April 14, 2021

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Survive the News Daily Update 2-23-21: Scott McKay: A Rally Call to All Patriots — Step Up Now! + “Irrefutable Proof Is Coming Soon – We Are Not Done” – Sidney Powell

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TOP NEWS 2-23-21

2.22.21 Scott McKay: Bridging The Gap, How The Plan Looks Now (Video)


“Irrefutable Proof Is Coming Soon – We Are NOT Done” – Sidney Powell Responds to Supreme Court Decision to Ignore Election Fraud


And We Know: Comms prove previous owners to INTEL…BEING OBLITERATED! Pray for our MILITARY! (Video)


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We now know the Texas blackouts were deliberate


Immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s


Creepy Bill Gates Announces That He’s Not a Fan of Bitcoin – Warns People Who Aren’t as Rich as Elon Musk from Buying It