STUNNING. Joe Biden Heads for Marine One on White House Lawn and CAN BARELY WALK (VIDEO)

We’re all supposed to pretend this is not happening.

We have a mainstream media today that refuses to report on Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline.

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In fact, the fake news refuses to report on anything negative that may affect the way you see Joe Biden.

But your own eyes won’t deceive you.

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The fake news wrote thousands of articles on President Trump’s alleged “mental state.”

But they won’t say a peep about Joe Biden.

As Cristina Laila reported earlier, Joe Biden left the White House after a week of COVID to take vacation in Delaware.

When he walked out on the grass you can barely believe your eyes. He looks like he could fall down any second. He is so unstable you are shocked that he made it all the way to the plane unaided.

This man is suffering from full-blown dementia. And we’re all supposed to ignore this.

Here’s the video.

Via Midnight Rider.

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