Techno Fog: Watching the China Spy Balloon Float Across the US Is Like Watching a 1980s Action Movie with the Tepid Response of a 2023 Hollywood Flick

Watching the China balloon float across the US is like watching another embarrassing. China-neutral Hollywood flick.
This week we learned two things. We learned from Kevin McCarthy that he is controlled opposition.  Kevin agreed with Democrats and DC authorities that local police have the  right to shoot Republicans Trump supporters in the neck in cold blood during unsanctioned protests.
We also learned that Joe Biden is a Manchurian candidate and the current military brass who lost to the Taliban in Afghanistan yet somehow still have a job, are completely neutered.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Pentagon Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon After It Floated Over US with Biden’s Full Approval (VIDEO)

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At least Joe Biden can say he made a few hundred million off his decision. Kevin McCarthy can’t make that claim. He just agrees with Democrats.
Techno Fog posted an excellent analysis on the China spy balloon on Substack.

It was a scene out of a 1980s action movie: a spy balloon floating over Montana.

The Biden Administration’s tepid response to the Chinese aggravators, however, is very much on-point for 2023 Hollywood – bending to Chinese desires and not wanting to cause offense.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told his Chinese counterpart the balloon was “unacceptable” and cancelled his trip to Beijing. The Chinese tried to play it all down, saying “the balloon was for civilian research and had ‘deviated far from its planned course.’”

All this is serious business but it’s hard not to have a laugh. At what point is a Chinese surveillance balloon funny?

Is it when we realize the Chinese are trying to steal that which we don’t have? In response to Chinese surveillance, I imagine many Americans, though defiant, might offer resignation: “You can’t take my privacy because I have none left to give.” It’s not that the current regime opposes spying on Americans. Their objection is that someone else does it.

Or is it at the moment we understand that the Chinese balloon is the least of our Chinese problems? The balloon is the fly in the sour wine. It’s the flat tire when after your engine has seized up. The balloon is, well, just a balloon when we have greater concerns about the elected and unelected officials serving as Chinese agents in Washington.

At least we can keep track of the Chinese intelligence airship as it drifts from the sky above Montana to wherever the winds take it – reportedly Missouri, or “the center of the continental United States.”

Read the rest at Substack here.

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