Soy Boy Frets Trump Will Lock Up Marxist Elites in Gitmo When He Returns to the White House - Totally Clueless Over Current Reality in America Today (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Wow! Talk about projection!

Democrats are jailing hundreds of Trump supporters for walking inside the US Capitol! They have 91 junk indictments against President Donald Trump that could land him with potentially 450 years in prison!

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And yet these clueless elites are afraid that Trump may send them to Gitmo?!

Soy boy Miles Taylor, a former DHS Official, told MSNBC that if Trump wins (through a free and fair democratic election) it will be the end of democracy!

The current reality is lost on these Marxist freaks.

Miles Taylor also fears a life in Gitmo when Trump returns.

MSNBC Host: And who might Trump target if he gets back in the White House?

Miles Taylor: Well, you’re looking at one of them, Alex. And I only say that half facetiously because I’ve had a lot of conversations with folks for blowback and for other things about what Donald Trump would do in a second term. And I think it’s very, very clear from those conversations that a second term of Donald Trump would, like, be a last term of American democracy because of the intent to go weaponize democracy’s, guardrails, especially the justice system, against his. You know, a number of folks who worked in the Trump administration with me and have since spoken out against the ex president, we joke darkly about the fact that in a second term, a number of us will be in orange jumpsuits in Guantanamo Bay.

Via Midnight Rider and Ultra Pepe.

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