe the topology of the ‘net (such as a holographic topology, or a blockchain topology) as well as algorithms that handle encryption activities.

In other words, math can save humanity from tyranny.

So if you ever thought math was boring, think again. Math is the answer to privacy, decentralization and freedom from tyranny.

Learn more in today’s extremely informative Situation Update podcast:

Transcription is Below:

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All right, welcome to The Situation Update for Wednesday, February 3 2021, you are at the right place. This is Mike Adams here, publisher of natural news.com, founder of bright town calm, and other other things. So we have a tremendous amount of information to cover today, a lot of it is breaking news, or I should say current events, news. Yesterday, we covered the entire silver miracle. And I got a lot of positive feedback on that. So thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m glad you learned a lot of information about silver, why you should stockpile some silver because you can use it to make your own medicine very simply and easily in a collapse scenario, by the way. So if you missed that podcast, definitely go back and listen to yesterday’s podcast, and also download the mp3 file, which is up at the top of natural news.com. And you just you know, listen to that later on, whenever you want to. Now, today, we have some really interesting, good news on the censorship front, and going to talk about the structure of information and the structure of free societies. And why it is that the the Cultural Marxism leftist, are so afraid of people having access to information, because it’s just like in the days of the slave plantations, in the the history of America, why weren’t slaves allowed to learn to read, because if you could learn to read, then you were self empowered. You could learn, you could perhaps then write, and you could learn to read and write, then all of a sudden, you could escape the slave plantation, which was a controlled bubble, a containment system, kind of like what they’ve erected around the Capitol building now. But they, they could control your entire reality as a slave. And you could never escape. And because you couldn’t even read a note you couldn’t read, maybe, you know, instructions, you couldn’t read the news or anything. Well, today, the same thing is taking place on a much larger scale, where you and I all of us are not allowed to have access to information that could also set us free at a different level. And that’s information that’s truthful, honest, accurate information about the dangers of these toxic vaccines, for example, or the reality of the the the lockdown plan demick, or the origins of the Coronavirus, or the fact that the 2020 election was totally rigged, lots of cheating, lots of cyber warfare going on and so on and so forth. You’re not even allowed to know about colloidal silver, or the efficacy of chlorine dioxide, for example, you’re not allowed to learn about anti cancer therapies or nutrients, or the truth about vaccines or anything else, because they want you to maintain your status as a slave on their plantation. Their plantation is you as a W two worker, you’re part of the human capital on the the tax farm, known as the United States of America, or if you’re listening from Canada, you’re also just another, you know, slave animal on the Canadian tax farm. And the controllers of these tax farms, their job is to keep you ignorant, just like the old slave plantations. So the the counter to that is what we do. The counter is to share information, and then decentralized information. So all of us can learn to, well to use the comparison historically, all of us can learn to read and write or in other words, in modern language, all of us can have access to information that is empowering and helps set you free gives you more choices. So you don’t have to remain a slave inside their controlled, contrived system. And that’s why I’ve also compared what we are doing to the historical African American woman, Harriet Tubman, who ran the Underground Railroad, of rescuing slaves from actual slave plantations, and getting them to the northern free states. That’s what we’re doing online. We are the information Underground Railroad, rescuing people from their controlled bubbles of ignorance or delusion, and bringing them to the free states you can say or the free mental state of having knowledge and empowerment, and therefore having options and choices. So we are the new information, underground railroad people like you and I and other broadcasters and podcasters who are speaking the truth, and the independent media. And all of the sites that are escaping censorship are building more resilient protections against censorship and daring to speak the truth on everything from, you know the pandemic vaccines to money systems, the Federal Reserve the whole deal. Now, as this is happening, the controller’s of the system will take all of those things that I just mentioned, and they will label them all conspiracy theories. Oh, it’s a conspiracy. They’ll say that the Federal Reserve is run by a globalist banking cartel members. Oh, it’s a conspiracy, that the US dollar is actually a debt instrument rather than money. Even though that’s a fact, you know, they’ll call it a conspiracy theory. Oh, it’s a conspiracy. They’ll say that. China built the Coronavirus as a bio weapon. And then it got out of their lab either accidentally or on purpose. And then it spread around the world and was then exploited for all the, you know, the lockdowns and everything else. They’ll say that’s a conspiracy theory. Until one day, which has already happened, then the news will will have will cite a new report and the mainstream media will say, Oh, actually, it did come from the lab. Oh, so what about all those so called conspiracy theory accusations? You know, suddenly, they’re all null and void. What are their retractions? Or their apologies? Nope. They just move on to the next thing. No, well, okay, you were right about that one,

they’ll say, but you’re pushing a conspiracy theory now about, let’s say JP Morgan, manipulating the price of silver. Oh, that’s a conspiracy theory. So. So you see, their job is to hurt people into these mental prisons, by labeling freedom of thought, a conspiracy theory. So it’s just like, if you were living in the matrix, and then you got red pilled, and you escaped the matrix you got out of the matrix. And you saw Whoa, your whole life has been an illusion inside some simulation system, you are connected to a machine that was controlling your thoughts and your neurology and your memories and your entire reality, all your perceptions, hey, that’s exactly where most people are today. But if you tell them that there is an entirely different reality, that they can access through knowledge and information, just literal learning. They will say, Oh, no, that’s a conspiracy theory. No, thank you, I’d rather remain Blue pilled living in this bubble cocoon where the steak tastes really good. You know, that’s, that’s what they say. So with that in mind, I also want to welcome the the left wing journalists, who I now understand had been assigned to listen to this podcast, in order to try to criticize independent media influencers, like myself, and they’re assigned to listen to this, and then come up with, you know, criticisms of what this is. And I love the fact that there are left wing journalists now listening to this because they are about to get an amazing lesson in who, who the the pro America pro constitution, pro Christian people really are, because what they have been taught is a fake delusion, where they think because they’ve been told this by their own people. They think that conservatives who live in southern states like Texas, who are Christians, you know, they’re gonna refer to people like that, as you know, ignorant redneck Bible thumpers or whatever, you know, them, they have a gun toting pickup truck driving lunatics are and that’s what they think people like I am, and what they’re about to learn is going to rock their world. It’s gonna rock the world, because those of you who have followed me for many years, you know that, for example, on any given day, I will advocate people growing their own sprouts, growing their own raw, organic living food. And then using living food as a system of nourishment to be healthier, and promoting organics and promoting sustainable green agriculture. That’s right. Food for us, and different kinds of agricultural systems, decentralization of corporate agriculture, so that we have food sanctuaries, all across the country. And through this, we have food security and resilience and food redundancy, as well as self reliance. And since everybody has to eat food is a central part of that. So a typical left wing person listening to what I just said, their mind is beginning to be blown. They’re like what these conservative Christian people, they’re talking about organic sprouting and backyard gardens and we didn’t know that we thought they all just ate steak

and potatoes, you know, or whatever. So their mind is about to be blown and they also realize that You know, it’s people like me and perhaps like you as well who are talking about the need to avoid pesticides and herbicides, such as glyphosate. And the ecological damage that’s caused by these toxic chemicals that are pushed by dangerous, powerful corporations like Monsanto, which has then become bear, of course, and that these corporations are poisoning our world, and poisoning our food supply and harming mothers who are about to have children and leading to, you know, all kinds of effects that are negative impacting on human health, such as lowered intelligence in the future life of the of the child. And pesticide pesticide exposure has been linked to that, for example. And so because the left has been told that all conservatives and Christians and Trump supporters and gun owners that Oh, they hate the environment, oh, they want to kill everyone with poison. And then here they are listening to this show, like, but but but this guy, this guy, Mike Adams, he’s talking about protecting the ecosystems and not poisoning the world, in fact, protecting people from poison. And then we went to his online store, and it said, healing the world with clean food, clean food, and he tests everything for heavy metals and, and herbicides and, and then their head starts spinning and smoke starts coming out of their ears, like that episode of the robots on the original Star Trek series. And they just like blow a spring in there. And it turns out their entire perception of who we are, is completely wrong, their entire perception. And then when they begin to listen to what we people like you and I are calling for, as conservative minded, ethical, moral people, Christians who believe in the Word of God and believe in the morality taught by God, they come to find out that this is actually aligned with the principles that were espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King, called for a merit based society, called for an end to racism, called for all people to be recognized for their basic human dignity. And that’s what we teach, it turns out, and then, if a leftist honestly looks at their own

group, and finds that their left wing teachers are teaching hate in the school systems, they’re teaching children to hate people based on the color of their skin, ie to hate white people. And they’re teaching that there is a race that is inferior, which in their view, is white people. If one of these leftists honestly looks at that, again, their mind is blown. They’re like, Whoa, it’s the left that’s teaching the hatred. And it’s the Christians and the conservatives that are teaching. Well, equality. Imagine that, and equal justice, and sustainable ecosystems, sustainable farming, nutrition, organics, living with freedom, and the freedom to think and freeing people from being enslaved. So their minds are blown. Which is why it’s, it’s awesome. When they cover this podcast, it’s also why they tend to when that when they tune into this podcast, they tend to not write about it, because they don’t want to send any other liberals into the podcast. This is very interesting, fascinating story. And I’ll get on to today’s news here in a second, but the left wing publication called the Atlantic, which, you know, you’ve heard of them before. The Atlantic contacted me a couple years ago, and wanted to do a hit piece about natural medicine. And since I was one of the top influencers in the internet world of independent natural medicine, they sent me a bunch of questions to answer for their article. And you know, how these so called news organizations actually work. When they contact you, they’ve already written the piece, basically, okay? They’ve already written, what they’re gonna, how they’re going to attack you, oh, this person’s a nut job, whatever. And they really just want you to give them some sentence that they can grab out of your answer, to fill in the blanks to finish their hit piece. So the Atlantic sent me like 12 questions or something? And one of them was like, Well, what about what you know, insulin? Or what would you say is our natural alternative to insulin, and things like that? And what Why do you say that the pharmaceutical system is, is working against the interests of the people and so on. And so I answered, in great detail in a very rational, evidence based way, all of their questions. And if I might say this, I think I answered them very well, and very convincingly. And so the Atlantic decided not to run the story. So instead, I ran the story. So if you go to Natural News calm right now, you can search for the Atlantic. And you can actually bring up their questions and my answers, because I put it in an article and I published it because they wouldn’t. So you see, if they can’t find something to attack you with, they just won’t do the story. And they certainly don’t want people on the left discovering that there are conservatives and Christians who are well versed in natural medicine, science, or food science, or nutrition science, or anything of that kind. Because remember, what they tell each other, about people like you and I is that we’re all incredibly stupid adults who don’t understand anything, and it’s their left wing experts who need to run the world because they know better than you and to demonstrate that they have now made Jen Psaki, is that how you pronounce her name, the P is silent, I guess. Jen Psaki, the White House press spokesperson, and she knows nothing. She is like a clown show. With like a redheaded clown. Just there, pretending like she has answers, but then flipping through pages. Oh, wait, I’ll circle back on that. Yeah, we’ll find out answers later on, has no answers. And that seems to work sometimes, because the left wing press has really no questions.

It’s like, hey, ask me no more questions. And I’ll tell you no more lies they say. So it’s all an act. It’s all theater. And we’re going to get into that today. Because this is a theatrical production that you’re watching in terms of the radical left journalist pretending to engage in press activities, when they’re actually nothing more than mouthpieces and propaganda puppets for the Biden regime, which is itself a propaganda puppet for the CCP, the communist Chinese party, fascinating. It’s like a puppet within a puppet. It’s like, someone grabbed a puppet and they stuck that puppet up another puppet. And they have a double puppet going. And probably Dr. Fauci would come along and slap like 10 masks on that

puppet. So you wouldn’t have any idea what, who’s actually speaking.

All right, we’re gonna get into some items here. First, I want to mention Tor, the Tor project. So we are, as I mentioned before, we are branching out into every means of communication, including the so called dark web, which is also used by Believe it or not, Facebook and the BBC in the New York Times and other publications, they have dark websites, as they’re called, it’s really just an alternative system that doesn’t rely on a centralized domain name server authority. And so soon, we’re going to have Natural News available through the Tor Browser with a dot onion extension. Now, a dot onion extension, what that indicates is it’s a, it’s a site that’s only accessible through the Tor Browser. And you can download that and install it for free on any device, basically, Tor project.org, that’s t o r, stands for the onion router to our project.org, go ahead and download that and install it. Number one, just by using it right now. It’ll protect your privacy, even if you’re visiting regular websites, so it’s good to run the Tor Browser. Secondly, using the Tor Browser, you’ll be able to access dot onion sites, which are not accessible through other browsers. So if you’re running Safari, or Firefox or whatever, Chrome, you can’t go to a dot onion website, because they’re only accessible through Tor. So we’re in the process of acquiring our domain name, a dot onion name, and those of you who are experts in in the Tor system, you will note that you don’t purchase domain names. You calculate the basically you mind them using computational power. And the more mining energy you put into to the domain name, the better domain name you, you get that I’m not going to go into why that is. But basically, we’re in the process of mining our domain name right now for the Tor Browser. And when we’re done with that, which might take a few weeks depends on how lucky we are what pops up in terms of the random characters. Then we’ll have a domain name for you. And we’ll be able to announce it. And you’ll be able to visit that through the Tor Browser. And this cannot be taken away by ICANN, which is the globalist run internet domain name authority, that I believe Obama turned over to the United Nations because Obama is a sleeper cell trader. And so the United Nations runs that now. And when, when it all comes down, which is going to happen, when it all comes down, they have a list of which domain names to shut off at the UN level. Yes, that’s right. That’s right, when the big, the big globalist great reset comes, you won’t be able to go to your browser and type in natural news.com you won’t be able to type in brighthouse.com instead, instead, you’re gonna have to run your Tor Browser. And you’re gonna have to go to the dot onion version of those websites. And we will have those ready for you see, because we’re planning ahead. And thanks to your support, we have enough resources to make this happen. And we’re determined to be censorship resistant in every way we can. So that’s all in process. And there are other other things in the works. Some Freenet peer to peer systems as well, we have our IP address that you can go to directly as well. And we have Well, again, I’m not going to say everything that we’re working on right now. But we’re always going to have a way to get you information, even when the censorship gets totally insane. And they’re they’re trying to do that. We’re going to talk about what that means as far as the fracturing of information and knowledge in society. Well, let me cover this news headline first, and then it will make a lot more sense. So Zero Hedge reported Florida Governor cracks down on big tech, lets residents Sue over censorship $100,000 daily fine for a tech platform like Facebook for suspending political candidates. So boom, this is it. Check it out. Just as I’d mentioned, over the last couple of weeks, states are fighting back against not only the Biden regimes, unconstitutional, executive orders and upcoming laws, but also states are fighting back against insane left wing censorship. Now, notably, the left tells itself that there is no censorship. For example, if you look at a story from the Associated Press that talks about this thing from Governor desantis in Florida, the Associated Press will claim that there is no censorship. And you’ve seen jack Dorsey testify that what censorship is no censorship. And you’ll Zuckerberg will say the same thing. But in a robot voice. There’s no censorship.

Because he’s been programmed to say that, and they will literally tell themselves, they’re not censoring anybody. They’re just stopping hate speech. Well, what is hate speech? What is hate speech? hate speech is speech that the left hates. That’s it. That’s and what do they hate? Oh, they hate anything that challenges their Cultural Marxism, or anything that challenges their power monopoly over information and knowledge. Because remember, they want you to be a slave on their slave plantation in their information bubble. And the only way they can enforce that is by making sure that you don’t learn how to read, or IE you can’t access information that would empower you with knowledge. And that’s why on YouTube, it’s okay to have videos on YouTube of your kitty cats and your puppy dogs and your pet iguana. Oh, it’s so cute. And you can have videos about music stars, who are mostly satanist you can have videos about stuff that doesn’t matter. Because that’s all allowed in the slave plantation anti knowledge bubble of the left. But the minute you start to have a video that red pills people, oh, a video about the truth about 911 Oh, the truth about Oklahoma City. Oh, Timothy McVeigh was a Patsy. Oh my gosh. What about Sandy Hook?


this is not allowed in the bubble. It has to be banned. Can’t let people wake up and realize their entire perception of history is nothing but theater. Oh, yes. All theater. See, that’s what they have to shut down. And that’s that’s what censorship is really all about. It’s not about hate speech. It’s about keeping you ignorant, as they say, which means ignorant. Okay, so for this Florida Governor. This this pushed by the Florida Governor. This here’s what this is going to roll out against big tech censorship. So number one, man To Tory opt out OPT outs from big text content filters, which means that big tech wouldn’t be allowed to shadow banned certain channels and exercise viewpoint discrimination against conservatives or Christians. Right. Another one, the private right of action for a Floridian citizen against tech companies that violate that condition. So the people of Florida would be able to essentially file an action or sue the tech companies for engaging in shadow banning and viewpoint discrimination. Also fines of $100,000 per day against tech companies that suspend candidates for elected office in Florida, such as Laura Loomer. Laura Loomer is the poster child for being the most censored person ever probably, especially someone, someone who’s running for congress and did pretty darn well considering the the rigging of the election. So this is you might as well call this the Laura Loomer provision. and bless that woman. Let me tell you, Laura Loomer is a fighter. She’s got real courage, Okay, next one, daily fines for any tech company that uses their content and user related algorithms to suppress or prioritize the access of any content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot.

Whoa, kaboom, boom, shaka laka laka.

This is a big one. This is going after any kind of viewpoint discrimination that Google would have, or YouTube, if they don’t want you to see the truth about an argument or debate on anything that’s on the ballot. It could be a candidate or a ballot measure or anything like that. This is massive. And then it goes on disclosure requirements enforced by Florida’s election authorities for tech companies, and then power for the Florida Attorney General to bring cases against the tech companies that violate these conditions under the state’s unfair and deceptive practices act. And here’s the quote from the Governor desantis. Quote, what began as a group of upstart companies from the west coast has since transformed into an industry of Monopoly communications platforms that monitor influence and control the flow of information in our country and among our citizens. And they do this to an extent hitherto unimaginable. He got the word hitherto in there, which is that’s, that’s kudos right there. These platforms have changed from neutral platforms that provided Americans with the freedom to speak to enforcers of preferred narratives. Yes, exactly. Governor desantis. Thank you. Consequently, these platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections, and have negatively impacted Americans who dissent from orthodoxies favored by the big tech cartel,

oh, big bada boom,

this, he just nailed it. absolutely nailed it. Yay, de Santos. This is why By the way, it’s important to elect conservative governors and conservative state legislatures, which most Americans have, by the way. And so big tech is about to get slapped upside the head from the state of Florida. And it’s not just Florida, this law are the series of laws. This will empower other states to follow a similar model, I can assure you, Texas isn’t far behind. And there are many other states that aren’t far behind either, such as let’s say, oh, South Dakota, or Wyoming, or many others. Now, maybe even Arizona at some point, if they could just get the McCain’s out of there. Or in Wyoming, if they could just get the cheney’s out of there, you know what I mean? Get the get the swamp creatures out of the states. So here’s what’s going to happen. This is my prediction anyway, the tech companies are going to now bifurcate, the results of searches and recommended videos and things like that, that they deliver to different states. Now, technically, this is kind of a difficult thing to do. But they’re, they’re pretty sharp, technically, they can figure out how to do it based on the geolocation of the IP address. So you’re going to end up with once this law goes live in Florida, or this executive action from the governor, you’re going to have these, these companies at first, they’re going to challenge this, and it’ll go through the court system and so on.

But states have strong rights to protect the commerce that takes place in their state. So these states can leverage many other tools and say to Facebook or YouTube, hey, you’re not allowed to operate. In our state unless you agree to these conditions of fairness, and equal access to information and non non bias, right, so eventually the states are going to win. And when that happens, the tech companies are going to have to start delivering a different set of results to what I’m calling the free states, the free states, Florida will be a free state, California will be a slave state, you’re enslaved through censorship, and lack of access to information, you’re going to have more states join Florida as free states, you’re going to have Texas as a free state and Oklahoma as a free state and so on, and Wyoming and South Dakota, and a bunch of others, you’re gonna have them to America’s and it’s pretty obvious, you can see where the dividing lines are the boundaries, the free states are going to be the states that largely supported Trump, and are mostly conservative, and have conservative governors and so on. And those people are going to have access to a lot more information, they’re going to be better informed, they’re going to have better quality of life, they’re going to have more options, more knowledge, they’re going to be more self reliant, because that’s the kind of information that’s available on the internet, but a censored by the tech giants, I mean, just think about the things that I teach, how to grow your own food, how to make your own medicine, how to be more self reliant, how to, you know, turn silver into medicine, how to have a non electric food farming grow system, which I invented, called the food rising, grow system, and this kind of information, so people are gonna be empowered. But then in the slave states, ie the democrat controlled states, the censorship states, the people they’re going to be living in these bubbles are all they’re tuned into, is you don’t get funny kitty cat videos and pop music, Satanism and whatever else, culture wars. And even when it comes to current events, see, the people in the slave states, the democrat states, they’re only going to get the left wing, deceptive view, the Associated Press, or Reuters, who are all professional liars, they deliberately lie, they deliberately mislead their audiences. That’s what the slave people are going to get in the slave states through Facebook and Google. Meanwhile, in the free states, people are going to get both sides of the story. They’re going to get, of course, the Associated Press view, but they’re also going to have access to independent media. That’s going to give them the other side of the story. Oh, did you know that the people who instigated the January 6 Capital Riot were themselves antiva Black Lives Matter activists? You know, that’s something that the left never tells you? Or did you know that they were crazy antiva riots, I think in Seattle, just one a day ago that the left wing media completely ignored, or didn’t they take over they took over a hotel or motel or something, I’m going to get to that the left wing media refused to report it. But you can find that story on the Gateway Pundit, which of course, be completely banned by the left. So compare this to slave plantation days, in the history of America, let’s say the first half of 19th century, for example, you had slave states, and you had free states. At that time, the slave states were mostly the southern agricultural belt, the you could say cotton states, a lot of cotton production was taking place with slave labor at that time. And then the free states were the more northern states, typically with more of an industrial economy, manufacturing, often using the cotton that they bought from the slave states, by the way, but I won’t even get into that. I don’t want to complicate your view of history, you know, with economic facts or anything, but But today, the slave states are going to be the coastal states, run by Democrats plus Illinois. So the slave states, obviously New York, New Jersey, obviously, Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, and maybe Michigan, right? Because look at the governor, they’re one of the most evil, seemingly demonically possessed individuals to ever be a governor of anything.

Crazy. It’s like, no, the devil didn’t go down to Georgia. The devil went to Michigan and and jumped into that woman’s body and took her over. That’s That’s how crazy that is. But those are going to be the slave states. And the free states are going to be what democrats refer to as flyover America. And in the free states, which is going to be you know, most of them, country, everything that’s red, when you look at a map of the voting from 2020, everything that’s red is going to be a free state. Importantly, the free states and the slave states will have different access to information. The slave states the blue states, the democrat states will restrict it to this twisted left wing fake reality view whereas red states, the free states will have a more diverse view, more information, more empowerment, more knowledge, including knowledge about world events, knowledge about elections and politics and so on. So, the blue states are going to drive themselves into ignorance and illiteracy at some point, certainly functional illiteracy about current events, whereas the red states will have freedom of information and will therefore prosper.

And this is why Democrats have to have rigged elections to put somebody like Joe Biden into the fake White House, so that they can sign a stimulus bills to extract money from Red America, ie the free states, the productive Americans, the actual workers who produce something, and they take that money and then they redistribute it to the blue states, where people are increasingly enslaved and non productive and living off government welfare and handout systems. And also where the governors themselves like Newsome are skimming money off the taxpayers and pocketing all that, remember his big billion dollar payout to China, which was supposed to be for PP, you know, personal protection equipment. And turned out it was just a giant money laundering scam with kickbacks to the Newsome family and all that. But again, you can’t even read that in the left wing media because that’s not part of their delusional bubble. And by the way, the, the decentralization of all of this is going to continue to accelerate so that it’s going to be more and more difficult for the slave states to control the information and prevent people from accessing knowledge because people like to learn. Curiosity is a natural human condition. And it turns out that that technology is coming in, that will continue to accelerate this decentralization in many ways that people haven’t even imagined yet. And I asked a friend of mine, what he thought were some of the best technologies for decentralization that might represent the future structure of information sharing across the internet. And he said there’s a technology out there called hollow chain or hollow chain, h o l o like hologram called hollow chain. And there’s something called the hollow nomics. And there’s something called a hollow pedia. And there are other tools that are available out there that lend themselves to decentralization, they use a holographic structure of information, which means that every little small part of the hole has a copy of the entire whole. That’s That’s how holograms work. You know, if you break a hologram in half, the other half still has the entire holographic image. Your body, in a way is holographic, because every cell in your body contains a copy of the DNA for your entire body. Yeah, interesting. So you are holographic. And also your neurology has a holographic structure, which is why scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint, like which exact compartment of the physical brain is responsible for, you know, love, let’s say they can’t figure it out. And they poke and prod and they do surgeries. And they, they they zap different parts of the brain trying to figure out what gets turned off. Oh, now he can’t move his leg anymore. That must be the leg Part No. And it turns out that the brain is holographic memories are holographic. So when you remember something, and then you re access that memory to re experience it or recreate it into your consciousness. It doesn’t depend on one specific part of the brain. It depends on In fact, the behavioral activation of the neurological synapses. In other words, it is a functional retrieval of information that is holographic rather than a specific piece of hardware in a cluster of neurons. And this is why and you might not even believe this, but there are documented cases of people who have lost 90 plus percent of their brain matter through typically infections or encephalitis or things like that. And yet, there’s one person in particular, all they were left with with was a thin layer of Neurology on the inside of the skull, the rest of their brain was entirely gone. Basically an empty head and they were still able to function as a completely normal individual. doctors had no idea that they had no brain or almost no brain until later on when they had a brain scan. Like I there’s nothing there. How is this dude functioning? Yes, they still function. Why? Because the brain is holographic. I know you won’t even believe that, you’ll have to look that up, just go on to duckduckgo.com and search for it. I don’t know what search terms is, man with no brain? If you search for that, you might get Joe Biden, I don’t know. So you’re gonna have to come up with your own search terms.

I know, it’s, it’s unbelievable, until you understand the holographic structure of how the brain works. Well, what if the internet worked in the same way, every little piece had the hole, every little piece could replicate the entire structure or all the information on the internet? Well, that is called decentralization. What that means is they can’t take out websites or publishers or sources of information through a central authority, such as I can, or the United Nations, or the domain name system, the DNS servers as they’re called, which are the domain resolution tables that convert domain names into IP addresses. See, all of those are central authorities and central authorities lend themselves to corruption and censorship, as we’ve seen with Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Google and everything. And so the future of the Freedom of Information relies on decentralization or holography, or holographic topology of the internet, which more closely mimics the neurological topography of your brain itself. In other words, we’re going to make the internet more human, and make Internet Information more free. by modeling the experience of human consciousness. How cool is that? And by doing so, we’re going to become very resistant to censorship. But we’re not done yet. Another fascinating part of this is that the algorithms that drive these things are rooted entirely in mathematics. That’s right, when you talk about information replication, such as peer to peer networks that share information that share files without going through a central server. And in many ways, you could say that cryptocurrency uses that kind of structure. The Tor Browser uses that kind of structure. There are some video hosting sites that use peer to peer sharing of bandwidth, for example, p2p networks. Well, this kind of structure depends on mathematics. It is the math that allows for a public key encryption, for example, or symmetrical encryption, decryption that drives many of the algorithms that allow the the movement of information across the internet in a secure fashion, which protects privacy. And also, in the case of the Tor Browser, with the multi layered onion routing system using three relays layered upon each other, then the movement of information across the internet is able to obfuscate both the origin and the destination of that information, protecting you from being tracked when you visit a website that the government doesn’t want you to read. See, that’s what advantages of the Tor browser. So here’s, here’s the upshot of this. I’m not going to make this any more technical. I’ve probably already gone too far. But the upshot is that your freedom and my freedom, our freedom to do all of this is powered by math. That’s right, folks. Math will set us free. Now I know some of you’re saying, Wait a minute, wait, whoa, whoa. Like Jesus Christ will set us free. Yeah, I know that too. I’m just saying. That’s the spiritual side. That’s the faith side. In terms of practical internet technology, math will set us free. So if you were bored in math class, then you might want to wake up because math is what’s going to protect us and allow us to share information. It is math that powers the holographic structure of the internet. And it’s math that allows us to maintain our privacy through cryptography. And it’s math that powers Bitcoin, for example. And so you could really say that the globalists of the world, the governments of the world, the controllers, they hate math, because math is their enemy. In fact, they hate science, too. They hate biology, which is why they’re trying to teach children that men can have babies and women might have a penis. See, they hate reality. That kind of twist a little minds. A little little boys and girls. They hate math. They hate science. They hate history. They hate chemistry. They don’t want you to discover that little mRNA fragments can cause a hyper inflammatory autoimmune reaction that can People, which is why people are dying from the vaccine, especially elderly people, they don’t want you to understand chemistry. And this is why in the left wing universities, they don’t teach these subjects anymore. For the most part. They don’t teach math, science, history, biology, chemistry.

Right? What do they teach Black Lives Matter, victimhood, culture, war studies, you know, whatever, anti white hate classes, that’s all they teach. So their quote, reality becomes this bubble of fiction, and pure delusion tainted by hatred and intolerance. Whereas you and I are living in the real world. And we are using the laws of mathematics, and physics and chemistry, to explore the universe, to explore the knowledge that sets us free. To even ask questions, as I said, yesterday asked questions of nature, which is an expression of the mind of God. And so we use the laws of the universe, one plus one equals


in order to expand our knowledge, our consciousness and our understanding of reality, whereas what the left does is they will appoint a quote, reality czar in the White House, which is a ministry of truth enforcer. Might as well just call him Winston, whose job it is, is to tell you that reality isn’t real. No, they’re fake delusion theater is reality, that’s going to be their job. So there are a couple of interesting points, practical things to realize from all of this. Number one, people who live in the slave states, such as the blue states, where they’re not gonna have access to real information, they can install VPN. And they can then change their originating IP address to let’s say, Florida. Yep. And then they will have access to this amazing universe of alternative information or truthful information that they can’t get if they’re living in California and using a California IP address. In other words, the very same tech companies, the Silicon Valley giants will keep their own people ignorant, because they want to keep them controlled and enslaved. But all people have to do to escape that is install a VPN and then switch to an IP address from Florida. And then they’re gonna get totally different search results, you know, in the future coming up here soon, totally different video recommendations from YouTube. Totally different access to different domain names that they couldn’t get in California. In other words, California, and the democrats states are going to become like China, Communist China, with the Great Wall of China being the internet, great wall, right, the cyber ignorance enforcement barrier. And in order to escape that, they’re going to have to use an IP address from somewhere else. So states like Florida, and states like Texas, will be able to set up data centers, oh, data centers that serve as relay hubs for freedoms freedom seeking people that live in other states. Yes, indeed, hmm. What an interesting business idea if you happen to live in one of the free states, set up a data center, and do some IP routing, and spread freedom to help free the slaves in the slave states. So you see what I mean, when I say that we are the modern day Harriet Tubman, fans of history. We are literally Building Information underground railroads, which would be a VPN relay system that allows people from the slave states like New Jersey and New York, and what Connecticut for sure, right? And Maryland, for sure, most of those East East Coast cities, controlled by insane swamp creatures, they would be able to escape that and relay through Texas or Florida or somewhere else and get access to truthful information. Imagine that. Ooh, sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Alright, so how can you help this? All of this happen? Here’s an action item for you. So call your governor or you know the Office of Governor and call the office of your attorney general for your state. And tell them hey, Florida is doing this. De Santos is on the ball. This guy’s got to figure it out. He’s going after big tech $100,000 per day when they start censoring people. Why not make it a million by the way, you could get some real income there, Florida. But encourage your governor and your attorney general to do the same thing. And talk to your state lawmakers, your state members of Congress and encourage them to pass laws that Force tech companies to stop censoring people based on viewpoint discrimination. This happens at the local level, this is how you fight back against big tech, when they’ve rigged the elections, and they’ve installed a communist puppet in their fake White House, which is a pretty impressive movie set. By the way, it almost looks real, just not entirely, we’ll get to that later. But you, you have power at the local level.

And in the meantime, before all of this system gets put in place, install the Tor Browser, start gathering the dot onion addresses of the websites that you want to visit like ours Natural News, will have a dot onion address for you. And get yourself to a point of full understanding and literacy in the technology of decentralization. So that you know, oh, what is a Tor Browser? What is a decentralized website? What is multi layered routing mean? How does that protect your identity? How does that stop the NSA from snooping on which websites you visit? Things like that we all have to become literate in this world of technology. In order to accomplish decentralization, you need to understand cryptocurrency as well. You need to understand what is mining? What is Bitcoin? How is Bitcoin structured? What are the alternatives to Bitcoin, such as Litecoin, and aetherium, and many others out there, hundreds of them, I think, how do these function? What is their role in a free society? Look, if you’re going to become free, you need to be an expert in freedom. And these days, because the censorship, and the enslavement happens digitally, which is what happened in the last election, by the way, cyber warfare, digital theft, and digital censorship for the last five years from big tech. If you want to conquer that, you’ve got to become an expert in digital freedom. We all need to become digital freedom warriors, not just digital warriors, but digital freedom warriors, need to understand the technology and the topology of freedom, how it works. And your participation actually is more important than you may realize. Because in peer to peer systems, peer to peer systems, your computer and your hard drive may be used with your consent, of course, as storage and computational bandwidth to help spread freedom files, you know, audio files, videos, documents, through peer to peer networks. And that’s coming up. And we’re going to talk about that in some upcoming podcasts in the coming weeks. Because you can in essence, donate the excess storage and computational power of your home computer to the fight for freedom. Yes, literally, you can use your hardware to help fight for freedom. Now, let me give you a very practical example of how big tech censors the American people and tries to keep us in these delusional bubbles using rules that they don’t even apply to other countries. So Twitter, this is from Breitbart. Twitter allows the Turkish interior minister to tweet against quote LGBT deviance but they weren’t banned. Now, if you or I tweeted about quote, LGBT deviance, you’d be banned instantly ah hate speech. It’s hate speech. You’re banned. You’re gonna have to paint your face like a rainbow flag and wear it for three days in public or whatever to get your your account back but from the story the Twitter social media platform flagged a Sunday tweet about LGBT deviance from Turkish interior minister Salou man so you I’m not mocking his name. I’m just having difficulty pronouncing it. It’s not

that I’m not engaging in hate speech saying his name is all I’m saying. Anyway, that was hateful according to Twitter, but did not delete the tweet or suspend saw lose account Soylu? Yeah Soylu like like a like a soy boy Soylu. Alright, so there’s an example for you. So you see, Twitter allows other governments to engage in speech that they don’t even allow for Americans. How’s that? And this is why a lot of American companies such as I think you saw this recently parlor, banned by Amazon, AWS. And so parlar reached out and I think they chose a company that has some Russian investors, because they found that you get more freedom from Russia than they could get from the United States. Think about that. Those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, remember all the anti Soviet Union, fear mongering of the 1980s Oh my god, they’re gonna bomb us at any moment. You know, the Russians are A nukus which they almost did with the Cuban Missile Crisis, by the way, that wasn’t fake. But it was all this mass hysteria against Russia. And now it turns out Russia provides more freedom than America. Stunning, stunning that I mean, right there that tells you how bad censorship is in America. But the Associated Press says what censorship? There’s no censorship, really? Because the Russians can read more websites than the Americans. Did you know that? Yes. Stunning. The Russians have more internet freedom than the Americans. Yes. All right. Other other news? That’s interesting. Mike cernovich is reportedly going to challenge governor Newsome for the governorship of California. And Mike cernovich. You may I don’t know if you know his name, but he’s, he’s cool, dude. He has been fighting for internet freedom and fighting against censorship. And, you know, he’s a he’s a conservative, and a very smart guy. very passionate, strong dedication and courage and so on. 1.3 million signatures have already been collected to recall governor Newsome from California. And if that recall, succeeds, Mike cernovich is going to jump in that race and run for governor. Let me tell you right now, Mike cernovich has my vote. Well, I mean, if I lived in California, he would, but he’ll have my public support because cernovich like I said, He’s a good guy. And honestly, I mean, if we had anybody with any kind of brains and and morality in the governorship, that would be a whole new thing. Because shorts and Dagger was a disaster. Right? He’s just a globalist in wearing like sheep’s clothing or something. And then Newsome just just a corrupt criminal. Oh, my goodness. Let’s get cernovich in there. That would be awesome. Can you imagine the globalist totally freaking out if cernovich won that? Yep. So anyway, kudos to Mike cernovich. For that is doing like what Laura Loomer did. She ran for office. It was a huge success even though she didn’t win the election. But it was a success. Just getting that far and challenging the system and freaking out the system. Okay. In other news, Jeff Bezos is stepping down as the CEO of Amazon. And who’s taking his place is Andy Jassy who is the guy who has been running Amazon Web Services, AWS, that deep platform parlor. So I guess the the reward for being a book burning Nazi at Amazon is they make you the CEO they put you in charge. So you should now expect a lot more book burning from the Amazon Nazis. That’s right, they should just rename themselves like the Third Reich. Then you see the all those amazon prime vans driving around your city. Now, with that little smile logo, they should turn that thing upside down. It’s a frown. It’s a Nazi frown. And with a slogan on the side of the truck, we’re coming to burn your books. That should be the Amazon slogan, we’re gonna burn your books. We’re gonna delete them digitally. Everything we ever delivered to you. We’re gonna come take it back. So So put those boxes back on the porch. We’re coming, coming for you. That should be the Andy Jassy theory of how Amazon should run. Okay. And then as I mentioned before, the Gateway Pundit cover this a media blackout antifa terrorists armed with hatchets, take over the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Washington. Okay. Wasn’t Seattle. It’s Olympia, Washington. They occupy 17 rooms and they demand shelter for the homeless. So terrorists armed with hatches taking over a hotel. Wasn’t there a movie about that called the the shining?

They’re just acting out horror movies now. And the media won’t cover it. A Red Lion hotel. Let’s see they’re armed with hatchets knives, batons and other weapons took over the Red Lion hotel, forcing staff and guests to flee and shelter in place. The violent left wing group known as quote, Ollie housing now occupied 17 rooms and demanded shelter for the homeless people living in nearby in camp encampments. Okay, so here’s what’s interesting about this. Number one. Homelessness is a massive problem across America, totally ignored by the politicians. A lot of those homeless people are veterans who were treated like crap. So I agree with this group’s initial concern over homelessness. I agree. But of course, it’s not okay to just violently take over, you know, hotels and motels and what have you. Why don’t they if they really want to have housing for these people, remember that there were 1000s of troops sleeping in the country. Capitol building in Washington DC. Why don’t these violent leftist take over their state capitol and put the homeless in the hallways that would get the attention of the lawmakers? If the homeless were sleeping in the hallways of the Capitol building? in Washington State, I think that’s a great idea. Of course, we wouldn’t say to do it violently, but just, you know, guide them in their sleep on the floors until they solve the homeless problem. But the other thing is fascinating about this, is, you know, how I said that there are elements of the radical left, as well as elements of the more far right conservatives that will now increasingly find common ground. Remember, I said that, that they both agree that the corporations are evil, for example. And they both agree that government is corrupt at some level, that’s kind of a universal idea at this point. And by the way, I remember that there were pro Second Amendment groups in Texas, that were out feeding homeless people, and then getting arrested for handing out soup, you know, because it’s not allowed in Dallas, I think it was, you know, to help homeless people. But I can see a day where people on the left, and people on the right, are actually joining together to demand solutions to homelessness or food famine, or even to defend Second Amendment rights. That’s right. Because you think these leftists with hatchets and knives and batons? You think they don’t also have like a, like a knife in the back pocket? or something? You bet they do. They need their guns in their minds. They want guns too. Because they know how violent The world is. Because they’re the ones with the hatchets. Like, we need a second amendment right? Because you should see the other people in this group, they’re crazy. We better have guns, that’s what they’re saying to themselves. So we’re gonna have some common ground. And the more tyrannical the Biden regime gets, which, let’s face it, from the viewpoint of the left, Biden is a a crazy, old, corrupt, institutionalized white guy. And probably soon to be actually institutionalized, crazy old white guy with dementia, telling them what to do. Oh, the left doesn’t like that. Not at all. In fact, they hate it so much. They pick up hatchets and start chopping down doors to motels and such. So you’re gonna see more of this kind of action, even though the left, the left wing media won’t be reporting it. But a lot more of this is going to happen, for sure. And this is another reason to read the independent media. Because if you want the real news of what’s going on, you have to go to you know, non mainstream sources, obviously. Now, speaking of action, there are more troops arriving in DC, more buses arriving each day, more fortifications are being erected.

Because what was it Senator Schumer is having an erection at the Capitol, the erection of fences, apparently, and they, they are afraid of the people. They’re terrified of the people. And also they don’t want people to understand, you know, to figure out that it’s all a movie set. You know, that kind of thing. It’s all theater. But the best quote of the day comes from Molly Hemingway. Who says the media’s handling of Biden is quote, like watching a family try to help a three year old win Candyland. That’s good. Remember Candyland? Yeah. I don’t know if you ever played that game when you were in kindergarten or something. It’s the most boring game possible. And it was one step down from I think Chutes and Ladders, which tells you something about what era in which I grew up. Like Chutes and Ladders was a strategic genius game compared to Candyland. Candy, I think you just flip a spinner and move the piece around. And that was that. But that’s the way Joe Biden is pretending to be the president. He has no idea what he’s signing. No idea. They’re just putting papers in front of them here, Joe sign this. And he’s like, Where’s my pen? And he signs it? Sometimes right handed, sometimes left handed. Sometimes maybe he’ll sign it with his toes or something. You know, maybe his son told him that was a cool move. And he didn’t understand the context of the foot job happening. So he’s signing the executive orders, maybe with his feet. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. And then Don surber, who’s a political commentary analysts had a piece as a quote, we put the USA in the hands of dangerous imbeciles. And he writes, quote, the nascent technology that replaces our constitutional republic, is a mixture of internet oligarchs and deep state buffoons, whereas kings and their courts in Western Europe ruled by divine right. These bozos believe they should rule because they’re smarter than the rest of us. We’ve put the USA in the hands of dangerous imbeciles. Yep. And As an example of that story I picked up today, Biden picked Susie Levein or Levine, Levine, probably to lead his administration’s response to the economic damage caused by government shutdowns amid the covid 19 pandemic. But this is the same Suzi Levine, who lost $600 million of Washington State’s COVID $8 to Nigerian fraudsters. You know, the Nigerian fraudsters, you know, they send you an email. Oh, I am the nephew of the king, you know, and I have $100 million locked up in the bank and if you would only send me $1,000 that I could get the money out and I’ll split it with you, you know, the Nigerian email scammers, right? You’d have to be a moron to fall for the Nigerian email scammer. Everybody knows about that. Well, Susie Levine lost $600 million of taxpayer money in one state Washington State. She handed out that money to Nigerian fraudsters. Last year, here’s the article Levine’s department in Washington State lost hundreds of millions of dollars to a long known Nigerian scammer group called scattered Canary. According to the US Secret Service, Washington was the primary state targeted by the quote, well organized Nigerian fraud ring exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to commit large scale fraud against state unemployment insurance programs. Now, it should have been a clue that the address they were using for sending the COVID stimulus checks was in Nigeria. Can you imagine? And this woman wants to run the country. Now. You see. These people are imbeciles. They really are. They’re bozos. They’re Deep State buffoons. And they’re going to just waste and waste and lose everything. I mean, this is going to be comic genius. Unbelievable. Now, from a couple of comments I’ve mentioned here. I have implied that Joe Biden is the fake president possibly operating on a movie set? Ooh, that sounds like a conspiracy theory. But a fun one, nonetheless. Well, there’s an article that was published by citizen first news.com. That a few days ago actually kind of summarize the situation. I just want to go through this. Now we’ve covered most of these facts, but they put it all in one place.

Interesting facts that lead to the conclusion that it seems Joe Biden is not actually the president. Here are some of the facts Trump signed the executive order in 2018. To protect against foreign interference. Then the DNI john Ratcliffe delivered his report to the D od as well as Homeland Security that contained proof of that foreign interference. And then, according to this, President Trump invoke the insurrection Act, which is exactly what I was told as well, although it was invoked without making the invocation public, and this insurrection act, in fact, handed over authority to the military to jump in and seize control of the country and hold new elections. And then the troops that came to Washington DC were ordered there by Christopher Miller, not by Congress or the Senate, or anyone. For the protection of Biden, they were ordered there by Chris Miller, who was working for Trump. Joe Biden was denied by the Pentagon the use of a government plane to bring him into DC for the January 20 inauguration. And then the Pentagon has blocked information from going to the Biden regime five different times. And to this day, reportedly, Joe Biden still does not have a security clearance. So he’s not allowed to step foot inside the Pentagon. He can’t pass a security clearance because of course, he’s been taking money from Communist China. Okay. Biden was not given a 21 gun salute by the military officers on Inauguration Day. But President Trump did receive the official salute for presidents on that day that morning. The so called Live inauguration of Biden appears to have been pre recorded, and perhaps even pre broadcast to some European nations. According to this report, Biden was sworn in at 11:48am which is not the proper time. And there are some videos that show that in certain angles of the viewing of the inauguration, some people disappear and reappear and so on is Whoa, it’s crazy. Like, it’s like it wasn’t happening in real time. Trump left the White House with milania. And then he went to Mar a Lago known as the winter White House. And the nuclear codes were on Air Force One, when Trump landed in Florida, so Air Force One went with Trump. Meanwhile, Biden had to charter a private jet to fly into DC. And then there were all the military and Guard troops that did not salute Biden’s motorcade, they turned their back to him. I know, there’s been a lot of discussion about that. But it’s true. They did not salute him. Biden and his wife were locked out of the White House on Inauguration Day. And then there’s a lot of video evidence showing that the white house lights have been out, no lights, maybe that’s just they’re just turning off the lights for the night. But there’s a lot of suspicion about why isn’t the White House lit up. And then there’s a media clip that appears to show Biden in the Oval Office signing blank executive orders, perhaps maybe that was just a trick of the light or something. But more importantly, behind that scene, in the windows, or I should say, through the windows, there were cars parked outside the Oval Office. But there’s not a parking lot there. Because actually, what’s behind there is the the the Rose Garden. So why are there cars parked behind there very strange situation. So there are other anomalies. We’ll call these anomalies that are intriguing. It’s hard to prove these one way or the other, but they are certainly intriguing anomalies.

And these anomalies would seem to indicate that Joe Biden is not actually the president, but rather a fake president, which is why he’s all he’s doing is signing executive orders that only have power, if you believe they do. He hasn’t signed any laws. And even if he did, they would be unconstitutional because the rigged election was unconstitutional. And by the way, Sidney Powell is still fighting to show all the evidence of election fraud and get the courts to rule on the merits of that evidence. She’s at defending the republic.org, by the way, could use some donations if you want to help out her efforts. And the last time I took a look, there are about 30 cases still active in the court system. Looking at the election fraud plus the Pentagon already knows there’s election fraud. They’ve got all the evidence. So the question is, when is the military going to assert its power and move against the traitors? Yes, the seditious criminals who rigged the election and carried out or tried to carry out a coup against the United States of America. And it’s my belief that day will not come until there is some major event. Sometimes we call them Black Swan events, but they could also be engineered catastrophic events, such as a financial event seems to be the most likely financial event, major crash of the stock market, which crashes the pensions which obliterates trillions of dollars in savings for many, many people. And suddenly, Joe Biden’s ratings would go into the dumpster. And then guess what people would say, give us Trump back. At least our stock market was doing okay. Then. You know, at least we had a retirement when when Trump was there, but under Biden, it’s just total devastation. Speaking of economic devastation, natural gas prices shot up 11% two days ago. Yeah, thank you, Biden for raising all of our energy prices, which will translate into food inflation, I’m sure in no time, and the Chinese firm Shan Dong Xiang Zhao expands its foothold into Texas oil rich Permian Basin, reported by PJ media. This company called Serge energy us holdings which is entirely owned by Communist China, by the way, has a purchased access to this Texas land. A very large chunk of land for $420 million to produce about 9000 barrels of oil per day. Yep. And it’s the US subsidiary of a Chinese base. Shan Shan Dong Ching, Cha Ching, Zhao Energy Corporation Limited, which is a company traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. So So yeah, China is taking Texas oil. You got that? China’s taking Texas oil. I should have said that louder. Hey, hey, Texans, China’s taking your oil. What are you going to do about that?

Good question.

Thanks to Biden, you know, this kind of thing is currently being allowed, which is why it all needs to be reversed. And if you thought China taking your oil was bad, wait until Biden tries to get his goons to take your guns. Oh, that’s not gonna go down very well in Texas. Not at all. But things could get worse. Now, let me just say, I think I’ve shared some good news today. So this is not black pilling you this is not doom and gloom, okay. Or at least I hope it isn’t. I’m not going to leave you with bad news. But Biden, I got to remind you that Hillary Clinton’s plan, if she had won a rigged election in 2016, her plan was to go to war with Russia. In order to justify that they were going to set off a nuke, a Russian nuke in a US city, a massive false flag operation using uranium and nuclear fuel that can be traced to Russian stockpiles, which that explains the entire uranium one scandal where Hillary Clinton Clinton Foundation and Robert Mueller, yes, Mueller was involved in getting samples of uranium to the Russians. And there was some skimming off that operation, there was some funding because of Obama’s big, multi billion dollar bailout to Iran that was also purchasing the Russian nuclear fuel to build Iranian nuclear weapons and so on. I don’t have time to go into all of it here. But the bottom line is, Hillary wanted us to go to war with with Russia, because of course, the democrats are controlled by Communist China. So China is telling the democrats that they control which is all of them, to put America on a war footing with Russia. So now that Biden is the pretend president for a little while. He He has us now on an aggressive war footing with Russia. So the US Navy has just deployed two destroyers to the Black Sea, triggering Russian anti ship drills. This is from the dr.com and it’s the USS Donald cook, and the USS Porter. And then the Russians will see multi role fighters and mobile coastal defense missile systems undertook a high profile drill, because the US is freaking them out by deploying destroyers. Now then, a US Admiral warns This is from the Epoch Times that nuclear war with China or Russia is now quote, a very real possibility. And here’s from that story, the United States must be ready for a nuclear war with Russia and China, while seeking methods to curb their use of strategic weapons, said the commander of the US Strategic Command, the department that manages the US integrated missile defense and other systems, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, not trying to make that all drawn out there. Admiral Charles Richard wrote that there is a real possibility for a regional crisis with China or Russia, that quote could escalate quickly to a conflict involving nuclear weapons, if they perceived a conventional loss would threaten the regime or state. Consequently, the US military must shift its principal assumption from quote, nuclear employment is not possible to nuclear employment is a very real possibility, and act to meet and deter that reality. So you’ve got that what they’re saying is, there can be regional nuclear exchanges. Yeah, which is what remember, that’s what China wants us to do America to do. with Russia. It’s what Biden is being ordered to do. So what Hillary Clinton was ordered to do. This is the danger of allowing rigged elections to take place. All right, so stripe comm also reported the US Army and nine other nations have kicked off a combined resolve exercise in Bavaria. 4700 troops from nine allied and partner nations arriving at a US army training area in Europe Monday for an exercise seeking to test the readiness of US troops to fight what what they’re calling here, quote, potential Russian aggression. Oh, potential Russian aggression. No, you mean? You mean, Western nations aggression? At Russia? Yeah. See, Russia is not going to attack Bavaria. It’s the US using that to threaten Russia because that’s what Biden is ordered to do by China. So here you go. It’s the soldiers from the first Armored Brigade Combat Team, the first Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, and the seventh Army Training Center. They told Stars and Stripes by email so that’s stripes calm. So there you go.

So See, this is why the military needs to assert its authority and remove the treasonous fake President Biden from his his fake movie set and get him out of there and hold a new election with paper ballots and voter ID. On one day, election day. You don’t get 14 more days to fabricate fake ballots. One day paper ballots, no machines voter id boom, get it done. I will accept the results. Even if it’s a democrat and I hope Tulsi Gabbard runs just just to anger the deep state. Yeah. How about that? Let’s have Tulsi Gabbert in there. I don’t even know if Trump wants to run anymore. Maybe he does. But Tulsi Gabbard and let’s say, yeah, President Trump, and then who else? Throwing Mike cernovich in there just let’s let’s have it run off between Trump and cernovich. That’d be fun. Just to see what happens. And Laura Loomer as well. It’d be great. I love it. Or if none of those work out, Josh Hawley, Senator Hawley from Missouri. Hey,


how would you like to be president? It’d be awesome. He’d be so awesome. I love that guy. He is. I mean, anybody who’s been totally attacked and smeared by the media must be doing something kick ass for this country. So Josh Hawley, he’s on my list. Yeah, I will definitely probably make a donation to his campaign. Guys. Awesome. All right. We’re not quite done yet. But we’re getting there. I’m not even gonna make it through all the notes today. Check this out. Science daily.com. COVID-19 lockdowns temporarily raised global temperatures research shows. Oh, you know I’m laughing. Here it is the lockdown then reduce societal activity related to the covid 19 pandemic affected emissions of pollutants in ways that slightly warm the planet for several months last year, according to new research led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in car and car. So wait a minute, wait a minute. They’re saying they’re saying that the lockdowns cause global warming. You got the hat? The lockdowns caused global warming. So So are you saying that Governor Newsome caused global warming? Are you saying that Governor Cuomo caused global warming? And are you also saying then that ending the lockdowns would stop that warming? That’s exactly what they’re saying. But there’s even more they’re saying that. See, when people when people run cities and drive their cars and trucks and so on, it emits a certain amount of particulate pollution into the atmosphere. These are called aerosols. And they block a little bit of the sunlight, because they reflect that light so that light doesn’t reach the ground and then heat the surface of the earth. And so what they’re saying in this article is that driving cars and trucks and polluting a little bit protects the planet from global warming. Oh, it’s so funny, somebody alert AOC. Or she still hiding under her desk or something. She’s been really screaming about something recently. Whoever alert some of her other pals there who are pushing the green New Deal. They want to end all combustion engines Remember that? Because they say combustion engines are bad going to save the planet. But it turns out according to the science, combustion engines block global warming, because they put a little bit of pollution into the atmosphere enough to block some sunlight. So then according to this science, the more we drive our cars and trucks, especially diesels, the cooler the planet will get see. So there you go, there’s your answer. Find the biggest SUV that you can find. I’m saying this sarcastically, but fine, buy a big rig, you know, like, like a big diesel engine, drive that sucker around town and have a bumper sticker on the back that says, I’m saving the planet. And then cite this study from the in car because it actually backs up what what we’re saying. Pollution is good for the planet. They say. I know it’s crazy, huh? Imagine, imagine the debate on this. Now, I’m surprised that you could even find this article through Google or Facebook. They’re probably going to block this now that I’ve mentioned it is I can’t have anybody have access to information that contradicts the global warming narrative. You know, combustion engines are bad. electric cars are good, even though they’re driven. They’re powered by coal. And coal has emissions as well. But let’s just ignore that. Let’s call electric cars good. Because again, there’s no logic or reason on the left because they hate mathematics. They hate science, they hate cause and effect everything else. And they certainly don’t understand atmospheric chemistry. So again, I’m even surprised this that this study was allowed to be published. Okay, and finally moving on to the COVID and the vaccine situation. blacklisted news.com had an article all Americans are required to wear a mask. Maybe too, unless the government wants to scan your face. You know, for facial recognition. So the CDC I said you, you have to wear a mask, everybody wear a mask? Are you wearing a mask, you got the plain wear mask mask up. And then you get to the place you’re walking through the exit ramp. And then there’s a government face recognition camera there. And then they say, Take off your mask, you have to submit to the facial recognition. And so what? Yeah, take off your mask. So you take your mask off, it scans your face.

And then you move ahead, you know, three more feet. Put your mask on, what are you some kind of super spreader. You’re like a walking time bomb of infectious it’s put your mask on? You like you just told me to take the mask off. That was for the facial recognition scan you, you cattle sheeple peasant. Put your mask on. In fact, put two on put three, we’re going to three now. Three masks. And then some some poor sucker who is wanted by the CDC or the FBI or something, pulls his mask down gets the facial scan. You know, the siren goes up. Like a TSA team shows up time for your anal swab. You know, when they take you away? What is this idiocracy again? How do we get time warped into a bad movie? What are not well is a funny movie, but the crazy movie? How did that happen? Welcome to the Biden regime folks, you’re gonna get, you’re gonna get like TSA anal swab. Now, it’s not bad enough. Remember, you have to take off your shoes, when you go through the security thing, you got to take off your belt, maybe, you know, take take all the stuff out of your pockets, which for me is a lot of stuff. I have a lot of tools and such as the flashlights and things, pocket knives to take all that out. Now they’re gonna want you to drop your pants. Welcome to the Biden regime, the alert condition is now read. Bend over for your TSA examination. It’s not going to be just a millimeter wave machine where you have to, you know, hold up your hands in the surrender position. We’re scanning you now scanning you surrender, you know, that’s the surrender training, then it’s going to be a drop trial. We have the swab team coming. Yeah, that’s what it’s going to be crazy times, folks. And with that, I’m going to leave you with one final, true story that will tell you how insane the TSA security is, you know how they like I did go through the airport a few years ago. And at the time, I was doing some private firearms instruction, I was teaching some people, you know how to properly grip pistols and such. And get everybody armed up and be competent with a firearm. And you know how you go through the TSA line. And then they take that little, that little cotton swab thing that that round or square piece and they they wipe your bags with it, swish, swish, swish. And then they stick it in a machine. While you’re waiting there, right? Stand here, sir. Put your feet in the, in the square, whatever. Put your feet in the footprint, don’t move don’t look. Are these your bags, you know? And then the machine does, I think I guess a mass spec kind of test or something. And it’s looking for explosives, you know, gunpowder and things like that. And one time, this machine and and I’m always really nice to the TSA people by the way, I don’t I don’t give them crap. I’m just like, like, yeah, you want to swap my luggage. Go for it, man. Go for it. I’ll just stand right here. And, you know, they can’t the guy came back to me. He’s like, the machine detected some residue. And he’s like, have you been around? Any kind of you know, ammunition or anything like that. Recently? Looking at you with one eyes, like, are you you know, are you a terrorist bomb? Are you wearing a terrorist vest? Are you wearing explosives right now? Are you gonna blow up? Do you have bombs in your shoes? You know, that’s the implication. So ask me. Have you been around anything that blows up or explosives or ammunition? And I just said, honestly, I just say Oh, yeah, I’ve been. I’m a firearms instructor. Because that’s what I had been doing. I’d been instructing in firearms. I’m a firearms instructor. And the guy goes,

Oh, okay. Well, you’re good to go. So it the swab doesn’t matter.

I just walked out of there. So even when they detect explosives, I guess or ammunition or gunpowder or something, which they did detect. That all you got to do is say I’m firearms instructor. Yeah, I’m, I load

rifle rounds or whatever. Okay. See? letter.

So I mean, what’s the point of the security test? If you can just answer your way out of it? I mean, what what is it? What’s the detection for? I mean, I wasn’t lying to the guy. I was a firearms instructor at that time. I was doing that. But there you go. What, what are the specs? Somebody say, You caught me or I’m wearing an explosive pair of underwear or something, and it’s going to blow up and blow the sign out of the plane. Like, they think somebody is going to do that. We got you. Good thing. We did the swab. Huh. Good thing. We have the scanning machine. Yeah. Ah, yes. But it’s only gonna get worse. I imagine pretty soon the TSA is gonna be doing, you know, the anal swabs and put them in that same machine. Think about the results, they’re gonna get run that like, Whoa, that guy. He’s got dynamite in his butt. What does he smuggling, see for his rectum? What, uh, what’s going on with these people? I mean, seriously, are they gonna train the TSA to do I don’t mean to get, you know, kind of sick or anything about this. But the reality is pretty sick. This is what’s coming next. They’re gonna scan you they’re gonna have a machine, they’re gonna say, you know, you have to present every orifice and body position, surrender, take this off, take that off. Throw a blow into this breathalyzer. Pee into this mass spec cup. We’re gonna run tests for steroids or whatever. You know, welcome to the Biden regime. There you go. It’s a giant police state. Oh, and don’t forget, you got to show your vaccination passport as well, before they even let you board the plane. So have you been vaccinated? Oh, you got to prove it. Don’t worry. They’ll scan you. And then the nanotech will flag the scanner. on whether or not you have been vaccinated, you haven’t been vaccinated? You’re going to have to get one now before you can get on the airplane. You know? So I guess you have to have to make a decision. Do you need to fly so bad that you’re willing to die for it? Or would you rather live and maybe just drive or not go? You know, that kind of thing. Okay, so that’s, that’s a wrap. Folks. That’s it for today. Crazy day. And I can only imagine tomorrow is going to be even crazier. So. So tune in catch the podcast at bright town calm, of course. Also, I’m on telegram. My username there is at real health Ranger. And you can also catch me on bright town dot social. My username there is health Ranger, I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to mostly because I’m doing this podcast every evening. And it takes a lot of research and so on. But you can catch me there. And also you can read typically each day, you can read an article summarizing this podcast, sometime around noon, or 1pm. At natural news.com. It’s usually the top article there. And it it kind of gives an intro, sometimes a summary of what this podcast is about. So thank you for your support. I thank you for everything that you’re doing. Thank you for sharing this information. Be sure to consider supporting our platform and our network. You can shop at health Ranger store.com. And thank you for your support. We’ve had a lot of really great support there. We’re investing the money in decentralization of information. We’re working hard. Our kitchen crew is working really hard to keep producing the products that people are buying in very large numbers because people want clean food, you know, and we have the range of buckets in stock. The certified organic lab tested storable emergency food is in stock right now. At least it was a few hours ago. Hopefully it still is but we’re making more. Like I said we have hundreds of pallets of food materials on the way and we’ll keep making it for you. We’ll keep doing what we do. So thank you for your support. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow until then. God Bless America, prayers and Blessings to you as well. Thank you so much. I’m Mike Adams. Talk to you tomorrow.