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Situation Update, Mar. 17th: How to survive the engineered EXTERMINATION of the human race

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Situation Update, Mar. 17th: How to survive the engineered EXTERMINATION of the human race


You know, it’s incredible what a head start all of us have those of us who are in the know that we know what’s happening in the world, you know, compared to the mainstream people. They’re just now playing catch up just now starting to realize like what the globalist want to kill us. Yeah, you know, welcome to the 21st century. We’ve been talking about that for 20 years. But Welcome to the podcast today. This is what is it Wednesday, March 17 2021. And I’ve got a lot of good information for you today. Also, some solutions. I know yesterday’s podcast was pretty intense. And I got some feedback from people who were first timers. It’s like diving in the deep end of the pool when you don’t know how to swim. Like, yeah, maybe you should go to the kiddie pool first and just waddle around in there and kind of get your feet wet before you jump into the health Ranger podcast this. This is for people who know what’s going on. This is for expert Olympian swimmers basically. So you know, don’t make this your first venture into the world of truth. Right? But anyway, we got a lot of information for you today. A couple of interesting things to share with you up front. You’re not gonna believe this one, the first one. I am I am speaking live.

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I almost never do this. I’m speaking live at an event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In April. It’s part of the thrive time event. And I’m they’re joined by Lynwood in person, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Dr. Simone gold pastor Greg Locke, Dr. Andy Wakefield, and Vander steel. Charlene Ballinger, and other people I mean, it is I didn’t name everybody, but it’s an incredible list kind of a who’s who have freedom and truth oriented individuals. And they wrangled me there to be there in person, which required all this security stuff and, and this time, I promised not to bring two hulking bodyguards that are even larger than I am no, now we’ve got smaller guys that kind of blend in plainclothes that kind of thing. But we’ve got a good security setup. And it’s really funny. I’ll tell you the story at some time here, how I’m actually getting there.

But anyways, thrive time., it’s clay Clark’s event. And apparently, they’ve rented out a giant, like a church auditorium or something. And it’s a mask free event. By the way, I won’t be wearing a mask you won’t be wearing but no one’s gonna wear a mask. At least that’s my understanding.

I don’t know if someone’s gonna show up with one and just see what happens. I don’t know. But I’m speaking live there. I think there are maybe 4000 tickets available in person. And that’s it. And probably most of those are already sold. So if you’re within driving distance of Tulsa, kind of mid April timeframe, I think it’s like April, what is it 17th 18th 19th something around there, then check that out. And we could visit in person. pretty rare appearance. So so check that out. I’m not being paid for, for the parents or anything. I’m just showing up to speak and meet some other good people and do a bunch of interviews with people. And maybe I’ll meet you too, if you go to the event. So just want to let you know, that’s coming up. Very cool. And then I did an interview yesterday with Eric talman, who’s the vice president of the satellite phone store, remember, that’s our new sponsor, at sat 123 calm. And I did an hour Actually, it was over an hour. I think I was taking too much of his time. I did an hour interview plus about asking all these questions about, you know how the satellite phones work and what, how many degrees above the equator, you have to point this thing and I was kind of geeking out on him. I’m not sure that he was expecting all that. But, you know, I have a lot of questions about things. So if you want to know the ins and outs of how satellite phones actually work, and how you can get bandwidth from satellite and so on, check out that interview. It is a sponsored interview. I state that right up front. And you can find that on on my channel, the health Ranger report channel on Brighton, calm. Now we’re going to talk about extermination today. But But this is not a horror show. podcast, a lot of solutions are coming in today. And more importantly, I’m noticing that the world is kind of being polarized into two groups, that is people who want to take the vaccine and are convinced that it’s awesome. And then other people who are like heck no, I’m not going to take the vaccine that thing’s dangerous and might kill me. And this is a really interesting polarization that’s happening is splitting families and friends and church groups. And you know, business co workers and the Internet of course, but you’re not allowed to exist on the internet. If you’re in the US.

vaccine skeptics group, correct? Only if you’re pro vaccine, are you allowed to be on the internet. So even when vaccines like this AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe is killing people, obviously. And now 24 countries have suspended that vaccine. And Italy is about to launch a criminal investigation, they’ve seized about 400,000 vaccines, because it just keep killing people, and Italy’s like, Hey, we don’t have to just let our people keep dying. But if you talk about this, you get banned. So of course, there’s no mechanism for any honest criticism of vaccines, because any honest criticism is immediately labeled anti Vax information. And then you’re immediately called Oh, discredited. So you probably noticed this, too, if you’re talking to somebody else, maybe someone who’s not familiar with all this information, and you’re sharing videos, like here’s a Sherry tenpenny video, you know, check out this video, or here’s a Dell big tree video, or here’s a bobby kennedy video, or even here’s a Mike Adams podcast, check this out. Although you should do that only with great caution.

The person’s often going to come back to you and say, Well, I looked online and Sherry tenpenny is totally discredited. And Bobby Kennedy’s totally discredited. And Dr. Simone gold is totally discredited, and so on and so forth. And you’re like, Well, what do you mean discredited? Who discredited them? And eventually, the answer comes? Well, they’re discredited by these authoritative sources.

Like, well, what, what authoritative sources are you talking about? And if you really start digging in these people, they start telling, well, I’ve got the best authoritative sources imaginable. The authoritative sources, I’ve been researching our Google News and Yahoo News and Apple news, and Reuters news. And I’ve even got the most my most favorite authoritative source is the Associated Press. And you’re like, those are all fake lying. propagandists outlets did. Did you not know that?

Well, don’t worry. Also check the Washington Post. And like, okay, they just fabricate quotes, they make up fake sources, they just got caught doing that with the Trump story. Remember that where they were saying, oh, he was he was pressuring the Secretary of State of Georgia to quote, find the fraud. And they just made it up. And that has come out. You know, in the last couple of days, they just made it all up. Washington Post is completely discredited. New York Times totally discredited. totally fake news, MSNBC, CNN, USA Today. I mean, it just goes on and on. LA Times, whatever. Chicago Tribune, on and on and on completely fake news. But then people, some people believe those are authoritative forces. That’s kind of hard to say, Sorry, authoritative sources, especially the Associated Press.

And but of course, you’re not even supposed to make fun of people who are, let’s face it. kind of stupid. I mean, if you think that the that Yahoo News is giving you the accurate news, or Apple news, or Google News, then you’re kind of stupid, really. But these people believe they’re smart, because they’re in the circle of the self congratulatory group of like brainwashed bubblegum, and they think they’re smart, because everybody that they see in their circle is saying the same thing. Vaccines are really good. Vaccines are really good science. They’re all proven. They’re all safe. They’re all tested. The experiments have been long term, why? large scale clinical trials are the gold standard of medicine, on and on and on. And, in fact, if you actually present them with facts, you’re like,

Hey, you moron. Listen, you know, the FDA approved those under emergency authorization, correct. That’s when they, you know, skip the long term trials and skip the animal trials and skip the large scale trials. And they just say basically, good luck with that one. Here. Everybody, just try it if you want, but we don’t hold us responsible. It’s emergency use only good luck. We’ll see in a year. That’s basically what the FDA is saying. But these people who are convinced that the vaccine is going to be good for them. They don’t know any of that information. They literally don’t know but they consider themselves to be amazingly well informed researchers. I checked with my pharmacist, alright checked with my doctor. Your doctor is reading Google News, Apple news, Yahoo News, the Associated Press, you know, it’s the same thing. And the land FET and the New England Journal of Medicine, which are just totally fake news, fake science rags, they got caught faking the news, faking the studies?

About hydroxychloroquine right, they faked it. They published fake studies with made up data, like the company that sold the data to the researchers that wrote the study that was published in The Lancet. That research comes

But it was run by an adult entertainment actress and a fiction writer.

And they just made it all up. They had like a database and it was like plugging in. Yes, no, yes. No, just going down the spreadsheet. Just putting in fake patient data. That’s how they did it. And so look, anybody who, who has any faith at all, in science journals, medical journals, CDC, who, United Nations, the Biden regime,

pharmaceutical companies, media, Reuters, Associated Press, if you have any faith in any of those institutions at all, you know, I’m not even gonna apologize. I’m not gonna say it. I you’re a moron. I mean, let’s just be honest, you gotta be an idiot to believe anything that any of those organizations are ever saying. Occasionally, they might stumble across the truth when it’s politically convenient for them, or they, they mess up their narrative and accidentally forget to lie. But most of the time, they’re lying on purpose, lying about Trump lying about the economy, lying about the origins of the virus, you know, protecting Communist China, trying to tell you know, it was an accident, it happened when a bunch of monkeys they got raped by bats or something in a food Bonanza in the streets of Wuhan. And then out of that came the virus No, no, they built it was a bio weapon people. It was a Fauci funded NIH, Obama approved bio weapon, they built it.

And then they released it.

They released it on purpose, so that they could justify the vaccine. And who simulated this whole thing? Who funded the simulations of what would happen? You know, the lockdowns, the mass death, the vaccines, everything who funded all that? Oh, Bill Gates. Yes, Bill Gates, a non doctor. So when your friends tell you what, you’re not a doctor? Well, neither is Bill Gates, man, and why are you doing what he wants you to do? He’s not a doctor.

So I say there’s no person more dangerous in society than someone who believes in false authority, and also thinks that you must follow their false authority. So not only do they say, I’ve done the research, and I have decided that vaccines are totally safe. And but then then they say, well, you have to take a vaccine too, because I’ve decided they’re safe. And if you don’t take a vaccine, then you’re a danger to me. And if your fault if I get infected like that, that’s their logic. In reality, it’s the vaccinated who are the danger to society because it’s the vaccinated as we saw, from yesterday’s podcasts from the work of Dr. Bosch. It’s the vaccinated who are generating the mutant super strains. And they’re the ones shedding the super strains, and it’s the vaccinated that need to be avoided. It’s the vaccinated who were the dumbest people possible, the most gullible, the least intelligent. They believe in the CDC. They actually cite the CDC. Well, I read the CDC said that, that masks work and social distancing is very important. And the vaccine is totally safe and effective. The CDC is a criminal front, you idiots. It’s a criminal organization. It’s a front group for the vaccine cartels Don’t you know, but then again, these people they tend to be Biden’s supporters, though they write they tend to be Democrats. They don’t even think there’s child trafficking in the world at all. They you say, what about the child trafficking? What about the Hollywood pedophiles? Like, what are you talking about that doesn’t even exist? That’s how dumb they are just totally oblivious to reality. They probably think the Federal Reserve is part of the federal government. You know, they probably think they’re only two buildings that fell on 911. Yeah, I think they probably think that Timothy McVeigh blew up the Building in Oklahoma City. I mean, they are the dumbest possible people, but they’re just gullible. So yes, they’re signing up for the vaccine, because it’s consistent with their worldview, which is that they have absolute faith in false authority, absolute faith, whatever the government tells them, they think it’s real.

When the government wants to take away their guns, they’re like, okay, I’ll give up my guns. It’s the right thing to do. I’m a good citizen. I’m an obedient follower. You know, when the Washington Post tells them that Trump is a horrible person, that orange man bad. I mean,

you know, you know why they love vaccines, actually, especially mRNA vaccines that program your cells, because these people are themselves programmable life forms. instructions have been downloaded into their consciousness by the media, and big tech and they’ve been programmed, they’ve been brainwashed. They’re not even fully expressed human beings anymore. They don’t have consciousness or freewill. They’re totally programmed and subsumed by these systems of control. And you are not them obviously, which is why you’re listening to this

You are not them. And when people like you and I look at those people were like, how could they be so stupid? How could they be so stupid? By the way, they tend to not be preppers. Right? They’re almost never preppers These are the people who have like two days of food in their in their cabinets, or their refrigerator. And you might ask him as I Hey, have you ever thought you might want to have backup supplies? And like, oh, get out your tinfoil hat, buddy. Yeah, we don’t need backup supplies. And everything’s gonna be fine. And you know, until there’s a blackout or an EMP or a storm or whatever. And then then these are the people that are begging you for help. Like, I heard you had some extra food. Can I have some? Some little bits of corn, or whatever? You throw them some cornbread mix Here, eat corn bread. It’s gritty. You’ll love it.

It’s fully GMO, go for it. But no, these are the people. They refuse to prep. And they never buy gold and silver because they they believe whatever the media tells them. A media is like gold and silver. That’s not real money. Real Money is green paper with digits printed on it. That’s real money. And these typical, you know, pro vaccine pro Biden leftist, they’re like, yeah, paper is money. Gold has no value. paper is what has value. We need more paper, green paper. They’re just morons. There’s no other way to say it. They’re just the dumbest, most gullible people possible. Right. And you know, people like this.

But again, they think that they are incredibly well informed. Now, I promise you some solutions. And by the way, we got a lot more to cover here today. But I promise you some solutions. One of the solutions is when they say that it’s your fault, that the virus continues to spread. They say it’s your fault. All right. Here’s a little story, or allegory that you can share with them. That might make a lot of sense. You just say Hey, Hey, have you ever heard about antibiotics in the hospitals, resulting in superbugs? Now, if if there anybody who’s got any degree of intelligence whatsoever, they’ve heard about superbugs, they’ve heard about mersa or C. diff, or what? I don’t know what the other superbug names but you know, antibiotic resistant superbugs, killing people in the hospitals all over the country. Actually, 10s of 1000s of Americans die every year from superbug infections. And you may not know some of it happens from colonoscopies, right, they shove that probe in your rectum and they’re, they’re actually implanting deadly superbugs right there in your rear and they kill people like that. By the way, that’s why I’ve often considered putting a tattoo right there over that spot, just says exit only.

No, no entrada, no entrance, no malesko exit only that. That way, if I’m unconscious of something, and I’m like an emergency room, they want to probe it just gonna have a sign now. Now, this is a one way street there, buddy. Get your probe out of there, because I don’t want you to put your dirty hospital instruments into my orifices, because that’s how they kill people. Hospitals kill people all the time.

They kill people with superbugs.

doctors and other staffers is on they fail to wash their hands. And they fail to wash their instruments all the time happens all the time. Now, most again, informed or intelligent people have heard of this before. So you might be able to explain to them and this is without even bringing up vaccines. At first, you might be able to explain, Hey, did you know that the superbugs in the hospitals were caused by the over prescription of antibiotics? Now, if they have any IQ at all, they’re there. They probably heard about that somewhere like Yeah, I did hear about that. So you explain Well, think about how that works. Okay, so antibiotics kill some bacterial colonies in the body. But then the ones they don’t kill which are resistant to that antibiotic. They multiply, don’t they? Yeah, cuz they they’ve got more room to grow. Now they’ve got more food to grow with, you know, maybe if they’re in your gut, their competition is wiped out with antibiotic now they’re like, hey, this, this territory is ours. We’re going to claim this large intestine or whatever. And so they multiply. And so then the hospital the doctor will say, oh, gosh, we have we have another bacterial colony here, you got an infection, we’re going to hit it with another more powerful antibiotic. And that’s what they do they they slam it with amoxicillin or something else. I don’t I don’t know what the spectrum is of which ones are more powerful, but they slam it with like the next highest antibiotic and then that kills most of the bugs.

But then some of them are resistant, right? And they become superbugs. And then they multiply and colonize. And now you got like a second generation, double resistance superbug in your large intestine or your colon or wherever it is. Now you got double trouble. And then because doctors and medical staff, they’re interacting with multiple patients, and many of them, like I said, fail to wash their hands and fail to wash their ties. And you know, other other things that are using pens, pencils, cell phones, clipboards. These are all spreading superbugs in hospitals, by the way, in case you didn’t know. And this was spreading the superbugs from patient to patient. So it was the antibiotics and then they go, like the third generation and the fourth generation, pretty soon they have superbugs that they can’t even treat. And then they say, well, you’re just gonna die.

Because they won’t use, you know, Colloidal Silver, they won’t use herbs, they won’t use things that actually work, like Chinese medicine, you know, they won’t use garlic, or ginger or broadspectrum natural substances, so they just say add to bad, you’re gonna die. We messed up, and then people die. This happens again every day in every hospital across America. So your uninformed, oblivious friend might have heard of this before? Because maybe they’ve even lost a family member due to superbugs. So when you explain that is exactly like what’s happening with vaccines now. Except with vaccines, we’re dealing with viruses, not bacteria. And what happens is when they give the vaccines to people, when those vaccines work, because your friend thinks vaccines work, right, so you say, yeah, sure, they do work, and they kill the kill that one virus that they’re designed for. But then when they kill that virus, the other viruses that are resistant to that vaccine, they grow and divide and take over the body. And now you have a vaccine resistant, viral strain in that body got it, just like the the antibiotic resistant superbugs make sense, right? And your friend might be ha, yeah, that does kind of make some sense. And then, and then you explain, well, then they’re going to, they’re going to have another vaccine for the variant, that spreading like wildfire, and they’re going to hit the variant with that next vaccine, in you know, another year or whatever. And then that is going to kill some of the viruses, but not the mutant strains that are resistant to that vaccine, you see, so now you’re getting a second and then a third generation mutant super strain virus that’s now immune to to vaccines. And then this virus because of the adaptive pressures. In this way, the virus that succeeds in escaping the patient’s body is the virus that is more infectious, and in many cases can be more fatal as well kind of depends on which sort of viral evolutionary path that it chooses. But because of the pressures of the vaccines, it encourages what Dr. Bosch called immune escape, which means essentially, I’m simplifying it but it’s it’s escaping the the super strains are escaping the patient. And then the super strains are spreading out in the wild now with a far more dangerous virus than existed in the first place. And what caused it to be more dangerous, the vaccines, just like the antibiotics caused the bacteria to be more dangerous. That’s why superbugs are killing people in hospitals. Now, we’re going to have super strains of the virus killing people globally. And the doctors won’t have any way to treat it because they’re chasing it with vaccines that are always a year later. There’s no way to catch up and every time they introduce another vaccine, all they do is provide viral evolutionary pressure to push that virus into a more infectious more dangerous category. They are driving the adaptation of the virus to be the most dangerous bio weapon possible. Which is why Dr. Bosch says this is creating an uncontrollable monster. Now, unless your friend is a total idiot. Maybe they are, but who knows.

They did vote for Biden, but whatever.

Unless they’re a total idiot, they might be able to grasp this concept, you know, because we’re talking about cause and effect, and some people get that not everybody. And granted, if they’ve already had the vaccine, there is a phenomenon known today as vaccine induced brain fog.

And it makes people stupid after the vaccine. No, they lose their minds. I’m serious. They they lose the ability to function cognitively. Because the vaccine causes neurological damage. It’s kind of like a little mini laparotomy or a mini autism episode hitting them suddenly they’re on the spectrum and they can’t, it’s not working right. It’s not the brain doesn’t function the way it used to. This is happening all across America. You might know somebody like this

They get the vaccine one day and the next day, they can’t do their job. Seriously, this is happening everywhere. And that’s if they’re not dead, by the way, but the vaccine is causing people to not be able to think clearly makes you wonder, Was this an intentional side effect of the vaccine, because who’s the most likely to line up to get vaccinated a second time? Well, obviously, somebody who has been brain damage from the first time, you got to brain damage a little bit to convince them to come back for more, because a rational person after the first vaccine would be like, Hey, I felt sick for three days, you know, that was a horrible experience. Yeah, my face swelled up like an elephant, or whatever happened to them, you know, this is I had a horrible migraine, you know, this is happening all the time, I had seizures at the hospital.

This is nurses are experiencing this. So a rational person will be like, That’s enough, I’ve had enough, I don’t want any more of that whatever that was, doesn’t belong in my body.

But by causing a little lithotomy, the vaccine is able to create repeat business. Because only brain damage people will come back for more vaccines. So Wow, it’s, it’s a product that creates its own demand. By diminishing the intelligence of its own customers, what an amazing business model, only Big Pharma could come up with something that twisted and evil, right, but they did. So to continue the story then,

after you’ve explained this to your cognitively retarded friend, then what you end up with is the conclusion is you buddy, you are the danger to society, you are the super strange shettar stop shitting on me, yes, you can just say it just like that, stop shedding on my couch. My dog can do that, but not you with your super strange viruses. My dog licks his balls, and he’s safer than you on my couch, get off my couch, hey, hey Fido, come over here.

Rub your crotch on the couch, you get to clean off the idiot friend here who left is super strange viruses, we’re gonna we’re gonna kill those viruses off with your, your dog’s saliva here, lick that couch to clean it off. Thank you very much, your friend is dangerous. And you might be able to explain this to them. Or they might have enough brain cells still functioning to where they could possibly comprehend this.

And at that point, they’ll usually pull some kind of thing like, well, if that were true, my doctor would have known and he would have told me

it’s a simple answer to that. There are doctors all over the planet that are warning about this. And they’re all being censored. Because the vaccine industry controls big tech and big media. So you can ask them, Hey, do you? Do you think that you have the right to learn information that the CDC may not want you to see? Or are you going to let the authorities determine what you’re allowed to know, you think your knowledge should be limited? And the boundaries set by the company that’s giving you the vaccine? That’s obviously already caused some harm and your frontal lobe? But that or do you think that you should have access to information? And if the answer is well, they’re just protecting us from knowledge? You know, Okay, goodbye, x friend.

You know, you’ve done your part you’ve tried, but you can’t help people who are just suicidal. And by the way, if you thought, I should say, if your friend thinks that their doctor

is anything other than a brainwashed pharma puppet,

then then they’re not too bright anyway, because when the land set said that hydroxychloroquine was really, really dangerous and cause heart scarring. Most doctors in America said, well, gosh, must be true. I read it in the land set.

And then when the Lancet retracted that, did those doctors retract their belief? Nope. They continue to believe the lie. And I’ve noticed this about mainstream doctors, not alternative doctors, you know, there are a lot of alternative medicine, doctors nature pass, and so on who are very well informed. I’m not talking about them, talking about just like the mainstream pharma puppet doctors. They are robots. They believe anything that they see in a journal, even when that journal is funded by pharmaceutical ads. I mean, seriously, how stupid Do you have to be to think that that’s unbiased, legitimate information in that journal, when the whole thing is funded by the drug companies? who are impacted financially by the outcomes and the conclusions of the studies that are published in the same damn journal? Come on people. I mean, doctors are supposed to be smart. Some of the dumbest people on the planet when it comes to just actual street smarts, you know,

just just gullible, as all get out. It’s just, they would never make it traveling in South America. I guarantee you. Yeah. You know, I lived in South America, and a lot of good people there but there’s also a lot of thieves at the airport and such, you know, people say

Can I help you carry your luggage?

And if you say yes, they just carry it off to their car and they’re gone. You know, the average American doctor would just lose all their luggage and like what happened? They said they would carry my luggage. Are you dumb as gringo? You? You don’t Dan, your bags of strangers in Quito, Woody, come on, and you don’t believe the land set? And you don’t believe the CDC? I mean, people have some common sense here. I mean, I know I’m not the only one who’s traveled the world and has figured this stuff out. There should be a lot more wisdom in the medical system. But mostly, there’s just a lot of gullibility and obedience training, you know, I mean, doctors, for the most part, mainstream doctors are just glorified pharmaceutical vending machines. And before long, they’re going to be replaced by robots, by the way, because a robot can look at symptoms and have an internal database that says, Oh, you need an antidepressant, you need a blood pressure drug, you need a stat and drug that doesn’t take eight years of training and residency. There’s AI robots that are going to roll that, roll that task out in the next decade, doctors are going to be obsolete. If that’s all they’re doing. I don’t know about you, but there’s a term like the smartest, dumbest people. You know what I mean? Like they’re really academically smart, but totally dumb when it comes to navigating the real world. So the smartest dumbest people I’ve ever met are doctors. They’re, they’re really good at at prescribing drugs, and they’re really bad at living in the real world. They they’ve got no sense. And that’s a necessary function to be an obedient Big Pharma puppet. And so of course, people, people start citing their doctors, they’re just showing their own ignorance. Your doctor doesn’t know anything about these vaccines. I guarantee you the average us doctor doesn’t even know what’s in a vaccine. guarantee you, you go to your doctor, if if he or she is a mainstream doctor, you say, hey, do vaccines have aborted human fetal cells in them? Most of us say No way. That’s a myth. It’s listed right on the ingredient.

MRC five wi 38. That’s right there. Those are cloned aborted human cell lines. They’ve been vaccines for decades. doctors don’t even know that. You say well do vaccines or any vaccines that have African green monkey kidney cells? Your doctor be like No way. That’s crazy. You must read that on maybe Natural News or something. I don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s right on the Insert sheet African green monkey kidney cells.

It’s in some of the vaccines. I think that’s an A smallpox vaccine. I’d have to go back and check which one that’s in or it’s actually more than one. But it’s right in there. You asked a typical doctor say hey, um, do chicken pox vaccines result in viral shedding, where people who are vaccinated against chickenpox might be able to infect others with chickenpox. Your doctor is gonna say No way. That’s a myth. That’s nonsense. The vaccine protects you from chickenpox. Why would it give you chickenpox? Oh, it’s it’s right on the Insert sheet. It says that when you have the chickenpox vaccine, you might infect other people for several days, and you should not be around elderly because you’re shedding chickenpox vaccine fragments, viral fragments. It says it right on the sheet. doctors don’t even know that. The most ignorant people on the planet. And yet they think they’re always right that there’s no doctor that ever thinks they’re wrong. When they’re so wrong all the time. That’s that’s what makes them really dangerous that they believe in false authority. They believe in the medical board. They believe in the CDC, they believe in the medical journals, but they’re the most ignorant people possible.

So the bottom line here is if you’re debating with somebody, a friend or a family member, or a co worker on this whole vaccine issue, number one, first realize you’re dealing with a cognitively retarded person. I’m not gonna sugarcoat this No, no, I don’t care. Oh, is that Oh, is that offensive to cognitively retarded people? Oh, it’s too bad. That’s, you’re dealing with that. You’re dealing with somebody who’s not all there.

It’s kind of like

I don’t know, explaining.

like Santa Claus to a four year old You know, he was like, okay, you know, we got the chimney and the the cookies and milk and the whole The, the reindeer the flying or whatever. Because they believe that because that’s the way their mind works, you know? So you’re dealing with somebody who believes in vaccines, like believing in the tooth fairy, or believing in Santa Claus, they have this totally irrational, weird, mythological system of junk science rattling around in their head is like Santa Claus comes down the chimney and vaccines are great. Fauci is awesome to ferry just pay me five bucks. You know, this is the way they think. You’re not dealing with a rational adult mind period.

It’s just the

doesn’t exist. Alright, so now I asked you this question just just to kind of segue slightly here.

Right now, of course, the vaccine industry and the so called authorities are trying to push these vaccines on everyone. And which company is this? I think it’s Yeah, Madonna. They’re running experiments now on six month old infants. Six months?

Yeah, here it is. The Epoch Times cover this. Madonna has begun dosing patients in a mid to late stage study of its CCP virus vaccine. In children aged six months to less than 12 years. There, it’s going to enroll 6750 children in the United States and Canada. Okay. This is child abuse and murder. All right. It’s medical murder, medical violence, medical rape of children. That’s what it is. They don’t care.

They need a new demographic to sell the vaccine to

our children dying of this COVID No, children are not dying of this SARS COVID to young people are not dying, the survival rate is like 99.99% or something like that. It’s very, very high for people, especially under the age of what 30

they don’t need this vaccine.

So why are they giving it to them? They need to make more money. They need to have another group to dose but what are they doing? They’re turning children’s bodies into super strain factories. And then if they do this long enough, they will eventually come up with a strain that does kill young people. And the more young people die, the more they’ll be able to justify Oh, we need more vaccines. Look, people are dying. We got to have more vaccines for more groups. We got to have a new update a booster shot, super strange shot, you know, mandatory everything. You gotta have a vaccine passport. It’s a business model. They are killing children to make sure they can kill more young people to push more vaccines. This this in my opinion, that’s what they’re doing. That’s my conclusion. But I asked you this question. What if, what if everybody in the world were told that you have to take antibiotics? Because there are superbugs? Right, so what if the media started a massive campaigns? Oh my gosh, mersa is going crazy. There. There’s mersa in Tulsa, there’s mersa in Miami, there’s mersa in Detroit, and and it’s so horrible. Everybody’s dying just like they did you know, it was COVID

everybody’s dying and merces everywhere. And we’re gonna have to have forced everybody to take antibiotics. And you’re gonna have an antibiotics passport. You can only fly if you’ve taken these antibiotics. You can only go to work if you’ve taken these and so on. What would happen? You would have a nation wide superbug factory. Because everybody, every literal body would be generating superbugs. Because, again, you know, the antibiotics would be killing off the weaker susceptible bacterial colonies, and they would be breeding antibiotic resistant superbugs in people’s bodies, and those would end up being shared, you know, through sludge, bio sludge,

which is put on food crops by the way. I don’t know if you knew that. I think most of my listeners have heard that by now. But, you know, you take all the feces, all the raw sewage from every city in America. Where does it go? It doesn’t go into a black hole somewhere. It gets dumped on the farms. Yeah, I don’t know if you knew that. It’s dumped the cities dump it on the farms. They contact the farmers and say, Hey, you want some free fertilizer? And the farmers like yeah, we’ll take free fertilizer and then they just dump the sewage. I mean, they dry it a little bit.

But they just dump sewage all over the farm. So you wonder how how do superbugs spread? How does E. coli get in your peanut butter?

E. coli comes from? No feces by the way. How does he call I get on your lettuce and salad greens in the grocery store. Hmm, I wonder? Because they’re dumping maybe sewage all over the farms. Yeah. Okay. That’s that’s a whole different topic. I did a whole movie on that is called bio sludged. In fact, you can watch it for free bio Yeah, just download the movie for free if you want to watch that. There’s a thrilling Friday evening. Free movies. What is this?

horrifying, but if everybody were forced to take antibiotics, wouldn’t we be breeding superbugs like crazy? And wouldn’t that become almost like a superbug Holocaust? Remember, I forgot. He was the editor of what’s it the New England Journal of Medicine. I forgot which publication which so called science journal. And the editor said we reached the end of the note she said we reached a post antibiotic era. That’s what the phrase was a post antibiotic era, meaning the medical system has run out of antibiotics. There are not

superbugs that are so dangerous in hospitals in America and in Europe and so on, that there is no drug that can treat them. How did that happen? Again, because of the antibiotics? Well, if they forced everybody to take antibiotics, they would be breeding superbugs at an even more rapid pace. And yet, this is exactly what they’re doing with vaccines. So you wonder what’s going to happen in the next year. Folks, this is not some theory.

This is not a theory. You’re gonna have super viruses, super deadly viruses, super strains. You know, there’s been some criticism in the last day or two of this Dr. Bosch

you know, the pro vaccine guy that’s been sounding the alarm on what happens with this. The you know, the overall aggregate phenomenon of breeding super strains, right. And, and the criticism was, well, that’s just theory. It’s not theory. We have we already have superbugs in the hospitals. We’ve seen this before. It’s not theory.

It’s, it’s cause and effect.

We don’t we have enough people dying from superbugs already why you want to kill people with super viruses next? Yeah, they do. So that’s where all this is going. Now.

Let me let me

zoom out here for a second and tell you something even bigger on this now. This is especially useful for for the newer listeners. If there are any remaining at this point.

They probably they probably got freaked out like 12 minutes ago, like I can’t hear another word. I got to go back to my Pop Tarts and CNN and get more vaccines just turn it off, turn it off. Now what the blue pill but the bigger picture on this is that you notice how globalists are saying that that there’s a war on carbon.

Okay, there’s a war on carbon. And they’re always talking about climate change and they want to dim the sun and block photosynthesis and turn off the food crops and everything right?

Well, if you didn’t know all that, you know, you gotta you got to read up on this stuff because I publish a website climate dot news. It’s all there if you want to see a climate news. But this war on carbon, it doesn’t take much to peel away the layer on this and get to the truth. You are carbon. I mean your body is I am carbon. We are carbon based life forms. So everywhere you go across Planet Earth, everything that you see critters rolling around little Roly polies which, by the way are land based crustaceans. Did you know that they’re like land shrimp? I don’t know if you knew that. But Roly Poly is our land crustaceans.

I know weird little factoids, pop it in here. But Rolly pollies are made of carbon. Yep, trees are made of carbon. Right? insects, animals, deer. Let’s see everything your dog, your dog that licks his balls he’s made of carbon to and, and your friend who who’s afraid of your dog. Even though your friend is carrying super strange viruses, your friend is made of carbon. So we’re all made of carbon. Now, when the globalists say there’s a war on carbon.

They mean it. They’re not saying carbon dioxide notice, oh, no, no, no, they’re saying carbon. Carbon is an element folks. It’s on the table of elements. If you don’t believe me just go to web elements calm and you’ll see it there. It is a big sea. Carbon.

It’s one of the most basic elements. You know, it’s it’s right in there with the the, you know, the stuff that was there at the beginning of the universe of hydrogen and helium and nitrogen is on you got carbon and there’s oxygen and so on. This is these are the building blocks of the molecules that you’re made of. You’re a big portion of your physical body mass is carbon is something 20 something percent, I think,

I guess that’s dry weight without without the water, but you’re mostly carbon.

I mean, more than any more carbon than any other single element, I should say. Okay, so now, what does that mean when they say there’s a war on carbon? It means there’s a war on humankind. There’s a war on human life. And

if you’re wondering, why would the globalists have a war on human life, when they themselves are humans, and don’t they want to make money off people? I mean, this is the argument you hear a lot of times from the the skeptics, you know, the conspiracy skeptics. The people who like to get vaccinated are like, Oh, come on, Bill Gates wouldn’t want to kill off a bunch of people. Bill Gates needs people to buy windows. Trust me, Bill Gates doesn’t need anybody to buy windows. Bill Gates is part of this globalist class that believe in transhumanism. transhumanism means that they believe they can transition their consciousness out of their carbon based bodies and into silicon computing systems, maybe AI systems.

Maybe quantum computers, different things like that. But they believe that the human race has served its purpose, and is no longer necessary on planet Earth. In fact, they view the human race as a threat to planet earth. And this is why their current goal is a goal of extermination. It’s not a goal of just making money off of people’s vaccine injuries, although that’s kind of an intermediary goal for the lower level people who may not know the big full plan. But at the highest levels, the people who really know what’s going on their goal is mass extermination, not a single human being left. That’s what they want. And if you’re wondering, well, how are they going to survive? And they think they’re going to teleport themselves into a machine? They do they believe this.

And for all we know, they may have some weird alien quantum technology that maybe maybe gets close to doing that, who knows, but they believe that

they don’t want to be humans, either. You see, what you got to understand transhumanism, you know, learn about this, this is a very important element to understand in the globalist anti human extermination agenda. Now, they also believe, and by the way, they believe that,

oh, gosh, where do I even how do I even get into this, they believe that once they get into the machine, that their perception of time will be altered, whereas human beings perceive time and a certain kind of frame rate, you might call it a certain flow of time, they believe that once they get into the into a machine, then their possession of time will be determined by the processor frequency of the CPUs in that machine. And if the frequency is fast enough, they will be able to experience like 1000 years, in real time, what might be only one minute. So they think they will be able to live forever, that they will achieve immortality of sorts, by transition, transitioning themselves into these machines, the Ghost in the Machine, they think they can somehow you know, upload their consciousness and upload all their memories and everything, and then live in the machine. And then experience. I don’t know what world domination is, like, imagine Jeff Bezos in the machine, in your machine, like sneaking around your house through all your Amazon Echo devices and everything. But he’s actually in there, like his, his consciousness is actually in there.

This is what these trends transhumanists believe. And they think they will become gods. And this is a really critical concept to understand. I’m not joking about this. I know I, I try to have fun with this. And I do mock stupidity all the time. You know, human beings are it’s like a clown show every day. But I’m serious about this, these people believe they will become gods. And then once they’re in the machines, that they can then express their will to dominate everything through robots that they control. So right now you and I can manipulate the world with our with our hands, you know, and our feet, we can walk around, you can grab a hammer, you can drive a car with your arms or whatever, you can do that kind of stuff. But these these globalists, they want their arms to be like an army of robots, you know, like their consciousness will be replicated holographically and spread out through a million Terminator machines, and then they will be able to dominate the world and they will hunt down and kill every last carbon based human because the carbon based humans they think are ruining the earth. And then they can mine the planet for all the last remaining silicon and gallium and arsenic and everything they need all the elements to make robot spaceships and then they can replicate their consciousness into a robot spaceship, and they can attach a faster than light drive, and they can shoot themselves out to another planet. And then they can colonize that planet with their replicated transhumanist spirit. And then they can have like Jeff Bezos planet or like the Elan musk star system, you know what I mean? This is the way they think.

I’m not joking. So to them a human body is just a temporary vessel and they really kind of hate it. And I’m not saying that Ilan Musk is in this counter. I was just using his name because he likes space. I don’t know what Ilan musk believes about all this. He’s not as he’s not as evil as the rest of these, but I actually he might be a good guy. I don’t know. But my point is, I mean, Ilan Musk, I shouldn’t have even mentioned his name. He’s not like a depopulation and globalist guy. He in many ways, he’s pretty cool. Alright, we’ll just leave it at that. But some of these evil globalists, they actually want to exterminate humanity so that they can dominate the cosmos. And then once they’re immortal, and they have faster than light travel, and they can alter their perception of time by changing the frequency of the CPU

Have the computers that house their consciousness, then they can achieve a galaxy wide colonization of other planets. Even if they have to travel 1000 years to another planet, they can live 1000 years, as you know, a software consciousness, they believe this is what they believe. I’m not saying that, that it actually works that way. As far as I’m concerned, the moment they kill their body, and they think they’ve uploaded themselves to the machine, they’ve actually died. their spirits dead, all they’ve done is created some kind of twisted, perverted, you know, program avatar of themselves, but it’s not real. It’s not real, it doesn’t have a soul, you know, but they think it’s them. So, as far as I’m concerned, all these crazy psycho globalist, if they want to just go into those machines right now and just, you know, just off themselves, go for it, what’s stopping you go go ahead and put yourself into microchip fine with me, maybe you’ll stop messing with us. But if you’ve ever wondered then why these people are promoting vaccines for you know, mere mortals, carbon based peons and such. Now you understand, they don’t want you around, when they achieve their moment of singularity when they join the AI quantum system, when they upload their souls to the machine and become the Ghost in the Machine. And then they achieve omniscience right? They think they’re gods, and they think that you are useless. And they just don’t want you around. They want to get rid of you so that you don’t take their resources. I mean, they need water to make microchips. You see, they need water. I mean, in Taiwan, there’s a drought right now. And it’s affecting the microchip plants, it takes a lot of water to make circuit boards. Turns out lots of water, I mean, enormous amounts of water. So these transhumanists they want to control Earth’s resources, including fresh water, and especially elements, mining operations, which means they need to own and control all the land, they need to own and control governments, they need to have advanced robotics, they need to own and control all the energy systems, the power grid, battery storage, solar power, everything that you can imagine. And then weapon systems and so on, and they just need you and I out of the way how how do they get their freakin vaccine? They know I mean, in their minds, they view humans as useless eaters as looking these stupid people, they will line up to commit vaccine suicide, all we got to do is tell them it’s medicine, and they’ll just line up and kill themselves. And that’s that’s exactly what they think of you. And if you go along with that, you’re kind of kind of proving them right, I guess. I mean, not every look at the globalist think of vaccines is actually a global IQ test. That’s really what it is. If you fail the IQ test, yeah, you commit vaccine suicide, you’re gone.

If you pass the IQ test, then you resist the vaccine and say no, but don’t worry. They have an army of terminators coming for you, you know, a decade later when they get that perfected, or armed drones or whatever they have, where they’ll just turn off the power grid for six months and see who dies. I mean, they’ve got all kinds of ways to do whether weapons.

lockdowns I’ve tried that, you know fake news scare stories, release a bio weapon or even a fake bioweapon, whatever fake an alien invasion, you know, the the cosmic false flag theory. They’ve got all kinds of ways to kill off carbon based life forms, and that’s their job. That’s the goal. you’re made of carbon, therefore you are their enemy. And also, by the way, you’re creating the image of God and they hate God because they want to be God. They, they see, they think they’re competing with God just so it’s clear here. They think that they they’re better than God that they think of God as

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but in their minds, they think of God as their bitch. You know, they’re, they’re like, they think they’re gonna bitch slap God around and be better than God. Oh, well, they’re in for a surprise, by the way, as we know how this ends, and God eventually doesn’t put up with this for forever, you know, God’s wrath against those who think they are above him. Oh, that’s gonna be amazing to watch. Can’t wait for those fireworks. And so, by the way, I know this is i’m gonna i’m going to get into a controversial part now, only now the rest has not been.

This is why the globalist are into exotic weird life extension systems, because they want to live long enough to achieve the transhumanism transfer of their souls into the machines. So this is why they’re into quote Ambrosia, which is, you know, blood transfusions from children and things like that. Not a joke. It was approved by the FDA. In California, there was a company called Ambrosia you could pay for blood transfusions from children. Well, well, young people. Let me let me correct that young people. Yeah. But you know, they’re going way beyond that.

And you’ve heard of, you know? Yeah, okay, you could fill in the blanks. But why are all these really really old? globalists? Why aren’t they dead yet? Because they’re living on these?

Well, they’re, they’re basically, modern day vampires. I mean, they’re living on other people’s blood, to try to keep them young long enough so they can achieve the transhumanism thing. Seriously. I’m not joking. This is not.

This is not some fiction plot here. This is actually what they’re doing. And they see our world right now as the end game.

They are going to mass murder billions of human beings. And then they want to become gods. That’s it. Okay. So if you ever want to understand what’s behind the bioweapons, what’s behind the vaccines, what’s behind even regulations of trying to control everybody controlling the food supply, a concentration of power in the hands of the few, the censorship of the tech giants to make sure humanity never wakes up and realizes what’s going on. The common thread behind this is exactly what I said, these crazy insane delusional depopulation, and globalists want to become silicon gods, and they want to destroy carbon based life forms, specifically, humans. And that’s it, that explains everything. They’re not interested in profit long term, they’ll take it short term, just to build more robot factories and such, but long term, they don’t need money. They want to be gods.

That’s the motivation that’s driving them, and they’ll do anything or sacrifice anything or suck the blood out of anyone, whatever it takes to get there. That’s what that explains it all. You know, I was just thinking maybe we should add a new because we have LGBT t means trans. Right? But normally, that means like sex, sex or gender trans. What about transhumanism? Should that be on the LGBT spectrum? somewhere? Someone who thinks they’re a computer?

Wasn’t there a comedy bit about that? I am a robot and

and this guy when he went into some kind of trans meeting, yeah, this, this was a comedy bit on YouTube. And he’s like, I self identify as a robot. And he dressed up like a robot. And they tried to kick him out. But he’s like, Hey, this is my thing. Hey, you, you, you’re a guy, you think you’re a woman? I think I’m a robot. But the thing is, these transhumanist globalist people, they actually want to be machines, they literally want to do that. And they’ve got a plan for making it happen. Now than the rest of us here, just regular Earth people. We’re just trying to grow food, you know, we’re just trying to run a small business, we’re just trying to

exist, we just want to be left alone by these freaking lunatics are just trying to raise a family maybe or earn an honest living or, or finish a book you’ve been working on or whatever.

We just want to live normal human lives. But they won’t let us because they hate our humanity. You see, they hate the fact that we are human beings, they hate the fact we’re made of carbon. They hate the fact that we’re created in the image of God. And so that’s why there’s this parallel between transhumanism and demon ism. So when we say the Ghost in the Machine, you might also say the demon in the machine, because there is a dark demonic element kind of an overlay

over this whole system, planet earth and the cosmos and so on. There is a demonic satanic element that also wants to destroy human life for a different reason. They want to destroy human lives and human babies, especially because babies are, they are an echo of creation, the creation of life, which is something that is truly divine. It can only happen with the blessing of God, the ultimate creator. And so Satanism wants to destroy life in order to spite God. So the Satanists

are right there in with the transhumanists. And this is why they they roll together, this is why they get along. This is why they want to destroy Christianity and destroy the human race and destroy churches and, and belief in God, and anything like that. And that’s why they’re using their technology companies to label Christian speech and Bible quotations as being quote, hate speech. See, it all make sense? Got it. So if you’re really trying to understand who are the key players in all of this, yeah, it’s the it’s the globalist deep population transhumanists who want to become gods, and then it’s the supernatural demonic Satan forces who are in many cases interacting with those globalists. So one of the things that has happened throughout human history is that Satan or Lucifer, you can say, has appeared to certain specific people and Lucifer has granted them power.

In exchange for them carrying out his agenda on planet Earth. And so Lucifer may also appear in disguise, they may appear to someone pretending to be a saint, for example, or pretending to be a long lost relative or pretending to be even God that, you know, Lucifer Can, can deceive and pretend to be a voice of God, right? And so, but that voice would be telling someone to do evil horrible things like Hey, hey, aid off, you know, build more ovens, you know, things like that. And that has happened throughout human history, even in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, and European history and probably right now in modern day America. So again, when you look at certain, certain,

I hate to call them people, but human shaped creatures who are in the Senate, for example, and have those hollow dark eyes and look like they should have died 20 years ago, it’s not a joke. lucifers talking to them lucifers telling them what to do, oh, pass gun control, you know, or push a vaccine mandate? You know, Lucifer is talking to these leaders. Well, that’s not even the right term, manipulators, puppet masters and telling them what to do, you know, build this computing system, you know, build a prop, probably Lucifer is giving them plans on how to build like horrible devices, you know, build the bio weapon, you know, here’s a, here’s a genetic map, build this Fauci, you know,

I wouldn’t be surprised. If Fauci gets, like, nightly visits from Lucifer, like, good job, you know, you’re doing awesome, you get mega evil karma points in hell keep, you know, keep going, you’re working on the scoreboard, but you’re not the top score yet, you’re still you still got to get there, you know, Hillary’s beating you, but you’re on your way. But that kind of thing literally happens. So just as one of the takeaways from that, by the way, you and I, one of the things that we can be thankful for.

Seriously, be thankful, thank God that, that Lucifer doesn’t visit us and order us to do things you know, and if Lucifer is visiting you and ordering you to do things, find yourself an exorcist or something seriously.

You know, if, if the devil is visiting you, you should go get some divine help right away, drink some holy water, you know, where crosses, I don’t know, but find a priest to get that done. But, you know, evil Luciferian, demons don’t visit me. I’m protected by actual angels and divine forces of good and so on, is one of the reasons I’m still here, by the way, just as a side note, but we have a lot to be thankful for. Despite everything I’ve just said, We are still under divine protection. Understand, we are under divine protection in the end, and we know how this ends, God protects us from these forces of evil, and these demonic depopulation, transhumanism type of, you know, fake gods that are trying to override and nullify the real God. Turns out, you can’t nullify God. You can try, you can embarrass yourself, you can fall from grace and do all that. But you can’t nullify God. And so at the end of the day, as long as we maintain our belief in the God, and we don’t desecrate our bodies, with these demonic vaccines, by the way, because I think if you take the vaccine, you’re going to need to really beg for forgiveness, you know, because you’ve made a big mistake, I don’t know, maybe, maybe God will forgive you for that. But you’ve definitely harmed your body. And so don’t do it.

If it’s forced upon you, that’s somewhat different. You didn’t decide to do it, you didn’t volunteer to do it, you know, if they do it at gunpoint. That’s, that’s different. Morally, it’s different. But at the end, God wins.

And so if you want to be on, I know this sounds trite, but on the winning team, or maybe you just want to be a good person you want to do good in the world, you want to honor morality and ethics and truth and light, just stay with God. No matter what the demons try to do, no matter what the assaults are, no matter how much they censor you or try to stomp on you and push you down and discredit you. Stay with God. And tell your friend that too. Hey, friend, even though you’re committing vaccine, suicide, and you’re kind of an idiot, I’m going to offer you blessings and hope that maybe you would beg God for forgiveness before you expire. Because,

you know, you may there’s going to be a last chance at some point. And if you don’t invite God into your life, you’re going to go with the Luciferian side of things, because you’ve turned your body and your life

For over two, to evil two anti human forces. Alright. And then finally, one last thought, even, you know, this is about extermination. But remember, even if they kill your body, they can’t take your soul. So if they kill you, but you dedicated your life, or at least part of it, at least you accepted God in your life. If you if you ask God for forgiveness, and you follow the morality taught by Jesus Christ, for example, and you walk that path, they could kill your body, but they don’t exterminate you because your soul is immortal. Your soul is immortal. Their Ghost in the Machine is fiction. They’re kidding themselves, they’re never going to be a consciousness in the machine. But you are going to have an eternal spirit and soul. That rejoins with God, that’s real. And that that exists way above the Table of Elements above matter above quantum physics, that is the creator of the cosmos, who exists above at all,

you’re going to rejoin your Creator, and you’re going to be judged for your actions here. So extermination by other Earthlings can’t steal your soul. Again, they can, they can burn you, they can kill you, they can shoot you, they can’t take your soul, unless you give it to them. So see, in the end, you win yet again.

There’s no way you can lose unless you choose to lose. Yeah, they can make your life a living hell, they’re doing that right now notice that? Yeah, it’s gonna be very difficult.

There is suffering, they feed off that they feed off the fear and the pain and all that, but they can’t defeat you, unless you choose to lose, but don’t just say no, I choose God, I choose light. I choose truth. I choose to honor my body. I choose to say no to your toxic Luciferian vaccines. I choose

to stay here in this earthly realm as long as possible and help educate as many other people as possible this entire time.

And when when God wants me to come on back, that’s the day I’ll go until then, I’m gonna try to help save as many people as possible. I mean, this is my motto. And I think it’s yours too. I think that’s why you resonate with this. As much as we have fun.

You know, offending, weak willed people and everything. Mostly I just do that just to scare people off who aren’t serious. Did you know that? There’s, there’s a method behind the madness, by the way. I just tried to, like get people to, to turn it off who aren’t qualified to hear that. You notice the deeper message is always like the last five minutes? Yeah, there’s a reason for that. There’s a reason I don’t post a transcription of everything either. People got to go through it. And they got to wade through the early parts to get to the good juicy parts. That’s the part right here. Yeah. So you made it, you’re here. We’re here. We’re in this together. We’re on the winning team. We’re on God’s team. And we we cannot help but win. Okay, so that’s the message. There you go. told you this is going to be positive, even though it’s entitled extermination?

Yeah, there’s a silver lining and everything turns out. So that’s the podcast for today. Yeah, fun. One. Thank you for listening. And, of course, I’ll bring you another one tomorrow. I don’t know what tomorrow’s is gonna be about. I guess we’ll have to see. I didn’t go through any of my notes today. This is crazy.

More US states join the Texas led antitrust lawsuit against Google. Americans are paying taxes with their stimulus checks.

So the government’s printing money sending money to the people that people are writing checks to give it back to the government. Okay, this is freaking insane.

Let’s see, there’s a Norwegian nurse who says quote, I would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine, who says and somebody has to die from the vaccine in order to save others. Like what? I’ve got some other notes here, but you know, we basically, we covered the important parts. Yeah. crazy world, folks, crazy world and the transhumanists are the craziest of all And sadly, they’re, they’re in charge of technology right now. So how do you think they’re gonna use it? Yeah, they’re gonna use it as a weapon against carbon, carbon based life like you and I. Okay. So, we’ll talk more about strategies of survival. I’m convinced they will fail to kill everybody. They will succeed, I think in killing about 6 billion people. But

that means to survive you. I mean, all you got to do is being like the top What is that? 14% or so? of the survivor? 12% whatever it is. Can you be in the top, you know, 10% Yeah, absolutely. I can show you how to do that. I’m not trying to make light of this, but they will. They will kill billions but they won’t kill

All of us, okay, that that’s my short summary of where this ends up.

Because they aren’t their mass murderers. They are genocidal maniacs, and they are in control. So they will kill, they will kill a lot of people. And it’s already begun, you know, with the vaccine deaths is going to accelerate over the next year and get really bad over the next couple years. And then they may have 6 billion killed within a decade. Who knows I don’t know the timeline or maybe sooner, maybe by 2025. I don’t know. But they’re working on it. So until tomorrow, keep all this in mind. Yeah, we’re facing a lot of serious stuff. But we can be survivors in this in every way, including spiritually. So thank you for listening. Mike Adams here at the health Ranger natural and we’ll join you again tomorrow. Thank you for your support.