Image: Think surgical mutilations are a WOKE thing? The gruesome practice has been carried out for DECADES by cancer surgeons who cut off women’s breasts in the name of “medicine”

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(Natural News)
The past few years, the “woke” in America want children and teens to be so confused about sex and gender identification that they think they want to switch genders, and then they get convinced surgery will do the “trick.” How do they get convinced of this? Simple answer: social media. It’s a gruesome and perverted con for adults to coerce children and teens to get surgery and take hormone pills that could mutilate, warp, and ruin their ability to use the bathroom properly, total loss of libido, and possible total loss of reproduction capability. Not to mention that regret can lead to severe depression, thoughts of suicide, and suicide. Social media is conning kids into surgical mutilations as a ‘woke’ thing, and the pharma shills love all the money, just like with the cancer industrial complex in America.

Surgery is big business for pharma, and they don’t care if they’re cutting off breasts for gender ‘changes’ or unnecessarily for breast cancer ‘treatment’

Decades ago, American mainstream ‘medicine’ began the practice of cutting off women’s breasts in order to ‘save them’ from cancer. Then they radiate the areas and often prescribe chemotherapy. It’s called cut and burn, it’s invasive, and it has horrible statistics for survival, especially for longer than 5 years.

Organic food and natural medicine are far more effective at preventing cancer and even healing from it once it develops, but there’s not much money in pushing those, so it’s never advertised or recommended by medical doctors or oncologists. After all, the FDA and CDC are very profitable businesses, and the business model relies on cut and burn, cut and burn.


Child ‘gender-altering’ mutilations have something major in common with most cancer surgeries, and even chemotherapy is a kind of chemical mutilation

Now, thanks to trans-everything on social media, ‘woke’ Disney and liberal-run schools across the country, kids and teens can’t seem to figure out each day what gender they are or ‘want’ to be, while the ‘groomers’ (adult perverts and pedos) coerce them with Drag Queen Story Hour and curriculum that tells them to hate anyone who’s not ‘gender fluid.’

Surgical mutilations are nothing new to pharma, there’s just a new arena where they put them to use, and it’s even more perverted than cutting off women’s breasts to stop a cell disorder that starts and ends (in death) with chemical consumption.

For over 75 years, Americans have been sucking down processed food, putting chemicals on their skin, getting toxic vaccines, and then wondering how they’ll ever fight cancer if (when) they get it.

The medical doctors and oncologists convince them that surgery is the way to go, and yes, most of them will “go” (to an early grave) believing surgery is the best way to ‘fight’ cancer. New cells just keep warping from chemical consumption, surgery can spread the cancer, and chemotherapy destroys the immune system while creating new cancers itself. It’s a lose-lose situation, but again, it’s all about the money.

Gruesome practice of surgical mutilations ’empower’ the doctors who think they’re ‘doing good’ for patients and their ‘health’

Most Americans believe their doctors always have the best ‘training’ and ‘education’ for shelling out advice on cancer, mental health and health safety. Yet, medical colleges in America have been warped and twisted for nearly a century, to crush the thought that natural remedies and clean eating can keep you healthy your entire life, with the best chances for preventing and fighting off disease and disorder. This includes for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and dementia.

Surgery is quite lucrative though, as is investing in cancer machinery and chemotherapy manufacturers. All the same, the kids and teens of today who are taking hormone pills and getting surgery to remove their penis or clitoris, or saw off their breasts, are being subjected to high-risk ‘outcomes’ that can easily ruin their physical and mental health, forever. And, hey, bonus! They’ll probably be future cancer patients on top of it!

The nuclear family parents need to rethink how their kids grow up, what influences their thinking and behavior, and how to live clean and balanced, appreciating what God gave them, their parents gave them, and what to give to their own (future) children.

This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News. Tune into for updates on how the trans-world is warping kids’ thinking, so yours won’t fall for it.

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