President Trump Responds to Fraudulent Allegations by Surprise Witness Cassidy Hutchinson “A Total Phony and Leaker”

Cassidy Hutchinson with her coach Liz Cheney

On Tuesday, Liz Cheney and the sham Jan. 6 committee brought in Mark Meadows staffer Cassidy Hutchinson as a “surprise witness.”

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Young Cassidy told several lies while under oath before the committee.

Here a few of Cassidy’s whoppers:

1.) Cassidy Hutchinson said President Trump attempted to grab the steering wheel of “the beast” and wrestly control from the Secret Service on January 6th.

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Truth: President Trump was not in “the beast” on January 6th.

Truth: Secret Service agents willing to testify against this ridiculous lie by young Cassidy. It never happened.

2.) Cassiday Hutchinson said President Trump grabbed the neck are of Secret Service agent Bobby Engel.

Truth: Bobby Engel willing to testify this was a lie.

3.) Cassidy Hutchinson said President Trump broke dishes and flipped tablecloths on January 6th.

Truth: President Trump refutes the nonsensical claim.

4.) Cassidy Hutchinson claimed to have written a handwritten note on January 6th.

Truth: Former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann wrote the note and testified to this fact under oath previously before the committee.

5.) Cassidy Hutchinson said her boss Mark Meadows called Roger Stone on January 5th to find out what would play out the next day on January 6th.

Truth: Roger Stone has never spoken to Mark Meadows outside of a conversation they held in a green room in 2019.

6.) Cassidy Meadows said Mark Meadows spoke with General Flynn on January 5th.

Truth: General Flynn has never had a phone conversation with Mark Meadows.

7.) Cassidy Hutchinson said General Flynn and Roger Stone participated by phone in a briefing in the war room in the Willard Hotel with Mark Meadows on January 5th.

Truth: Did not happen. Stone and Flynn have not spoken with Meadows on the phone, ever.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Thursday Steve Bannon and Borish Epshteyn called for criminal referrals against Cassidy Hutchinson for her numerous lies to Congress during her testimony in front of the January 6 Unselect Committee.

If we have any justice system left in America today serial liar Cassidy Hutchinson will face charges for her many outlandish and disturbing lies.

Via The War Room and Midnight Rider.

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