Government Data Shows Inflation Trending Down During Trump’s Final Year — Spiked to Record Highs as Soon as Biden and Democrats Took Over

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The Inflation rate was trending down for several months before Donald Trump left office.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes broke down the Biden-media lies on inflation back in March.

Inflation numbers surged ONLY AFTER Joe Biden and Democrats took over.

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If inflation was due to Russia then peer countries would see similar inflation. They’re not.

The ACTUAL US inflation rate minus food and energy hit 19.75% in February. It is much worse today.
Another Biden record.

Democrats know that their policies have destroyed the economy and the US middle class.

So now they are blaming President Donald Trump.

Liar James Clyburn tried this on CNN. Of course, he received no pushback. It helps when the fake news media is in your pocket.

These people are so predictable.

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