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In the early morning, Donald Trump made the following statement on Truth Social showing solidarity with the UAW workers:

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This comes on news that Trump is going to Michigan, with Biden following behind, despite ongoing union violence. The media is busy mischaracterizing Trump’s statement, however, even  though basic reading comprehension shows that Trump was making these points in his post:

Somehow the DC media has spun this statement into something it is not, the media is now oddly saying that Trump is blaming the strike on electric cars, something Trump is definitely not saying.

Here’s Nick Robertson at The Hill, whose headline erroneously says, “Trump claims Biden’s ‘ridiculous all-electric car hoax’ partially to blame for UAW strike” even though Trump never made that claim.

Robertson’s lead paragraph also erroneously states:

“Former President Trump took aim at Biden administration electric vehicle (EV) policy, claiming the president’s “ridiculous all-electric car hoax” is responsible for the United Auto Workers strike against major automakers.”

Here’s the specific misstatement and mischaracterization of Trump’s statement:

“…claiming the president’s “ridiculous all-electric car hoax” is responsible for the United Auto Workers strike…”

Trump never claimed that the electric car hoax was responsible for the strike.

Trump did say that the electric car hoax is selling union workers “down the river” because the cars will ultimately be made in China.

Other outlets correctly paraphrased Trump’s words, including Politico, Newsweek, Mediaite, and the Washington Examiner.

The media coverage, quotation of, and faithful recitation of Trump’s actual statements has been a chronic problem for the media. The media repeatedly misrepresented Trump’s actual statements, such as when they purposefully misquoted the infamous “very fine people” line after the 2017 Charlottesville protest. The resulting media hoax falsely made it seem as though Trump was praising neo-Nazis.

During President Trump’s first term in office from 2016 to 2020, the mainstream media made regular complaints about supposed falsehoods, lies, and untruths they claimed were uttered by Trump. Many of the claims resulted from unfair and inaccurate characterizations of statements by reporters.

The Washington Post even started “fact checking” every statement made by Trump, generating 30,573 fake fact checks over four years. These “fact checks” were often duplicative, deceptive, dishonest, and derivative of media mischaracterizations.

Those faked fact checks, based on media stories like Robertson’s that are themselves fake and inaccurate paraphrases of Trump’s statements, are used to demonetize and deplatform conservative media when they accurately and honestly report the underlying stories. The lies spread by the mainstream media become a measuring stick by which fact check organizations rate conservative media outlets, and those overall ratings are then used by left-wing pressure groups to harass advertisers to conservative media to bankrupt alternative media.

The Hill is used by fact-check organizations as a reliable factual outlet.

In this way even relatively minor misstatements or mischaracterizations are used as part of an overall left-wing power structure to bankrupt and silence conservative media.

We contacted the Hill for comment and they have not responded.

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