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COMMON SENSE: Having the Measles is no fun. Just ask anybody from my generation. We all had it as children, but that was a long time ago. Since then, once the vaccine was discovered, this disease quickly became eradicated in the USA, but not in Third World countries.

Now, with the Southern Border being open to all, Measles and other diseases have entered our country, being brought to us by millions of illegals. You might think that the resurgence of Measles is “no big deal,” but you could be wrong. Since it hasn’t been a threat to American kids for so long, the vaccine to prevent it is no longer given. This makes today’s children vulnerable, and it’s why there has been a significant outbreak in Ohio.

Again, since Measles only lasts about a week-to-ten-days, you might think the outbreak it’s that important, but it could be. That’s because, when we were kids and everybody “got the measles,” we had significant herd immunity. Two generations later, do American kids have the same herd immunity we had, or don’t they?

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Here’s why this is an important question. Most people think that it was the Colonists, cowboys or U.S. Army that killed most of the American Indians. It wasn’t. It was the Measles. Having no herd immunity like the arriving Europeans, Measles killed as many as 90% of all indigenous people. They had no herd immunity to fight the disease, so it was a deadly disease.

This could happen again, this time to American children. It’s why Title 42 needs to be expanded to include Measles and other eradicated diseases brought to us by the illegals who are being allowed to flood our nation.

—Jack Watts

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