STUNNING! After Apologizing to NY Times for Claims of Election Fraud and Hoarding Donor Cash — GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Finally Tweets Out on Election Fraud After AZ Audit Hearing

Following the inauguration of Joe Biden in January GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel expressed regret for her decision to stand up for the millions of Americans who believed our election was stolen.

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DISGUSTING FLASHBACK: Mitt Romney Niece, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Tells Anti-Trump NYTs She Regrets Allowing Giuliani and Powell To Make Claims About Voter Fraud

This was after the GOP raised over $220 million in legal fees from donors to fight the fraud but no one knows where it went.

And for months the GOP Chairwoman and Republican Party have been silent on the 2020 election fraud. Obviously, their agenda does not match that of their voters.

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On Friday GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel FINALLY tweeted out on the election fraud after months of silence!

Via Populist Press.

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