Steve Bannon Responds to Atlantic Hit Piece: “You’re Getting a Democracy Suppository on Nov. 8” (VIDEO)

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Morning Joe on MSNBC featured Atlantic author Jennifer Senior this morning following her hit-piece on former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

The Atlantic article is titled, “American Rasputin – Steve Bannon is still scheming and is still a threat to democracy.”

Jennifer Senior is your typical smug, elitist reporter from the east coast who has absolutely no idea what democracy means. She should look it up in a dictionary sometime. She also has no idea what is important to everyday Americans suffering under the boot of the wretched Biden regime. Joe Biden’s carefully planned economic policies have destroyed the American middle class. The east coast elitists obviously don’t really care.

After this segment aired today on The War Room, Steve Bannon weighed in saying, “You’re getting a democracy suppository on November 8th because we have built an army.”

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Apparently, Steve Bannon is not phased by this latest hit piece – like the ones before it.

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