Image: The engineered TAKEDOWN of food, water and energy infrastructure will plunge entire nations into the Dark Ages

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Observers can’t help but notice that Jackson, Mississippi’s water infrastructure collapse — leaving 180,000 Americans with no running water — was allowed to happen by withholding maintenance from the water treatment system. As even the Associated Press now reports, Jackson Mayor Lumumba says the problem resulted from, “decades of deferred maintenance.”

The system was so run down that it could only work when it wasn’t raining hard. Thus, the integrity of the municipal water supply in a high-rainfall state was only intact when it wasn’t raining.

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An overhaul of the system will require, “quite possibly billions of dollars,” said Lumumba.

The federal infrastructure bill has designated $75 million to the entire state of Mississippi, a tiny fraction of the “billions” needed to provide working water infrastructure. Meanwhile, about a billion dollars a week is being sent to Ukraine to keep that country’s infrastructure functioning while America’s infrastructure crumbles.

You can’t buy gas cars, and you can’t charge electric ones

Not to be outdone in the category of controlled demolition of infrastructure, California declared a ban on the sale of gasoline engine cars, then just a few days later declared that electric vehicles shouldn’t be charged from 4pm – 9pm due to the risk of a power grid failure followed by rolling blackouts. Thus, California says you aren’t allowed to buy gasoline vehicles, and you aren’t allowed to charge electric vehicles.


No wonder so many people are fleeing California while they still can.

The state recently claimed to have achieved an historic milestone by running its power grid on “renewable energy,” but as Tucker Carlson explains, it turns out the entire test lasted only four seconds and was powered in part by natural gas, a fossil fuel. Even more shockingly, the test did not cover Los Angeles, California’s largest city with the highest power draw. Thus, this so-called “renewable energy” test was just as rigged as California’s elections:

Germany is shutting down industry and plunging into economic despair

In Germany, the collapse of energy is so catastrophic that it’s being called a “structural rupture” that’s causing industrial operations to grind to a halt. As the Financial Times reports, some companies have “stopped production altogether” and will apparently remain mothballed until energy prices return to some semblance of sanity.

Yet it’s only September 1, and the winter hasn’t even begun to arrive. Russia has halted gas flows in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, and there’s no real guarantee that Germany will have affordable energy in 2023… or even 2025 for that matter. The Prime Minister of Belgium recently told his people they would only need to endure freezing cold winters with little energy for “five to ten years,” and in Poland, residents have reportedly been lining up in their vehicles, sleeping in them for 3 days, just to be able to purchase some coal to heat their homes this winter.

Western Europe is being thrust into the Dark Ages.

No one has offered any convincing argument of how Germany, France, Poland or the UK survive this coming winter without mass death, economic collapse, starvation and social unrest.

Perhaps those outcomes are the plan.

The controlled demolition of the food supply

Food infrastructure around the world is also being deliberately demolished, with yet another food processing plant catching fire in California this week. Food inflation is skyrocketing across the country (conveniently, the rigged federal inflation numbers don’t count food costs), and Democrats are pushing for $50 million in new food handouts to illegal aliens, but not for Americans.

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Get “off grid” on everything that matters

In today’s Situation Update podcast (below), I strongly urge everyone to get “off grid” on everything: Food, water, energy, shelter, money, communications, etc.

What do I mean by “off grid” food? Food that you grow or get locally, without going through centralized food distribution. Same story for water. Get water from a well, a stream (filter it, obviously) or rainwater collection. Have a backup plan for when your municipal water system goes down (because it likely will).

Off-grid money is gold and silver.

Off-grid comms are satellite communications devices, HAM radios or other local radio devices.

Off-grid shelter is a home you own free and clear, so the bank can’t take away the roof over your head.

Hear all this and more in today’s bombshell podcast:



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