South Africa: Armed Hero Farmer Killed Defending Wife and Kids – Elon Musk Charges NYT with “Supporting Genocide”

There have been 2 farm murders in South Africa in the week since radical Marxist leader Julius Malema called to „Kill the Boer“ in front of approx. 90.000 supporters last Saturday. The world’s most famous South African Elon Musk accused the New York Times of “supporting calls for genocide“.

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Hero Farmer Duane Smith sacrificed his life to save his wife Ingrid and two girls, aged 8 and 10, when they were attacked on their farm in Randfontein outside Pretoria as they arrived home Thursday night, Aug. 3. Duane took five bullets to the chest and died standing up, defending his family with a legal firearm.

As they were driving home in the family truck, two attacker armed with AK-47s were waiting for them, recounts YouTuber Willem Petzer. “A terrifying assault ensued as the attackers started firing at the family’s truck. With unyielding determination, Duane immediately got out of the truck and acted as a human shield to protect his loved ones from the assault. Duane started firing at the attackers with his own weapon, placing himself between the attackers and his wife and daughters, absorbing… five bullets to the chest. Duane’s unwavering resolve persisted until a fatal shot to the head tragically ended his life.”

“This was not a robbery, this was an execution”

“Attempting to run away from the attackers and get the two little girls to safety inside the house, Ingrid was struck by a bullet in the back while she was running away from them. Nothing was stolen. This was not a robbery, this was an execution”, Petzer said.

On August 2, in Biesiesvlei, North West province, Dr. Carel Nel was found murdered in his home after his cattle had been found wandering in the road.

There have been nine farm attacks and three farm murders in the last two weeks, Maroela Media reports. There were twenty-one farm attacks and four farm murders in July in South Africa, according to the Rome Research Institute. In the first half of 2023, there were 96 farm attacks and 29 farm murders. There were 156 farm attacks and 39 farm murders in 2022, 248 farm attacks and 43 farm murders in 2021, and 446 farm attacks and 77 farm murders in 2020.

Source: “Kill the Boer”, Ernst Roets

According to spokesman Vincent Magwenya, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will not be establishing an inquiry into the “Kill the Boer” chant anytime soon.

In his book “Kill the Boer“, AfriForum spokesman Ernst Roets showed how farm attacks and murders spike after rallies where politicians sing “Kill the Boer” and other violent “struggle songs.”

After Elon Musk criticized “pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa”, the New York Times and other openly racist media backed the singing of “Kill the Boer”, brazenly claiming it “should not be taken literally“ and calling the epidemic of farm murders „the false claim that there have been mass killings.“

“The New York Times actually has the nerve to support calls for genocide! If ever there was a time to cancel that publication, it is now”, Musk wrote.

AfriForum report: Farm Attacks and Farm Murders 2022

AfriForum report: Farm Attacks and Murders First Quarter 2023

NOTE: Gateway readers often comment that „All Whites should leave South Africa“.

Afrikaners consider themselves indigenous Africans, where they were born and where most intend to die.

“The earth of South Africa is red from the blood of the Boer”, a saying goes. The Boers are not leaving.

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