Image: SoundCloud goes all-in for Antifa by permanently banning Andy Ngo, who routinely exposes Antifa’s violence and criminal behavior

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Independent journalist Andy Ngo has been banned from SoundCloud for allegedly violating the tech platform’s “community guidelines.”

Because he is a conservative who calls out Antifa for committing acts of domestic terrorism, Ngo was dubbed an “extremist” by SoundCloud, which considers such topics to constitute “hate.”

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Even though Ngo has not uploaded an episode of his “Frontline” podcast to SoundCloud in over a year, the platform decided that he should not be allowed to exist there anymore because of the “threat” he poses to the public.

“[The] latest episode of the podcast was uploaded more than one year ago and there was no option in the notification email for Ngo to appeal or even seek further information,” one media outlet reported about Ngo’s anomalous removal from SoundCloud.

Back in 2019, Ngo was on the front lines in Portland reporting about Antifa’s hate sprees against Republican offices, police stations and other targets.

Ngo at one point had a cement “milkshake” thrown at his head, which caused such severe injury that he had to be hospitalized.

To SoundCloud, Ngo was the perpetrator in these scenarios and Antifa the victim. Thus, the platform’s “Trust & Safety Team” decided to protect the public from Ngo by purging all of his podcast episodes from the site.

“We take the security of our community very seriously,” the SoundCloud notice to Ngo reads. “We hope that you can understand that SoundCloud is a place for people to share content which respects our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.”

The First Amendment is being stamped out by Big Tech

Readers who have followed Ngo’s work over the years will recall that he has repeatedly addressed topics like “hate hoaxes,” meaning staged “hate crimes,” as well as the “militant ‘social justice’ left,” extremist Islam, and other “controversial” subject matter.

Ngo is also a homosexual Asian, which puts him far outside the bounds of what the left considers to be a “valid” form of existence. You see, because Ngo is not a straight white man, he is not allowed, according to Democrats, to embrace conservative ideals.

It apparently took SoundCloud a little extra time to catch up with the agenda, having only just now identified Ngo’s “offensive” podcasts more than a year after the last one was uploaded.

“@SoundCloud has permanently banned me & my podcast @YouShouldNgo,” Ngo told his followers on Twitter about his sudden removal from the SoundCloud platform.

“In an email, it says I violated its community guidelines without naming the alleged offending content. Guests have included @RubinReport, @DouglasKMurray & @jordanbpeterson.”

Ngo believes that his banning from SoundCloud is simply the latest manifestation of a much broader Big Tech censorship agenda.

“Big Tech is not nonpartisan nor neutral,” he contends. “Being permanently suspended from @SoundCloud without knowing why or even having an opportunity to appeal is how it is now.”

Ngo’s work is widely recognized within the conservative community as being top-notch. Even The Washington Post agreed with him that Rose City Antifa, based out of Portland, is a violent group that committed a serious crime against Ngo by violently assaulting him.

Ngo has also written a New York Times-bestselling book called “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” that details how Antifa’s network of chapters has shown a clear “pattern of violence,” especially in the Pacific Northwest.

When approached by MRC Free Speech for comment about the matter, SoundCloud reportedly did not respond. SoundCloud also failed to indicate why, specifically, Ngo was banned at this point in time when he has not recently been active on the platform.

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