Star Freshman Democrat Rep. Maxwell Frost Deletes Tweet Blaming Black Police Officers’ Brutal Murder of Tyre Nichols  on White Supremacy

“Doesn’t matter what color those police officers are. The murder of Tyre Nichols is anti-Black and the result of white supremacy.”

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So tweeted star freshman Democrat Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost of Florida Friday night upon the release of Memphis police video of the brutal murder of Black motorist Tyre Nichols at the hands and feet of five Black Memphis police officers earlier this month in a traffic stop turned deadly beatdown.

Frost later deleted the tweet without explanation. The screen capture posted below shows the tweet had over 1 million views before it was taken down by Frost.

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Frost posted another comment on Tyre Nichols that remains online, “Just saw the video of the lynching. Those police beat Tyre Nichols to death. The change required to build an equitable system will require more than training and body cameras. They bludgeoned him to death while the cameras were on. He should be alive.”

Frost also posted on his Congressional Twitter account, “I’m heartbroken, enraged, and disappointed. No one should die for being pulled over in this country. Tyre deserved so much more, a full, long life and a peaceful end. Instead, he was beaten to death, made victim of an inherently broken system.”

Frost was not alone in blaming racism for the death of Nichols. Former Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY), now a CNN commentator, tweeted Friday night, “If you think the Memphis police officers had to be white in order to exhibit anti-Blackness, you need to take that AP African American Studies course Ron DeSantis just banned.”

Fellow CNNer Van Jones also blamed racism.

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