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Quayle: Systematic takedown and takeover of U.S. banking system is ALREADY HAPPENING

Steve Quayle has warned that the U.S. banking system is in the midst of a systematic takedown and takeover.

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“We’re watching the systematic takedown and takeover of banking,” he told the Health Ranger Mike Adams during an appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” program. “People [will] lose money, [and] they will be herded into whatever digital currency or … controlled medium of the day.”

Adams attested to this, noting how Americans are now seeing massive automated clearing house (ACH) failures among major banks across the U.S. – including one instance in early November. According to him, the issue was traced back to a file error in one of the clearing houses under the ACH system. This resulted in millions of transfers either failing or being delayed, rendering people unable to receive their paychecks and make automatic payments.

The Health Ranger then asked Quayle if this was a sign of the banking system’s fragility and the early stage of its collapse. In reply, Quayle said America is in the middle of the banking collapse. To make things worse, even the Federal Reserve has informed American banks affected with the ACH problem to deal with it themselves. (Related: Banking system showing more signs of COLLAPSE as customers report widespread deposit delays.)

Moreover, Quayle said the ACH transfer mechanism was barely able to do 60,000 transfers because of a cyberattack. While these cyberattacks are indeed taking place, news of these are often kept secret as banks do not want to trigger panic in the general population.

Up to 90 percent of people who use online banking were unable to get through due to this interference. Banks were not the only victims, Quayle added, as e-trade was downed as well.

Cyberattacks against banks could be ENGINEERED to pave the way for CBDCs

According to the Health Ranger, the U.S. financial system falling victim to cyberattacks only shows its fragility. He pointed out, however, that elements of these crises may be engineered in order to corral people into accepting so-called central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). “It’s like they need a failure of the banking system to scare everybody into trusting the Fed’s digital system,” Adams told Quayle.

The Natural News and founder then asked if the Fed’s digital system is actually ready for prime time. Quayle replied in the negative, adding that the merchants and distributors who will supposedly adopt this system likewise aren’t ready. “They still need a period … to make the solution that they have engineered,” he expounded.

Quayle also warned that when the U.S. dollar loses its purchasing power, the rest of the world – led by the five-member BRICS group – won’t accept the greenback any longer. He added that this could be a trigger point for the 126 nations who have signed secret agreements to no longer accept the U.S. dollar.

The author and researcher said when gold is revalued, Russia and China will be in a favorable position due to their substantial reserves of the yellow metal. He added that global deposits of gold are going to Dubai and Indonesia, besides the private vaults in Switzerland.

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Watch the full conversation between Steve Quayle and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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