Image: STUDY: Corporations are destroying our planet’s soil

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New research published in the journal Frontiers in Environmental Science reveals that multinational corporations are rapidly destroying the world’s soils by contaminating them with deadly insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

All the chemical garbage that gets sprayed on genetically modified (GMO) crops, making corporate executives filthy rich at the expense of our planet, is quite literally killing the soil.

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If it continues on the current trajectory, eventually there will be no more healthy soil left to grow food, causing mass starvation and ecosystem collapse.

Authors Nathan Donley and Tari Gunstone warn that immediate changes are needed to put a stop to this chemical violence, which has only worsened thanks to the deliberate negligence of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which no longer assesses the safety of chemicals before they are approved.

Conducted by the Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth, and The University of Maryland, the research looked at nearly 400 published studies that involved more than 2,800 different experiments on pesticides and their impact on soil health.

The review encompassed some 275 unique species and types of soil organisms as well as 284 different pesticides or pesticide mixtures.

They found that in more than 70 percent of cases, pesticides damage soils, killing important organisms like earthworms, springtails, beetles and thousands of other subterranean species.

The EPA’s “safety reviews” never take a look at any of this, the researchers warn, as it is designed to cover for the chemical industry. The EPA almost always finds that chemicals are “safe and effective” no matter how much harm they cause.

“The EPA uses a single test species to estimate risk to all soil organisms, the European honeybee, which spends its entire life above ground in artificial boxes,” reports The Burning Platform.

“But 50-100 per cent of all pesticides end up in soil.”

If corporations aren’t punished for their crimes against humanity, there will eventually be no more food

We, too, have been warning about EPA corruption for years, noting that the agency, like most other American governmental agencies, exists to protect the industry it is supposed to be regulating.

There is literally no rule of law in these corrupt “United States” anymore, at least not when it comes to evil corporations that do whatever they want without consequence. Rules only exist for the peons, in other words.

Meanwhile, the chemical industry continues to churn out increasingly more toxic poisons that are getting sprayed all over crops and dumped into rivers and lakes. This would explain the exponential growth of chronic disease, gender issues and other societal problems that exist all throughout the West.

In some areas of the world, there has been some headway made in stamping out the use of toxic glyphosate (Roundup), the infamous Monsanto herbicide that destroys every form of life that encounters it. But not in the West, where corporations make all the decisions for their own benefit.

Glyphosate and another widespread chemical known as AMPA, the study further notes, are so saturated in the world’s soils that biodiversity is rapidly disappearing. The only solution, of course, is to stop using them and diversify agriculture away from corporations and back into the hands of real people.

The chemical-intensive agriculture model that has been in place for many decades now has resulted in less-nutritious and increasingly more toxic “food,” and now we are witnessing the total collapse of soil, which is necessary to produce food in the first place.

“These latest studies underscore the need to shift towards organic farming and agroecology and invest in indigenous models of agriculture – as has been consistently advocated by various high-level international agencies, not least the United Nations, and numerous official reports,” says The Burning Platform.

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