Texas Man Who Fatally Shot Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband Will Not be Criminally Charged: AG Paxton

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A Texas man who fatally shot his girlfriend’s ex-husband last year will not be criminally charged.

Video footage taken from two different vantage points shows the boyfriend Kyle Carruth, and Chad Read, the ex-husband of Christina Read, in a heated argument over picking up their son from Kyle’s home.

The argument that took place on the front porch of Carruth’s home led to the shooting death of Chad Read after Read attempted to wrestle for the gun.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that a grand jury did not indict Carruth because he acted in self-defense.

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The Daily Mail reported:

A Texas man who shot dead his girlfriend’s ex-husband as the men argued over child custody will not face criminal charges because the shooting was in self-defense, the Texas Attorney General has announced.

William ‘Kyle’ Carruth, 39, opened fire on Chad Read, 54, after the two squared up to each other and wrestled over a gun in Lubbock on November 5.

A special grand jury found Carruth will not be charged because the argument was on his property and the shooting was in self-defense, Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Thursday.

Carruth, who is the ex-husband of 72nd District Court Judge Ann-Marie Carruth, was never arrested for the shooting, which his lawyer had argued was a ‘justifiable homicide’.

Judge Carruth, who lost her bid for re-election in March and will be in office until December, divorced him shortly after the shooting.

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