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TOP NEWS 1-30-21

Scott McKay & Gene DeCode: Deep Underground Military Bases


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Treasury Secretary has extensive financial ties with C.C.P and Wall Street


X22 Report: Marker 11.3, The Elite’s System Is In The Process Of Being Exposed


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Note Worthy Articles:

Pipeline permit cancellation causes massive job loss


39-year-old nurse aide dies ‘within 48 hours’ of receiving mandated C19 Jab.


Hospitals Apparently Can Kidnap Your Family Now for not Taking Faulty Covid19 Test

In 10 Days Biden has signed 42 executive actions since taking office… – CNN 1/29/21 source
Trumps Entire Term he Signed 220… – source

Let that sink in… at this pace Biden is set to sign more executive orders
than in Trumps entire term by early March 2021

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