State-Run “Comedy”: SNL Cuts Back on COVID BS Before Upcoming SOTU Address — Joe Needs Help

Saturday Night Live got the call from their handlers last week. They were ordered to cut back on the COVID BS.

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So on Saturday SNL ran a very unfunny skit on what the rest of us have been saying for two years. Masking didn’t work, the vaccines were a failure, the experts banned treatments that did work, the China Virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab, Dr. Fauci is a sociopath and liar.

This was state-run “comedy” at its best.
Of course, it wasn’t funny. But it did get across the point by those in charge.
It’s time to cut back on the COVID BS.

After all, Joe Biden has a State of the Union Address this week.

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Maybe, next week they’ll get to the part where people are dying and kids are getting heart disease from the vaccines?
Too soon?

Hat Tip Ed

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