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The Social Reward for Being Afraid is High. But Bravery Please! (Video)

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What’s up my Awakened Warrior friend!?!

WOW! When the world is on fire, what do you do? Probably start with staying out of the fire. (Great obvious advice, isn’t it?)

I don’t know about you, but the past few days I’ve felt every emotion there is to feel. I think my body even invented some new ones and felt those.

What has my being engaged the most is the unprecedented assault on free speech being carried out by big tech. In my humble opinion, contrary to what the rage mob says and how the media spins it, I believe free speech is not a political issue. It is a human issue.

I freaking love humanity. I love hearing what people have to say. When I don’t like what people have to say, I still love that they have the right to say it. And I also love that I have the right to turn the other way and stop listening without silencing them by taking away their rights.

Here’s something you might not know about me. I don’t align with any particular political party. And my only hard fast political view is this: Freedom is good. (And the Earth is awesome.)

The past 10 months my comedy has largely morphed into a mission of upholding freedom. I’m deeply humbled to say I’ve never received so much support, love, and appreciation from around the world.

And something else you might not know, but probably won’t surprise you, is I’ve never been attacked more. Angry comments online don’t phase me in the slightest. Yet things have been taken further.

My family and I have received death threats.

Sponsors have dropped me (on private phone calls they share that they love the messaging, yet don’t wanna deal with the rage mobs attacking them because they’re associated with me).

There are organized rage mobs actively trying to get the rest of my sponsors to drop me.

Facebook has demonetized me.

I’m still monetized on YouTube, yet you never know when the next upload could get me demonetized or deplatformed.

But with all these symptoms of people being in an angry state of mind (because they’re ultimately scared inside), here is my commitment to you. I WILL NOT STOP serving the mission of upholding freedom. Because I think you and I and our children deserve to live in a world where we can have free speech and all other God given freedoms.

Each day I’m putting everything on the line. I’m putting the living I make for my family on the line, simply because it’s worth it. I would much rather risk losing everything while serving truth and freedom and have to figure out how to feed my family by picking up cans on the side of the highway than to bow down out of fear and silence myself in order to keep what I’ve achieved.

I’m not willing to live in the poverty of fear. I’m only willing to live in the riches of bravery.

While I’m not perfect, I do my best to be brave every single day during a time when there’s never been more social “reward” for succumbing to fear. And I’m guessing bravery speaks to you more than fear does or else you wouldn’t be here as an Awakened Warrior insider.

So I deeply want to thank you for standing with me and for something that’s greater than all of us put together. Freedom.

On my latest podcast episode my guest Elliott Hulse and I discuss How to Outsmart the Communist Takeover. If you love communism, don’t listen to this episode. Otherwise, you can listen here.

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Insider Tip
There’s been various independent sources suggesting that a massive prolonged electrical blackout could be on the horizon in the very near future. Why? Who knows, but something to do with corruption. Will this actually happen? I have zero certainty either way.

While obviously I hope this event doesn’t happen, my wife and I have just stocked up on a couple weeks worth of water and non-perishable food. I share this with you not at all to induce any level of panic, but only to induce whatever level of preparedness you feel is appropriate for yourself and your family.

Insider Source
There’s an independent journalist of sorts named Simon Parkes. He’s got a YouTube channel where he publishes news reports that you certainly won’t hear in any mainstream media outlet. I’ve been finding his stuff interesting and curious to consider about what’s going on in the world.

Feel free to give him a test drive if you’d like by clicking here.
(Watching his latest Update Current News video is always a good place to start.)

Until Next Time
Alright my Awakened Warrior friend! You’ll be hearing from me soon. In the mean time, just know I really appreciate you being connected with me and standing with me. And I hope you do something to make yourself laugh today!

Stay weird,