Image: The boycotts are working: Keep PUNISHING “woke” corporations by denying them your financial support

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Not long after Anheuser-Busch decided to make a mockery of women by honoring transgender male-in-drag Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light sales fell by 26 percent. This is proof that voting with your wallet really does work to punish companies for going “woke.”

The same is true of Fox News, which lost half of its viewers in the 8pm nightly time slot after it canned conservative commentator Tucker Carlson. In the days after Carlson was let go, that same time slot saw more viewers watch Chris Hayes at MSNBC.

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Keep in mind that with Carlson on board, Fox had more viewers in the 8pm time slot to watch him than the National Basketball Association (NBA) did during the playoffs – that is how popular Carlson was and is. Now, Fox will likely go the way of MSNBC and CNN, both of which are barely watched except on the television screens at airports.

These are just two examples of the power of boycotts. We the People may not think they hold any power to make change, but in cases like this, choosing not to buy or not to watch can make or break a company or media outlet, which we are now witnessing with both Anheuser-Busch and Fox News.

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Conservative Americans are also moving to “red” states to escape woke politics

Beer drinkers who used to drink Bud Light are now choosing Coors Light or Miller Light instead. And people who watch Carlson will follow him wherever he goes since their loyalties are to him and his beliefs, and not to Fox News.


Fox and Bud had better learn from this if they hope to keep their respective companies afloat. Some evidence exists to suggests that infiltrators at these two companies may be intentionally trying to drive them into oblivion, which appears to be working.

Whatever the case may be, voting with your remote and your wallet are two powerful ways to hold woke companies in check. Carefully choosing which products to buy and which networks to watch will also help bring more support to other companies and media outlets that have not gone woke.

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many Americans are also now voting with their roots, as some have chosen to leave “blue” states and move to “red” states – and vice versa for leftists.

Division is never a good thing for a country that is meant to be united in strength, but with the leftist takeover of companies, media outlets, and other institutions, there is little alternative for conservatives who want to live and raise their families without all the perversion and corruption.

“As far as that thing with Dylan Mulvaney goes, all conservatives should ban and boycott any company that chooses to support what we all know is wrong,” one commenter wrote about how conservatives have a duty to support what is right and reject what is wrong.

“Let’s see if the Budweiser owning conglomerate C suite likes the taste of their next earnings report,” wrote another. “Heads already rolled. More may follow. Captain of the ship doctrine. Billions in lost revenue and stock valuation.”

“The problem with conservative voters is not the voters. It’s the low-quality people representing them and grifting off of their beliefs for their own enrichment.”

Another wrote that the window of opportunity for Bud Light to save itself “has closed.” Now, the company will have to face profit losses and a massive consumer shift away from its products.

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